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Need to hirea researcher?  A new service will research your ancestor at the WestVirginia State Archives.

West Virginia HistoricalResearch Services -
Offering on site researchservices at the West Virginia State Archives in Charleston, WV.
Our services includeCivil War soldiers research as well as customized genealogical research.

Why use our services?

1. We conduct our researchon site at the West Virginia State Archives using primary records.
2. We conduct a thoroughsearch, such as checking for variations in spelling of a surname.
3. We provide a quickturnaround time on research materials.
4. Our services are convenientto use, especially for those living outside the state of WV.

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For general West Virginiaand Civil War history, visit the WestVirginia Book Company.  There are dozens of titles available ina number of different categories.  Books are reasonably priced andthere are several payment options.

"The Descendants of JamesBailey and Lucy Simms" by Jeannie Watts is now available for purchase. She has ordering information at her website "PuzzlesIn Time".  A number of those Bailey descendants turned up in RaleighCounty so this may be of interest to those of you researching that family. Jeannie has a name index for the book on her website so that you can seeif your ancestor is listed before purchasing.  Look for her new ClayFamily book coming soon!

Books By Pauline Haga

Paulinehas been compiling records from Raleigh and other West Virginia countiesfor about twenty years.  Contact information is provided below aswell as the current list that Pauline is offering.  Average pricesfor these books range from 20 to 30 dollars - please contact Pauline forcurrent prices and shipping costs.
CrabOrchard, WV 25827

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FayetteCounty, West Virginia
GreenbrierCounty, West Virginia
MercerCounty, West Virginia
MonroeCounty, West Virginia
RaleighCounty, West Virginia
SummersCounty, West Virginia
WyomingCounty, West Virginia
Misc.Virginia Records


LauraBlake Journal
ThreeVolumes Of "Fayette Tribune" newspaper articles from 1919 and 1920 (includesobits, personals, marriages, etc...)

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ThreeVolumes of Revolutionary War Records A to Z
(theseare photocopies of the original handwritten records - very legible)

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Raleigh County Births1852-1870
Raleigh County Births1871-1881
Raleigh County Births1882-1890
Raleigh County Births1891-1900

Raleigh County Marriages1850-1870
Raleigh County Marriages1871-1890
Raleigh County Marriages1891-1900
Raleigh County Marriages1901-1909

Raleigh County Deaths1852-1875
Raleigh County Deaths1876-1895
Raleigh County Deaths1896-1914
Raleigh County Deaths1915-1922

Raleigh County CensusRecords 1860-1870
Raleigh County CensusRecords 1880
Raleigh County CensusRecords 1900 - Two volumes
Raleigh County CensusRecords 1910 - Two volumes
Raleigh County CensusRecords 1920

"Raleigh Register" Obits1916-1919
"Raleigh Register" Obits1932
"Raleigh Register" Obits1933

Keyser Bryant FuneralHome Records 1934-1945
Keyser Bryant FuneralHome Records 1946-1959
Keyser Bryant FuneralHome Records 1960-1970

Williams Funeral HomeRecords 1940-1951
Williams Funeral HomeRecords 1951-1959
Williams Funeral HomeRecords 1960-1966
Williams Funeral HomeRecords 1966-1970

WPA Maps Of Veterans Graves(Available for several counties)
Raleigh County Cemeteries- Five volumes
Cemetery Records arealso available for: Mercer, Fayette, Greenbrier, Wyoming, and McDowellCounties.

New Salem Baptist ChurchCemetery And Church Records In Richmond District
Coal Marsh Baptist ChurchRecords From 1830's Until Civil War - First Church In Raleigh County

1950 Historical CentennialNewspaper - Four volumes
1938 Historical CentennialNewspaper - Two volumes

The following books areprofessionally printed; 52 pages per book and all include a number of photos- cost is $10.00 per book.  $2.00 postage covers two books.

Salute to Veterans - 125pages honoring soldiers of WWII  $12.00
Cooking On Old Coal CampStove  $5.00

--Featured Book: "Historical Footprints" - Features history of all the old post officesin Raleigh County, list of Postmasters, old maps included showing towns,photos of old company stores and post offices, etc...  Also includesCivil War journal of  William S. Dunbar, Elkanah Brammer.  Historyof Raleigh County as written by PHM Patterson, Beckley attorney. 182 pages.  $26.50

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Summers County:

1880 Census
1900 Census

1910 CensusMarriages 1871-1882
Marriages 1883-1890
Deaths 1891-1900
Lowe Funeral Home Records1917-1929
Bluestone Valley Cemeteries(Includes list of graves moved when the Bluestone Dam was built)
Hinton Daily NewspapersIndexed 1902
Hinton Daily NewspapersIndexed 1903
Hinton Daily NewspapersIndexed 1904
Hinton Daily NewspapersIndexed 1905
Hinton Daily NewspapersIndexed 1906

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Wyoming County:

Births 1854-1884
Marriages 1854-1902< br> Deaths 1853-1894
Wills 1850-1900
1850-1860 Census
1870 Census
1900 Census
Mullens Advocate IndexedDec. 1925 to Apr. 1926
Mullens Advocate IndexedMay 1926 to Aug. 1926
Mullens Advocate IndexedSept. 1926 to Dec. 1926
Mullens Advocate Indexed Jan. 1927 to Mar. 1927
Mullens Advocate IndexedApr. 1927 to June 1927

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Misc. VirginiaRecords:

1850 Floyd County Census
1860 Grayson County Census
1870 Smyth County Census
1850 Henry County Census
Tazewell County Marriages1800-1853
Tazewell County Marriages1854-1866

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