Charles Ray Durbin (b. 1864)

Source: Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley West Virginia
Author: James Morton Callahan
Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, 1912
Volume III, Page 1008

Charles Ray Durbin, only surviving child of Francis Marion and Abigail C. (Pickenpaugh) Durbin, was born at Morgantown, West Virginia, May 15, 1864. He obtained his education at the common schools and at the University of West Virginia. At the age of seventeen years he became teller of the First National Bank of Grafton, which position he held until 1887, when he was appointed by President Grover Cleveland as deputy collector of United States internal revenue for the district of West Virginia. When President Harrison succeeded Cleveland he went back as teller in the bank, and in 1891 was elected assistant cashier. At present he is serving as president of the Grafton Bank. He was treasurer of the West Virginia Reform School at Pruntytown, which school his father was largely instrumental in securing for Taylor county. Politically he votes the Democratic ticket and takes an active part in the uplift of his county and state.

He married, November 14, 1888, Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McGraw, of Grafton, West Virginia, and sister of Hon. J. T. McGraw. They are the parents of four children.

Additional Information


1889 Page 88, Line 43
Mary G. Durbin born August 16, 1889 in Grafton, WV
dau-of: C. R. Durbin (age 26) & Mary McGraw (age 26)

1895 Page 336, Line 40
(female) Durbin born December 20, 1895, in W. Grafton WV
dau-of: Chas. R. Durbin & Mary McGraw

1899 Page 175, Line 60
Chas. R. Durbin born September 28, 1899 in Grafton, WV
son-of: Chas R. & Mary Durbin

1902 Page 102, Line 158
Dorothy Durbin born August 28, 1902 in Grafton, WV
dau-of: Charles Durbin (age 38) & Mary McGraw (age 37)


1900 Census, Taylor County WV, Grafton City, 4th Ward
ED:132, Sheet 4A, Lines 36-41
Enum-Dwelling 72: Enum-Family 25
DURBIN, Charles R (head) May-1864, age 36, m-12yrs, WV-WV-WV, Cashier Bank
", Mary (wife) Feb-1864, age 36, 3-children/3-living, WV-Ire-Ire
", Mary Gale (dau) Aug-1889, age 10, WV-WV-WV
", Rose M (dau) Dec-1896, age 3, WV-WV-WV
", Charles R Jr (son) Sep-1899, age 8/12, WV-WV-WV
NEWMAN, Winfred (servant) Oct-1849, age 50, m-33yrs, 5-children/5-living, Va-Va-Va

1910 Census, Taylor County WV, Grafton City, 5th Ward
ED:131, Sheet 4A, Lines 28-36
207 Beech Street; Enum-Dwelling #77; Enum-Family #78
DURBIN, Charles R (head) age-45, mar-22yrs, WV-WV-WV, President-Bank
", Mary (wife) age 45, 4-children/4-living, WV-Ire-Ire
", Rose Minnie (dau) age 13, WV-WV-WV
", Charles R Jr (son) age 10, WV-WV-WV
", Dorothy (dau) age 7, WV-WV-WV
WARE, Verna (servant) age 23, WV-Va-WV
NEUMAN, Winnie (servant) age 55, Widow, 2-children/2-living, WV-Va-Va
WASHINGTON, Cecil (hired-man) age 16, WV-WV-WV

1920 Census, Baltimore City, 11th Ward, MD
Enum-Dist: 176, Sheet 3B
14 W. Preston Street
Enum-Dwelling #47, Enum-Family #92
DURBIN, Charles (head) age-54, WV-WV-WV, Salesman, Bonds
", Mary (wife) age-54, WV-Ire-Ire
", Charles (son) age-19, WV-WV-WV, Clerk, Bank
", Mary (dau) age 27, WV-WV-WV, Clerk, Government
", Rose (dau) age 24, WV-WV-WV, Typist, Government
", Dorothy (dau) age 15, WV-WV-WV

1930 Census, Baltimore City, 12th Ward, MD
ED:4-495, Sheet 13B, Lines 64-66
3405 Oakenshaw Place; Enum-Dw #215; Enum-Fm #221
DURBIN, Mary M (head) age 65, Widow, mar-at-age-24, WV-Ire-Ire
", Mary (dau) WV-WV-WV, Secretary, Doctor's office
", Dorothy (dau) WV-WV-WV, Stenographer, Broker's office


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