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Taylor County Marriages
1863-1900 for surnames starting with "B"
Each marriage is listed twice to get the bride and the groom listed alphabetically.
Badgley, Lena L. married Curtis D. Fleming on 14 Jan 1888
Bailey, Alta married William M. Lanham on 30 Mar 1892
Bailey, Amanda married Samuel D. Flint on 31 Jul 1890
Bailey, Amanda married Flavius B. Haller on 5 Sep 1883
Bailey, Anna married James W. R. Brown on 16 Dec 1880
Bailey, Benjamin F. married Victoria Davidson on 5 Jan 1871
Bailey, Carl married Earnest B. Nestor on 10 Sep 1893
Bailey, Carrie E. married Floyd Lee Dadisman on 30 May 1899
Bailey, Cassa married Silas Dillon on 31 Aug 1865
Bailey, Catharine married Nathan E. Cole on 4 Oct 1881
Bailey, Cenora C. married Augustus Poe on 29 May 1892
Bailey, Claude B. married Ella A. Mackin on 18 May 1893
Bailey, Delia C. married Theodore Moore on 26 Aug 1888
Bailey, Eleanor married Winfield S. Black on 28 Aug 1873
Bailey, Emma Clide married S. Cameron See on 23 May 1888
Bailey, F. M. married Mary M. Davidson on 4 Aug 1872
Bailey, Florence married Thomas T. Monroe on 2 Jan 1870
Bailey, Frances J. married Thomas E. Williamson on 22 Jan 1873
Bailey, Frances M. married Humphry F. Brohard on 7 Dec 1866
Bailey, George married Bersheba Shackleford on 9 Jun 1870
Bailey, Gordon E. married Viola Wright on 23 Nov 1898
Bailey, Grant married Hannah E. Bristor on 19 Aug 1891
Bailey, Halleck married Amanda Waller on 28 Nov 1888
Bailey, Hannaetta married Ephraim S. Shackelford on 3 Dec 1868
Bailey, Hattie married Chesley R. Peck on 31 Aug 1890
Bailey, Howard married Martha E. Waller on 25 Dec 1897
Bailey, Ida D. married Joseph Thomas Davis on 4 Jul 1899
Bailey, Ira married Sarah V. Thomas on 7 Oct 1869
Bailey, James married Catherine M. Fleming on 25 Oct 1873
Bailey, James H. married Sarah Burdett on 3 Apr 1872
Bailey, Jane married Joseph E. Allen on 2 Jul 1871
Bailey, John married Syrena Rodrick on 11 Apr 1872
Bailey, John married Alta C. Kelley on 28 Jan 1868
Bailey, John married Sallie Shroyer on 29 Nov 1894
Bailey, Joseph married Margaret B. McDonald on 15 Mar 1869
Bailey, Joseph married Belle C. Hodges on 4 Feb 1894
Bailey, Laura R. married Thomas S. Grimes on 20 Nov 1892
Bailey, Lewis C. married Martha Jane Roderick on 24 Dec 1876
Bailey, Loretta married Joseph M. Allen on 5 Apr 1871
Bailey, Marshall married Rebecca A. Clark on 30 Mar 1868
Bailey, Mary married John F. Hustead on 16 Apr 1882
Bailey, Mary A. married Jackson Champ on 15 Dec 1872
Bailey, Mary Martha married John L. Nixon on 12 Jun 1879
Bailey, Millard F. married Alice A. Waller on 27 Dec 1888
Bailey, Minerva M. married Henry C. Ross on 22 Feb 1866
Bailey, Nancy married John W. Keener on 3 Sep 1868
Bailey, Octavia married N. R. Morrison on 18 Nov 1874
Bailey, Rebecca married James B. Pepper on 3 Jan 1866
Bailey, Rebecca married James B. Peppers on 3 Jan 1867
Bailey, Samantha J. married M. H. Brown on 6 Apr 1871
Bailey, Sarah married Isaac Jr. Haddox on 17 Aug 1865
Bailey, Susan V. married Daniel B. Wyckoff on 13 Jun 1872
Bailey, Victoria A. married James E. Lanham on 25 Oct 1892
Bailey, William J. married Martha Pool on 16 Dec 1863
Bailey, William J. married Martha Pool on 17 Dec 1863
Bailey, William P. married Anvorna M. Stark on 27 Aug 1876
Baily, Thornsberry married Lavina Thorn on 10 Jun 1869
Bainbridge, Augusta E. married Robert S. Rogers on 1 Aug 1895
Bainbridge, Cyrene E. married William L. Knotts on 25 Oct 1877
Bainbridge, Elizabeth Ann married Adolphus Poe on 27 Jul 1869
Bainbridge, Grazilla L. married Levi L. Morgan on 18 Mar 1892
Bainbridge, Jennie A. married Joseph C. Williard on 26 Apr 1888
Bainbridge, Lydia married John Kelley on 17 Oct 1864
Bainbridge, Samuel A. married Emma S. Fitzhugh on 14 May 1885
Bair, Albert married Mary Loyd on 17 Dec 1883
Baker, Annie C. married William E. Vannort on 23 Apr 1893
Baker, George F. married Nora S. Wittmann on 21 Dec 1890
Baker, John N. married Laura M. Lewis on 22 Oct 1885
Baker, Minnie S. married Henry P. McAtee on 24 Apr 1887
Baker, Thomas married Annie Ringer on 6 Nov 1894
Baker, Thomas J. married Clara Mason on 13 Dec 1871
Baker, William H. Jr. married Nellie L. Core on 12 Apr 1882
Baker, Zacquill married Matilda Boyce on 7 Apr 1872
Baldwin, Fannie Electa married Thaddeus Bell on 5 Oct 1898
Baldwin, Maple E. married Ernest L. Love on 29 Sep 1897
Ball, Elizabeth Ann married George E. Blake on 20 Aug 1874
Ball, John married Euretta J. Demoss on 30 Oct 1870
Ball, Nancy A. married Jacob J. Shaffer on 4 Aug 1897
Ball, Rosetta E. married Leman L. M. Brown on 7 Mar 1894
Ball, Spencer H. married Lulu E. Copeland on 26 Mar 1899
Ball, Susannah married Thomas M. Demoss on 10 Nov 1884
Banks, Cato married Ruhama Morehead on 27 Nov 1887
Barb, James Corbin married Anna E. Bishop on 3 Jul 1895
Barb, John C. married Almira F. Demoss on 25 May 1871
Barbee, Arrianner G. married Isaac T. Marquess on 26 Jan 1868
Barbee, J. W. married M. J. Freeland on 25 Oct 1871
Barbee, Jaqueline E. married Alonzo Bartlett on 13 Oct 1884
Barbee, Kate married Creed O. Newlon on 29 Oct 1873
Barbee, Mary E. married John Dean on 6 Aug 1873
Barber, Lewis A. married Cora M. Hall on 18 May 1892
Barker, Alcinda M. married David G. Little on 10 Aug 1865
Barker, Annie M. married John W. Woodyard on 1 Jun 1876
Barker, Charles married Margaret Williamson on 5 Feb 1894
Barker, Harry married Palina Carr on 29 Aug 1895
Barker, Ida married James Butcher on 30 Dec 1896
Barker, Mary Elizabeth married Willard Marsh on 15 Jan 1871
Barker, William T. married Mary J. E. Jones on 30 May 1893
Barker, Zadok married Martha Coffman on 20 Feb 1878
Barnes, Abraham W. married Emelina Bartlett on 1 Jan 1882
Barnes, Annie married Seynour B. Starks on 9 Jul 1884
Barnes, Augusta A. married Adolphus Rightmire on 13 Sep 1877
Barnes, Augustus A. married Ada Davis on 27 Jan 1887
Barnes, Joseph P. married Augusta Sinsel on 24 Aug 1882
Barnes, Mary married Isaac M. Haymond on 14 Dec 1863
Barnes, Mary J. married Isaac M. Haymond on 22 Dec 1863
Barnes, Mattie M. married William O. Church on 20 Mar 1889
Barnes, Nancy E. married William Morqus on 14 Mar 1864
Barnes, Nancy E. married William Marquis on 17 Mar 1864
Barnes, Thomas N. married Mattie J. Proudfoot on 13 Jun 1900
Barnes, William H. married Margaret McDonnell on 25 Sep 1900
Barnes, William H. married Nancy C. Hamilton on 27 Jan 1891
Barnett, Aaron married Mary Newlon on 27 Apr 1865
Barnett, Laura C. married James W. Wilson on 22 Feb 1898
Barnett, Mattie married Frank Cavalle on 3 Mar 1896
Barnett, Nevada A. married William J. Vanscoter on 19 Jun 1892
Barnett, Theodosia E. married Floyd Waller on 30 Nov 1882
Barnett, Wirt D. married Amelia C. Payne on 22 Mar 1883
Barnhill, John H. Jr. married Catherine Miskimen on 6 Apr 1892
Barnhouse, Alpheus M. married Mary V. Sterling on 26 Feb 1871
Barnhouse, Eliza J. (Mrs) married Abraham W. Finnell on 24 Oct 1898
Barnhouse, George R. married Laura E. Thayer on 8 Mar 1899
Barnhouse, Matilda married Samuel P. Beverlin on 18 Jul 1872
Barnhouse, Newton A. married Mary J. Hall on 28 Oct 1897
Barns, Sarah E. married Jacob M. Haymond on 24 Jan 1867
Barrett, James married Mary F. Reyley on 1 Jan 1864
Barrett, Rosa A. married Patrick Conley on 22 Nov 1899
Barron, Anna E. married Walter H. Sinclair on 20 Dec 1899
Barron, Charles married Mary (Mrs) Ney on 25 Jan 1898
Barron, Myra B. married Naylor F. Proudfoot on 29 Dec 1891
Bartholow, William E. married Tarrie Shackelford on 21 Jan 1890
Bartholow, Zack married Mary B. Rees on 16 Mar 1887
Bartlett, Adolphus J. married Mary Annie Shroyer on 19 Nov 1882
Bartlett, Alice B. married Patrick V. Fleming on 21 Oct 1888
Bartlett, Almira married Robert G. Cather on 28 Jun 1866
Bartlett, Alonzo married Jaqueline E. Barbee on 13 Oct 1884
Bartlett, Alpha D. married Ira A. Kirby on 28 Nov 1895
Bartlett, Annie L. married John Klepfel on 4 May 1886
Bartlett, Benjamin F. married Mosella Gregory on 27 Mar 1882
Bartlett, Bertha J. married William B. Corder on 25 Dec 1877
Bartlett, Charles W. married Ellen Stark on 31 Dec 1888
Bartlett, Chester P. married Emma J. Hulderman on 12 Feb 1891
Bartlett, Clay G. married Emma Selvy on 18 Jul 1889
Bartlett, Clay G. married Phoebe K. Heatherley on 23 Dec 1897
Bartlett, Columbus T. married Minnie Stclair on 30 May 1885
Bartlett, Comfort L. married Phipps A. Constable on 11 Jul 1883
Bartlett, David married Octavia Sinclair on 18 Aug 1870
Bartlett, Dellett married Lyda M. Feltner on 2 Sep 1896
Bartlett, Dewitt C. married Dolly Burdett on 20 May 1875
Bartlett, Dora married John S. Evans on 18 Jul 1878
Bartlett, Eliza T. married Joseph McElfreshy on 16 Feb 1871
Bartlett, Ellie married Minor S. Bartlett on 26 Jun 1873
Bartlett, Elmira M. married Miner V. Lake on 28 Oct 1880
Bartlett, Emelina married Abraham W. Barnes on 1 Jan 1882
Bartlett, Emily married John Vannort on 24 May 1880
Bartlett, Emma M. married Jacob H. Murrey on 28 Jun 1876
Bartlett, Ernest married Jennie Love on 27 Oct 1898
Bartlett, Ettie L. married Charles J. Daugherty on 28 Apr 1895
Bartlett, Feronia A. married J. M. Davis on 25 Aug 1864
Bartlett, Francis married George L. Shields on 10 Oct 1872
Bartlett, Guretha A. married Nesbit A. Gilmore on 16 Oct 1884
Bartlett, Hannah married William W. West on 29 Jun 1864
Bartlett, Hannah married William F. West on 30 Jun 1864
Bartlett, Homer Sylvanus married Ella Elliott Newlon on 6 Oct 1898
Bartlett, Ingaba married Vespasian Cather on 10 Feb 1875
Bartlett, Isis married Jerome H. Frum on 10 Apr 1898
Bartlett, James M. married Amanda J. Holland on 11 Jan 1880
Bartlett, James M. married Jane E. Knotts on 14 Jun 1893
Bartlett, Jesse H. married Augusta Tutt on 25 Dec 1878
Bartlett, John C. married Mary F. E. Newlon on 17 Feb 1869
Bartlett, John C. married Mary Bell Coogle on 2 Mar 1874
Bartlett, John C. married Mary Fleming on 8 Feb 1866
Bartlett, Joseph married Laura Smith on 23 Dec 1877
Bartlett, Leona married William W. Tapp on 27 Jun 1888
Bartlett, Lillie married Buel C. Teter on 28 Nov 1894
Bartlett, Louie D. married William E. Tomblin on 4 Jul 1889
Bartlett, Louisa C. married Cyrus E. Ringler on 23 Jun 1867
Bartlett, Lulu married Esker T. Smith on 11 Oct 1899
Bartlett, Luther married Permelia G. Fleming on 26 Nov 1872
Bartlett, Maria N. married Jefferson D. Springston on 14 Aug 1890
Bartlett, Martha A. married George L. Tucker on 18 Oct 1889
Bartlett, Mary married William R. Ogden on 17 Sep 1874
Bartlett, Mary E. married Thomas P. Smith on 17 Mar 1872
Bartlett, Mary Elizabeth married Edward D. Shryock on 2 May 1878
Bartlett, Mattie S. married Samuel S. Shriver on 17 Dec 1896
Bartlett, Melissa M. married Flavius Johnson on 19 May 1885
Bartlett, Minerva B. married Charles Cleavinger on 9 Nov 1884
Bartlett, Minor S. married Ellie Bartlett on 26 Jun 1873
Bartlett, Mollie E. married Joshua A. Findley on 23 Sep 1883
Bartlett, Mozella (Mrs) married Benjamin F. Rogers on 18 Aug 1898
Bartlett, Myrtle married Thomas H. Newlon on 19 Oct 1885
Bartlett, Nancy J. married Ellis M Newlon on 22 Mar 1897
Bartlett, Oda married Nancy McCaley on 1 Feb 1893
Bartlett, Penelope married Matthew G. Lawson on 4 Jul 1865
Bartlett, Philander F. married Ida R. Swindler on 14 Sep 1893
Bartlett, Reedy married Minnie Garnsjager on 23 May 1900
Bartlett, Salathial J. married Hattie Limbers on 27 Nov 1887
Bartlett, Samantha J. married William F. Lake on 16 Nov 1881
Bartlett, Samentha married William E. Shaw on 12 Mar 1878
Bartlett, Samuel C. married Sabra A. Handley on 8 Apr 1869
Bartlett, Sarah married Howard Waller on 28 Sep 1898
Bartlett, Thomas H. married Emeline Sinsel on 16 Jun 1870
Bartlett, Virginia Alice married Thomas G. Martin on 4 Apr 1878
Bartlett, Waldo P. married Servilla K. Thompson on 11 Apr 1867
Bartlett, Wsther married Thomas P. Lake on 8 May 1895
Barzee, Almon married Geneva Segford Dowden on 2 Dec 1900
Batch, Bessie married John A. Carr on 11 Sep 1895
Batson, Cora married A. J. Clevenger on 25 Sep 1884
Batson, Elie married William L. Hyson on 3 Sep 1882
Batson, Fannie M. married William E. Wilson on 30 Aug 1892
Batson, George H. A. married Lucy M. Burdett on 29 Nov 1883
Batson, Golden F. married Icy C. Lawson on 24 Dec 1886
Batson, Josephene married Wilson P. Kinter on 10 Mar 1872
Batson, Lola B. married John F. Craig on 23 May 1883
Batson, Mary V. married Samuel E. Garrett on 6 Nov 1873
Batson, Mollie P. married John W. Newlon on 23 Nov 1882
Battle, John married Mary A. McAvay on 9 Feb 1891
Batton, John A. married Ellen Hooper on 19 Dec 1896
Batton, Mary E. married Marshall Saers on 12 Feb 1877
Baylor, John W. married Nevia Nestor on 18 Apr 1897
Bayly, Dexter Q. married Lura A. Morgan on 28 Aug 1892
Bayly, Sarah Francis married Samuel Rogers on 22 May 1873
Bayly, William O. married Catharine A. Roach on 19 Feb 1880
Beach, Charles married Ellen Oleary on 1 Dec 1873
Beach, William married Ellen Green on 25 Dec 1899
Beagle, Delia A. married Waldo P. Allen on 13 Oct 1870
Beagle, Edgar J. married Mary S. Sinsel on 17 Dec 1868
Beagle, Fannie M. married John L. Summers on 13 Aug 1889
Beagle, Solomon married Sarah A. Brissey on 1 Aug 1880
Beall, Ellen T. married Achor Wood on 26 Sep 1865
Beall, Vernon married Cindrilla Marker on 25 Apr 1866
Bealle, Bessie M. married French Wilmoth on 21 Dec 1898
Beaty, Mary A. married John E. Fries on 3 May 1897
Beaver, Joanna C. married Richard J. Shahan on 15 Oct 1889
Beavers, Samuel married Rosie Goff on 17 Mar 1894
Beeler, Milford married Arah S. Young on 8 Aug 1900
Beery, Annie R. married William A. Best on 11 Jun 1884
Beery, Maggie M. S. married William C. Byers on 29 Aug 1882
Beery, Mary W. married George William Arnold on 6 Apr 1898
Behen, Charles H. married Hannah V. Crayton on 20 Apr 1884
Behen, Edith married Matthew Creel on 19 Apr 1873
Behen, Edith married Thomas J. Utt on 29 Aug 1888
Behen, Henry married Christena A. Adams on 23 Dec 1874
Behen, Margaret J. married Samuel Hartsoc on 2 Nov 1865
Behen, Nancy C. married Abraham Brooks on 30 Oct 1864
Bell, Charles F. married Rose Beyer on 10 Dec 1890
Bell, Edward married Eliza A. Hall on 4 Jan 1866
Bell, Henry married Harriet C. Walker on 21 Jul 1870
Bell, Henry married Eva Murphy on 24 Dec 1891
Bell, James L. married Minnie Demoss on 22 Mar 1898
Bell, Thaddeus married Fannie Electa Baldwin on 5 Oct 1898
Bender, Elisabeth J. married Benjamin Atherton on 10 Jul 1864
Bender, Francis T. married Sarah E. Colier on 28 May 1874
Bender, Mary married Floyd S. Kuhn on 29 Nov 1898
Benen, Nancy C. married Samuel R. Hamilton on 3 Feb 1884
Benner, Mary E. married John T. Walker on 16 Oct 1867
Bennett, Alice married James Villers on 21 Oct 1882
Bennett, Ann married Francis Goodwin on 14 May 1885
Bennett, Annie Bird married William Janes on 18 Oct 1877
Bennett, Antony G. married Ann H. Stark on 16 Aug 1866
Bennett, Claudius married Cecelia Tucker on 20 Aug 1865
Bennett, Columbia married Henry A. Smell on 17 Feb 1870
Bennett, Cornelius H. married Mary Cooper on 14 Sep 1865
Bennett, Evaline married William E. Carder on 25 Dec 1889
Bennett, Ida E. married William M. Williamson on 21 Mar 1889
Bennett, J. M. married Mary M. Orr on 24 Mar 1870
Bennett, Jane married Evrard Scott on 20 Nov 1867
Bennett, John H. married Catharine McFurson on 22 Sep 1872
Bennett, John H. married Martha Vandagriff on 7 Apr 1872
Bennett, Lee married Annie M. Bunner on 21 Jan 1892
Bennett, Lemon E. married Lucy M. Adams on 29 Sep 1897
Bennett, Lewis S. married Virginia V. Flythe on 3 Nov 1881
Bennett, Margaret married John W. Zumbro on 16 Apr 1871
Bennett, Okey L. married Minnie Janes on 1 Oct 1899
Bennett, Rachel S. married Michael Rice on 3 Sep 1890
Bennett, William A. married Carrie E. Swisher on 18 Apr 1894
Bennington, Thomas D. married Julia Reddehase on 9 Aug 1893
Berbig, Edward married Albertine Schiller on 26 Apr 1869
Berger, Ellen R. married George Ross on 18 May 1875
Berger, Virginia married John H. Loudon on 20 Jan 1867
Berry, I. C. married Lum A. Core on 16 Oct 1873
Berry, Lummie married Daniel W. Finch on 29 Jun 1882
Berthy, Agnes L. married John P. Earner on 20 Sep 1898
Berthy, Mary married George A. Ott on 27 Oct 1892
Best, Mary A. married Charles H. Staub on 26 Oct 1887
Best, William A. married Annie R. Beery on 11 Jun 1884
Bestor, J. R. married Florella M. Brown on 5 Nov 1876
Beverlin, Samuel P. married Matilda Barnhouse on 18 Jul 1872
Bewhen, Mary married Samuel Shenen on 26 May 1874
Beyer, Laura Virginia married Frederick Himmler on 5 Sep 1877
Beyer, Rose married Charles F. Bell on 10 Dec 1890
Beyer, William H. married Blanche M. Wotring on 21 Oct 1900
Bice, George W. married Alberta Marker on 4 Nov 1869
Bieri, Louisa married Louis Sachs on 8 Feb 1893
Biggs, Juretta married Eletcher U. Dawson on 13 Nov 1888
Binegar, Jesse H. married Mary M. Whitehair on 24 Aug 1865
Binnegar, Henrietta married George W. Giles on 18 Dec 1872
Bircher, Ida Belle married John Jr. Ruckman on 9 Oct 1890
Bircher, Malissa married Michael Graney on 26 Mar 1882
Bircher, Samuel married Jessie Myres on 23 Jul 1888
Bircher, Sophronia married John Hostutler on 14 May 1879
Bishop, Anna E. married James Corbin Barb on 3 Jul 1895
Bishop, Charles M. married Mamie S. Flanagan on 30 Sep 1896
Bishop, Edna married Robert J. Maloney on 29 Nov 1899
Bishop, Hattie L. married Charles T. Sever on 23 May 1878
Bishop, Jacquess A. married Martha E. J. Harden on 24 Dec 1866
Bishop, James C. married Mary B. Hess on 4 May 1897
Black, Charles V. married Mabel E. Martin on 9 Nov 1879
Black, Winfield S. married Eleanor Bailey on 28 Aug 1873
Blackburn, Ellen married James S. Hebb on 3 Jul 1864
Blackshere, John married Zana V. Sanders on 28 Jan 1874
Blackwell, James married Georgia Mickens on 16 Dec 1895
Blackwood, Mary E. married Henry C. Shingleton on 27 Feb 1887
Blackwood, Thomas J. married Ida M. Funk on 26 Nov 1891
Blackwood, Wesley C. married Sarah V. Dadisman on 16 Nov 1882
Blair, Edward K. married Texanna McDonald on 28 Apr 1898
Blake, George E. married Elizabeth Ann Ball on 20 Aug 1874
Bland, William S. married Rebecca Marple on 9 Jun 1900
Blaney, Edwin R. married Grace Hooper on 10 Oct 1899
Blaney, George L married Emma Haddix on 4 May 1884
Blaney, Robert E. married Henrietta Shaffer on 12 Feb 1885
Blaney, Sarah F. married Benjamin F. Carr on 13 Jan 1880
Blehschmitt, Lucinda married Augustine J. Smith on 26 May 1880
Blocker, William married Mamie Scruggs on 1 Feb 1894
Bloodgood, Elizabeth (Mrs) married Frederick W. Metcalf on 12 Oct 1897
Bloom, Charles H. married Nannie Wolfe on 2 Jul 1884
Bloom, Emma R. married William F. Osborn on 30 Nov 1893
Bloom, Lewis W. married Sarah A. Grennaman on 1 Jul 1880
Blue, Abraham L. married Mollie Cassell on 26 Sep 1900
Blue, Andrew J. married Ollie B. Brown on 18 Jun 1896
Blue, F. B. married F. S. Creel on 9 Oct 1872
Blue, George F. married Mary M. See on 20 Jan 1868
Blue, Grace married Lewis B. Brydon on 19 Sep 1900
Blue, Susie married John L. Howard on 11 Oct 1893
Blue, Virginia E. married George M. Stine on 2 May 1865
Bobo, Andrew J. married Sarah Frazier on 7 Dec 1869
Bobo, Sarah F. married John A. Peters on 29 Sep 1878
Bobo, Susan C. married George W. McDaniel on 22 Apr 1873
Boggess, Roxana H. married Burr Powell on 28 Jul 1870
Boguslaska, Josephine married Stanislaw Sernowski on 7 May 1900
Boice, David married Olive V. Hertzog on 19 Nov 1885
Boice, Ida married Lawson J. Riley on 17 Mar 1887
Boice, Isabel married Irwin Jennings on 22 Oct 1887
Boice, James W. married Effie M. Harr on 29 Nov 1893
Boice, John T. married Jane M. Knight on 28 Dec 1893
Boice, Joshua married Malvine Cleland on 22 Dec 1864
Boice, Lora L. married John Stark on 19 Nov 1885
Boice, Lucinda C. married Moses C. Jeffries on 16 Nov 1876
Boice, Mary E. married Adam Handschumaker on 31 May 1896
Boice, Relda married John C. Riffee on 10 May 1896
Boice, William married Hannah Dever on 18 Jun 1865
Boice, William R. married Ella M. Riley on 26 Mar 1890
Boland, Mary E. married James Jennings on 22 Sep 1873
Bolener, Sarah E. married Joseph A. Gelhausen on 3 Dec 1889
Boliger, Carrie N. married Peter H. Gank on 22 Jan 1896
Boliner, Minnie married Friendly F. Tittle on 25 Apr 1894
Bolinger, Adam L. married Mary E. Adams on 23 Oct 1893
Bolinger, Joseph G. married Lydia J. Ridenour on 29 Oct 1888
Bolinger, Mary Margaret married Harry Hilderbrand on 30 Jun 1898
Bolinger, Nancy married Stewart Poling on 8 Jan 1874
Bolliger, Bertha married Lewis T. Hoernlein on 14 May 1896
Bolton, Annie married William H. Heatherly on 23 Aug 1882
Bolyard, Alexander married Mary Funk on 11 Sep 1881
Bolyard, Josiah married Sarah J. Funk on 14 Feb 1870
Bolyard, Rebecca married Albert Martin on 22 Aug 1889
Bolyard, Rebecca married Albert Martin on 24 Jan 1891
Bolyard, Rebecca E. married Charles F. Cozad on 19 Jun 1882
Bolyard, William H. married Rebecca J. White on 23 Oct 1870
Bomberger, George L. married Susan E. Saville on 29 Apr 1880
Bonar, Samuel married Mary J. Satterfield on 12 Sep 1882
Boner, Adam married Ruth Keener on 3 Sep 1883
Boner, Benjamin married Lydia Dearing on 21 Dec 1876
Boner, Elisabeth married John Shingleton on 19 Nov 1865
Boner, Elizabeth married Samuel C. Norris on 19 May 1889
Boner, Ellen J. married Robert M. Brown on 21 Dec 1874
Boner, James L. married Jane Richards on 4 Feb 1876
Boner, Lafayette married Mary E. Shigleton on 10 Aug 1865
Boner, Mary married Montgomery Patterson on 26 Aug 1881
Boner, Rebecca married James A. Neal on 19 Oct 1882
Bonnell, Floyd N. married Elizabeth Petman on 7 Nov 1863
Bonnell, Floyd N. married Elisabeth Pitman on 8 Nov 1863
Bonner, Irene married William B. Dunlap on 14 Jun 1894
Bonor, Sarah married Thomas Griffith on 13 Apr 1871
Boots, Adam married Rebecca Selvey on 31 Aug 1875
Bord, Samuel L. married Samantha Wyckoff on 18 Dec 1889
Borst, Freeman married Lydia Perdew on 16 Dec 1872
Borst, Freeman married Mary E. Jordan on 2 Sep 1867
Borum, E. M. married Jennie Nelson on 16 Jun 1874
Bosworth, Albert S. married Julia M. Davis on 17 Sep 1882
Bowen, Charles H. married Maggie L. Moran on 29 Jul 1895
Bower, Mollie A. married Alexander J. Fletcher on 30 Jun 1886
Bowman, Burnetta married Walter G. Hall on 6 Jun 1897
Bowman, Catharine married Lafayette Kirby on 12 Apr 1866
Bowman, Emanuel married Eliza Squires on 22 Aug 1889
Bowman, Hattie V. married Milton Osburn on 2 Apr 1893
Bowman, James married Prudence J. Severe on 13 Aug 1879
Bowman, Joshua H. married Rebecca Williams on 31 May 1890
Bowman, Savilla married Charles W. Williams on 9 Dec 1880
Bowmaster, Julia married Thomas H. Starkey on 25 Apr 1889
Bowmaster, Lizzie married Isaac F. Shingleton on 24 Jun 1886
Bowmaster, Sophia N. married James A. Crowley on 14 Nov 1900
Bowmaster, William J. married Nellie E. Kerchival on 28 Jul 1887
Boyce, Albert R. married Tryphena S. Poe on 15 Jun 1879
Boyce, Amaziah P. married Elizabeth V. Flythe on 11 Mar 1869
Boyce, Anthony married Sarah D. Swearingten on 29 Nov 1873
Boyce, Atha L. married Isaac A. Stevens on 27 Nov 1883
Boyce, Bertha O. married Charles K. Gallaher on 21 Jun 1896
Boyce, Christena J. married William G. Luzader on 12 Jul 1866
Boyce, David P. married Harriet F. Trickett on 2 Mar 1884
Boyce, Drusilla married Hison Courtney on 7 Feb 1867
Boyce, Edith L. married Charles H. McKnight on 3 Jun 1897
Boyce, John A. married Elizabeth E. Fast on 14 Jun 1877
Boyce, Laverna married James S. Woolard on 18 Feb 1877
Boyce, Mary E. married Benjamin F. Deaver on 20 Oct 1867
Boyce, Matilda married Zacquill Baker on 7 Apr 1872
Boyce, Nathaniel married Mary Francis Shelton on 21 Oct 1869
Boyce, Patty M. married John Motes on 23 Dec 1896
Boyce, Rosa L. married Henry P. Knight on 4 Mar 1897
Boyce, Ruhamah married Jacob S. Peters on 8 Mar 1866
Boyce, Samuel F. married Eva Isabel Travis on 17 Oct 1878
Boyce, Thomas married Mary E. Knight on 22 Apr 1880
Boyce, Virginia Louisa married Festus S. Phillips on 20 Apr 1899
Boyd, Charles W. married Rena Knight on 29 Nov 1894
Boyd, Eliza married John Norris on 19 Apr 1866
Boyd, Georgianna married Edward W. Suttler on 8 Nov 1899
Boyd, Ida M. married George D. Preston on 1 Feb 1891
Boyd, Ida M. married Edward Allen on 1 Jul 1884
Boyer, Henry Morgan married Anna Rector Reynolds on 12 Jun 1895
Boyke, Charles married Sarah C. Wilkins on 26 Oct 1879
Boylen, Emmitt O. married Maude B. Slane on 23 Oct 1895
Boyles, Lloyd M. married Loverna N. Ward on 9 Apr 1874
Boyles, Samuel J. married Margaret H. Taylor on 4 Jul 1863
Bradford, Benjamin R. married Emma A. Thayer on 8 Nov 1883
Bradford, David H. married Susie R. Noland on 10 Jan 1884
Bradford, Henry J. married Annie T. Wanstreet on 13 Feb 1900
Bradford, Thomas A. married Mary P. Rausher on 5 Oct 1886
Bradford, Winfield S. married Berthena Warder on 26 Sep 1873
Bradley, David married Mary D. Kitzmiller on 24 May 1870
Bradley, David W. married Mary J. McCartney on 6 May 1880
Bradley, Ester married Andrew McDaniel on 21 May 1893
Bradley, Ida married Ison J. Shroyer on 13 Sep 1891
Bradley, John W. married Christena J. McDaniel on 26 Nov 1885
Bradley, John W. married Bertha E. Hadix on 5 Jul 1894
Bradley, Mary F. married Henry S. Ford on 17 May 1876
Bradley, Nancy J. married John E. Jones on 21 Nov 1883
Bradley, Willamiah M. married John W. Johnson on 7 May 1872
Bradshaw, Agnes R. married Robert P. Johnson on 28 Feb 1888
Bradshaw, James W. married Mary E. Carder on 31 Dec 1872
Bradshaw, Sarah married John Canning on 31 Dec 1872
Bragg, George A. married Josephine Gruman on 2 Dec 1875
Bragg, John C. married Sarah B. Dean on 22 Jun 1893
Bragg, Mary C. married James W. Grinnan on 2 Sep 1877
Bragg, Susan E. married Jacob Poe on 30 Jan 1879
Bragg, Triphena S. married William G. Hall on 23 Nov 1893
Brain, Alpheus F. married Katie McWilliams on 25 Oct 1894
Brake, David C. J. married Elisabeth (Mrs) Jenkins on 5 Dec 1865
Brandli, Gottlieb married Emma E. Cassell on 9 Apr 1891
Brandner, Adelgonde married Frederick Held on 23 Oct 1879
Brandom, Hiram married Ann Ross on 22 Apr 1866
Breadlove, William M. married Mary E. Martin on 28 Jun 1874
Breakiron, Alice married James Miller on 10 Jan 1874
Breedlove, Charles married Lillie May White on 6 Aug 1899
Breedlove, Elizabeth married Winfield Scott Freeze on 25 Jul 1893
Breedlove, Ellen Maria married William Preston Holt on 21 Feb 1878
Breedlove, John H. married Hannah A. Reed on 4 Dec 1890
Breedlove, Laura B. married James W. Freeze on 1 Jun 1893
Breedlove, William F. married Cordelia E. Isner on 29 May 1883
Breenberger, Louis married Veronica Mortz on 2 Jun 1884
Brenard, Clarinda A. married George Hartsock on 10 Jul 1866
Brenard, George C. married Lilly May Dotson on 11 Jul 1900
Brenard, Ollie married Scott Craybin on 24 Jan 1884
Brendel, Ella V. married William S. Snoke on 9 Sep 1896
Brennard, Charles A. married Laura J. Courtney on 26 Feb 1879
Brenneman, Annie M. married George H. Robinett on 22 Dec 1870
Brew, Annie M. married William T. Hopke on 25 Oct 1898
Brewer, John E. married Lottie H. Shaffer on 6 Jun 1878
Brewer, Lottie H. married Albert Stclair on 10 Jul 1887
Brindel, Charles H. married Isabel Walters on 24 Mar 1868
Brinkman, M. Lizzie married Benjamin F. Vance on 27 Dec 1881
Brissey, Martha E. married John W. Wilson on 7 May 1879
Brissey, Sarah A. married Solomon Beagle on 1 Aug 1880
Bristor, Emma D. married Zenophen Dillon on 25 Apr 1894
Bristor, Hannah E. married William G. Greathouse on 12 May 1895
Bristor, Hannah E. married Grant Bailey on 19 Aug 1891
Britt, George W. married May E. Lyman on 9 Jan 1894
Britt, Mary C. married Augustus Artman on 16 May 1876
Brock, Savanna L. married William McGee on 7 Dec 1895
Brogan, Mary married Thomas Dunn on 12 Feb 1877
Brohard, Henrietta married John B. Robinson on 3 Jan 1876
Brohard, Humphry F. married Frances M. Bailey on 7 Dec 1866
Brohard, Inez married Wayland F. Reynolds on 18 Apr 1896
Brohard, J. Monroe married Una C. Gum on 5 May 1887
Brooks, Abraham married Nancy C. Behen on 30 Oct 1864
Brooks, Clarence A. married Hattie Castle on 22 Jan 1891
Brooks, Famie G. married Edwin L. Cottrill on 21 May 1891
Brooks, Francis M. married Sarah Taylor on 4 Apr 1871
Brosius, Amanda married Henry Magill on 2 Sep 1867
Brosius, George H. married Elizabeth Hallbritter on 1 Sep 1867
Brosius, John married Mary Groves on 23 Aug 1873
Brosius, Mary (Mrs) married A. J. Shingleton on 17 Aug 1898
Brown, Abraham married Elizabeth Brown on 26 May 1885
Brown, Adaline E. married Jacob West on 13 Oct 1894
Brown, Alice M. married Ernest Fancher on 4 Sep 1899
Brown, Amanda H. married James H. Rogers on 1 Oct 1871
Brown, Andrew J. married Olive S. Currey on 25 Jan 1874
Brown, Anna M. married John R. Cross on 15 Jul 1890
Brown, Annie married John L. Neel on 29 Dec 1872
Brown, Annie M. married Rufus M. Sandy on 25 Sep 1889
Brown, Benjamin C. married Fannie Wyckoff on 12 Aug 1885
Brown, Benjamin F. married Margaret R. Shields on 22 Sep 1864
Brown, Catharine married James B. Templeton on 2 Jan 1866
Brown, Catharine E. married John W. McCarling on 18 Apr 1867
Brown, Charles C. married Laura B. Phillips on 7 Nov 1886
Brown, Charles W. married Arizona E. Wolfe on 25 May 1892
Brown, Clarrissa married David O. Goodwin on 21 Feb 1867
Brown, Cora P. married Gilbert Lake on 16 Sep 1894
Brown, David married Elizabeth Smell on 23 Oct 1875
Brown, Dorcas E. L. married Lemuel J. Jacobs on 30 Oct 1884
Brown, Elisabeth married William A. Rector on 22 Oct 1867
Brown, Elizabeth married Abraham Brown on 26 May 1885
Brown, Ella married Raymond E. Brown on 24 Dec 1896
Brown, Elvira A. married H. F. Milligan Kinter on 25 Dec 1881
Brown, Emily M. married Edgar C. W. Rogers on 15 Jul 1883
Brown, Emma E. married Major E. McKinney on 3 Aug 1887
Brown, Etea married James W. Waller on 18 Apr 1886
Brown, Fannie married Benjamin Hill on 22 Dec 1887
Brown, Fannie B. married John W. Yuell on 30 Dec 1896
Brown, Fannie B. married Charles S. Malcom on 5 Jan 1899
Brown, Florella M. married J. R. Bestor on 5 Nov 1876
Brown, Frances M. married Henry S. Keister on 13 Oct 1878
Brown, George W. married Nancy A. Green on 15 Jun 1873
Brown, Granville J. married Mary E. Hardinger on 18 Apr 1867
Brown, Henry W. married Sarah Shingleton on 1 Sep 1889
Brown, Isaac married Ida A. Hume on 11 Jun 1893
Brown, Isaac F. married Martha McDaniel on 20 Jun 1896
Brown, James H. A. married Maggie Wright on 1 Mar 1888
Brown, James W. R. married Anna Bailey on 16 Dec 1880
Brown, Jennie L. married Presley R. Riley on 27 Feb 1897
Brown, John J. married Cyntha E. Patton on 3 May 1866
Brown, Jonathan W. married Sophronia A. Cather on 18 Oct 1870
Brown, Joseph H. married Lenora Zinn on 29 Sep 1892
Brown, Julia Ann married James Corbin on 18 Aug 1878
Brown, Laura M. married Alexander P. Hayes on 3 Dec 1894
Brown, Laverna F. married William D. Prim on 3 Aug 1879
Brown, Lecta married Rachel K. Mason on 25 Jul 1891
Brown, Leman L. M. married Rosetta E. Ball on 7 Mar 1894
Brown, Levina married Andrew J. Childress on 23 Dec 1866
Brown, Lloyd P. married Ada M. Thomas on 25 Feb 1883
Brown, Lloyd W. married Mary E. Cottrill on 27 Sep 1893
Brown, Louisa married Wesley C. Stansberry on 24 Oct 1880
Brown, M. H. married Samantha J. Bailey on 6 Apr 1871
Brown, Maggie married Mort Dison on 31 May 1898
Brown, Margaret A. married Horatio N. Hoult on 3 May 1866
Brown, Martha Ellen married George We. Kiger on 31 May 1875
Brown, Martha M. married Edward J. Curry on 26 Jun 1892
Brown, Martin E. married Harriet Lake on 29 Sep 1892
Brown, Mary E. married Jay C. Doolittle on 1 Nov 1894
Brown, Mary E. married Lewis Price on 21 Apr 1868
Brown, Ollie B. married Andrew J. Blue on 18 Jun 1896
Brown, Phebe E. married Isaac N. Riffee on 5 Apr 1866
Brown, Phoebe Ellen married Jacob Hovatter on 27 Jul 1869
Brown, Raymond E. married Ella Brown on 24 Dec 1896
Brown, Richard F. married Susan Lola Lewis on 30 May 1897
Brown, Robert M. married Ellen J. Boner on 21 Dec 1874
Brown, Samantha J. married Amos Powell on 1 Jul 1877
Brown, Samuel W. married Prudie Davis on 3 Jul 1886
Brown, Sarah married William T. Dillon on 13 Oct 1878
Brown, Sarah A. married Robert J. Gatts on 25 Dec 1889
Brown, Sarah Malissa married Philip Ramsey on 30 Dec 1874
Brown, Sarah V. married James W. Harr on 24 Oct 1878
Brown, Sintha married Henry Watkins on 15 Jan 1874
Brown, Stella O. E. married T. B. Henderson on 5 Sep 1897
Brown, Susan A. married William A. Keener on 1 Nov 1883
Brown, Thomas A. married Maggie E. Robinson on 26 Dec 1886
Brown, Thomas J. married Clementina S. Powers on 23 Feb 1881
Brown, William H. married Martha E. Luzader on 3 Sep 1891
Brown, William J. married Mary J. Poe on 6 Aug 1866
Brown, William S. married Adaline E. Corrothers on 22 Dec 1881
Brown, William T. married Mary C. Swindler on 20 Nov 1877
Brue, Jennie A. married Michael J. Flagel on 28 Nov 1893
Brumage, Alice married Milton Steele on 25 Nov 1873
Bryan, Thomas B. married Hannah M. Smith on 8 Jun 1869
Brydon, Lewis B. married Grace Blue on 19 Sep 1900
Buchler, Ida married Conrad Kehbel on 19 Sep 1882
Buckalaw, Elisabeth married Timothy Rellehan on 23 Oct 1870
Bucklew, David H. married Catherine E. Hartley on 18 Oct 1895
Bucklew, Joseph A. married Joseph A. Hiscox on 26 Apr 1895
Buckner, Maggie M. married Henry Maxwell on 13 Sep 1892
Bunner, Albert G. married Sarah E. Rogers on 6 Mar 1895
Bunner, Annie M. married Lee Bennett on 21 Jan 1892
Bunner, Charles E. married Flora B. Kelly on 16 Oct 1892
Bunner, Dustin H. married Malvina Warder on 21 Jul 1863
Bunner, Duston married Malvina Warder on 20 Jul 1863
Bunner, George A. married Emma A. Rutherford on 27 Oct 1897
Bunner, George A. married Zona M. Provance on 9 Jun 1892
Bunner, Homer married Atha Rutherford on 21 Dec 1899
Bunner, Ida E. married James O. Jaco on 25 Dec 1898
Bunner, Jennie J. M. married Virgil C. Hillberry on 26 Mar 1893
Bunner, Joseph E. married Frances M. Rogers on 14 Sep 1893
Bunner, Maggie G. married William Hall on 26 Oct 1892
Bunner, Osa R. married Cecil Powell on 3 May 1896
Burdett, Abraham W. married Sarah L. Kunst on 20 Apr 1899
Burdett, Dolly married Dewitt C. Bartlett on 20 May 1875
Burdett, F. V. married Stephen Davidson on 11 May 1864
Burdett, F. Victoria married Stephen Davidson on 12 May 1864
Burdett, John married Mary J. Davis on 20 Sep 1896
Burdett, Lucy M. married George H. A. Batson on 29 Nov 1883
Burdett, Mary F. married Lysander Jr. Dudley on 17 Oct 1867
Burdett, Matilda A. married Jasper C. Powell on 31 Oct 1872
Burdett, Mollie married Alexander H. Carroll on 2 Nov 1887
Burdett, Sarah married James H. Bailey on 3 Apr 1872
Burdett, Susan married Jasper C. Powell on 30 Sep 1877
Burdett, Susan V. married William S. Elliott on 17 Oct 1867
Burge, John R. married Lenora Silmon on 25 May 1895
Burge, Robert H. married Mary A. Currey on 27 Nov 1894
Burgoyne, Charles E. married Louise Campbell on 2 Aug 1885
Burgoyne, Clara Bell married Jefferson M. Price on 15 Aug 1876
Burka, Heunie married Nathan Tashman on 27 Feb 1890
Burke, Anna S. married Sheridan Messenger on 7 Jan 1892
Burke, Harriet married Henry H. Gragg on 18 Apr 1882
Burke, Patrick William married Catharine R. Shea on 29 Nov 1876
Burke, Sarah C. married Thomas Dunlop on 16 Aug 1874
Burns, James P. married Annie M. Joyce on 5 Nov 1889
Burnside, Alice V. married Frank Dean on 4 Apr 1876
Burnside, Cornelius J. married Elizabeth R. Love on 28 Aug 1895
Burnside, Delia E. married John O. McDonald on 15 Oct 1891
Burnside, George M. married -0- Thomas Nora on 18 Nov 1897
Burnside, Sallie E. married James W. Selvey on 15 Aug 1880
Burnsides, Delma B. married Josiah A. Morgan on 3 Nov 1891
Burr, Elizabeth married George E. Johnson on 26 Dec 1897
Burr, Louise married William Utt on 30 Aug 1872
Burr, Nancy E. married William T. Turner on 10 Aug 1886
Burr, Solomon married Sarah Ann Thomas on 17 Nov 1875
Butcher, Anna L. married Phillip P. Rogers on 10 Sep 1885
Butcher, Elizabeth J. married William O. Thomas on 15 Sep 1872
Butcher, Ezra S. married Dora Williams on 17 Nov 1887
Butcher, Galelma married Olive V. Miller on 18 Mar 1886
Butcher, Galelma married Ca S. Summers on 28 May 1895
Butcher, George F. married Sarah F. Setler on 28 Mar 1895
Butcher, Harry B. married Nancy J. Stuck on 30 Mar 1886
Butcher, Ida married Robert C. Garrett on 11 Dec 1878
Butcher, James married Ida Barker on 30 Dec 1896
Butcher, Louise J. married John W. Kerns on 3 Mar 1889
Butcher, Nancy C. married Thomas Thompson on 7 Nov 1893
Butcher, Nathaniel married Mary S. Wagner on 13 Jul 1894
Butcher, William B. married Elizabeth Mallonee on 24 May 1896
Butler, John B. K. married Annie E. Washington on 30 Jul 1878
Butler, Mary married John Clayton on 13 Feb 1900
Butters, Samuel married Flora M. Gum on 18 Dec 1882
Byer, Emma married William R. Myers on 24 Jun 1875
Byer, Henrietta married John H. Gigley on 2 Nov 1870
Byers, William C. married Maggie M. S. Beery on 29 Aug 1882
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