Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "E"

Earl, Burris married Mary Powell on 1 Nov 1871

Earner, John P. married Agnes L. Berthy on 20 Sep 1898

Earns, Melinda E. married Marshall D. Mercer on 26 Jun 1870

Ebert, Charles W. married Olive Johnson on 5 Nov 1867

Eboral, Anne married John T. Smith on 12 Jul 1871

Eckels, Alonzo married Mary Ellen E. Moyer on 23 Mar 1898

Edmond, James married Malissa McVicker on 25 Aug 1887

Edmond, Melissa married Madison J. Ogden on 16 Sep 1895

Edmonds, Ella A. married George W. Castle on 21 Dec 1887

Edwards, Andrew J. married Margaret McCartney on 2 Jan 1866

Edwards, Charles Morgan married Alzettia Varner on 29 Nov 1897

Edwards, James T. married Louverna Powell on 18 Mar 1888

Edwards, William married Malinda Freeman on 27 Jul 1873

Efaw, Jemima married Stephen W. Henderson on 10 Oct 1895

Efaw, Sarah M. married John H. Messman on 29 Mar 1888

Eichelberger, J. T. married Josinah Thomas on 20 Mar 1873

Eichelberger, John C. married Mary E. Maxwell on 24 Feb 1870

Elder, Ada E. married Gordon C. Martin on 26 Aug 1897

Elder, Alvis married Susanna Stark on 6 Feb 1870

Elder, George W. married Mary E. Hertzog on 6 Oct 1870

Elder, John A. married Mary A. Smell on 8 Apr 1886

Elder, Martha A. married Michael M. Sayers on 17 Jun 1886

Elder, Mary A. married James W. Radabaugh on 11 Dec 1871

Elder, Olive V. married Noah Dunham on 5 Jan 1896

Elder, Vionia married John A. Hertzog on 27 Jan 1895

Elder, Virginia married William M. Currey on 12 Apr 1883

Elkins, Ruth Ann married Francis Johnson on 11 Mar 1881

Elliott, George H. A. married Rachel C. Albin on 15 Jun 1876

Elliott, Manie married George B. Costolo on 6 Sep 1885

Elliott, Mary E. married Benjamin F. Walton on 21 Jul 1881

Elliott, Mary E. married Martin F. Greene on 26 Nov 1894

Elliott, Mary V. married John P. Hughes on 4 Oct 1882

Elliott, William S. married Susan V. Burdett on 17 Oct 1867

Ellis, Joseph E. R. married Bertie M. Davis on 21 Dec 1898

Embrihl, Bertha married Emil C. Grob on 19 Jan 1885

England, Alice married Thomas McDaniel on 29 Apr 1896

England, Lucinda married Melville Ward White on 6 Jun 1899

England, Martha Ellen married James C. Finley on 22 Oct 1868

England, Naomi married Bruce Weese on 23 May 1900

England, Ollie Belle married Albert E. Frush on 31 Mar 1897

England, Philla Letitia married Frank Stansberry on 25 Oct 1900

Engle, Laura G. married Isaac W. Groomes on 29 Dec 1890

Ervin, Ernest D. married Linnie Metz on 28 Dec 1898

Ervin, Leunah H. married C. Bruce Hirst on 4 Jul 1894

Evans, Adolphus married Margaret M. M. McCartney on 3 Mar 1881

Evans, Fannie married William R. Loar on 26 Apr 1887

Evans, George married Lucy M. Glenn on 17 May 1896

Evans, Hugh Jr. married Kate Jones on 24 May 1874

Evans, Jackson married Phoebe Hertzog on 29 Oct 1875

Evans, John S. married Charlotte M. Windle on 13 Mar 1887

Evans, John S. married Dora Bartlett on 18 Jul 1878

Evans, John S. married Susan B. Sinsel on 9 May 1882

Evans, Mary E. married Cleophas Woodford on 8 Sep 1881

Evans, Mattie J. married J. Frank Wilson on 24 Dec 1891

Evans, Nathan married Anna M. Glenn on 30 Sep 1886

Exline, Azariah married Mary Jane Powell on 25 Dec 1883

Exline, Elizabeth E. married William E. Ford on 31 Jul 1876


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