Reed Family - 1st Reunion, 1925

Submitted by: Betty Lou Phillips Kisel and Betty Reed Dowdell

Photograph by E. E. Meredith for the Fairmont Newspaper


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1st row
(sitting on ground)
Frank Haught, Joe Reed, Robert Reed, Don Smith, George Clelland, Jim Clelland, Bob Michael, Eleanor Clelland, Jo Clair Clelland, June Clelland, Eleanor Reed, Janet Reed, Virginia Reed, Mary Reed, Betty Reed
2nd row
(sitting on chairs)
Lizzie Lanham, Will Lanham, ? Mary E Reed Clelland, Robert Righter, Clara Reed Smith, Adeline Reed, Joseph Reed, Jr., Arthur Reed, Malinda Reed Meredith, Myra Reed Elliott, Allene Clelland, Eunice Scranage Reed, Eva Brisco Reed, Price Smith, Robert Sidney Reed
3rd row
Alice Frum, Anna Carder Reed, Nelle Smith, Lily Clelland, ? Lena Elliott, Wilma Clelland Jarrett, Ted Jarrett, Mary Clelland Kiger, Roy Kiger, Clara Reed, Ralph Smith, Minnie Reed, Scott Reed, Clark Reed, Mildred Reed Frum, Ed Meredith
4th row
Charlie Reed, Jim A. Clelland, Edith Clelland, Susie Reed, Boyd Reed, Kelsey Brown Reed, Max Wilson, Walter Scott Reed, Aunt Mabel Reed, Lena Reed, Nola Reed Wilson, Bess Smith Michael, Bert Clelland (H. L.), Myrtle Clelland, Claude Reed, John Frum

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