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To all of those who have sent comments on this page, good or bad, to those who have submitted information for these pages, and to those who have volunteered to do Look Ups or to share Surname information,"THANK YOU".
Special Thanks to Linda Cunningham Fluharty for the Ritchie County Area Map.

Things of Special Interest:
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I ) I have a 1930 Grant District Class ring. Could someone please look in a 1930 yearbook for one of these names?
Johnathan George Heckler
Cora Anna Jackson
Jonathan Jackson Greer/Grier
Elizabeth Veronica Rowland
Thank you,
Jill McCall 
II ) I'm trying to track down a Captain Jacqueline Mason who had an article in The History of Ritchie County to 1980 about the Mason family. I'm very interested in the photo that accompanied the article, as I have a similar photo.

Any help in tracking down Captain Mason, or somebody else who might know about the photo, would be much appreciated. I have about 200 old photos (c.1870-1920) from the Cisco-Racy area that I'm trying to identify.

Anybody out there researching kin in that area and have old photos that they could copy and share for comparison?
Many of mine are photos of Jacksons, Marshalls, and Pribbles, and other related lines, but many more are friends and neighbors of the family (I've found Masons, Dulaneys, Cains, Browns and others). 



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