Harper Deaths

By Robert Harper

James Harper, age 18, died Sept. 19, 1853 of fever on Cole River. Son of Joseph and Frances Harper. He was unmarried, born in Raleigh County. His brother, Jacob Harper, reported the death. (Cole River should be Coal River.)
Joseph Harper, age 20, died Sept. 21, 1853 on Cole River of fever. He was unmarried, born in Raleigh County, son of Joseph and Frances Harper. His brother, Jacob Harper, reported the death. (Cole River should be Coal River.)
William J. Harper, age 2 years, 2 months, died Aug. 19, 1871 of unknown illness. Was son of George W. and Rutha Harper.
Henrietta Harper, age 1 month, 12 days, died June 26, 1878 of inflammation of bowels. Parents were H. H. and Jane Harper.
Jane Harper, age 31 years, 8 months, 28 days, died May 29, 1879 of childbirth. Born in Fayette County, she was a daughter of J. G. and Margaret Kincaid. Death reported by husband, H. H. Harper.
George W. Harper, age 36 years, 7 months, died Sept. 4, 1880 of consumption. Son of James and Elvira Harper. Death reported by wife, Ruthy Harper.
Howard B. Harper, age 1 year, 2 months, 13 days, died Sept. 7, 1885 of cholera. Son of Leonard C. and Mary H. Harper.
Harper male, age 1 day, died May 13, 1886 of unknown illness. Son of L. C. and Mary Harper.
Charles W. Harper, age 2 years, 18 days, died Aug. 7, 1889 of colera A enfantura.@ Son of H. H. and Mary E. Harper.
Nora B. Harper, age 11 years, died Dec. 11, 1889 of diptheria. Daughter of James B. and Alice Harper.
Janie Harper, age 39 years, 9 months, 15 days, died on Nov. 4, 1894 of consumption. Born in Pulaski County, VA, she was a daughter of James M. Calfee. Death reported by husband, J. H. Harper.
Pansy L. Harper, age 1 month, died Sept. 1, 1895 of dysentery. Daughter of H. H. and M. E. Harper.
Mary Harper died June 12, 1895 of miscellaneous illness. Was 64 years old. Daughter of John. and Rachel Beckett. Husband was Hamilton Harper, who reported the death.
Ulysses C. Harper, age 22, died July 10, 1896 of fever. Parents were Hamilton and M. Harper. Note: I do not have birth record for Ulysses C. Harper.
Harper female, age 1 day, died on Sept.19,1897. Daughter of T. S. and M. E. Harper .
Zora Harper, age 5 years, died on Dec. 15, 1897 of croup. Daughter of J. B. and A. Harper.
Jonah Harper, age 7 years, died on Dec. 17, 1897, of membranus croup at Matville and was buried there. Melton Kidd was undertaker. (Parents names not given.)
Mary E. Harper, age 31, died Aug. 31, 1900 at Prosperity and was buried at Mt. Tabor by G. W. Gibbs. Died of flux.
Walter Harper, age 19 years, 8 months, 3 days, died on May 18, 1902. Was single. Died at Matville of chronic tuberculosis and was buried there by Melon Kidd. G. P. Daniel, M. D. (Parents names not given.)
Joseph Summers Harper, died Jan. 25, 1919, at Harper at age 73 years, 10 months, 12 days. Was a farmer, he was married. Reported by F. H. Sisler.
William Harper, died Aug. 16, 1920 at Beckley at age 13 years. Was single. Reported by A. H. Grigg.