William Gaskin (1865-1948)

Source: Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley West Virginia
Author: James Morton Callahan
Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, 1912
Volume III, Page 1116

Willie, son of Andrew J. and Catherine (Watkins) Gaskin, was born at Monongah, Marion county, West Virginia, May 9, 1865. He obtained his education at the public schools, after which he entered his father's carriage factory at Boothsville to learn the business of carriage building. Later he went to Grafton, where in company with his brother Albert he conducted a carriage works plant. This existed until 1900, when he disposed of his interest in the factory and removed to Monongah and there engaged in the same business. His place was styled the Monongah Wagon Works, at which factory he constructed wagons and carriages, but made painting and repairing a specialty. He was also agent for standard made wagons from abroad. He also dealt extensively in real estate, and in all of his business dealings he has stood upright and loyal to the true test of manhood. Politically he is a Republican, and belongs to the Baptist church.

He married, November 24, 1896, Martha H, born October 23, 1873, daughter of Joshua M. and Almina (Nuzum) Snell {Smell}. In her parents' family were two children : Martha H., and Aaron Wateman, born November 29, 1883. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Gaskin are: Guy G., born October 18, 1897; W. K. Von., December 20, 1901; J. Robert, February 24, 1905.

Death Certificate (William Gaskins)

Death Certificate (Martha Hannah Smell Gaskin)

Additional Information

Marriage License, Marion County WV, 1896, Page 425
Will Gaskin (age 31) married Martha H. Smell (age 24)
on 25-Nov-1896 in the residence of the bride's parents
performed by S. W. Holden

Birth Register, Taylor County WV, 1897, page 163, line 59
Guy W. Gaskin born Oct 18, 1897 in Grafton
s/o William & Martha H. Gaskin

Birth Register, Marion County WV, 1901, page 110, line 100
Wm K. Gaskins born Dec 30, 1901 in Monongah
s/o William & Martha Gaskins
NOTE: there is another page with this birth - -
Birth Register, Marion County WV, 1902, page 89, number 111
Vaughn William Gaskin born Dec 20, 1901 in Monongah
s/o Wm Gaskin & Martha Smell
affidavit by mother, Martha Gaskin, 1/17/42 making corrections #257
(the name "Vaughn William" replaced crossed out "unnamed" male)

Birth Register, Marion County WV, 1905, page 156, number 204
Robert Earl Gaskin born Feb 24, 1905 in Monongah
s/o William Gaskin (age 39) & Martha Smell (age 32)

1900 Census, Marion County WV
Grant District, Monongah, ED: 54, Sheet 29A
Lines 39-41, Enum-Dwelling #470, Enum-Family #550
GASKINS, Willey (head), born-May-1865, age 30, mar-4yrs, WV-WV-WV, Carriage Maker
", Martha H (wife), born Oct-1872, age 27, 1-child/1-living, WV-WV-WV
", Guy W (son), born Oct 1894, age 2, WV-WV-WV

1910 Census, Marion County WV
Grant District, Monongah, ED: 63, Sheet 7A
118 Ford Street; Lines 1-5; Enum-Dw #118; Enum-Fam #116
GASKIN, William (head) age 44, m1-13yrs, WV-WV-WV, Carpenter, Carriage
", Martha (wife) age 36, 3-children/3-living, WV-WV-WV
", Guy (son) age 12, WV-WV-WV
", Bon (son) age 8, WV-WV-WV
", Robert (son) age 5, WV-WV-WV

1920 Census, Marion County WV
Grant District, Monongah, ED: 28, Sheet 9B
118 Ford Street; Lines 91-95, Enum-Dw #186; Enum-Fam #189
GASKINS, Wm (head) age 53, WV-WV-WV, Carpenter, House
", Mollie (wife) age 46, WV-WV-WV
", Guy (son) age 22, WV-WV-WV, Truck Driver
", Von W (son) age 18, WV-WV-WV, Electician, Shop
", Robert E (son) age 14, WV-WV-WV, School, Grade

1930 Census, Marion County WV
Grant District, Monongah, ED: 25-16, Sheet 8A
118 Ford Street; Lines 1-4; Enum-Dw #133; Enum-Fam #139
GASKINS, William (head) age 64, m-at-34, WV-WV-WV, Mechanic, Automobile
", Martha H (wife) age 58, m-at-age-24, WV-wV-WV
", Bon (son) age 26, m-at-age-25, WV-WV-WV, Laborer, Odd-jobs
", Van J. (son) age 1-9/12, WV-WV-WV


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