Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "C"

Caldwell, Robert C. married Mary E. Marsh on 7 Aug 1876

Calhoun, Charity married Eugene Plum on 15 Sep 1881

Call, Hannah C. married Clarence E. Sinsel on 12 Oct 1882

Call, Sarah J. married Albert Sapp on 16 Aug 1888

Cambell, John married Maranda J. Whitehair on 15 Jun 1871

Cameron, John W. married Elizabeth A. Hickle on 30 Mar 1865

Camp, Pernell R. married Else Noland on 30 Oct 1873

Campbell, Bettie married Charles V. Painter on 27 Dec 1898

Campbell, Charles A. married Sarah Williamson on 31 Dec 1895

Campbell, Charles D. married Sarah Watkins on 15 Oct 1874

Campbell, George married Mary Turner on 24 Dec 1881

Campbell, Howard married Sarah J. Williamson on 25 Dec 1897

Campbell, Louise married Charles E. Burgoyne on 2 Aug 1885

Campbell, Mary E. married Joseph McVicker on 9 Jul 1892

Campbell, Minerva married David M. Morgan on 26 Jan 1864

Campbell, Nancy L. married John J. Smalwood on 3 Jul 1863

Campbell, Nancy L. married John J. Smallwood on 4 Jul 1863

Campbell, Rachel A. married Jerome C. Frum on 1 Jul 1880

Campbell, Rachel Ann married Peter Cramer on 22 Oct 1874

Campher, Nancy C. married David A. Welling on 14 Oct 1869

Cane, Luke Jr. married Mary Ann Tucker on 14 Jul 1873

Canfield, Levi C. married Dicy Ashcraft on 23 Jan 1893

Canning, John married Sarah Bradshaw on 31 Dec 1872

Capell, Lizzie married Gotlieb Wartley on 13 Jul 1876

Carder, Cora A. married Henry W. Jackson on 19 Jun 1892

Carder, Cornelius H. married Mary E. Peacock on 14 Dec 1865

Carder, Esther V. married John D. Henderson on 16 Jan 1890

Carder, Eunice married William L. Cooper on 25 Dec 1879

Carder, Jane C. married Silas W. Smallwood on 19 Aug 1895

Carder, John M. married Sara H. Province on 24 Dec 1879

Carder, Mary married A. W. Rogers on 9 Oct 1864

Carder, Mary E. married James W. Bradshaw on 31 Dec 1872

Carder, Richard H. married Fertrude Zumbro on 8 Apr 1877

Carder, William married Amanda Cleland on 24 Dec 1865

Carder, William married Ella Maxwell on 4 Feb 1883

Carder, William E. married Evaline Bennett on 25 Dec 1889

Carder, William F. married Sophia Martin on 10 May 1868

Carduff, William married Mary A. Moran on 15 Feb 1897

Carlin, Maria E. married John F. Smith on 11 Oct 1864

Carlin, William J. married Charlotte E. Keener on 4 Aug 1890

Carney, Mary M. married J. Milton Hartley on 22 Oct 1867

Carnwell, Frank S. married Ethel G. Smith on 7 Sep 1899

Carosell, Leonard married Jennie Ambler on 6 Feb 1895

Carpenter, Aslman married Eliza A. Stanley on 1 Jan 1865

Carpenter, David married Martha J. Keener on 23 Feb 1865

Carpenter, Margaret H. married James B. Scranage on 26 Oct 1887

Carpenter, Mary A. married Thomas Singleton on 22 Jul 1865

Carpenter, William W. married Emma J. Mason on 11 Jan 1885

Carr, Alpheus married Nancy Ann Norris on 2 Apr 1874

Carr, Benjamin F. married Sarah F. Blaney on 13 Jan 1880

Carr, Bridget married Emory J. Poe on 3 Aug 1898

Carr, Daniel married Maggie A. Lyman on 7 Jan 1895

Carr, Edward married Nancy Hardsock on 14 Oct 1863

Carr, Edward married Nancy Hartsoc on 14 Oct 1863

Carr, George B. married Mary L. Manuel on 26 Apr 1888

Carr, Jacob D. married Mary K. Smallwood on 19 Mar 1898

Carr, Jacob D. married Mayble Darnell on 20 May 1894

Carr, John A. married Bessie Batch on 11 Sep 1895

Carr, Julia married James Hunt on 29 May 1881

Carr, Julia C. married James J. Melarkey on 17 Aug 1891

Carr, Lewis McKelvey married Elsie Amos on 6 Aug 1899

Carr, Meda married William Adelsberger on 19 Mar 1893

Carr, Palina married Harry Barker on 29 Aug 1895

Carr, Rosa married Jacob Guisce on 25 Mar 1900

Carr, Stella married Oda Payne on 13 May 1900

Carr, William married Mary C. (Mrs) Curtney on 10 Nov 1900

Carrington, Margaretta married Jacob Waugh on 18 Feb 1864

Carroll, Alexander H. married Mollie Burdett on 2 Nov 1887

Carroll, Allie C. married William L. Peters on 24 Dec 1896

Carroll, Charles W. married Emma Myers on 25 Nov 1896

Carroll, Dora M. married Wilford Lee Rogers on 15 Dec 1889

Carroll, Drucilla married George Hays on 13 Feb 1872

Carroll, Edward married Dora Dawson on 29 Jan 1890

Carroll, Edward married Martha E. Smith on 5 Aug 1896

Carroll, Etta G. married Evert W. Knight on 25 Dec 1892

Carroll, Henryr married Jemima Taylor on 2 Nov 1892

Carroll, Ida F. married Andrew J. Knight on 2 Sep 1896

Carroll, James H. married Sarah E. Courtney on 12 Apr 1883

Carroll, Jennie married Thomas P. Gobel on 15 Mar 1888

Carroll, John A. married Eunice C. Ridenour on 1 Jul 1886

Carroll, John W. married Virginia A. Zinn on 25 Dec 1879

Carroll, Mary married William Kessler on 1 Jul 1879

Carroll, Rebecca E. married Oscar F. Riley on 4 Jul 1892

Carroll, Robert E. married Clara Peters on 12 Jul 1891

Carroll, Susan married Henson Magill on 29 Jan 1867

Carson, Mary M. married Grant Sayre on 28 Dec 1898

Carson, Samuel L. married Susan Trader on 29 Feb 1888

Carson, Sarah J. married Rufus Reed on 27 Jul 1876

Casey, Celia C. married George W. F. Henderson on 23 Mar 1879

Casort, Lee A. married Mary E. Warder on 8 Nov 1882

Cassady, Mary M. married Augustus C. Ramus on 11 Sep 1873

Casseday, Moses married Clara Peters on 26 Apr 1885

Cassel, Anna married Henry Dunk on 30 Sep 1863

Cassell, Anna married Henry Dunk on 22 Sep 1863

Cassell, Charles W. married Nancy E. Reese on 30 Aug 1900

Cassell, Edith C. married John W. McClung on 19 May 1897

Cassell, Emma E. married Gottlieb Brandli on 9 Apr 1891

Cassell, James married Elisabeth Gildback on 10 Feb 1864

Cassell, James married Elizabeth Gildback on 6 Feb 1864

Cassell, John married Elisabeth Shaferman on 6 Apr 1866

Cassell, John M. married Ida A. Schiller on 27 Apr 1881

Cassell, Mollie married Abraham L. Blue on 26 Sep 1900

Cassell, Rosella married Charles E. Ware on 26 Apr 1888

Cassiday, Mary E. married John S. Smith on 3 Apr 1894

Cassort, Lee A. married Mary E. Lawton on 19 Jan 1888

Casteel, Anna B. married Francis T. Jones on 22 Feb 1876

Casteel, Sallie M. married Andrew J. Nuzum on 28 Oct 1866

Castilow, George W. married Mahalia Posten on 22 Sep 1867

Castle, Georgania married John Kerns on 15 Jan 1895

Castle, George W. married Ella A. Edmonds on 21 Dec 1887

Castle, Granville H. married Sarah M. Marchant on 3 Mar 1874

Castle, Hattie married Clarence A. Brooks on 22 Jan 1891

Cather, Eliza married John Prunty on 26 Mar 1873

Cather, Emma married Nicholas E. Musser on 19 Sep 1888

Cather, Fabricius A. married Helen V. Mallouee on 17 Aug 1865

Cather, J. Howard married Achsah A. Coplin on 19 Jun 1884

Cather, James Howard married Flora O. Shields on 1 Mar 1880

Cather, John B. married Sarah McDonald on 23 Mar 1882

Cather, Joseph C. married Nannie McDonald on 13 Sep 1877

Cather, Robert G. married Almira Bartlett on 28 Jun 1866

Cather, Sarah married Thaddeus C. Newlon on 25 Dec 1872

Cather, Sophronia A. married Jonathan W. Brown on 18 Oct 1870

Cather, Vespasian married Ingaba Bartlett on 10 Feb 1875

Cavall, Joseph J. married Malinda B. Kearns on 13 Feb 1895

Cavalle, Frank married Mattie Barnett on 3 Mar 1896

Caveney, John F. married Mary E. McManinnon on 20 Apr 1896

Caveny, Anna married Patrick Fayha on 25 Jun 1877

Ceslar, John married Agnes Provance on 7 Aug 1867

Chadduck, Harry W. married Ada X. Vankirk on 26 Oct 1899

Chalfont, Lavara married Joel B. Nuzum on 31 Oct 1867

Chambers, Annie married William McCloy on 27 Aug 1863

Chambers, George W. married Caroline Shafer on 8 Aug 1865

Chambers, Joseph S. married Mary R. Scrogin on 22 Feb 1877

Champ, Jackson married Mary A. Bailey on 15 Dec 1872

Champ, Levi W. married Phebe J. Rexroad on 7 Dec 1865

Chaney, Jedediah W. married Ida M. Reese on 28 Mar 1899

Channel, Columbia J. married William M. Rosar on 14 Apr 1887

Channel, Daniel married Rosannah E. Fleming on 22 Nov 1866

Channel, Levi married Martha Freeman on 11 Nov 1863

Channel, Lydia married Thomas J. Utt on 9 Mar 1873

Channel, Squire Franklin married Sarah Jane Pratt on 21 Jan 1871

Channell, Levi married Martha Freeman on 12 Nov 1863

Channell, Mary E. married Samson E. Phillips on 27 Oct 1878

Chidester, Sarah E. married William Cornwell on 14 Mar 1866

Childers, Mary Alice married Robert E. Whelan on 19 Jan 1878

Childress, Andrew J. married Levina Brown on 23 Dec 1866

Childress, Sarah E. married Burris Hillyard on 25 Dec 1887

Choff, Michael married Rebecca Martin on 2 Mar 1896

Chrislip, Albert Gallatin married Ella Nuzum on 27 Oct 1898

Chrislip, Gibson R. married Frances J. Reynolds on 1 Jan 1884

Christy, Evan married Sarah Gray on 11 Aug 1863

Christy, Evan married Caroline Freeman on 22 May 1876

Christy, Evan married Sarah Gray on 6 Aug 1863

Christy, Thomas married Annie Weaver on 8 Apr 1897

Church, Henry F. married Olivia E. Fleming on 23 Aug 1900

Church, William O. married Mattie M. Barnes on 20 Mar 1889

Clark, Ernest Fred. married Josephine F. Maxwell on 18 Apr 1900

Clark, George W. married Winnie Lambert on 21 Oct 1888

Clark, John K. married Ella M. Kirby on 31 Jan 1889

Clark, Rebecca A. married Marshall Bailey on 30 Mar 1868

Clark, William married Mary Kraft on 5 Dec 1869

Clark, Winnie married Abraham George on 7 Jul 1892

Clarke, John W. married Annie M. Zinn on 9 Jul 1895

Clayton, Ada B. married Charles A. Keefer on 12 Jun 1895

Clayton, Helen B. married John C. Deck on 10 Nov 1897

Clayton, John married Mary Butler on 13 Feb 1900

Clayton, Joseph married Maria Redmond on 31 Dec 1863

Clayton, Joseph D. married Maria Redmond on 29 Dec 1863

Cleavenger, Howard P. married Annie B. Ross on 29 Nov 1888

Cleavenger, Ulysses married Cora B. Newlon on 11 May 1899

Cleavinger, Charles married Minerva B. Bartlett on 9 Nov 1884

Cleland, Amanda married William Carder on 24 Dec 1865

Cleland, Herbert L. married Myrtle A. Springer on 20 Dec 1896

Cleland, Malvine married Joshua Boice on 22 Dec 1864

Cleland, Minerva A. married Jedediah C. Province on 7 Apr 1880

Cleland, Ollie M. married Zebulon M. Reese on 15 Mar 1894

Cleland, Renius S. married Catharine E. Smell on 16 Jun 1881

Clelland, J. Thomas married Hattie A. Wilson on 27 Dec 1899

Clelland, Louis married Jesse C. Nuzum on 24 Oct 1899

Clelland, Matilda married Robert M. Smallwood on 30 May 1887

Clelland, Sarah A. married William S. Goodwin on 26 Feb 1874

Clem, James W. married Alice Wilson on 24 May 1892

Clemans, Ferguson married Virginia B. Howard on 13 Jan 1884

Clevenger, A. J. married Cora Batson on 25 Sep 1884

Clevenger, Benjamin J. married Minerva A. Newlon on 25 Dec 1864

Clevenger, Edmund J. married Eliza A. Hoult on 2 Oct 1867

Cline, Aaron T. married Elisabeth H. Hammond on 5 Dec 1865

Cline, Amanda J. married Clark Pearce on 6 Jan 1878

Cline, Belle married James J. Duffy on 1 Nov 1898

Cline, Ellen C. married Noah W. Ford on 13 Dec 1877

Cline, Isaac M. married Alice C. McCartney on 30 Apr 1895

Cline, Lena M. married Hannemes E. Gray on 7 Nov 1889

Cline, Lillie M. married Charles V. Gough on 28 Mar 1888

Cline, Margaret E. married John W. McCartney on 30 Dec 1883

Cline, Mary married Jonathan Knotts on 12 Oct 1876

Cline, Sarah O. married James McCartney on 28 Nov 1878

Cline, Susan Elizabeth married James William Martin on 11 Aug 1900

Clinton, Eleanor J. married Cyrus R. Wickes on 31 Oct 1865

Clouse, Emma married Joseph Roth on 3 Jul 1895

Clovis, William L. married Gertrude M. Shearer on 21 Apr 1896

Clower, Mary M. married Francis M. Snider on 11 Oct 1890

Cobb, Andrew C. married Minnie Love on 4 Jan 1899

Cobun, Dennis R. married Lydia D. Robinson on 5 Jul 1895

Coburn, John W. married Eleanor Moon on 5 Sep 1865

Cochran, Aaron married Helen M. Coplin on 12 Oct 1865

Cochran, Alfred married Sarah Hustead on 20 Feb 1866

Cochran, Counsellor P. married Fannie E. Davidson on 6 Oct 1875

Cochran, James married Susan Virginia Riley on 26 Dec 1875

Cochran, Levi married Eliza V. Hertzog on 7 Feb 1876

Cochran, Loretta married Wade H. Sayres on 19 Sep 1894

Cochran, Mary married Leroy R. McBee on 28 Aug 1895

Cochran, Minerva A. married Atwell Stark on 7 Mar 1888

Cochran, Zadok M. married Alwilda N. Sinclair on 16 Jan 1879

Coe, Wesley P. married Rebecca A. Collier on 18 Jul 1867

Coen, T. C. married Ida Riffee on 10 Jun 1897

Coffman, Arthur L. married Emma S. McDaniel on 21 Dec 1887

Coffman, Eva married Fred Pierce on 7 Oct 1898

Coffman, Lurana A. married William C. Tucker on 2 Feb 1871

Coffman, Martha married Zadok Barker on 20 Feb 1878

Coffman, Merien E. married Myrtle Wyckoff on 19 Dec 1900

Coffman, Naoma Olive married Will K. Shaffer on 10 Jan 1900

Coffman, Saloma D. married Judson B. Lawler on 21 May 1878

Coffman, Sarah F. married A. D. Yates on 29 Nov 1878

Coffman, Virginia married Ethan W. Tucker on 18 Jun 1865

Colborn, Frank C. married Mattie M. McCafferty on 22 Aug 1893

Colborn, Harry S. married Jessie Gilbert on 22 Jul 1897

Colburn, Mamie R. married Thomas G. Yates on 12 May 1892

Coldwell, Elisabeth married William J. Shelton on 18 Sep 1869

Cole, Annie M. married Sylvanus W. Fansler on 26 Nov 1895

Cole, Arthur M. married Gertrude Della Lipscomb on 29 Nov 1894

Cole, Bertha D. married Fred Curry on 15 Oct 1891

Cole, Claude A. married Nellie G. Kidwell on 2 Jul 1896

Cole, Edward R. married Eva McClaskey on 14 Jan 1880

Cole, Elizabeth C. married Abraham George on 19 Dec 1878

Cole, Florence V. married William H. Willhide on 21 Jun 1900

Cole, Jemima married William H. Heatherly on 9 Aug 1877

Cole, John R. married Laura E. Lewellen on 9 Mar 1882

Cole, John W. married Penelope Newlon on 29 Jan 1874

Cole, John W. married Sarah Willis on 8 Aug 1880

Cole, Lizzie M. married Elam E. Duckworth on 14 Nov 1894

Cole, Lonnie D. married Cora O. Walter on 26 May 1895

Cole, Martha A. married Jehu F. Robinson on 8 Sep 1874

Cole, Nathan E. married Catharine Bailey on 4 Oct 1881

Cole, Rachel Ann married Frances M. Dawson on 22 Nov 1882

Cole, Thomas E. married Sarah F. Jaco on 2 Jan 1868

Cole, Valley A. married Thomas C. Rule on 28 Dec 1890

Cole, Vernon C. married Grace Mallonee on 29 Nov 1888

Colebank, Calvin married Lilly R. Sturm on 27 May 1900

Coleman, Jennie married John Marshall on 4 Nov 1886

Coleman, Mirna married Daniel Smith on 7 Sep 1865

Colerider, Ellen married Elias A. Dudley on 18 Apr 1867

Colerider, Flora C. married Andrew M. Hesser on 26 Sep 1883

Colerider, Henry C. married Alma Payne Shirer on 25 Sep 1879

Colerinder, Sallie T. married Thomas W. Davis on 14 Sep 1882

Colier, Sarah E. married Francis T. Bender on 28 May 1874

Collier, George married Lum Rector on 24 Feb 1876

Collier, James D. married Mary Agnes Shaver on 23 Oct 1877

Collier, Oliver H. P. married Frances Corbin on 13 Jan 1870

Collier, Rebecca A. married Wesley P. Coe on 18 Jul 1867

Collins, Adam married Joanna Dalton on 27 Oct 1882

Collins, Elizabeth married John S. Glandon on 9 Mar 1884

Collins, Mary married John S. Honesty on 26 Mar 1885

Collins, Mary Ann married George W. Jones on 30 Oct 1879

Collins, Sarah married John Swaney on 27 Oct 1878

Collins, Sophronia married William Williams on 13 Oct 1878

Collins, William married Nancy H. Stansberry on 4 Jul 1872

Collis, John T. married Mary E. Wise on 30 Aug 1877

Colston, Harry married Grace M. B. Hall on 24 Dec 1896

Combs, Charles H. married Hannah Fauley on 11 Aug 1897

Combs, Henry married Willimah Thomas on 13 Jan 1876

Combs, Rhoda B. married Jacob U. S. G. McCartney on 22 Jan 1895

Comerford, Harry D. married Delia McAvay on 10 Jan 1898

Comerford, Harry D. married Virginia K. Warder on 4 Jun 1889

Compton, Charles E. married Georgia Anna Welling on 26 May 1874

Compton, Leonora M. married Eugenius G. Jefferys on 13 Nov 1884

Compton, Marcellus married Mahala C. Rogers on 22 Apr 1883

Conley, James J. married Delia Kerrigan on 20 Nov 1900

Conley, Margaret married James W. Nuzum on 13 Aug 1883

Conley, Patrick married Rosa A. Barrett on 22 Nov 1899

Conn, Ephraim married Sarah V. Royse on 11 Mar 1864

Conn, Ephraim married Sarah V. Royse on 12 Mar 1864

Connel, Eleanor married Daniel McKinney on 3 Jan 1876

Conner, Annie married James W. Murphy on 4 Dec 1871

Conroy, Agnes married James Tierney on 10 Apr 1899

Constable, George D. married Louisa J. Thomas on 28 Dec 1868

Constable, Phipps A. married Comfort L. Bartlett on 11 Jul 1883

Constable, William married Mary Gilpin on 20 Aug 1876

Constable, William F. married Rebecca Griffith on 3 May 1865

Constable, William R. married Augusta E. Freeman on 24 Apr 1898

Coogle, Mary Bell married John C. Bartlett on 2 Mar 1874

Cook, Edward R. married Millie Purkey on 15 Jun 1886

Cook, Elizabeth married Henry A. Wagner on 22 Nov 1894

Cook, Mary married Michael J. Drury on 24 May 1876

Cool, Mary E. married Thomas Watkins on 9 Feb 1873

Coon, Floyd S. married Lillie B. Lambert on 25 Mar 1897

Coonts, Samuel M. D. married Isabel F. Poe on 20 Nov 1871

Cooper, Alfred married Mary D. Adams on 23 May 1888

Cooper, Amanda married Larkin T. Janes on 3 Oct 1878

Cooper, Eliza married Eli Wiseman on 15 Oct 1863

Cooper, French C. married Theodosia Tucker on 10 Mar 1878

Cooper, French C. married Revecca E. Smell on 3 Jan 1893

Cooper, Lizzie married Newton L. Hustead on 5 Apr 1899

Cooper, Mary married Cornelius H. Bennett on 14 Sep 1865

Cooper, Richard F. married Augusta Newlon on 17 Dec 1874

Cooper, Susannah married Hampton W. Humphrey on 3 Jan 1878

Cooper, Thomas M. married Mary M. Robinson on 2 Dec 1885

Cooper, William L. married Eunice Carder on 25 Dec 1879

Cooper, Wyona married Wade Curry on 29 Jan 1898

Copeland, Lulu E. married Spencer H. Ball on 26 Mar 1899

Coplin, Achsah A. married J. Howard Cather on 19 Jun 1884

Coplin, Athalinda married James J. Newlon on 11 Mar 1869

Coplin, Daniel married Olive McGee on 20 Dec 1874

Coplin, Edith A. married James Hawkins on 22 Jul 1866

Coplin, Emma married Columbus G. West on 5 Nov 1878

Coplin, George M. married Sarah Catharine Greathouse on 1 Apr 1880

Coplin, Helen M. married Aaron Cochran on 12 Oct 1865

Coplin, Henrietta A. married John Prunty on 14 Dec 1863

Coplin, Henrietta A. married John Prunty on 17 Dec 1863

Coplin, Henrietta A. married John S. Newlon on 25 Dec 1867

Coplin, Nancy married Franklin Ryan on 28 Jan 1874

Coplin, Virginia D. married Josiah Morgan on 19 Oct 1865

Coplin, William E. married Lillian Davidson on 3 Jul 1881

Coplin, William R. married Martha Dunlap on 11 Jan 1887

Copp, James married Lucy A. Williams on 7 Dec 1895

Corbin, Alice married Ulysses Little on 23 Dec 1896

Corbin, Ellen J. married John W. Payne on 29 Oct 1890

Corbin, Emma E. married Harry C. Jackson on 25 Aug 1898

Corbin, Frances married Oliver H. P. Collier on 13 Jan 1870

Corbin, George married Elizabeth Freeman on 14 Aug 1873

Corbin, Gustavus A. married Harriet M. McDonald on 18 Jan 1872

Corbin, Hannah V. married Thomas N. McMinn on 11 Oct 1891

Corbin, Henry B. married Nellie Freise on 24 Oct 1886

Corbin, Israel J. married Harriett McDaniel on 18 Sep 1873

Corbin, James married Julia Ann Brown on 18 Aug 1878

Corbin, Joseph F. married Sabra McDonald on 9 Mar 1879

Corbin, Nancy Jane married William C. Tucker on 8 Apr 1877

Corbin, Rebecca A. married Robert L. Jeans on 19 Dec 1871

Corbin, Rhue married William Adams on 27 Apr 1898

Corbin, William B. married Mary J. Robinson on 7 Apr 1881

Corder, Adolphus B. married Delia A. Reynolds on 25 Oct 1882

Corder, William B. married Bertha J. Bartlett on 25 Dec 1877

Core, Della Grace married Arthur Seaman on 25 Dec 1899

Core, Lum A. married I. C. Berry on 16 Oct 1873

Core, Mary F. married Robert H. Wallace on 26 Dec 1865

Core, Nellie L. married William H. Jr. Baker on 12 Apr 1882

Core, Scott M. married Cora J. Patton on 22 Oct 1885

Cork, John E. married Minerva A. Fleming on 23 Aug 1891

Cornell, Mary married Thomas A. Jordan on 24 Sep 1899

Cornwell, Charles married Dora Whitehair on 1 Oct 1899

Cornwell, Francis A. married Prudie Sayer on 11 Dec 1884

Cornwell, Margaret F. married William F. Walter on 14 Apr 1892

Cornwell, William married Sarah E. Chidester on 14 Mar 1866

Corothers, William A. C. married Mary Frances Miller on 13 Jun 1878

Corpeny, Hiram H. married Sarah Woodyard on 9 Feb 1864

Corrothers, Adaline E. married William S. Brown on 22 Dec 1881

Corrothers, Catharine M. married Andrew J. Vincent on 28 Mar 1870

Corrothers, Dilderan married Caleb N. McBee on 17 Dec 1898

Corrothers, Elizabeth married James S. Miller on 24 Dec 1885

Corrothers, Ida married John C. Galliher on 29 Sep 1895

Corrothers, Mary M. married John W. Zinn on 27 Sep 1888

Costello, Charles married Sallie A. Shaw on 13 Apr 1876

Costelow, Matilda M. married Freeman Rager on 22 Aug 1892

Costolo, George B. married Manie Elliott on 6 Sep 1885

Costolo, Melvin C. married Cora F. Knight on 26 Sep 1900

Costolow, Frona E. married Andrew J. McCanley on 5 Jan 1893

Costolow, Sarah V. married Andrew J. Ragor on 29 Mar 1892

Cottrill, Abraham married Rose Thomas on 17 Jan 1894

Cottrill, Alie M. married Andrew J. Nestor on 10 Nov 1889

Cottrill, Calvin J. married Evaline Hustead on 5 Nov 1895

Cottrill, Edwin L. married Famie G. Brooks on 21 May 1891

Cottrill, Mary E. married Lloyd W. Brown on 27 Sep 1893

Cottrill, Olive married Dewitt Roach on 26 Oct 1895

Coughlin, John married Laura Waller on 26 Sep 1893

Courtney, Alice married William A. Durrett on 4 Apr 1877

Courtney, Drusilla May married Noah S. Warder on 22 Jul 1897

Courtney, Edwin J. married Martha L. Zinn on 31 Jan 1892

Courtney, Hison married Drusilla Boyce on 7 Feb 1867

Courtney, Huldah married William L. Rogers on 24 Aug 1865

Courtney, Jennie married James L. McCue on 31 Mar 1887

Courtney, Laura C. married Charles S. Wilson on 27 Jun 1895

Courtney, Laura J. married Charles A. Brennard on 26 Feb 1879

Courtney, Orney married Margaret Rogers on 25 Jan 1872

Courtney, Rame married Mary Gower on 23 Aug 1893

Courtney, Sarah E. married James H. Carroll on 12 Apr 1883

Courtney, Silas married Harriet Jane Keener on 20 Sep 1863

Courtney, Willie S. married Henrietta Wehn on 26 Jan 1899

Covington, Cora L. married James W. Haddix on 28 Feb 1892

Cowan, Elizabeth married John Wilgus on 2 Apr 1868

Cowan, John married Rebecca C. McClaskey on 26 Apr 1882

Cowherd, John W. married Carrie A. Mallonee on 28 Mar 1883

Cox, Alma married Calvin Morgan on 5 Jul 1898

Cox, Daniel D. married Sarena Auvil on 7 Apr 1884

Cozad, Charles F. married Rebecca E. Bolyard on 19 Jun 1882

Cozad, Emma L. married Cyrus E. Demoss on 30 Jun 1886

Cozad, Phoebe J. married William H. Matthew on 9 May 1899

Craig, John F. married Lola B. Batson on 23 May 1883

Craigg, William M. married Lizzie McDaniel on 26 Oct 1885

Crall, W. E. married Lena C. Hefner on 3 Jan 1899

Cramer, Peter married Rachel Ann Campbell on 22 Oct 1874

Crawford, John W. married Lean Hall on 8 Apr 1896

Crawford, Laura E. married Charles L. Weese on 10 Sep 1900

Crawford, William H. married Capitola Rohrbaugh on 21 Jul 1887

Crawley, Michael married Mary Shanley on 8 Apr 1872

Craybin, Scott married Ollie Brenard on 24 Jan 1884

Crayton, Hannah V. married Charles H. Behen on 20 Apr 1884

Crayton, Mary M. married Joseph W. Richardson on 15 Nov 1874

Creel, Carrie S. married Charles F. Hamilton on 28 Oct 1889

Creel, Charles W. married Ethel B. Towles on 18 May 1896

Creel, Cumberland G. married Mary E. McCormick on 28 Apr 1867

Creel, Elizabeth P. married Joseph B. Lauck on 24 Jun 1869

Creel, F. S. married F. B. Blue on 9 Oct 1872

Creel, George W. married Mary J. Love on 6 Oct 1880

Creel, Lila B. married Charles A. Sinsel on 4 Apr 1889

Creel, Mary F. married Frederic Gilman on 14 Jan 1864

Creel, Mary F. married Frederic Gillman on 7 Jan 1864

Creel, Matthew married Edith Behen on 19 Apr 1873

Creel, Mollie V. married Jefferson E. Newlon on 24 Nov 1874

Criss, Isaac married Sarah J. Marquiss on 23 Dec 1873

Criss, Permelia married Albert J. Leach on 23 Nov 1865

Criss, Romanza married Edwin E. Swiger on 5 Oct 1865

Criss, William H. married Lucy Marquiss on 13 May 1877

Criss, William H. married Ida McCarty on 21 Sep 1882

Cristy, Caroline (Mrs) married Julius Oscar Patton on 23 Sep 1900

Cropp, Aldridge J. married Ida Stork on 5 May 1891

Cropp, Dora D. married John S. Hustead on 2 May 1889

Cropp, Ella M. married Columbus Hustead on 15 Oct 1895

Cropp, George P. married Lodema Morrow on 27 Jan 1889

Cropp, John A. married Sarah A. Hustead on 9 Apr 1891

Cropp, John L. married Mattie V. Shackelford on 12 Sep 1893

Cropp, Joseph H. married Plesora Hustead on 22 Sep 1889

Cropp, Presley M. married Phebe E. Reynolds on 25 Dec 1888

Cross, John R. married Anna M. Brown on 15 Jul 1890

Cross, William B. married Amanda H. Rogers on 10 Aug 1874

Crosten, Hannah married John Wesley Male on 11 Apr 1880

Croston, Charles married Rachel Male on 14 Sep 1865

Croston, Elijah J. married Hattie Male on 29 Jul 1893

Crouch, Dora B. married Silas B. Quick on 6 Jul 1898

Crouch, Moses M. married Christina Williams on 14 Nov 1878

Crouse, Charles W. married Sarah J. Kines on 6 Jan 1895

Crouse, Floyd married Annie Kinsey on 18 Jun 1896

Crouse, Ida A. married Lewis M. Newlon on 15 Apr 1899

Crouse, Isaac S. married Nancy A. Robinson on 26 Feb 1871

Crouser, Anthony married Rebecca R. Robinson on 11 Nov 1869

Crouser, Anthony married Rebecca R. Robinson on 11 Nov 1870

Croven, William A. married Sarah Norman on 22 Mar 1899

Crowel, Ollie married John A. Schultheis on 25 Jul 1898

Crowley, James A. married Sophia N. Bowmaster on 14 Nov 1900

Crowley, Margaret T. married Henry H. Moore on 26 Feb 1900

Crowley, Osborne married Sarah A. Wolf on 16 Dec 1895

Croy, Catherine married Daniel Holland on 23 Oct 1873

Croy, Matthias married Ida F. Fowler on 6 Dec 1891

Culp, Edath married John William Walls on 13 Jul 1897

Cuningham, Lucy married Morgan S. Gigley on 14 Feb 1871

Cunningham, Amanda B. married Martin L. Hileman on 21 Oct 1895

Cunningham, Catharine married Mack W. Horen on 19 Feb 1866

Cunningham, George R. married Virginia E. Gabbert on 30 Apr 1882

Cunningham, Mary C. married George M. Jaco on 22 Oct 1868

Cunningham, Nancy E. married Robert Riley on 23 Oct 1893

Currant, Albert married Joanna E. Judkins on 29 Sep 1881

Currant, William C. married Delia Harvey on 29 May 1897

Current, Barbara E. married Robert W. Varner on 24 Sep 1865

Current, Isaac married Mary E. Martin on 8 May 1884

Current, Isaac D. married Jemima McCally on 18 Jan 1874

Current, Jemima married Frank A. Taylor on 30 Sep 1880

Current, John W. married Winnie Murphy on 29 Nov 1899

Current, Margaret married Thomas Deavers on 18 Oct 1866

Current, Nancy E. married Emmit T. Williams on 27 May 1892

Current, William H. married Eunice O. Utterback on 4 Nov 1869

Currents, Meranda married Alva B. Thorn on 5 Sep 1878

Currey, Adeline married Samuel T. Currey on 28 Apr 1870

Currey, Angeline married Mortimer J. Lawler on 9 Oct 1873

Currey, Catharine married Lewis Richards on 28 Jan 1876

Currey, Charles B. married Cora E. Wiseman on 19 Nov 1882

Currey, Cynthia married Daniel E. Peters on 8 Mar 1882

Currey, Edward J. married Susan A. Tucker on 18 Aug 1887

Currey, Edwin married Prudence Currey on 14 Mar 1878

Currey, Elihu married Mary M. Keener on 5 Nov 1882

Currey, Elisabeth married William H. Hustead on 28 Oct 1865

Currey, Ella Z. married John F. Findley on 16 Feb 1882

Currey, Fannie married Francis C. Currey on 29 Oct 1868

Currey, Fenton L. married Pelmira Riley on 25 Dec 1867

Currey, Francis C. married Fannie Currey on 29 Oct 1868

Currey, George married Nancy E. Woodwin on 10 Dec 1871

Currey, George M. married Naomi Sipult on 11 Aug 1881

Currey, Gordon B. married Janie E. Riley on 15 Apr 1896

Currey, Granville G. married Maria C. Posten on 15 Apr 1877

Currey, James P. married Frances M. Ryan on 15 Feb 1880

Currey, Jonathan married Allice Harr on 14 May 1871

Currey, Joseph M. married Augusta J. Newbrough on 30 Oct 1873

Currey, Martin L. married Melvina Norris on 1 Jan 1888

Currey, Mary A. married Robert H. Burge on 27 Nov 1894

Currey, Nancy married William H. Vincent on 29 Oct 1873

Currey, Nathan married Susan F. Province on 20 Jan 1866

Currey, Olive S. married Andrew J. Brown on 25 Jan 1874

Currey, Prudence married Edwin Currey on 14 Mar 1878

Currey, Samantha C. married Alexander Scranage on 10 Oct 1867

Currey, Samuel T. married Adeline Currey on 28 Apr 1870

Currey, Silas H. married Martha E. Ashcraft on 17 Mar 1866

Currey, Siloma D. married Isaac H. Harr on 30 Sep 1877

Currey, Sophronia J. married Franklin M. Stalnaker on 1 Mar 1883

Currey, Susan B. married Daniel M. Kestor on 23 Nov 1876

Currey, Thomas N. married Sarah E. Roach on 16 Feb 1871

Currey, William G. married Emeline Williamson on 7 Sep 1865

Currey, William J. married Maggie Marker on 17 Jan 1877

Currey, William M. married Virginia Elder on 12 Apr 1883

Currey, William N. married Asenath Nancy Howell on 15 Oct 1882

Curry, Barbara A. married Bruce B. Wiseman on 6 Jan 1897

Curry, Bertha Rosetta married John Alexander Johnson on 15 Jun 1899

Curry, Edward J. married Martha M. Brown on 26 Jun 1892

Curry, Elihu married Cordelia E. Lake on 26 Aug 1894

Curry, Emery K. married Luverna Williamson on 23 Feb 1888

Curry, Enoch C. married Carrie Dalena Lucas on 27 Jun 1900

Curry, Erna married William A. Tucker on 25 Aug 1898

Curry, Fred married Bertha D. Cole on 15 Oct 1891

Curry, George M. married Emily Withers on 23 Sep 1888

Curry, George M. married Luverna A. Withers on 30 Aug 1874

Curry, James P. married Mary E. Sturm on 3 Apr 1888

Curry, John P. married Lucretia Robinson on 18 Oct 1888

Curry, Jonah W. married Effie C. Riley on 11 Oct 1896

Curry, Leonard married Irene Jones on 8 Jun 1893

Curry, Lewis married Lizzie Smith on 2 Oct 1897

Curry, Lewis J. married Evaline Holt on 5 Feb 1899

Curry, Mary Inez married William M. Tucker on 17 Apr 1898

Curry, Nancy C. married James J. Woodward on 6 Apr 1886

Curry, Naomi married A. H. Henry on 18 Apr 1897

Curry, Odus married Mollie Giles on 25 Feb 1900

Curry, Rufus married Tabitha A. Tucker on 12 Feb 1891

Curry, Sarah L. married Jedediah D. Frum on 5 May 1895

Curry, Silas H. married Catherine F. Mason on 8 Mar 1891

Curry, Vilona H. married William A. Hustead on 4 Mar 1888

Curry, Wade married Wyona Cooper on 29 Jan 1898

Curry, William G. married Rebecca Ann Winters on 26 Nov 1899

Curtney, Mary C. (Mrs) married William Carr on 10 Nov 1900

Custer, Henry A. married Lillie B. Knotts on 7 May 1894


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