Ritchie County Cemetery Index

This Index lists all Cemeteries in Ritchie County.  It has links to the Virtual Cemetery Project cemeteries that have been created so far.  This project is an effort to build a pictorial death records list for genealogy research.
This list of cemeteries is posted with permission from Ritchie County Historical Society.  The list is taken from the book Ritchie County, West Virginia Cemeteries - Through 1993. All cemeteries in the book are current through that year. There is a cemetery location map with the book which indicates where in the district the cemetery is located. The book also lists each cemetery by all aka names and gives written locations. It may be purchased from the Ritchie County Historical Society.  )

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Cemeteries by District
Clay District Grant District Murphy District Union District 
Ayers Cemetery Amick Cemetery Ayers Cemetery Adkins Cemetery
Bartlett Cemetery Beckner Cemetery Ayers Cemetery/Deem Cemetery Auburn Baptist / Hall Cemetery
Beason Cemetery Bell Cemetery Ayers, Daniel Cemetery Auburn Community Cemetery
Bond Cemetery Boice, Mary Cemetery Barker Cemetery Ball Cemetery
Broadwater Cemetery Boston Cemetery Beall, C.F. Cemetery Bethel Cemetery
Buck Run / Dotson Cemetery Bradford / Reece Cemetery Beall, W.A. Cemetery Billy Hollow Cemetery
Buck Run Errata Brusy Cemetery Beall, W.A. Cemetery Cannon Cemetery
Calhoun (Solly) Cemetery Butcher Cemetery Bethany Church Cemetery Cannon Pioneer Cemetery
Church of Christ Cemetery Cain, Jesse Cemetery Bickerstaff Cemetery Chevauxdefrise / Kendall Cemetery
Collins / Burnt House Cemetery Cain, John Cemetery Burnt House Cemetery Childs Cemetery
Collins Cemetery Cairo Cemetery (Masonic) Burwell Cemetery Clevenger Cemetery
Collins Cemetery (old) Cairo I.O.O.F./Egypt Cemetery Burwell Cemetery Collier Cemetery
Collison Cemetery Cantwell Cemetery Buzzard Cemetery Cox Cemetery
Cunningham Cemetery Carder / Myers Fork Cemetery Camp Run Cross / Wilson Cemetery
Davis Cemetery Cross Cemetery Campbell Cemetery Davidson / Wright Cemetery
Davis Cemetery Deem Cemetery Carder / Elder Cemetery Ellifritt Burial
Dutch Hollow Cemetery Dry Ridge Cemetery Cedar Grove Cemetery Flanaghan Cemetery
Elder Cemetery Ellefritz Cemetery Cedar Grove Cemetery Friedly Cemetery
Ellenboro Pioneer Memorial Enoch Cemetery Clayton Cemetery Garrison Cemetery
Ellenboro /Lamberton/Lambert Cemetery Fairmont Ridge Cemetery Corran Cemetery Haddox Cemetery
Ellenboro Masonic Cemetery I Foutty Cemetery Cunningham Cemetery Harrisville Baptist Cemetery
Ellenboro Masonic Cemetery II Fox Cemetery Cunningham Thomas Cemetery Harrisville I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Ferrebee Cemetery Frances Cemetery Cunningham Pioneer Cemetery Harrisville Pioneer Cemetery
Fox Cemetery Garrison Cemetery Dawson Cemetery Hart Cemetery
Garner Cemetery George, (Amos) Cemetery Dead Man's Hollow Cemetery Hearne Cemetery
Gnat's Run Cemetery Goose Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Deem Cemetery Holbrook Cemetery
Heaton Cemetery Hall Cemetery Deem Cemetery Jones / Vincent Cemetery
Highland Cemetery Harbert Cemetery Dog Run Cemetery Kercheval Cemetery
Highland Cemetery Harmony Grove Cemetery  / Harmony Flats / Douglass / Hornet's Nest  Dutchman Pioneer Kirkpatrick Cemetery
Highland Cemetery Harris Cemetery Echard Cemetery Kirkpatrick Cemetery
Hogue Cemetery Hartman / Jackson Cemetery Eddy / Jenkins / Welch Cemetery Law Chapel Cemetery
Hursher Cemetery Heck Cemetery Evans Cemetery Lawford Cemetery
Hursher's Run Cemetery Hibbs Cemetery Fairview Church Cemetery Lowther / Walnut Grove Cemetery
Jones Cemetery Hoffman Cemetery Fox Cemetery Lowther Cemetery
Koontz Cemetery Howard Cemetery Frederick, Joe, Cemetery Malone Cemetery
Lantz / Nutter Cemetery Howard, Jeremiah Cemetery Frederick (N.H.) / Grass Run Cemetery Maxson Cemetery
Lizzie's Roost Cemetery Huffman Cemetery Frederick, Phillip Cemetery McDonald Cemetery 
Marsh, Eli Cemetery Hupp Cemetery Frederick, S.B. Cemetery Mount Olive (New) Cemetery
Marsh, Elias Cemetery Ingram Ridge Cemetery Furr Cemetery Mount Olive (Old) / Dunkard Cemetery
Marsh, Enoch Cemetery Jenkins Cemetery Girta  / Nutter Cemetery Mount Pisgah Cemetery
Marsh, James Cemetery Lamp Cemetery Goff Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery
McCullough Cemetery Layfield / Mt. Moriah Cemetery Goff Cemetery Moyers Cemetery
McGregor Cemetery Layfield Pioneer Cemetery Hardman Chapel Cemetery Nay Cemetery
Mole Hill Cemetery Lemmon Cemetery Hatfield / Fordham Cemetery Perrin Cemetery
Mount Olivet Cemetery Lewis Cemetery Haught Cemetery Pine Grove Cemetery
Nicholas Cemetery Log Church Cemetery Hayhurst Cemetery Pine Low Gap Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery Lynch Cemetery Hazelgreen / Buzzard Cemetery Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Pennsboro Catholic /St. Joseph's Cemetery Marshall Cemetery Hill Cemetery Pritchard Cemetery
Pennsboro EUB  / Pennsboro First Methodist Cemetery Mason Cemetery Hill / Perkins Cemetery Pritchard Cemetery
Pennsboro Masonic / Mount Harmony Cemetery McKinney Cemetery Hoover Cemetery Pritchard Cemetery
Pennsboro Presbyterian / Rose Hill Cemetery Metz Chapel Cemetery Hoover Cemetery Pullman Cemetery
Pike Church of Christ Cemetery Midkiff Cemetery Indian Creek Baptist/ Washburn Cemetery  Reed Cemetery
Pike / Wince Chapel Cemetery Moats Cemetery Jenkins Cemetery Simons Cemetery
Richards, Roger Cemetery Mount Carmel Cemetery Jenkins Cemetery Slab / Pritchard Cemetery
Richards, G.W. Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery Jordan Cemetery Smith (Bailey) Cemetery
Richards Survey Cemetery Null Cemetery Keener Cemetery Spruce Creek Baptist Cemetery
Riddle's Chapel Cemetery Nutter Cemetery Kennedy Cemetery  Spruce Creek Old Baptist / Smith Cemetery
Sider Cemetery Oil Ridge / Fairview Church Cemetery King Knob Cemetery, old Upper Spruce Creek / Billy Hollow Cemetery 
Taylor (old) Cemetery Parks Cemetery King Knob Cemetery, new Webb Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery Petroleum Cemetery Laird Cemetery White Oak Methodist Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery Pettit Cemetery Laurel Run Methodist Protestant Church Cemetery W.J.G. Cemetery
Toll Gate Baptist Cemetery Pine Grove Cemetery Lawrence / Ireland Cemetery
Toll Gate Unnamed Cemetery Pleasant Hill Church / Layfield Cemetery Lemon Cemetery
Victory Ridge Cemetery Pribble / Jackson Cemetery Lemon Cemetery
Victory Ridge Addendum Richards Cemetery Mackey Cemetery
Vincent /Kerr / Pig Misery Cemetery Right Fork Gillispie Pioneer Cemetery Mackey / Marshall Cemetery
Wells Cemetery Rocky Point Cemetery McCormick Cemetery
Whiskey Run Cemetery Ross Cemetery McDonald Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery Ross, Joe Cemetery McGill Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery Rusk Cemetery McGuire Cemetery
Woods Cemetery Saint Michael's Catholic  McNeill Cemetery
Wrick Cemetery Sandy Cemetery Morris Cemetery
Shrapnack Cemetery Mount Olive Cemetery
Silver Run Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery
Simmons Hill Cemetery Moyers (James) Cemetery 
Six Cemetery Murphy Cemetery
Smith Cemetery Murphy Cemetery
Smith Cemetery Newbrough Cemetery
Smith Cemetery Nutter Cemetery
Smitley Cemetery Nutter Cemetery(M73)
Snider Ridge Cemetery Nutter Cemetery
Swisher Cemetery Osbourne Cemetery
Terry / Rinehart Cemetery Oxbow Cemetery
Twyman Cemetery Phillips Cemetery
Un-Named Cemetery Pleasant Ridge / Wilson Cemetery
Waller / Devaughn Cemetery Prunty, Andrew Cemetery
Waterburry Cemetery Reeves Cemetery
Webb / Dotson Cemetery Rexroad / Campbell Cemetery
Webb Cemetery Richards Cemetery
Wildman Cemetery  Ritchie County Poor Farm  / Drake Cemetery
Ritchie Mines Cemetery
Ritchie Mines Catholic Cemetery
Roney Cemetery
Schoolcraft Cemetery
Scotsman Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Scott, Amos, Cemetery
Sinnett Cemetery
Sinnett (Patrick)  / Hulderman Ridge / Charles Moyer Cemetery
Smith / Campbell Cemetery
Smith Chapel Cemetery
Spruce Valley Church / Clark Buzzard Cemetery
Stewart Cemetery
Straight Fork Cemetery
Strother Cemetery
Tibbs Cemetery
Tingler / Chambers Cemetery
Valentine Cemetery
Wamsley Cemetery
Webb Cemetery
Westfall Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
Wolfe Cemetery
Wright Cemetery 


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