Raleigh County, West Virginia, Wills

Courtesy The Riffe-Smith Collection
Transcribed by Aubrey O. Smith ca 1965
Notes by Aubrey O. Smith

Submitted by Nyla CREED DePauk

Note: Information unavailable for any column has been left blank.
Name Will Book and Page No. Names Mentioned in Will Executors Witnesses to Will Date of Will Date Will Probated
Thomas G. Cottle
. Wife: Jane
-Ellen Williams
-Eliza Williams
-George W. Cottle, decd.
-James Cottle
-A.L. Hunter -J.W. Maynor
-Edward E. Maynor
20 Jun 1906 19 Dec 1906
Hugh Davis
Book 1.
Page 83.
Wife: -Ruhama (Bryson)
-Sarah O'Neal
-Virginia Shumate
-Nancy C Henderson
-Joanna S. Stover to receive one two-year-old mule and $25.00 in money to be appropriated to educating her son, Santy.
-Mary Garton
-Lucy A. Trump
-Huston Davis
-Moses Davis
-James H. Davis
-William Davis
-Albert Davis.

*Dr. Overton.

. -Lewis McDonald
-William M. Overton*
-H.A. Snuffer
-George W. Calloway
12 Apr 1890 7 Oct 1890
Elijah A. Fleshman
Book 1.
Page 214.
Wife: Elizabeth
-Eliza J. Stover
-Louisa F. Maynor
-Laura Fleshman, wife of my son, J. L. Fleshman
-Fred Fleshman
-Mary Tyree and her children Prince, Jane, Charley, George, and Eliza Tyree, all grandchildren by my daughter Mary
-Lewis Fleshman (wife Laura)
-John Fleshman, youngest son
-Lewis and Laura to furnish John Fleshman support, maintenance, and care for him during his natural life.
-R.C. Daniel
-J.L. Billups
-Paris Stover, son in law.

Appraisers, if necessary:
-J.V. Billups
-James Chambers

19 Dec 1901 10 Jul 1903
Anderson Jarrell Book 1.
Page 57.
Wife: Jane*
-Venila Stover

*Anderson Jarrell and Jane Carrow were married 30 Jan 1838 by Rev. Mathew Ellison.
*Dr. Stovall

-A.J. Williams
-John Q. Stovall*
-Callous Jarrell
-Andrew P. Jarrell
-William H. Jarrell
28 Oct 1880 4 Dec 1880
George W. Maynor Book 2.
Page 107.
Wife: Sarah A
-Edna R. Williams
-Minnie Cottle
-John R.
-Charles P.
-Annie Stover
-Edward E.
-Lonnie D.
-Grace P.
. . 10 May 1911 17 Jun 1918
James Moles

Age 80

Book 2.
Page 290.
-Martha E. Stover
-Louanna J. Williams
- Isaac
-Ruth E. Perry
-Almira Armstrong, decd.
. . 15 Apr 1916 5 Feb 1927
Mary J.Moles

Workmans Creek,
W. Va.

Book 1.
Page 368.
Husband: James
-Martha Stover
-Isaac W. Moles
-George F. Williams* (son-in-law)
-John T. Moles
- Rutha E. Moles
-Almira Armstrong
-Louanna Williams

*George F. Williams drank carbolic acid.
*Dan F. Workman was a former member of the county court.
*W. W. Workman was also Willie.

-Dan F. Workman*
-W.W. Workman*
-G.H. Williams 16 Dec 1909 28 Jun 1910
Leanzy Painter Book 2.
Page 289.
Husband: T.J.
-Emmett L.
-Owen T.
-Eliza E. Williams
-Rebecca Williams
-Susan Walthall
-Alberta Davis
-J.E. Painter
-Henry Painter, decd.
-M.A. Burgess
. . 13 Jan 1923 23 Mar 1929
Burrell Pettry, Sr. Book 2.
Page 246.
-Benjamin L.
-Julia Frances
-Martha Dora
-Celia Launa
. . . .
Jacob Pettry, Sr. Book 1.
Page 81.
Wife: Selia to have all property.
$1.00 each to all heirs, unnamed.
-J.W. Pettry -Jehu Underwood
-Arena Pettry
16 Jan 1884 4 Oct 1890
Isaac Riston . Wife: Elizabeth*
-Isaac Jr.

*Isaac Riston married Elizabeth Scarbrough on 6 Aug 1829 in Monroe County, Virginia.
*Burwell was the youngest.

. -Calip Riston
-Robert W. Scarbrough
12 Jul 1885 19 Dec 1885
A. L. Stover Book 2.
Page 109.
-Susan Wright
-Gladys Thompson
-Kate Ellen Stover (Mother Vici Scarbrough.)

*Children born out of wedlock.

-Ben H. Workman
-Dr. J.F. Easton
-James A. Stover . .
Burwell Stover

Clear Creek,
W. Va.

Book 1.
Page 137.
Wife: Leanza.
-Burwell Jr.
-Caroline Williams*
-Emily Williams
-Jane West
-Ruth Tyree

*Caroline married Albert Williams.

-John Stover
-Silas Stover
-Leonard Stover 14 Sep 1893 26 Apr 1897
Floyd Stover Book 1.
Page 160.
-David S. Stover (to care for Martha Reynolds the rest of her life)
-Edith Wilkinson
-Sarah M. Eagal
-Annie L. Cook
-Coary F. Meadows
-James W. Stover
-Henry Stover
-Isaac G. Wriston
-D.L. Maynor
-James M. Bailey 9 Oct 1900 20 Oct 1900
Irvin Stover

So. Sand Branch

. Land adjoining Lewis Williams, decd., James Williams, Amos Bailey, and Joseph Smith*.
-Clark, decd., to his heirs.
-Martha Henry.
-Angeline Bailey
-Floyd Stover
-Jocephus Stover
-Felix Stover
-Archie B. Stover
-Paris Stover
-Adaline Wilson
-Birl Stover

*Joseph Smith was great uncle of Aubrey O. Smith.

-John T. Blake
-Floid Stover
-John W. McCreery 26 Feb 1897 13 Sep 1897
J. G. Stover Book 1.
Page 289.
Wife. Emily. All property. -G.W. Cook
-J.T. Hollandsworth, Sr.
-Harvey Cook
. 6 Sep 1907 5 Oct 1908
John Stover, Sr Book 1.
Page 3.
-Henry* & Jane Stover Williams*.

Fielden Fipps tract to sons:

"My home place I will to my beloved wife (Nancy) during her lifetime and at her death to belong to my sons, equally:

-And my afflicted daughter, Manervy, is to be taken care of by her mother and my four sons to whom I will the home place, or if seems best Manervy may be removed to the Lunatic Asylum at Staunton, Va."

$1.00 to:
-my son Ervin* and
-daughter Sally Bailey*

"I hereby appoint my sons John Stover and Burrell Stover as my lawful executors to carry this will into effect emploring the God of the Widow and fatherless to be with my family and bring us all safe to heaven at last."

*John, Jr. married Martha A. Warden, d. Thomas and Martha Black 6 Mar 1848.
*Burrell married Leanzie Williams, d. Lewis 27 Feb 1851.
*Silas married (1) Ruth Davis 6 Jan 1853; (2) Mary J. Workman 20 Jan 1859.
*Lewis married P. Ellen Love (or Lore) 16 Oct 1854.
*Lewis married Eleanor Workman, d. Joseph & Lucinda 2 June 1856.
*Stephen married Virginia Totten 22 Oct 1857.
*Ervin married Leanna Williams.
*Sally married Booker Bailey.
*Jane married Henry Williams 24 Mar 1842.
*Get info. on these - may be another Silas & Lewis.
*Appears to be a long range of years between Jane and the others but we presume she must have been one of the first born and perhaps married early.
*Joseph Carper was great grandfather of my wife. Owned 1,155 acres at present Sweeneyburg which he sold to Sweeney and then moved to Grandview (c 1855).
*Capt. Christopher Roles commanded one of the Confederate Companies from Raleigh County in the Civil War. Buried at Coal Marsh Church, Glen Daniel.
*Rev. Mathew Ellison.
*Lewis Williams was father of Mrs. O'Dell, the mother of Gov. Clarence Meadows, who died in Sep 1965.

-Joseph Carper*
-M. Ellison*
Bond signed by:
-John Stover
-Burrell Stover(by mark)

-Christopher Roles*
-Lewis Williams*

3 Nov 1851 24 Nov 1851
John Stover

Age 72
Clear Fork Dist

Book 1.
Page 170
Wife: Annie
sons of Anderson Stover

-Edgar Stover
son of Oliver

son of Joseph

-Elizabeth Riffe
-Alethia Smith
-Alice Shumate*
-Martha Watts*, decd
-Olivia J. Curtis

-John T.
-Oliver Stover

*Alice m. William P. Shumate.
*Martha m. Alex Watts.

-T.J. McGinnis
-Burrell Stover
-Anderson Stover
-Oliver Stover
10 Mar 1899 12 Jan 1901
Lydia R. Stover Book 2.
Page 57.
-Martha R. Pettry*
-L.C. Massey*
-R.L. Massey
-Mary J. Hopkins
-Lura B. Williams
-Winfred Massey
-Arizona Tabor*
-Virginia Massey

*Martha married Lewis H. Pettry.
*L. C. was "Chris," a long-time Clerk of Kanawha County Court.
*Arizona married Charley Tabor.[Unable to read note. Nyla]

. . 10 Aug 1916 No date on probate order
Mary Stover*

Workmans Creek, W. Va.

Book 1.
Page 418.
-Letitia Adkins
-Venila Snuffer*
-Minnie Griffith
-Cora Shumate
-John W. Stover
-James A. Stover
-Heirs of Otis Stover, decd.

*Mary Stover was the widow of Silas Stover.
*Venila was married to Richard Snuffer.

-Mrs. Henrietta Stover
-Mr. P.R. Toney
. 11 Aug 1911 12 Feb 1912
Silas Stover

Raleigh Co., W. Va.

Book 1.
Page 351.
-Venila Snuffer
-Letitia Adkins
-Minnie Griffith
-Cora Shumate
-John Stover
-Otis Stover
-James Stover
-Peter Stover
-A. P. Farley
-J. W. Maynor
-James Stover 23 Apr 1906.

Codicial: 24 Jun 1909

21 Feb 1910
Silas Stover . Codicial.

-Mary Stover, widow of Otis Stover, decd, Otis. W. Va. One boy, two girls, children of Otis Stover, decd.
-Venilla Snuffer*
Marshes, W. Va.
-John W. Stover
Otis, W. Va.
-Letitia Adkins
Paintsville, W. Va.
-Minnie Griffith, Riley
W. Va.
-Cora Shumate
Stover, W. Va.
-James A. Stover
Otis, W. Va.

*Venila married Dick Snuffer.

. . 24 Jun 1909 21 Feb 1910
Stephen Stover Book 1.
Page 261.
Wife: Virginia. Virginia to distribute estate as she sees fit to all children except the heirs of Benjamin Stover, son, having had his part during his lifetime. -Burwell Stover
-L.F. Stover
. 13 Aug 1903 4 Jul 1906
Louisa Toney

Age 79

Book 2.
Page 105.
-Minnie Breedlove*
-America Helm
-John L. Toney*, decd.
-L. Morgan*
-Linus M.

*Minnie was the mother of Pearl. Pearl married Robert Harless.
*John L. was the father of Carl.
*Leah was the daughter of L. Morgan.

. . 14 Feb 1917 3 Oct 1918
Alexander Watts* Book 2.
Page 237.
-Walter W.

[Unable to read comments. Nyla]

. . 12 Jun 1925 ?
Rebecca M. West Book 2.
Page 305.
-Raleigh L.
-Silas H.
-George F.
-John Q.
-Lacy I. Stover

-Bertie S. Bailey
-Abbie M. Naff
-Tellie J. Phipps

. . . .
Albert Williams* Book 2.
Page 290.
Wife: Annie L. Williams
-Dillard R.
-Maysel V. Christian

*Albert married (1) Caroline and (2) Annie L. Albert was the son of Stephen.

. . 3 Apr 1926 19 Mar 1927
Andrew Williams Book 2.
Page 233.
Wife: Araminta
. . 19 Jan 1923 31 Jan 1923
Ballard Williams* Book 2.
Page 141.
Wife: Penira
-Kenna Ivan
-Arnett Sheldon
-"and to my other children, including Carnie, namely,
-Elizabeth Cook*
-George H. Williams
-Marsha Curtis
-J.I. Williams
-J.E. Williams
-Hurl Williams
-Maggie L. Williams
-Carnie Lively

*Ballard married (1) Spicey. All children born to her except Carney, Kenner, ______ [Unable to transcribe. Nyla], and Arnett. Ballard married (2) Penira.
*Elizabeth married Walter Cook.
*Marsha married James Curtis.

. . 11 Aug 1917 19 Jun 1924
James Williams Book 1.
Page 265.
Wife: Lucinda

-Linus Williams

-A.J. Williams
-R.L. Stover
. 4 Feb 1903 5 Mar 1907
John Williams . Son:
-Andrew gets home place. 135 A. on White Stick Creek*

*Shumate's Farm of Harper Road.

-William McCreery
-James T. McCreery
Daniel Williams

No other children named.

9 Mar 1880 8 Aug 1885
Lewis Williams Book 1.
Page 91.
Wife: Katy
"All real property & personal to Katy, except 4 acres in front of John N. Toney's door." This to Alva Francis Toney, my daughter and wife of John N. Toney.
Other children:
-Caroline Ewing
-Mrs. Louisa Toney
-Mrs. Leanza Stover
-Heirs of Mrs. Celia Maynor, decd.
-Heirs of Seanna Maynor, decd.
-John L. Toney . 31 May 1891 4 Mar 1892
Madison Williams . Wife: Mahala.
-A.J. Williams*
-Nancy Vass
-I.G. Williams
-Pauline Painter
-Malinda Rader
-Cynthia Craig
-Jemima Kidd

*Wife of A. J. was Mollie.

-A.J. Williams -William D. Evans
-Ciris Kidd
15 Oct 1893 15 Jan 1894
Joseph Workman

Clear Creek,
W. Va.

Book 2.
Page 7.
Wife: Lucinda
-Ben F
-Elender M. Stover
-Joseph L.
-Sarah E. Williams
-Mary Jane Hodge
-Dan F.
-James H.
-C.H. Workman
-Ben H.
-James H. Workman, Jr.
-F.L. Williams
- J.T. Moles
. 13 May 1911 26 Apr 1915
John Wriston Book 38.
Page 54.
Wife: Louisa J.
And "Nancy Elizabeth Wriston her only child by me."

Other Children:
-Rebecca Wriston
-Lewis Wriston
-William Wriston
-Rachel E. Stover
-James P. Wriston
-Mary Mary(sp?)Massey
-Arminta P. Scarbrough

-James Wriston
-Henry Wriston
-William Turner
-Stephen Williams
23 Jan 1880 24 May 1880
Zachariah Wriston Book 1.
Page 53.
-Nancy (deceased). Her part to William A Stover (her son). 
-James Wriston
-Lucinda A Treadway
-James Wriston
-Ballard Williams
-A.J. Williams
-William Sewell Dunbar
-Stephen Williams
4 Mar 1880 24 May 1880