Raleigh Co. Mail List


Want to discuss Raleigh County Genealogy with other researchers?  Join the Raleigh County Mail List sponsored by Rootsweb and maintained by Gracie Stover.  It's simple - just click the link below and type subscribe into the body of the message.  Usually no subject is needed, but if your software requires it, type subscribe in the subject line.  Do remember to turn off your signature files!

To receive each individual message:
Subscribe To WVRALEIG-L-request@rootsweb.com

To receive messages in digest format:
Subscribe To WVRALEIG-D-request@rootsweb.com

To post a message once you are on the list, send messages to

If you need to unsubscribe from the list, follow the same procedure that you did to subscribe, only type "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.

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