Coal Marsh Baptist Church
Rules of Decorum

Article 1. The Moderator shall preside over the deliberations of the Church - preserve order - state clearly - and propound fairly every question which may be presented for consideration and ascertain and announce the decision - he shall open and close every meeting with prayer or call on some one who may discharge this duty - he shall rise from his seat to take the vote of the Church - he shall take no part in debate without first calling some person to fill the chair - he shall not votte unless the Church be equally divided and then he may give the casting vote. It shall be his perogative to decide all questions of order to which the members must submit unless there be an appeal made to the Church and the order revised by a majority of the church.
2nd the Clerk shall keep a fair record of the proceedings of the Church, and shall be responsible for all the documents and papers belonging to the Church and shall read (and if necessary) correct the records as the Church may direct at the opening of the meeting - and when approved shall subscribe the name of the moderations and his own.
4th Any person wishing to speak shall rise from his seat, and respectfully address the moderator confining himself closely to the subject under discussion and carefully avoid all indecorous and unkind personal reflections.
5th No person may speak more than twice on the same subject without permission from the church.
6th Any amendment which may be proposed to a resolution and shall be adopted by the mover of the resolution shall supersede the necessity of putting first resolution, but if not adopted by the mover, the first motion shall have the preference to decide.
7th No member shall absent himself during the session of the Church without leave of the moderator.
8th All motions when seconded shall be submitted to the vote of the Church and shall be decided by a majority except in the reception of members which must be a unanimous vote and also in excluding members which shall require a majority of two thirds of the members present.

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