Adolphus Rightmire (1851-1939)

Source: Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley West Virginia
Author: James Morton Callahan
Pages 959-960

Adolphus Rightmire, son of Alpheus Rightmire and grandson of James Rightmire, was born in Taylor county, Virginia, near the city of Grafton, March 16, 1851. He was educated at the public schools and at the West Virginia College, near Flemington. For five years he taught school winters and went to school at other periods. He engaged in the growing and shipping of cattle for five years. In 1884 he embarked in the mercantile business at Grafton. In 1893 he organized the first wholesale grocery company in Grafton, Pennsylvania. Two years later he sold out this business, and in 1899 removed to Morgantown, where he engaged in the real estate and lumber business, being a large owner in realty and other valuable property. Since 1895 he has been engaged in the oil industry, owning five wells in Greene county, Pennsylvania. Politically Mr. Rightmire is a Jeffersonian Democrat. He belongs to the Elks order. He married, in September, 1877, Augusta, daughter of J. H. Barnes, of Taylor county, West Virginia. Children: Byron W., Ina, Edna, Beulah. Mrs. Rightmire died in May, 1889.

Byron W., son of Adolphus and Augusta (Barnes) Rightmire, was born in Taylor county, West Virginia, March 31, 1880. He secured a good education at the public school and later entered the West Virginia University. After leaving the University he had charge of the water, gas and electricity in Morgantown. He then went to Oklahoma and engaged in the grocery business, also handled large quantities of meats. From that he shifted to the real estate business, and after two years located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he took up real estate work. Upon his return to Morgantown he engaged in lumber and builder's supplies, under the firm name of Rightmire & Shriver. Their factory was burned and Mr. Rightmire, with his father, rebuilt the plant, where the business is now carried on. Mr. Rightmire purchased thirty-five acres of land, formed a stock company, known as Lockview Land and Water Company, of which his father was president and he acting secretary and treasurer. He then bought a large tract of land under the firm name of Rightmire, Rohsbough & Thornhill, called the West Morgantown First Addition. With all of these various business operations, Mr. Rightmire has accumulated considerable property. He belongs to the Elks order. In December, 1909, he married Nellie, daughter of Henry Baker.

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MARRIAGE REGISTER, Taylor County WV, Page 144
Adolphus Rightmire (age 26) and Augusta A. Barnes (age 25)
were married 13-Sep-1877 by Wm. J. Sharpes

BIRTH REGISTER, Taylor County WV, 1880, Page 35, Line 282
Byron Rightmire, born Mar 31, 1880
s/o Adolphus & Augusta Rightmire

BIRTH REGISTER, Taylor County WV, 1884, Page 68, Line 259
Edna Rightmire, born May 26, 1884
d/o Adolphus & Augusta A. Rightmire

BIRTH REGISTER, Taylor County WV, 1887, Page 91, Line 144
Beulah Rightmire, born Dec 4, 1887
d/o Adolphus & Augusta A. Rightmire

BIRTH REGISTER, Taylor County WV, 1889, Page 107, Line 270
Gussie Rightmire, born May 17, 1889
d/o Adolphus & Augusta Rightmire

DEATH REGISTER, Taylor County WV, 1889, Page 48, Line #115
Augusta Rightmire, died May 26, 1889 at age 37
wife of: Adolphus Rightmire
daughter of: {unreadable} & Mary Barnes
Cause: Childbirth

DEATH REGISTER, Taylor County WV, 1889, Page 48, Line #116
Gussie Rightmire, died June 16, 1889 at age 2 months
d/o Adolphus & Augusta Rightmire

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, Harrison County WV, 1915, page 231
Adolphus Rightmire (widower, age 63), s/o Alpheus & Cassie M. Rightmire
Lena Rivers Sinsel (single, age 48), d/o Elijah & Caroline Sinsel
were married on 30-Jun-1915 in Clarksburg by W.C. Taylor, Baptist Pastor

DEATH CERTIFICATE, Barbour County WV, #5193
Name: Lena Sinsel Rightmire
Death-Date/Place: April 22, 1955 in Nella's Rest Home, Philippi WV
dau/of: Elijah Sinsel & Caroline Davidson
Burial: Bluemont Cemetery


1880 Census, Taylor County, WV
ED: 79, Page No. 5, Lines 28-30
Enum-Dwelling #31; Enum-Family #32
RIGHTMIRE, Adolphus (age 29), Farm laborer, WV-WV-WV
", Augusta A (age 28), wife, Keeping house, WV-WV-WV
", Ina (age 1), daughter, WV-WV-WV

1900 Census, Monongalia County WV
Decker's Creek, Seneca; ED:83, Sheet 14B
RIGHTMIRE, Adolph (head) Mar-1851, age-49, Widower, WV-WV-WV, Grocer
", Ina (dau) Jan-1899, age 21, WV-WV-WV, Student
", Byron (son) Mar-1880, age 20, WV-WV-WV, Student
", Edna (dau) Apr-1884, age 16, WV-WV-WV, Student
", Beulah (dau) Dec-1887, age 12, WV-WV-WV
BARNES, Elizabeth (sister-inlaw), Mar-1851, age 49, WV-WV-WV

1910 Census, Monongalia County WV
Morgantown, Ward 3; ED:77, Sheet 17B. Lines 71-78
371 Maiden Alley; Enum-Dwelling #135; Enum-Family #163
RIGHTMIRE, Adolphus (head) age 59, widower, WV-WV-WV, Lumber, Mill Work
", Edna (dau) age 25, WV-WV-WV, Proprietor, Novelty Store
BARNES, Elizabeth (sister-inlaw), 53, WV-WV-WV, Own-income
(same dwelling): Enum-Family #164
SHRIVER, Ross C (head) age 31, m1-6yrs, WV-WV-WV, Bookkeeper, Lumber Mill
", Ina R (wife) age 31, 3-children/3-living, WV-WV-WV (Adolphus' daughter)
", Leland C (son) age 5, WV-WV-WV
", Ross C (son) age 3, WV-WV-WV
", Elizabeth (dau) age 1, WV-WV-WV

1920 Census, Monongalia County WV
Morgantown, Ward 3; ED:106, Sheet 8B, Lines 51-52
RIGHTMIRE, Adolphus (head) age 68, WV-WV-WV, Food-Inspector, Office
", Lena (wife) age 51, WV-WV-WV


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