Andrew J.W. Biggs And Fanny C. Godbey

The Family believes the photo of Andrew was taken around 1925. The photo of Frances is a tintype photo given to me by their great grandson.
Andrew was also known as Jackson Biggs Jr, or Jack. Frances was more often called Fanny, Fannie.
Their marriage record is in Raleigh county Marriages Volume two. The year 1881. It reads Jan18, 1881 Jackson Biggs Jr. 21 born Pulaski Co. Va. resident of Raleigh Co., and son of Andrew Jackson and Susana Biggs, and Fannie Chapman Godbey, 25 years and six days born Raleigh Co. Va. Daughter of Anderson and Anna Godbey. Married by William D Lemon. Info given by Judson Wilson and A.F.Godbey. Note a second marriage book says the bride was born in Pulaski Co. Va. I believe they were just reversed.
Andrew was born in Raleigh County during the Civil War. We can find Andrew in every Raleigh County Censes beginning in 1860 when he was 6 months old through 1920 when he was living with his daughter Grace on the Quinnmont Rd. Lanark, Prescient. He was widowed at this time and working as a timber man in the woods. In 1910 he was listed as a merchant of general merchandise. I have not located him in the 1930 Raleigh censes. Andrew died on Jan. 8, 1934 in Lanark of Lobar Pneumonia, he was 75. I believe Fanny died in 1916 in Raleigh County Va.
The original photos were my fathers they are on a heavy card board and have begun to crack with age. Fig 1 is Andrew Jackson and his grandchildren Dorvin Richmond Bailey and Bertha Opal Bailey. The family believes the photo was taken in the spring of 1916. We think this may be the gravesite of Fanny. If you look where Andrew is sitting there are flowers and fresh dirt, in the upper left hand corner you will notice picnic baskets, well dressed people and the feet of a youngster as they were lifted in the air. Written on the photo are the words Mother gone but not forgotten Jany 1916. Fig 2 is Fanny and three of the Bailey grandchildren. The photo was marked Dorvin, Clariece and Opal but I believe differently.
Andrew and Fannie had 5 children.
Birth records Raleigh County
1881 Oct 22, Biggs, Mariette, Father; A.J.W., mother Frances Biggs.
1885 September 28, Biggs, Male, Father; A.J.W., mother; Fannie Biggs.
1888 April 20, Biggs E.D., Father; A.J.W., mother F.C.Biggs.
1891 April Biggs Mason Hoy, Father; Andrew J.W. mother; Frances C Biggs
1893 June 19 Biggs, Gracie P., Prosperity, Father Andrew J.W., mother; Fannie C. Biggs.
In October of 1886 two of their children died of Dysentary.
Death records for Raleigh County, Deaths Vol. 1 1853-1902
1886 page 40, line 10, reads Biggs Heneriette white F Oct. 15, R.C .Dysentary age 4yrs. 11mos. 2 days. Parents A.J.W. and Fannie C. Biggs. Reported by father.
Line 11 reads Biggs Minnie M white F Oct. 24, Dysentary 3yrs. 9 mos. Parents A.J.W. and Fannie reported by father.
Submitted by: Karen Bailey Evans
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