Raleigh County, WV Churches

Welcome to the Churches of Raleigh County. Knowing the churches our ancestors belonged to can help us understand and know about them.
Following the list of churches below is a list of articles about ministers, church life, etc
Beaver Baptist Church 29 Nov 19167
Bee Branch Methodist Church Bee Branch, WV
Beth-El Temple at Beckley
Blue Jay Methodist Church 1904 in Blue Jay WV
Breckenridge Baptist at Bolt 881
Calloway Heigfhts Baptist Jul 1949
Church of Christ 1916, Stover, West Virginia
Church of God Artie, West Virginia
Church of God Dorothy, West Virginia
Church of God Beckley, WV - Newspaper Clipping
Coal Marsh Baptist Church Glen Daniel, West Virginia
Coal Marsh Baptist Church Newspaper Clipping
Coal Marsh Missionary Baptist Church 3 Dec 1836
Crow Christian Church Crow, WV
Disciples of Christ 1840, Giles County
Dunkard Church Crab Orchard, WV
First Baptist Church Sophia dissembled prior to 1910
also called in 1940 Soak Creek Baptist church
First Baptist Church of Beckley Newspaper Clipping
First Christian Church Newspaper Clipping
First Methodist Church Beckley, Raleigh County, WV
Greenbrier Baptist church 1775
Grandview Sunday School Grandview, WV
Guyandotte Church 1812
Indian Creek Church Monroe co 1792
Liberty Church Prosperity Christian Church
Little Beaver Church Little Beaver Creek
Log Church Artie, WV
Memorial baptist 1936
Minden Church Minden, WV
Missionary Baptist Church Newspaper Clipping
Mother Church Heber St, Beckley
Mt Tabor Baptist Church Mt Tabor, WV
Mountain Valley Baptist Church 1884
Mt Vernon Baptist Church Newspaper Clipping
New Prospect Baptist Church Sweeneysburg, WV
Pluto Baptist Church 1893, Newspaper Clipping
Raleigh CommunityChurch Newspaper Clipping
St Stephen's Episcipalian Church Beckley, WV
Shady Spring Baptist 19 jul 1933
Southern Methodist Church Newspaper Clipping

  1. Baptist Association Carved From Greenbrier
  2. Rev R. G. Backus
  3. Church Opened with 52 At War
  4. Church Rushed to Pastor's Aid
  5. Bible Class
  6. Bible Society
  7. Methodist Bible Classes
  8. Rev Carter
  9. Circuit Rider
  10. Early Minister
  11. Rev Ellison
  12. Faith Thrives in Rural Area
  13. Rev T. H. Fitzgerald
  14. Frolics Banned
  15. Glass, Oil For Church
  16. Rev John Johnson
  17. Lady's Auxiliary
  18. Licensed To Preach
  19. Methodists-Baptists United
  20. Rev Ogden
  21. Preacher Jim Lilly
  22. Presbyterian Groups
  23. Presbyterian Moderator
  24. Quick Wit
  25. Raleigh County Preachers
  26. Religious Life
  27. Rev. O'Dell Toured County
  28. Senior Ministers
  29. Sodom and Gomora
  30. Steady Growth and Tolerance
  31. Stills Caused Church Fights
  32. Church Opened at Table Rock
  33. Two of Biggest Churches Thrive

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