"This photo was sent to me by Jim Hardiman of Huntington, WV a grandson of Jim Dillon, marked #2 standing close to the machinery. On the far right sitting on the horse and labeled #4 is Ocus Wilson Dillon, #3 in the back holding a stick or branch to switch the horses, up in the air is George Wentworth Dillon(son of Wilson). Just to his other side in the dark shirt with the natty fedora on and next to the man with the cigarette in his mouth was my grandfather Charles Ray Dillon. Since Ray died in 1919 this photo was taken prior to 1919. Ocus was just back from the 1st WW, he was in Germany."
Photo and information courtesy of Deanna Adams Holm. Deanna is also interested in finding out more information about what this machine was used for. If anyone knows, please contact her at HolmHogs@aol.com

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