"The Smith Family"

Descendants of Christopher "Christian"Smith

Compiled by Tom Smith < simtech@bigfoot.com

Generation No. 1

1.  CHRISTOPHER "CHRISTIAN"1SMITH was born Abt. 1740 in Sharpsburg, Washington County, Maryland (?),and died 1833 in Greenbrier County, West Virginia (?).  He marriedELIZABETH RICHMOND Abt. 1780.

Known as Christian Smith.
We believe he was bornin Maryland of German descent. The first record we have thus far is inHarrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia in 1776. He reportedly servedin the Revolutionary War in Company No. 5 of Rockingham. This company hasbeen called " Robert Harrison's Company No. 5". This is probably incorrect as Robert Harrison was a 1st Lieutenant in Company No. 5. Companies werenot named after subordinate officers. At this time we have not been ableto obtain any confirmation of Christophers service. I have recently comeacross an additional source that may clear this up. There is some weightto the report since he was given a land grant from the state (Virginia)for 400 acres. These grants were routinely given by the state to formersoldiers. His grant fronted on the north side of Greenbrier River, justbelow the mouth of Muddy Creek at Alderson (West Virginia). He moved therewith his family in the 1790's. He is buried on the farm there along withhis wife (who was living at his death). It is thought there is a headstonemarking his grave. He is reported to have died in 1833, but his will isdated February 20, 1816. His will lists his wife "Betsy" and sons George,Jacob, Joseph & William; daughters, Mary & Barbara. In his willhe referred to himself as "Christian Smith". The will is filed in MonroeCounty, West Virginia. He was a member of John Alderson's Greenbrier BaptistChurch in Alderson. An entry in the minutes of the church mentions thathe was brought before the "Board of Transgressions" for attending a Methodistmeeting.  There is some question about which county he actually livedin at his death. Be it Greenbrier or Monroe. His will is listed in MonroeCounty and his farm could be either in Monroe or Greenbrier. Alderson isright on the county line.  The 1830 Census of Selected Virginia Countiesfurther muddies the waters.  The Greenbrier County census list CHRISTIANSMITH on page 201. The same census for MONROE COUNTY lists CHRISTOPHERSMITH as well as ELIZABETH SMITH. Several names either belonging to orthe same as Christian's also appear on both of these documents. The MonroeCounty census lists them on pages 37,38 & 39. I only have the indexand not the full census documents at this time.

The following is the willof Christian Smith as provided by Gay Carrigans:

31 Jan 1816 : 20 Feb 1816,Monroe Co., VA
Christian Smith Will
I Christian Smith ofthe County of Monroe, State of Virginia, do hereby make my last Will andTestament in manner and form following that is to say
- 1st I desire that allof the perishable part of my estate be immediately sold after my deceaseand out of the money arising therefrom all my just debts and funeral chargesto be paid.
2nd and after the paymentof my debts and funeral expenses, I give to my well beloved wife BetsySmith one third part of my land which I now live on in said County of Monroeduring her natural life and at her death to go to my son William Smith. I also give to my wife Betsy Smith one horse beast and one third part ofall the rest of my moveable property to be at her disposal at her death.
3rd I give to my sonGeorge Smith       $1.10
4th I give to my sonJacob Smith          $1.10
5th I give to my sonJohn Smith           $1.10
6th I give to my daughterMary Smith    $1.10
7th I give to my sonJoseph Smith one horse beast & one saddle & one bridle and $100.00to be paid by William Smith my son who I give my land to - the horse saddle& bridle to come out of my moveable property - with this conditionif he Joseph Smith stays with me or his mother until he is 21 years ofage.  If he Joseph Smith does not stay with me or his mother untilhe is 21 years of age, my son Joseph Smith is to have but $1.10.
8th I give to my dauhtersBetsy Smith and Barbarah Smith all the rest of my moveable property tobe equally divided between them.
9th I give to my sonWilliam Smith all my lands in the above County of Monroe the land thatI now live on & to him and his heirs forever.
And lastly I appointmy friend Thomas McCarty Executor of this my last will and testament heretoforemade.  In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixedmy seal the 31st day of January 1816
Wit: Alexr Dunlap, RobertDunlap, Isaac E. Byrnside, James A. Dunlap
Christfiere Smith

At a Court held for theCounty of Monroe the 20th of February 1816, this last will and testamentof Christian Smith was presented in court and acknowledged by the saidChristian Smith and on his motion the same is ordered to be recorded.
(Note that this willdid not go to probate. Christian himself had it recorded.)

Note: The monies givento his children was probably in "pounds" and not "dollars"

Burial: Buried at farmon Muddy Creek
Probate: W.Va. EstateSettlements - Library of Congress 76-5316
Property: Sirus Index,page 119 lists his land in book 6, page 556, year 1801
References: InternationalStandard Book - Number 8063-0755-2
Will: January 31, 1816,Monroe County, West Virginia

Last name believed tobe Richmond

 i. GEORGE2 SMITH,b. 1786; m. MARY TAYLOR, Abt. 1808.
2. ii. JACOB SMITH, b.April 26, 1788, Rockingham County, Virginia; d. February 10, 1874, RaleighCounty, WV.
 iii. JOHN WILLIAMSMITH, b. January 15, 1791, Greebrier County, West Virginia1; d. July 05,1869, Gallia County, Ohio1; m. EVA PROSE, April 04, 1812, MONROE, VA.1.
 iv. JOSEPH SMITH,b. 1794; m. MARY ?.
 v. ELIZABETH SMITH,b. November 22, 1796; m. FREDERICK WENDLE, 1817.
 vi. MARY SMITH,b. 1797; m. SAMUEL GRIFFITH, 1811, MONROE, VA..
 vii. BARBARA SMITH,b. June 15, 1800; d. February 15, 1870, INDIANA; m. (1) WILLIAM JARRETT,Abt. 1820; m. (2) WILLIAM?JARRETT, Abt. 1820; m. (3) JESSIE JARRETT, 1848,Kanawha County, West Virginia.

We do no have proof ofdate and place of marriage, but believe these to be correct.

We do not have proofof his date or place of birth, but believe these dates are correct.

 viii. WILLIAM SMITH,SR., b. 1802.

Generation No. 2

2.  JACOB2 SMITH(CHRISTOPHER "CHRISTIAN"1) was born April 26, 1788 in Rockingham County,Virginia, and died February 10, 1874 in Raleigh County, WV.  He married(1) SUSAN CAMPBELL December 17, 1807 in Greenbrier County, West Virginia,daughter of ARICHIBALD CAMPBELL.  He married (2) HULDAH JANE OSBORNKINCAID February 22, 1825 in Monroe County, West Virginia, daughter ofSAMUEL KINCAID and HULDAH OSBORN.  He married (3) JUDAH CLYBORN August23, 1859.

Notes for JACOB SMITH:
He and his first wifeSusan lived at Muddy Creek (Alderson, WV) until about 1818. He moved tothe mouth of Laurel Creek where Quinnimont Station (Chesapeake & OhioR.R.) was. He built a two story log house and was the first white settlerin that area. A few years later he was joined there by by 3 families. Oneon Laurel Creek (where there were some Coke ovens) and two families onMan Mountain. One was a John Smith (father of Henry Smith) who lived atGrandview, but we don't know his connection with the line. Jacob had severalland survey's. One was a strip running from the mouth of Piney River tothe mouth of Mill Creek, where he operated a grist mill for a while. In1827 he purchased 1017 acres beginning on an island at the mouth of PineyRiver, running up Stretcher Neck (R.R. tunnel) and coming down the mountainto the river at an Indian crossing. Jacob & Susan's last child - Nancy- was born on April 25, 1824 and Susan died from the childbirth.
On February 22, 1825,Jacob married Jane Huldah Osborn Kincaid, daughter of Samuel and HuldahOsborn Kincaid, who lived where Thayer, WV now is. He met her while ridingin Greenbrier County as Deputy Assessor for the county. In 1853, he purchased791 acres from Henry Kaylor on Grandview Mountain. They lived there until1856. He sold that tract of land to Barley Pack and moved to the presentlocation of Fitzpatrick, Raleigh County, WV, where he purchased a tractof land from Alfred Beckley.  Jane died there in 1858 and was buriedbeside two of her children and Jacob's first wife Susan.
On August 23, 1859 Jacobmarried Judah Clyborn. She was born in Pulaski County, VA. They had nochildren.
At his death he as aDeacon in the Beckley Baptist Church. Another account says he was a memberof the Missionary Baptist Church of Beckley and this is the one most likely. He had 25 children and his grandchildren were legions.
Jacob was described asbeing of medium athletic build, very strong physically, handsome and dignifiedbut very sociable. He preferred to be called "Mr. Smith" rather than "Jake"or  "Uncle Jakey" as he was sometime called. He was neat in dressand on occassion wore a high silk hat. John F. Davis, County Clerk of RaleighCounty, said that Jacob was one of the most hospitable men in his homethat he had ever known.
In 1976 during the nationsbi-centennial celebration Jacob who was buried on his farm at Fitzpatrickwas disinterred and moved to the American Legion Cemetery (near WildwoodCemetery, Beckley, WV) where he was buried with honors. Whether this wasdue to his activities during the War of 1812 or due to his being a pioneeris unknown at this time.
Currently there is anapparent move afoot to make a state park out of his farm at Fitzpatrickwith the tentative name of "New River State Park". The unsettling thingabout this to his descendants is their are no plans to maintain the gravesites of the other family members buried there, but to bull doze the cemetery.The state is being contacted to verify this information.

Burial: 1976, Moved toAmerican Legion Cemetery, Beckley, WV. Buried with "honors". New mounmenterrected.
Military service: Servedin War of 1812
Miscellaneous: Old headstoneis in possession of C.O. Smith, Jr.

Fact 1: 1824, Died shortlyafter the birth of her last child. Daughter Nancy.
Fact 2: April 25, 1824,Nancy was born.

Believed to have been43 years old and a widow when she married Jacob. She was from Pulaski County,Va. Her father was _____ Farley. Her first husband was "Clarborn Curtis".She died while "jumping over a small creek enroute to visit a neighbor."

Fact 1: No Children.

 i. CAMPBELL3 SMITH,b. December 25, 1808.
 ii. WILLIAM THOMASSMITH, b. December 28, 1809, Greenbrier County, West Virginia; d. Abt.1853.
 iii. JOHN SMITH,b. March 01, 1811.
 iv. MARY SMITH,b. July 26, 1813; d. 1889.

More About MARY SMITH:
Fact 1: aka..Polly

 v. VIRGINIA SMITH,b. March 25, 1815.
 vi. ELIZABETH SMITH,b. August 15, 1816.
 vii. WASHINGTONSMITH, b. April 19, 1817, Greenbrier County, West Virginia; d. October12, 1886, Platte County, Missouri; m. ELIZABETH MOORE.
 viii. RUTH SMITH,b. September 11, 1818; m. ? KINCAID.
 ix. CANADA SMITH,b. January 14, 1820; d. October 10, 1882, North Sand Branch, Raleigh Co.,WV (?); m. ALETHA WILLIAMS, October 12, 1843, Fayette County, West Virginia.
 x. LEWIS SMITH,b. May 30, 1821; d. December 1870, Raleigh County, West Virginia.
 xi. JOSEPH SMITH,b. October 25, 1822; d. August 06, 1890, Raleigh County, West Virginia;m. (1) NANCY WILLIAMS, December 24, 1846, Fayette County, West Virginia;m. (2) RACHEL WALKER, August 31, 1887.

He was killed by a bull. According to tradition Joesph and Nancy had 22 children. The August 26,1950 centennial edition of the Beckley Post Herald states they had 8 childrenthat died prior to 1885.

Cause of Death: Killedby a bull
Fact 2: Buried at theJoseph Smith Cemetery, So. Sand Branch, Raleigh Co., WV

 xii. NANCY SMITH,b. April 25, 1824; d. December 25, 1915, Raleigh County, West Virginia;m. JOHN PLUMLEY, JR..

 xiii. SAMUEL3 SMITH,SR., b. December 17, 1825, Greenbrier County, West Virginia; d. July 08,1902, Raleigh County, WV.
 xiv. GEORGE WASHINGTONSMITH, SR., b. December 25, 1826, Greenbrier Co, W.Va.2; d. January 19,1862, Abraham, Raleigh County, West Virginia.Killed in civil war battleof Gauley Mountain.2; m. (1) KATHERINE BENNETT, April 13, 1848, FayetteCounty, West Virginia; m. (2) CATHERINE BENNETT, April 13, 1848, FayetteCo., W.Va.2.

Burial: Buried at NewSalem Missionary Baptist Church, Abraham, West Virginia
Military service: Confederatesoldier

 xv. SUSAN SMITH,b. June 11, 1828; m. JOHN HURT, November 26, 1848, Fayette County, WestVirginia.
 xvi. HARMON SMITH,b. March 11, 18293; d. August 25, 1902, Fayette County, West Virginia3;m. (1) BASHEBA BERRY, May 08, 1849, Fayette County, West Virginia; m. (2)MARY J. HARRAH, June 15, 1865, Fayette County, West Virginia.

Had 24 children - 21boys & 3 girls. 19 of the boys names are known. It is probable thatthe two unknown boys died at birth or shortly thereafter. Was twice married.His tombstone lists his age as 80. Date of birth is unknown. The followinginscription's are on the tombstone (an obelisk):

Aug. 25, 1902
Age 80 years

Whilst in this tomb
Our father lies,
His spirit rest above;
In realms of bliss it
Never dies
But knows a Saviours

Another inscription readsas follows:

A light from our
Household gone
A voice we loved is
A place is vacant in
Our home,
Which never can be

Burial: August 25, 1902,Buried in Smith Cemetery, Backus Mtn., Fayette Co., WV
Census: 1870, 1870 Census- age 36, Lewell Twnshp, Fayette County, WV, M593,1686,pg 170

Believe that there wasa fourth child but name is unknown.

Notes for MARY J. HARRAH:
Was said to be unableto read or write.

 xvii. ANDREW SMITH,b. April 03, 1831, Fayette County, West Virginia; m. (1) HULDY KINCAID,January 06, 1850; m. (2) FRANCINA KALOR, October 23, 1870; m. (3) ISABELLATINCHER, September 12, 1872.

Died around June 1877-80

 xviii. HULDAH SMITH,b. July 17, 1832; d. 1877; m. JOHN BERRY, December 08, 1848, Fayette County,West Virginia.

Date of death is unverified.

 xix. THOMAS SMITH,b. February 12, 1834.
 xx. ANNA SMITH,b. November 28, 18354; d. December 16, 19124; m. ROBERT BENNETT, December16, 1852, Raleigh Co, WVA4.
 xxi. CHARLES SMITH,b. September 15, 1838.
 xxii. JAMES SMITH,b. January 07, 1840; d. May 07, 1913; m. (1) SUSAN BENNETT, August 29,1858, August 29, 1858.

Notes for JAMES SMITH:
I have 2 different datesfor his death. I also have May 02, 1914. Am uncertain as to which is correctas of this time.

Fact 1: Killed by a bull

 xxiii. DAVIS SMITH,b. March 14, 1841; d. 1864, Civil War.
 xxiv. JACOB SMITH,JR.5, b. January 03, 1843; m. (1) BASHEY BERRY, September 14, 1865, FayetteCounty, West Virginia; m. (2) BATHSHEBA J. BERRY5, September 14, 1865,Fayette Co., W.Va.5; m. (3) CYNTHIA RICHMOND5, October 05, 1871, FayetteCo., W.Va.5.
 xxv. CLARKSON SMITH,b. September 13, 1845; d. 1864, Civil War.

Fact 1: 1864, ? dateof death


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Photos of the Smith Family can be found in the Raleigh Co. Photo Album

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