Bethany Temple Church Bulletin - May 10, 1910


The following information was provided by:
William Allen Zulker
Former minister of Bethany Temple Presbyterian Church
Author of "John Wanamaker: King of Merchants"

In the church bulletin of May 8, 1910 of the Bethany Temple Church, there is a copy of the letter that Ms. Jarvis sent to the minister of the church, Rev. Asa J. Ferry. She stated: "My dear Mr. Ferry, I thank you for your letter of today. It would give me great pleasure to be with you next Sunday, but it does not seem, at present, possible. I shall never forget the beautiful service you had on our First Mother's Day, (italics mine) and how much I welcomed you and your members as first friends of the new 'Holiday of the Heart and Home.' With friendly greetings to all, believe me, Cordially Yours, Anna Jarvis."

The church bulletin goes on to state: "It would be a great pleasure for us to greet Ms. Jarvis again this year, for we are glad to recall that she attended her first Mother's Day Service in the Temple."


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