Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "A"

Abel, James married Virginia Tucker on 11 Jan 1877

Abel, James L. married Halley Shriver on 25 Apr 1894

Abels, Drucilla married James W. Davis on 9 Sep 1867

Abels, Minor F. married Fanny Reese on 24 Dec 1899

Adair, Bessie married Charles W. Kirby on 11 Apr 1900

Adair, John married Mary C. Willhide on 23 Dec 1869

Adair, Will H. married Laura E. Jennings on 9 Aug 1898

Adams, Adam D. married Otera M. Rogers on 20 Jun 1897

Adams, Amanda married James F. Triplett on 13 Nov 1884

Adams, Annie M. married William L. Wilson on 26 Sep 1900

Adams, Caroline married John W. Willhide on 13 Sep 1870

Adams, Christena A. married Henry Behen on 23 Dec 1874

Adams, Elizabeth married William R. Dalton on 3 Apr 1900

Adams, Fannie E. married Claud A. McCarroll on 15 Jan 1898

Adams, Georgia S. married Nicholas Romaine on 22 Aug 1897

Adams, Isaac married Sarah E. Honesty on 25 Mar 1885

Adams, Jennie B. married James P. Scott on 4 Aug 1891

Adams, Jonah married Maggie Loar on 28 Sep 1895

Adams, Lucy M. married Lemon E. Bennett on 29 Sep 1897

Adams, Mary D. married Alfred Cooper on 23 May 1888

Adams, Mary E. married Adam L. Bolinger on 23 Oct 1893

Adams, Mary J. married Stewart M. Hieronimus on 19 Sep 1865

Adams, Mary M. married Edgar C. Funk on 13 Aug 1886

Adams, Olive married Granville Hill on 17 Nov 1895

Adams, Rebecca married Jesse Male on 28 Sep 1871

Adams, Roena married James Parsons on 11 Apr 1872

Adams, Susan E. married William A. Keener on 26 Aug 1890

Adams, Victoria married Daniel Gilhart on 16 Jan 1899

Adams, Virginia married James Mail on 7 Sep 1873

Adams, William married Eliza Jane Male on 21 Mar 1880

Adams, William married Rhue Corbin on 27 Apr 1898

Adams, William Henry married Emily A. A. Holmes on 27 Aug 1863

Addison, Joseph C. married Naomi Ashcraft on 27 Jan 1897

Adelsberger, William married Meda Carr on 19 Mar 1893

Agnes, Dun married Peter Lyman on 29 Aug 1863

Alban, Annie E. married Robert N. Ferrel on 29 Jan 1873

Alban, Martha A. married William H. Atherton on 22 Sep 1873

Albin, Mary E. married Marion Johnson on 1 Sep 1880

Albin, Rachel C. married George H. A. Elliott on 15 Jun 1876

Albright, S. Letitia married Perry A. Rohrbaugh on 31 Jan 1876

Alcock, John L. married Edith Allen on 17 Jun 1896

Allen, Dora A. married Charles H. Donnesen on 22 Jun 1893

Allen, Edith married John L. Alcock on 17 Jun 1896

Allen, Edward married Ida M. Boyd on 1 Jul 1884

Allen, Joseph E. married Jane Bailey on 2 Jul 1871

Allen, Joseph M. married Loretta Bailey on 5 Apr 1871

Allen, Mary married Lewis L. Ford on 25 Mar 1880

Allen, Waldo P. married Delia A. Beagle on 13 Oct 1870

Allen, Waldo P. married Mary M. Waller on 29 Jun 1865

Allen, William W. married Charlotte E. Messenger on 5 Mar 1895

Allett, Julius married Martha Thomas on 19 Mar 1884

Alliott, Amile L. married Alice M. Snively on 8 Nov 1886

Alliott, Julius married Rose Ann Rogers on 17 Aug 1897

Alltop, George L. married Glades E. Ryan on 25 Aug 1889

Alltop, Olive V. married Lawson J. Riley on 4 Dec 1892

Alltop, William M. married One E. Smallwood on 30 Aug 1892

Ambler, Jennie married Leonard Carosell on 6 Feb 1895

Amos, Elsie married Lewis McKelvey Carr on 6 Aug 1899

Amy, David married Almeda B. Kerns on 28 Jul 1887

Anderson, Belle married Henry Myers on 22 Sep 1881

Anderson, Boyd married May Goodwin on 11 Apr 1899

Anderson, Charles F. married Orilla Gooding on 24 Aug 1884

Anderson, George F. married Mary C. Springer on 17 Apr 1887

Anderson, George W. married Mary E. Marker on 2 Dec 1867

Anderson, James married Eliza R. Hall on 18 Apr 1895

Anderson, James W. married Ida Virginia Guard on 20 Feb 1876

Anderson, Jehu F. married Roda Maxwell on 6 Apr 1876

Anderson, Jesse married Osceola Riley on 29 Dec 1898

Anderson, Robert married Mary Adda McGlumphy on 5 Aug 1894

Anderson, William T. married Sarah Ellen Halterman on 13 Nov 1898

Anglen, Cecil married Theodosia Pool on 11 Sep 1890

Annan, Oliver A. married Annie B. Sawtell on 17 Oct 1883

Annon, Clara A. married Daniel W. Kirk on 18 May 1893

Annon, Clara B. married Eugenus C. Demoss on 23 Apr 1876

Annon, Dema L. married Gilbert F. Montgomery on 17 May 1874

Annon, Elisabeth married John W. Demoss on 25 Dec 1870

Annon, Ida F. married William S. Shrout on 26 Apr 1888

Annon, Mary married John C. Lewis on 14 Apr 1887

Annon, Silvanus married Lizzie S. Snider on 12 Jan 1871

Ansell, Joseph H. married Sarah E. Gower on 11 Mar 1888

Applegate, Carmelia V. married Sanford Graham on 30 May 1887

Applegate, Charles R. married Missouri F. Walters on 5 May 1885

Arbogast, Dean married Charles Hyson on 10 Jul 1880

Arlbe, Clara B. married John M. Gandy on 5 Nov 1898

Armstrong, Ella married Lee Hamilton on 24 Jun 1884

Armstrong, Mary married Nathan Keener on 30 May 1874

Armstrong, Mary E. married Francis A. Lucas on 29 Oct 1893

Armstrong, Robert A. married Carrie L. Dent on 27 Dec 1900

Arnett, Harriet F. married Robert L. Welsh on 28 Feb 1892

Arnett, Jesse Lee married Eldora Ash on 19 May 1897

Arnold, George married Virginia C. Snider on 19 May 1864

Arnold, George married Virginia C. Snider on 22 May 1864

Arnold, George William married Mary W. Beery on 6 Apr 1898

Arnold, Lizzie married Charles L. Rogers on 12 Aug 1893

Arnold, Margaret A. married Justus J. Hains on 8 Aug 1896

Arnold, Martha married Frank H. Love on 21 May 1891

Arnold, Minerva J. married Washington Hathaway on 1 Dec 1870

Arnold, Mollie J. married James M. Farnsworth on 5 May 1888

Arnold, Simon J. married Ollie Showalter on 30 Apr 1885

Arnold, Vilona married John W. Nestor on 1 Jan 1890

Arrington, Columbus married Ida B. Smallwood on 18 Jan 1899

Arrington, Joseph W. married Caroline McCamick on 28 Nov 1869

Artes, Henry M. married Dora B. Thomas on 27 Nov 1890

Artman, Augustus married Mary C. Britt on 16 May 1876

Ash, Eldora married Jesse Lee Arnett on 19 May 1897

Ash, Mary J. married Abraham L. Delany on 5 Nov 1889

Ash, Rosannie married Bazzle F. Delany on 21 Oct 1893

Ashby, George W. married Maria Payne on 12 Mar 1866

Ashby, Herman D. married Anzona A. Wolff on 29 Jun 1897

Ashby, Iva Frances married Edmund W. Hugill on 29 Sep 1898

Ashcraft, Charles W. married Sarah Virginia Purkey on 15 Dec 1891

Ashcraft, Dicy married Levi C. Canfield on 23 Jan 1893

Ashcraft, Harriet A. married Elida E. Layman on 20 May 1891

Ashcraft, Joseph married Rebecca Riffee on 6 Dec 1884

Ashcraft, Leda married C. H. Hawkins on 21 Dec 1900

Ashcraft, Lizzie J. married George W. Poe on 17 Apr 1887

Ashcraft, Marietta married Evan Tucker on 7 Apr 1865

Ashcraft, Martha E. married Silas H. Currey on 17 Mar 1866

Ashcraft, Naomi married Joseph C. Addison on 27 Jan 1897

Ashcraft, Silva M. married Perry Sprouse on 11 May 1899

Atherton, Benjamin married Elisabeth J. Bender on 10 Jul 1864

Atherton, Caroline married Issac Travis on 5 Sep 1867

Atherton, William H. married Martha A. Alban on 22 Sep 1873

Athey, Mary married Henry C. Whitehill on 15 Nov 1882

Auger, Ozero G. married Zana W. Powell on 1 Aug 1881

Augur, Warner Cheney married Emma May Whitman on 29 Sep 1898

Ault, Clara B. married Jesse Pierce on 16 Nov 1898

Austin, Casander E. married Robert C. Austin on 30 Dec 1875

Austin, Elizabeth J. married Sheridan S. Keener on 24 Dec 1891

Austin, Oliver P. married Sarah E. Grimes on 14 Aug 1888

Austin, Robert C. married Casander E. Austin on 30 Dec 1875

Auvil, Lewis N. married Mary Ann McDaniel on 11 Nov 1879

Auvil, Sarena married Daniel D. Cox on 7 Apr 1884

Ayer, Ada J. married Louis D. Zimmerman on 26 Nov 1891

Ayer, Charles W. married Emma C. Martin on 10 Jun 1891

Ayer, Sarah A. married William H. Wittman on 31 Jul 1895

Ayers, Daniel C. married Susan Keener on 27 May 1877


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