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You are invited to request a lookup from the following volunteers.  Click on the person's name to see what resources they have available at this time.  It would be very helpful if you would only submit one specific request per email(example: "Could you please see if there is a marriage listed for John B. Smith in your book, Raleigh Marriages Vol. 2 1871-1890?  He may have been married around 1882.".  This will make replying to your request much easier.

Due to copyright restrictions,volunteers cannot send you everything that they have about an entire family from books or CD's. Please respect the copyright laws.

Specia lNote About CD's - I am asked to remind you that some of them may be incomplete.  If your ancestors' marriage, for instance, is not listed on a CD, thatdoes not necessarily mean that there is not a recorded marriage - it just may not have been copied to the CD.

Nyla's Records: Nyla Creed DePauk

1840 Census Fayette County,Virginia (West Virginia) by Pauline Haga.

1850 Raleigh County, Virginia,Census C.D. #309 by Family Tree Maker.

Families of Raleigh County,West Virginia, The 1860 Census: Annotated by David
Anderson Turner.

Raleigh County, West Virginia,1870 Census Annotated by Ronald Ray Turner.

Families of Raleigh County,West Virginia - The 1880 Census: Annotated by David
Anderson Turner.

Early Marriages of RaleighCounty (Volumes I and II) - 1850-1890 by Pauline Haga.

Raleigh County, West Virginia,Marriages - 1850-1903 by Ronald R. Turner.

Marriage C.D. #229 andC.D. #4 by Family Tree Maker.

Raleigh County, West Virginia by James L. Wood

NaLisa Brown

"The Development of the Shady Spring District of Raleigh County, West Virginia" compiled by The Shady Spring District Woman's Club published in 1979. It is a word of mouth account "of the people and their lives during that development."

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