Company D of the 14th Regiment WV
Infantry Volunteers 1864
The following records were taken from the book "History of Ritchie County" whose author is Minnie Kendall Lowther. This book was published in 1911 and is no longer in print. My copy was donated by a very kind gentleman, K. Paul Boggs, who wanted the book to be used in helping others.
Jacob M. Rietz Captain James W. Shroyer 1st Lieutenant
W. G. Lowther 1st Sergeant George W. B. Martin 1st Sergeant
Lewis P. Reitz 1st Sergeant John McMullen 1st Sergeant
James R. Brake 1st Sergeant James B. Gribble Corporal
Wm. E. Griffin Corporal Wm. Jett Corporal
Jeremiah Snodgrass Corporal Elias Thomas Corporal
Zephaniah Martin Corporal T. M. Bolinger Corporal
Thomas D. Baker   Arthur G. Bee  
Zedekiah Bolinger   Wm. B. Crihfield  
Silas Cain   Eugenus Calhoun  
George H. Campbell   John S. Coulson  
Wm. E. Coulson   George W. Cross  
John A. Cross   Stephen C. Davis  
Wm. S. Drake   Eli B. Dotson  
James W. Elliott   Robert L. B. Elder  
Jacob H. Fronsman   Wm. C. Glover  
Geroge W. Harden   Thomas Hamrick  
Simeon Helms   James P. Hess  
Elijah Hissam   Francis M. Jones  
Jacob Jett   Wm. E. Lough  
Henry J. Lowther   William Martin  
James W. McGill   Alexander McGill  
George E. McGill   Gregory McMullen  
Addison Osbourn   Lewis Propst  
James M. Propst   John Price  
John C. Parks   David F. Randolph  
Fletcher S. Riddel   Lair Simons  
James Q. Smith   George W. Stuart  
Amos G. Thomas   Martin V. Taylor  
Edmund R. Tibbs   Wm. A. Valentine  
John Watson   Wilson Watson  
William Wass   Harvey Westfall  

Men Who Were Discharged

John S. VANPELT, and Hiram DOTSON in 1863

Men Who Were Transferred

Eugenus CRISS, Caleb D. SPENCER, and James G. MORGAN in 1862

Men Who Died

James D. EARLE, Samuel R. JONES, John HESS, James H. SMITH, Jonathan BAKER, Amos D. PRITCHARD, Spencer MALEY, Wilson A. GRIBBLE, Wm. F. BOEHM, James CAIN, Jonh MANEAR, James T. PATTON, Charles A. MAHANEY, William MCCULLOUGH, George W. MILLER, *Reason H. WILSON, and *George S. RICHARDS. (*)These men died in Anersonville Prison.
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