Civil War
30th Battalian

Muster Roll of Company A, 30th Battalion 
Regiment of Sharpshooters 
July 1 to October 31, 1862
Confederate Unit

Stephen Adams, captain 
William R Lerry, first lieutenant 
William H Jackson, second lieutenant 
John W Chambers, second lieutenant 
John L Bragg, first sergeant 
George H Houchins, second sergeant 
John W. Dunbar, third sergeant 
Adohiram J. Hutchinson, fifth sergeant 
Owen S. Riffe, first corporal 
John J. Wickline, second corporal 
John E. T. Miller, third corporal 
William E. Gray, fourth corporal (William's brother Jonathan is listed below)

John J. Alley
Thomas Adkins
William Adkins
Andrew J. Blake
Anderson Brammer (wounded in battle, lost left arm)
George W. Brammer
William J. Brewer
Thomas M. Burchfield
William S, Brookman
George W. Caldwell
George W. Galloway
Charles Charlton
Isaac P. Carpet
James H. Cook
Nathan Comines
David Collins
Thomas H. Covey
William R. Diamond
John Davis
William Davis
Samuel L Davis
Burley B. Ellison
Andrew Furrow
Crockett Furrow
Hoyd S. Furrow (died in prison camp)
Joseph H. Furrow
Johnathan Gray (died from arm and chest wounds)
Joshua Griffith
Charles Griffith
William H. Godby
Thomas Hams
Rufus L Hendricks
Augustus Higginbotham
Madison Higginbotham
John W. Higginbotham
Andrew J. Harper
George W. Harper
Benjamin P. Hawley
Cornelius Hams
William Howery
Charles L Hutchinson
Joseph Hundley
Thomas Hundley
Alfred Hurt
Callon Jarrell
George W. Jarrell
Mann Kemer
George Ketner
Perry Lester (Perry and Paris were brothers)
Paris Lester (Their sister, Mildred "Milly" Lester m. above William Gray) 
Algemon G. Lewis
Benjamin F. Lewis 
Allen G. Lilly 
Christopher Lilly 
E. P. Lilly 
John A. Lilly 
Simeon Mankin
Abraham Meadows 
George W. Meadows 
William J. McMillion 
Henry S. Michael 
John McVey
Daniel O'Neil (captured, imprisoned Camp Chase, Ohio) 
John Prince 
Henry Prince 
Clarkson Phillips 
Joseph Phillips 
Reuben S. Phillips 
Isaac Plumley 
Moses Richmond 
Harrison Redden 
John H. Redden 
Felix H. Showalter 
Clarkson Smith 
Francis M. Smith 
Clarkson Stover 
Daniel Stover 
Wilson Sweeney
George Snuffer (died camp hospital, taunton, Virginia) 
John H. Terry 
Christopher Tolley 
John G. Toney 
Marion Toney Gibson 
Thompson Harrison 
Thompson Sylvester 
Thompson Russell 
G. Tramp 
Robert T. Warden 
Napoleon Wells
Eli Williams (born 22 Dec. 1834, died 24 Oct. 1916, buried Williams Cemetery, Prosperity, Raleigh County, W. Va.)
Burwell Williams (born 4 May 1846, died 22 March 1892, brother of Eli. Transferred to Company C, 36th Virginia Infantry 10 March 1863)
Pleasant Williams

Contributed by Jim Gray

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