These are the children of Joseph Hampton Burnside, born 29 Feb. 1848 in Mercer Co. VA and
died 28 Oct. 1937 in Fayette Co. WV.  He was the son of Andrew S. Burnside and Dorcas Wilson Abbott.  He married Sarah "Jane" Laverty in Raleigh Co. WV. on 8 Feb. 1870.  Sarah "Jane" Laverty was born on an unknown date in 1851 in Raleigh Co. VA  and died 29 Nov. 1944 in Fayette Co. WV.  She was the daughter of Hannah Laverty and Joe Wills.

In the picture from left to right are:

1.  Gracie Pearl Burnside b. 24 Jan. 1892 Fayette Co. WV. d. 20 June 1968.
She married Joe Stover.

2.  Tacy Kelp Burnside b. 10 Oct. 1887 Raleigh Co. WV. d. 14 Nov. 1971.
She married #1 Soloman Fleming and #2 Floyd Anderson Lewis.

3.  Nevel Quincy Burnside b. 18 Jan. 1885 Raleigh Co. WV. d. 22 May 1957.
He married Rose Asbury (nee Smith).

4.  Rosa Scott Burnside b. 15 Mar. 1882 Raleigh Co. WV. d. 24 Apr. 1971.
She married Jack Evans.

5.  Mary Etta Burnside b. 4 June 1881 Raleigh Co. WV. d. d. Apr. 1958.
She married Joseph Ottis "Oat" Smith (brother of Rose Smith Asbury).

6.  Minnie Frances Burnside b. 30 Jan. 1878 Raleigh Co. WV. d. 18 Feb. 1962.
She married Samuel "Reed" Payne.

7.  Letha Fairbell Burnside b. 18 Jan. 1873 Raleigh Co. WV. d. 30 Mar. 1959.
She married Clark Stover.

Joseph and Jane Burnside had two other children, Ocie and Evie, the first and third born that came down with diphtheria, died and were buried in West Hamlin, Lincoln Co. WV.  A definite date cannot be determined but was estimated by Tacy to have been about 1875 or 1876, as she remembered her Father, Mother and other members of the family tell the story of their move
from Raleigh County via wagon train to Lincoln County.  She said that her Father contacted ague, due to the low altitude of the country and had to return to the high healthful mountains of Raleigh County, where the rest of the family was born with the exception of Gracie Pearl, who was born in Fayette County.

Photo and family information courtesy of Rebecca Moore.

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