Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "D"

Dabney, Thomas G. married Blanch Thompson on 12 Sep 1897

Dadisman, Floyd Lee married Carrie E. Bailey on 30 May 1899

Dadisman, George married Martha E. Strother on 11 Nov 1886

Dadisman, Sarah V. married Wesley C. Blackwood on 16 Nov 1882

Dadismen, William M. married Sarah Gawthrop on 15 Jun 1873

Daft, George E. married Paulina B. Lake on 26 Nov 1871

Dailey, William J. married Susie Hayes on 27 Mar 1900

Daindridge, Gay married Colfax Slade on 1 Jan 1894

Daley, Isabel A. married Joseph M. Templeton on 15 Oct 1891

Daley, Thomas F. married Georgia Riley on 24 Oct 1894

Dalton, Ivy M. married Thomas S. Male on 3 Feb 1892

Dalton, Joanna married Adam Collins on 27 Oct 1882

Dalton, Margaret married Isaac Moorehead on 10 Mar 1878

Dalton, Mary A. married James Daveney on 21 Jul 1898

Dalton, William R. married Elizabeth Adams on 3 Apr 1900

Daly, Maggie F. married John Doonan on 24 Nov 1881

Dancer, Charles married Notilus Stearling on 9 Apr 1871

Darnell, Mayble married Jacob D. Carr on 20 May 1894

Darrnell, Minnie married Charles W. Patton on 24 Sep 1891

Daugherty, Charles J. married Ettie L. Bartlett on 28 Apr 1895

Daugherty, Mary A. married Peter Ryan on 19 Nov 1876

Dauson, Lewis Delbert married Drusilla Skinner on 16 Apr 1895

Daveney, James married Mary A. Dalton on 21 Jul 1898

Davidson, Claudius married Mary Martha Johnson on 26 Feb 1871

Davidson, Curtis married Abbie Fleming on 19 Apr 1866

Davidson, Fannie E. married Counsellor P. Cochran on 6 Oct 1875

Davidson, Flora married John W. Davidson on 18 Feb 1891

Davidson, Francissa married John M. Jeffers on 21 Feb 1866

Davidson, George E. married Sarah Ellen Yates on 15 Aug 1878

Davidson, Helen married Richard H. Harold on 2 Feb 1882

Davidson, John W. married Flora Davidson on 18 Feb 1891

Davidson, Lillian married William E. Coplin on 3 Jul 1881

Davidson, Lula D. married Valentine W. Smith on 9 Jul 1878

Davidson, Mary M. married F. M. Bailey on 4 Aug 1872

Davidson, Stephen married F. V. Burdett on 11 May 1864

Davidson, Stephen married F. Victoria Burdett on 12 May 1864

Davidson, Victoria married Benjamin F. Bailey on 5 Jan 1871

Davis, Ada married Augustus A. Barnes on 27 Jan 1887

Davis, Annie O. married Newton W. Grow on 5 Oct 1884

Davis, Austin married Hattie Satterfield on 2 May 1892

Davis, Bell married Austin Lake on 18 Jul 1877

Davis, Bertie M. married Joseph E. R. Ellis on 21 Dec 1898

Davis, Charles T. M. married Nancy Newlon on 19 Apr 1900

Davis, Clara M. married Stephen Trimble on 4 Jul 1886

Davis, Cora M. married John W. Grannan on 8 Mar 1899

Davis, Delia N. married Edgar C. Stclair on 28 Apr 1898

Davis, Ella married Joseph E. Jones on 3 Sep 1884

Davis, Ella G. married Hugh Gattens on 22 Jun 1893

Davis, Emiline married William Grow on 8 Aug 1867

Davis, Emma married Elmer Reese on 19 Apr 1899

Davis, Emma married Otto W. Sinsel on 29 Jan 1885

Davis, Emma D. married Charles W. Willhide on 29 Jan 1896

Davis, Fannie M. married James Irvin Holt on 29 Mar 1896

Davis, Francis M. married Nettie Riley on 19 Mar 1893

Davis, Francis M. married Belle Moran on 20 Sep 1898

Davis, George A. married Allean B. Stone on 23 Sep 1886

Davis, Gibson L. married Mary A. Gough on 30 Jun 1891

Davis, Gussie E. married Durward O. Swain on 30 Jun 1897

Davis, H. Clay married Mollie C. Findley on 15 Apr 1886

Davis, Harriet A. S. married E., Dr. Robinson on 5 Apr 1868

Davis, Harvey married Arrilla Whitehair on 12 Mar 1887

Davis, Ida married Frank J. Kerns on 23 Aug 1880

Davis, Ida L. married George C. Fleming on 16 Dec 1897

Davis, Ira married Laura Marker on 14 Sep 1895

Davis, J. M. married Feronia A. Bartlett on 25 Aug 1864

Davis, James married Mary Findley on 3 Jul 1884

Davis, James A. married Rebecca R. Prim on 20 Dec 1894

Davis, James S. married Ingabe Jenkins on 9 Jan 1864

Davis, James W. married Drucilla Abels on 9 Sep 1867

Davis, Jim married Retie Parsons on 14 Nov 1900

Davis, John E. married Jennie Murphy on 2 Dec 1886

Davis, John H. married Margaret Galloway on 7 Oct 1869

Davis, Joseph Thomas married Ida D. Bailey on 4 Jul 1899

Davis, Julia M. married Albert S. Bosworth on 17 Sep 1882

Davis, Kansas M. married Clinton D. Lake on 29 Jul 1886

Davis, Laura L. married Charles D. Swift on 27 Aug 1872

Davis, Leslie N. married Minnie E. White on 24 Nov 1897

Davis, Lucy married William A. Spriggs on 26 Jun 1884

Davis, Mary E. married George Kerns on 21 Oct 1893

Davis, Mary G. married Alman K. Hathaway on 10 Aug 1897

Davis, Mary J. married John Burdett on 20 Sep 1896

Davis, Maxville married Inez Whitehair on 25 Jan 1893

Davis, Minnie married William M. Ross on 27 Sep 1893

Davis, Mollie married Jefferson D. Smell on 15 Apr 1894

Davis, Pearl R. married William C. Morgan on 21 Sep 1898

Davis, Prudie married Samuel W. Brown on 3 Jul 1886

Davis, Rachel F. married George Haddix on 21 Dec 1876

Davis, Sarah married George W. Reese on 27 Oct 1883

Davis, Thomas W. married Sallie T. Colerinder on 14 Sep 1882

Davis, Timothy married Martha Shahan on 29 Dec 1892

Davis, Wellington O. married Sarah C. Snodgrass on 31 Dec 1893

Davis, William A. married Cora M. Lake on 8 Mar 1899

Davis, William P. married Mary Lazier on 16 Dec 1863

Davis, William P. married Mary Lazier on 22 Dec 1863

Davis, William R. married Lottie D. Wyckoff on 19 Dec 1895

Davis, Winifred married Homer B. Woods on 10 Sep 1891

Davisson, Flavius Benj. married Hattie Davisson on 19 May 1897

Davisson, Hattie married Flavius Benj. Davisson on 19 May 1897

Davisson, Isaac F. married Lucy B. Prim on 24 May 1888

Davisson, Marcellus V. married Mary E. Smith on 24 Aug 1893

Davisson, Martha married Gordon P. Rush on 20 Apr 1895

Daw, Peter married Mary Howley on 6 Oct 1884

Dawson, Delbert L. married Mary E. Floyd on 26 Dec 1897

Dawson, Dora married Edward Carroll on 29 Jan 1890

Dawson, Eletcher U. married Juretta Biggs on 13 Nov 1888

Dawson, Frances M. married Rachel Ann Cole on 22 Nov 1882

Dawson, George W. married Mary C. Fleming on 16 Mar 1865

Dawson, Hannah married Thomas B. Parsons on 6 Jun 1874

Dawson, John Melvin married Edna M. Reed on 20 Sep 1900

Dawson, Minerva S. married Clarence B. Lake on 27 Apr 1892

Dawson, Samuel A. married Ines B. Kelley on 14 Jun 1893

Day, Albert M. married Susannah Wyckoff on 29 Sep 1873

Day, B. F. married Nancy J. Welsh on 11 Apr 1873

Day, Nancy E. married James Male on 29 Jul 1900

Day, Peter married Annie Johnson on 21 Aug 1883

Day, William Worth married Henrietta Wyckoff on 11 Sep 1879

Dayton, Alston G. married Columbia M. Sinsel on 26 Nov 1884

Dayton, Clara L. married Thomas A. Mason on 28 Jun 1870

Dayton, Marshall A. married Lilla Hamilton on 15 Nov 1892

Deahl, Rosa A. married John B. Glenn on 13 Jul 1891

Dean, Frank married Alice V. Burnside on 4 Apr 1876

Dean, Grace M. married Joseph Kenney on 30 Jun 1897

Dean, Jesse married Nancy Williams on 10 Sep 1865

Dean, John married Mary E. Barbee on 6 Aug 1873

Dean, John H. married Lillian Smallwood on 29 Jul 1890

Dean, Sarah B. married John C. Bragg on 22 Jun 1893

Deane, Willa G. married Solomon Poe on 27 Oct 1872

Dearing, Elmore N. married Elizabeth Greathouse on 30 Mar 1871

Dearing, Ida married Cleophus E. Wyckoff on 22 Apr 1897

Dearing, Jane married Cornelius R. Smith on 31 Jan 1875

Dearing, John C. married Malissa Selvy on 19 Dec 1874

Dearing, Josephus married Victoria F. Sinsel on 1 May 1866

Dearing, Lydia married Benjamin Boner on 21 Dec 1876

Dearing, Mary E. married Sanford Wyckoff on 1 Apr 1877

Dearing, Maud married Okey E. Goodwin on 15 Apr 1895

Dearing, Mortimore J. married Rebecca A. McDonald on 20 Jun 1869

Deaver, Benjamin F. married Mary E. Boyce on 20 Oct 1867

Deavers, Isabel married Joseph Hotsinpiller on 15 Apr 1866

Deavers, Martha D. married Clarence S. Satterfield on 6 May 1897

Deavers, Thomas married Margaret Current on 18 Oct 1866

Deavers, Thomas M. married Clarrissa B. Turner on 23 May 1891

Deck, Anna M. married Henry C. Love on 23 Jun 1887

Deck, Charles W. married Lulu Thompson on 20 Dec 1900

Deck, John C. married Helen B. Clayton on 10 Nov 1897

Deck, Lizzie M. married Charles E. Wilmoth on 26 Nov 1891

Deek, James E. married Adaline R. Judkins on 5 May 1878

Deen, Lillian M. married George M. Ross on 30 Aug 1897

Delany, Abraham L. married Mary J. Ash on 5 Nov 1889

Delany, Andrew E. married Annie N. Leonard on 10 May 1899

Delany, Bazzle F. married Rosannie Ash on 21 Oct 1893

Demoss, Adaline M. married John Miller on 26 Apr 1879

Demoss, Almira F. married John C. Barb on 25 May 1871

Demoss, Carrie M. married Crail S. Wilson on 10 Sep 1893

Demoss, Cyrus E. married Emma L. Cozad on 30 Jun 1886

Demoss, Eugenus C. married Clara B. Annon on 23 Apr 1876

Demoss, Euretta J. married John Ball on 30 Oct 1870

Demoss, F. M. married Elizabeth Kerns on 29 Nov 1868

Demoss, Frank H. married Annie C. Gainer on 26 Mar 1884

Demoss, James H. married Harriet Hileman on 22 Jun 1866

Demoss, James H. married Sarah Melissa White on 27 Feb 1876

Demoss, James T. married May A. Hauser on 23 May 1889

Demoss, John E. married Sarah V. Keener on 27 Jan 1879

Demoss, John W. married Elisabeth Annon on 25 Dec 1870

Demoss, Laura J. married Joseph C. Reed on 3 Mar 1891

Demoss, Margaret J. married Charles M. Glenn on 3 May 1877

Demoss, Mary E. married Robert Philips on 22 Feb 1864

Demoss, Mary E. married Robert Philips on 25 Feb 1864

Demoss, Mary M. married Eppa D. Robinson on 12 Sep 1878

Demoss, Matilda married Zachariah W. Fleming on 23 Dec 1874

Demoss, Minnie married James L. Bell on 22 Mar 1898

Demoss, Missouri married James William Freeze on 18 Jul 1880

Demoss, Olive S. married Ashferd Shackelford on 21 May 1885

Demoss, Olive V. married Joseph H. Haldeman on 19 Feb 1880

Demoss, Paul married Melissa D. Leese on 6 Feb 1887

Demoss, Prudy J. married Albert F. Sevear on 24 Oct 1872

Demoss, Sarah H. married William Taylor on 23 Nov 1879

Demoss, Thomas married Vila Hileman on 8 Feb 1866

Demoss, Thomas M. married Susannah Ball on 10 Nov 1884

Demoss, Upton L. married Eliza A. Howard on 26 Nov 1868

Demoss, William E. married Allice Thorn on 13 Sep 1888

Demoss, William G. married Laura J. Lewis on 30 Dec 1877

Denison, John A. married Bertha R. Leonard on 27 Nov 1890

Denison, Sallie G. married Eugene Dunnington on 22 Sep 1886

Dent, Carrie L. married Robert A. Armstrong on 27 Dec 1900

Dent, Marmaduke H. married Mary J. Warder on 11 Oct 1876

Deved, Smith B. married Francis M. Good on 26 Sep 1899

Dever, Hannah married William Boice on 18 Jun 1865

Dever, Pattie married Charles H. Hotsenpillar on 15 Mar 1866

Devers, David E. married Anzie L.(Mrs) Turner on 15 Nov 1900

Devers, James N. married Carrie West on 8 Apr 1900

Devers, Jane married Joseph T. Newcum on 23 Nov 1876

Devers, Mary M. married Edmund O. Hoult on 17 Oct 1871

Devers, May M. married Charles A. Shackelford on 27 Feb 1890

Dewitt, Sarah K. married Milton J. Thayer on 19 Aug 1866

Dietz, Andrew married Ann E. Miller on 30 May 1872

Dillon, Adolphus A. married Helen Findley on 19 Sep 1891

Dillon, Adolphus A. married Ellen V. Phillips on 23 Feb 1879

Dillon, Annie married George Hannan on 16 Mar 1899

Dillon, Catharine married Charles E. Gordon on 6 Aug 1873

Dillon, Ellen C. married Oscar Stewart on 11 Apr 1872

Dillon, Emma married William C. Pool on 8 Jul 1899

Dillon, James married Rowena A. Yates on 12 Feb 1889

Dillon, John married Iva Powers on 1 Mar 1889

Dillon, Lloyd married Sallie Robinson on 1 Apr 1894

Dillon, Lydia A. married Benjamin F. Kerns on 27 May 1875

Dillon, Missouri married William C. Wyckoff on 24 May 1885

Dillon, R. H. married Caroline Rosier on 25 Oct 1870

Dillon, Rachel married William Frazier on 14 Jul 1867

Dillon, Roseanna married Jonathan Whitehair on 11 Aug 1880

Dillon, Scott married Eliza Wiseman on 20 Oct 1895

Dillon, Silas married Cassa Bailey on 31 Aug 1865

Dillon, William married Sarah Hathaway on 20 Jul 1863

Dillon, William married Susan V. Kennedy on 26 Mar 1867

Dillon, William T. married Sarah Brown on 13 Oct 1878

Dillon, Zenophen married Emma D. Bristor on 25 Apr 1894

Dilworth, Ida F. M. married Alexander P. Stewart on 17 Nov 1881

Dilworth, Irena A. married George A. Goodwin on 29 Dec 1892

Dilworth, Marco B. married Dora B. Tucker on 8 Sep 1892

Dilworth, Matilda married Bernard L. McGinnis on 26 Nov 1893

Dinkle, Maxwell married Frances V. Shepler on 8 Sep 1864

Dison, Mort married Maggie Brown on 31 May 1898

Dix, Christopher C. married Laura Patton on 7 Nov 1899

Dixon, Edgar E. married Christina Rogers on 5 Oct 1896

Dixon, James E. married Rebecca E. Garder on 13 Mar 1882

Dobler, Roman married Mittie V. Hickel on 25 Dec 1872

Dobson, Clara J. married Michael Spatola on 16 Dec 1900

Dodd, Alfred married Mary Vernon on 12 Dec 1881

Dolan, Martin married Mary Falen on 26 Dec 1869

Dolan, Thomas married Margaret Keenan on 21 Aug 1865

Doll, Edgar M. married Dora B. Hefner on 8 Nov 1883

Dolton, Nancy J. married William Williams on 27 Mar 1892

Doman, Regina married Martin T. Romey on 28 Sep 1882

Donaldson, Beverley married Mary Walters on 6 Jun 1875

Donehue, Mary E. married Bert Nuzum on 2 Feb 1891

Dongiok, Matthias married Anna Prilla on 10 Nov 1874

Donley, Jennie married George D. Lawman on 21 Feb 1877

Donlin, Bridget married John Oday on 9 Mar 1886

Donnesen, Charles H. married Dora A. Allen on 22 Jun 1893

Donohoe, Thomas A. married Sarah J. Reynolds on 24 Nov 1881

Donohue, John married Virginia Himan on 20 Oct 1887

Donohue, Mary A. married James B. Moran on 2 Jun 1890

Donohue, Rose E. married R. H. D. Willis on 19 Oct 1892

Dooley, Emeline S. married John R. Moore on 14 May 1874

Doolittle, Jay C. married Mary E. Brown on 1 Nov 1894

Doolittle, Ulysses G. married Mollie E. Garlow on 31 May 1891

Doolittle, Willett A. married Nancy Jane Leonard on 5 May 1864

Doolittle, Willey A. married Nancy Jane Leonard on 5 May 1864

Doonan, John married Maggie F. Daly on 24 Nov 1881

Dorngeek, Mary married Frederick Ott on 1 Nov 1874

Dorsey, Jackson married Hortense Stanton on 28 Apr 1870

Dorsey, Mary Chrysostom married Matthew Joseph Grohe on 21 Nov 1900

Dorsey, Michael married Mary McDermot on 24 Nov 1879

Dorton, Mary married Thomas Male on 1 Nov 1877

Dostwick, John W. married Mary A. Walters on 14 Sep 1875

Dotson, Lilly May married George C. Brenard on 11 Jul 1900

Dotson, Victoria married Bently J. Shelton on 1 Jul 1875

Doty, Oliver P. married Melvina Freeman on 15 Feb 1880

Doudle, Isa Belle married James Francis Farrell on 31 May 1898

Dougherty, Virginia married Joseph A. Williams on 12 Nov 1885

Doutt, Mary married William C. Howell on 19 Nov 1883

Dowden, Andrew J. married Florence M. Kirby on 30 Jul 1885

Dowden, Geneva Segford married Almon Barzee on 2 Dec 1900

Dowling, Matthew married Lee Ann Neal on 23 Jul 1879

Downey, James H. married Mary L. Speaden on 21 Jul 1889

Downing, Cuyahoga K. married John B. Patton on 12 Sep 1892

Downing, Lucy E. married Morris Stubbens on 24 Oct 1876

Downning, Florence married David H. Fries on 22 Jun 1887

Doyle, Margaret married James Manning on 29 Apr 1872

Drake, Seth W. married Mary A. Sargent on 3 Mar 1870

Drennan, David W. married Anna V. L. Gilhart on 15 Sep 1898

Drennan, Margaret E. married Samuel S. Wolf on 29 Mar 1900

Drennen, David W. married Sarah A. Snider on 11 Nov 1875

Drummond, Carey E. married Margaret Rauft on 1 Jan 1895

Drury, Michael J. married Mary Cook on 24 May 1876

Duckworth, Allen married Gooldy McDaniel on 23 Jun 1884

Duckworth, Elam E. married Lizzie M. Cole on 14 Nov 1894

Duckworth, Gordon B. married Martha J. McDaniel on 25 Aug 1881

Dudley, Elias A. married Ellen Colerider on 18 Apr 1867

Dudley, Lysander Jr. married Mary F. Burdett on 17 Oct 1867

Duff, Elizabeth Maria married Charles G. Parsons on 6 Apr 1898

Duffy, James J. married Belle Cline on 1 Nov 1898

Duffy, John C. married Julia A. Rooney on 20 Nov 1865

Dumire, Elmore H. married Josephine Hattox on 24 Oct 1872

Dumire, Martha N. married Francis G. McCutcheon on 8 Aug 1891

Dumire, Sadie married Albert Gaskins on 9 Sep 1884

Duncan, Wesley S. married Lavnia M. Keener on 27 Jul 1884

Dunham, Arrah married Alpheus Tucker on 23 Feb 1892

Dunham, Edith married Reuben W. Hall on 8 Dec 1864

Dunham, James B. married Mary H. Riley on 17 Mar 1881

Dunham, John C. married Rebecca E. Shuttleworth on 5 Jan 1865

Dunham, Lavinia married Richard P. Kinsey on 2 Mar 1865

Dunham, Martha J. married Porter H. Morris on 22 Feb 1893

Dunham, Martin F. married Sallie Withers on 12 Feb 1900

Dunham, Mary E. (Mrs) married Marcellus A. Robbins on 14 Oct 1899

Dunham, Mary Ellen married Joseph Greathouse on 13 Aug 1881

Dunham, Mary M. married John C. McDonald on 5 Sep 1894

Dunham, Nancy J. married William M. Goodwin on 14 Dec 1863

Dunham, Nancy Jane married William M. Goodwin on 17 Dec 1863

Dunham, Noah married Olive V. Elder on 5 Jan 1896

Dunham, Resin E. married Cora E. Gawthrop on 17 Mar 1898

Dunham, William married Sarah E. Harr on 16 Dec 1869

Dunk, Henry married Anna Cassell on 22 Sep 1863

Dunk, Henry married Anna Cassel on 30 Sep 1863

Dunk, John H. married Emma L. Wehn on 23 Dec 1885

Dunk, Rosa E. married Charles B. Lazzell on 25 Jan 1889

Dunlap, J. R. married Martha Warner on 26 Oct 1865

Dunlap, Martha married William R. Coplin on 11 Jan 1887

Dunlap, William B. married Irene Bonner on 14 Jun 1894

Dunlop, Thomas married Sarah C. Burke on 16 Aug 1874

Dunmore, Morlon married Rebecca Hall on 1 Mar 1866

Dunn, Patrick married Charlotte Gotey on 22 Jun 1868

Dunn, Thomas married Mary Brogan on 12 Feb 1877

Dunn, William H. married Anna C. Swartz on 6 Aug 1866

Dunnington, Charley N. married Rose Warder on 19 Apr 1893

Dunnington, Clara Maud married William L. Shields on 21 Jan 1900

Dunnington, Dona B. married D. Miller Simonton on 31 Oct 1900

Dunnington, Eugene married Sallie G. Denison on 22 Sep 1886

Dunnington, Mattie M. married George M. Wade on 12 Aug 1888

Dunnington, Robert M. married Mollie D. McNemur on 3 May 1864

Dunnington, Thomas W. married Cora Hanigan on 25 Nov 1891

Durkin, Theresia Grace married Frank J. Long on 19 Feb 1898

Durrett, William A. married Alice Courtney on 4 Apr 1877


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