A Tribute to the Police Officer, Vol I

Contributed by: Pauline Haga

The photos and articles in this section are from Pauline Haga's book, A Tribute to the Police Officer, Vol I. Pauline lives at Crab Orchard, WV and has written many books for Raleigh Co Researchers.

  1. Raiding a Mountain Moonshine Still
    Leamon Martin, Private Gibbs and Private Scalise
  2. Largest Still in County Captured
    Robert Vines, W. E. Brammer, C.S. Lilly and Charles Lilly
  3. Redden Ridge Stills
    George Harrah, John Biggs, L. Martin and A Scalise
  4. Destroy Still In Slab Fork
    S.L. Dillon, Dave Sullivan, Jim Neely and O.A. Light
  5. Armed Posse Searches for Spence Gang
    Lt C.G. Dick, Kinney Cox, James Lowe, Tom and Bob Spence
  6. James L. Lowe, State Trooper Dies from Wound During Moonshine Raid
    James Lowe, Thomas Norton, Spence Gang and Corp Charles G Dick
  7. James L Lowe
    Tombstone and Funeral
  8. Constable J. R. Samuels Killed in Line of Duty
    J.R. Samuels, Claude Bare, J.R. Gautier, Slim Canterbury and Officer Sims
  9. Gus J. Simmons, Friends and Family - Photos Boggs, Jack Bragg, Henry Hatcher, Gus Simmons, Earl Simmons, Bill Christy, L. Watkins Taylor, and others.
  10. The Slaying of Gus Simmons
    Gus Simmons, Samp Lester, Eli Watkins, Ed Mullins, Sizemore Clan
  11. Lester Tells Full Story of Murder Plot
    Wylie Sizemore, Gus Simmons, Robert Wyatt, Thornsbury Lester
  12. James L Neely
    Officer Shot in Moonshine War
  13. Still Taken on Beaver Creek
    J.L. Neely, Isaih Kidd, Slim Canterbury, Russell Gautier
  14. Cadle Gives Himself Up in Shooting of James Neely
    Warren Cadle, James Neely, J. M. Wheatley, John McDowell, Okley Johnson
  15. J. M. Wheatley Obit
    Former Justice of the Peace
  16. Squire O. A. Light Shot Down in Road
    O. A. Light, Dr. B. W. Easkin, Ed Jackson, Christina Phillips, Freeman Talley, Jerry Saunders
  17. Squire O. A. Light
  18. Charles Lively Killed During Quarrell
    Charles Lively, James Lively, Edward Cole
  19. Deputy Sheriff Killed by Live Wire
    Fred Covey, Mrs Ross Stover, Fred Calloway, W. C. Mullins, Thomas Holt Covey
  20. Martin Interred Among Comrades, Found Murdered
    Leamon Martin, Slim Martin, L. S. Green, Vernon Lilly, Ermil Taylor
  21. Trial or Ermal Taylor in Murder of L. Martin Ermal Taylor, W. H. McGinnis, Vernon Lilly
  22. Leamon. Martin, Photos and Articles
  23. State Police Nab Man and Still
    Jess Thompson
  24. Constable Will Keep the Still
    Everett Shutt, Arlie Taylor, Bryant Cecil, Bill Worley
  25. Two Stills Captured at Allen Creek
    Arlie Taylor, F. S. Hayes
  26. Arlie Taylor, County Deputy
    Arlie Taylor, Margaret Taylor
  27. Joseph.B. Gautier, Killed with own Gun
    Joseph Gautier, Edward Ward, D. W. Snuffer
  28. H. H. Meador of Daniels
    Dutch, H. H. Meador
  29. In Remembrance of Albert Hughes
    Albert Hughes, Lucinda Hughes
  30. James W. Hutchinson Walked Many a Mile as Policeman
    James W Hutchinson, Mayor Grover Hedrick
  31. Leonard McNulty, Former Policeman
    Leonard McNulty, John Wesley Smith, Talmadge Allen
  32. Okay Mills, Youngest Sheriff ever Elected in Raleigh County
    Okey Mills, Carlos Martin, Harry Perkowski, Wes Thompson, Kenneth Larabee, Edgar Jarrell, Jim Crawford, Snoots Keaton, Jack Thomas, Peter O'Neal, Virgil Thompson, Clarence Worley and Bob Belcher
  33. In Memory of Sgt David Lilly
    David Lilly, Richard Lilly
  34. Basic Police Recruit Training Photo of Graduates
  35. WV State Police Cannelton Detachment Photo

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