The Anna Jarvis Birthplace

Webster Village, Taylor County, WV

The Anna Jarvis BirthplaceAnna Jarvis was born in the village of Webster, Taylor County, West Virginia, on May 1, 1864, in a two-story wooden house built by her father, Granville E. Jarvis, in 1854. The family occupied the house for eleven years during one of the most exciting periods of American history.

The house became a focal point of the Civil War when General George B. McClellan used it as his headquarters, and his troops were encamped across the road in what is now Ocean Pearl Felton Historic Park. Webster at that time was an important depot for both troops and supplies. The Wheeling-Staunton Pike (Route 250) which ran in front of the house connected the two biggest cities in what was then the state of Virginia.

The Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum has been restored by Thunder on the Tygart, Inc., using no federal, state or county funds. Thunder on the Tygart, named after the local farmers' description of cannon fire during the first land battle of the Civil War, is a non-profit foundation begun in 1994 to create jobs in West Virginia, preserve historic sites, and educate today's youth about their heritage and the wealth of history that has occurred in West Virginia.

The Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum is located four miles south of Grafton on U.S. Route 119/250. Check their website for tour information.

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