Coal Marsh Baptist Church

1. This church shall be called the Coal Marshes Baptist Church of Christ
2. Persons are admissable to membership in this church upon satisfactory evidence of repentence, faith and baptism, immersion in the name of the sacred three as directed by our Lord.
3. Each member is entitled to the privileges and fellowship of the Church so long as he shall maintain a pious life and sound doctrine.
4. The government of the Church shall be in the hands of the free male members. Other members may assist in decipline, as witnesses and in proposing matters for decision and in giving any necessary information. In the choice of a Pastor however the free female members as well as the males shall be entitled to a vote.
5. In all questions or cases coming before the church a majority of the members present shall be sufficient for a decision except in the reception or remission of members, in which case the Church if possible should be unanimous, and in cases of special importance a full Church meeting is particularly desirable.
6. It shall be considered the duty of the Church, especially of the Deacons, to use all proper means for the purpose of keeping up the regular slated preaching of the gospel, and the exercise of divine worship, to procure if practical a pastor to dwell amongst us, and in the event of absence of a pastor to encourage the regular meeting together of the church for social worship, reading the scriptures, exortation, and every Lord's day when they cannot attend some other place of worship to greater edification.
7. It shall be considered the duty of all the members of the Church possessing of this world's goods to contribute thereof as God may have prospered them toward the requisite expenses of the Church whether for the support of the Minister the assistance of needy or any other necessary purpose and on the Deacons it lies particularly to see that this duty be not neglected.