Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "F"

Fahey, Annie M. married Benjamin M. Odonnell on 21 Nov 1900

Fahey, Bridget married John H. Gerkin on 8 Feb 1893

Fahey, Michael P. married Mary A. Joyce on 24 Apr 1883

Falen, Mary married Martin Dolan on 26 Dec 1869

Falkoski, Joe married Felixia Zalewska on 14 May 1900

Fallon, Mary A. married Patrick Glannon on 23 Oct 1870

Fancher, Ernest married Alice M. Brown on 4 Sep 1899

Fancher, Orville L. married Hetty A. Williams on 17 May 1898

Fansler, Sylvanus W. married Annie M. Cole on 26 Nov 1895

Farence, Granville married Martha L. Ford on 10 Dec 1863

Farnsworth, James M. married Mollie J. Arnold on 5 May 1888

Farrell, Anna married Edgar Travis on 5 Dec 1881

Farrell, Bridget F. married Joseph A. Wanstreet on 19 Feb 1884

Farrell, James Francis married Isa Belle Doudle on 31 May 1898

Fast, Elizabeth E. married John A. Boyce on 14 Jun 1877

Fast, Sarah A. married Elisha Phillips on 17 Jun 1869

Fast, Thomas J. married Jane B. Poe on 7 May 1891

Fast, Virginia H. married Edgar S. Moran on 30 Dec 1886

Fast, William J. married Margaret Poe on 27 Nov 1879

Fauley, Hannah married Charles H. Combs on 11 Aug 1897

Fauley, Jacob T. married Mary E. Kuh on 7 Jan 1879

Fauley, Josephine married Ithamer Yates on 11 Oct 1893

Fauley, William B. married Elizabeth Granneman on 16 Feb 1888

Faust, William F. married Mena Hern on 27 Sep 1897

Fayha, Patrick married Anna Caveny on 25 Jun 1877

Fazenbaker, Louise married John Gilmore on 23 Nov 1887

Feltner, Lyda M. married Dellett Bartlett on 2 Sep 1896

Feltner, Mary E. married Elijah M. Marker on 24 Dec 1879

Fenton, William married Ruhamy Whitehair on 28 Sep 1871

Fernald, Henry A. married Mary M. Gettings on 24 Aug 1893

Ferrel, Robert N. married Annie E. Alban on 29 Jan 1873

Fetty, Alva E. married Estella Kerns on 11 Jul 1897

Fetty, Jemima C. married Ameal Shackelford on 25 Dec 1883

Finch, Daniel W. married Lummie Berry on 29 Jun 1882

Finch, John C. married Emily M. Rogers on 26 Apr 1891

Finch, Mary M. married Daniel W. Kirk on 17 Jul 1884

Finch, Matilda Jane married Edson Travis on 29 Jan 1871

Finch, Thomas F. married Arthelia Jane McDonkey on 25 Dec 1878

Findley, Charles W. married Martha Similda Newlon on 21 Dec 1879

Findley, Elizabeth J. married Elijah Newlon on 26 Jul 1863

Findley, Francis married Mary Taylor on 8 Dec 1864

Findley, Helen married Adolphus A. Dillon on 19 Sep 1891

Findley, Irven married Bird Rector on 10 May 1899

Findley, Jackson married Loretta Stclair on 12 Jan 1871

Findley, John F. married Ella Z. Currey on 16 Feb 1882

Findley, Joshua A. married Mollie E. Bartlett on 23 Sep 1883

Findley, Margaret J. married Willis L. Knight on 4 Jun 1868

Findley, Mary married James Davis on 3 Jul 1884

Findley, Mary E. married John W. Selvey on 13 Jan 1884

Findley, Mary E. married Edwin H. Whitney on 28 May 1872

Findley, Mollie C. married H. Clay Davis on 15 Apr 1886

Findley, Nancy married John F. Knight on 1 Mar 1864

Findley, Nancy married John F. Knight on 3 Mar 1864

Findley, Nancy Jane married John W. Knight on 4 Jul 1872

Findley, Sarah E. married Octavius A. Smith on 12 Jan 1865

Finley, Edith married Francis M. Shingleton on 18 Oct 1863

Finley, Gideon B. married Hannah J. Ross on 16 Aug 1883

Finley, Ida B. married Elza Richie on 25 Apr 1900

Finley, James C. married Martha Ellen England on 22 Oct 1868

Finnell, Abraham W. married Eliza J. (Mrs) Barnhouse on 24 Oct 1898

Finnell, Abram W. married Clara M. Grow on 4 Jul 1886

Fisher, Almira married Richard H. Fretwell on 20 Jan 1867

Fittro, Charity married James F. Plant on 25 Oct 1892

Fitzhugh, Emma S. married Samuel A. Bainbridge on 14 May 1885

Flagel, Michael J. married Jennie A. Brue on 28 Nov 1893

Flanagan, Ann M. married John Graney on 26 Aug 1872

Flanagan, Anne J. married Hice R. Laughlin on 2 Aug 1893

Flanagan, Charles J. married Mary A. McGraw on 18 May 1874

Flanagan, Eliza married John J. Gilligan on 23 Jun 1873

Flanagan, Mamie S. married Charles M. Bishop on 30 Sep 1896

Flanagan, Margaret married Michael J. Welsh on 4 Jan 1883

Flanagan, Michael married Mary Hickey on 21 Sep 1868

Flanagan, Rose A. married James J. Higgins on 25 Nov 1886

Flanagan, W. M. married Mariah McAle on 6 Jan 1873

Flanahan, Francis C. married Mary C. McCue on 25 Apr 1882

Flannigan, Thomas married Maria Jennings on 21 Nov 1864

Flatcher, Margaret E. married David M. Morgan on 24 Nov 1892

Fleming, Abbie married Curtis Davidson on 19 Apr 1866

Fleming, Catherine M. married James Bailey on 25 Oct 1873

Fleming, Curtis D. married Lena L. Badgley on 14 Jan 1888

Fleming, Edward married Carrie Turner on 5 Sep 1900

Fleming, Flora D. married James T. Wycklff on 7 Mar 1897

Fleming, Florence married George W. Utterback on 15 Mar 1866

Fleming, George C. married Ida L. Davis on 16 Dec 1897

Fleming, Goff J. married Julia R. Lafollette on 23 Apr 1874

Fleming, Hayward married Lucy Newlon on 23 Aug 1896

Fleming, Henrietta married Charles P. Newlon on 10 Dec 1874

Fleming, James H. married Sarah Jane Shannel on 30 Dec 1875

Fleming, Julia A. married Edgar H. Watson on 26 Apr 1885

Fleming, Leotie married Israel T. Johnson on 31 Dec 1893

Fleming, Lucetta S. married William E. Toter on 10 Nov 1887

Fleming, Luvanah D. married Henry H. Knight on 26 Sep 1875

Fleming, Mary married John C. Bartlett on 8 Feb 1866

Fleming, Mary A. married Middleton Jenkins on 5 Nov 1863

Fleming, Mary C. married George W. Dawson on 16 Mar 1865

Fleming, Minerva A. married John E. Cork on 23 Aug 1891

Fleming, Olive married Lewis Windle on 25 Jan 1866

Fleming, Olivia E. married Henry F. Church on 23 Aug 1900

Fleming, Opha J. married Florence J. Kimmel on 16 Jun 1897

Fleming, Patrick V. married Alice B. Bartlett on 21 Oct 1888

Fleming, Patrick W. married Margaret Nestor on 25 Dec 1880

Fleming, Permelia G. married Luther Bartlett on 26 Nov 1872

Fleming, R. Leigh married Laura C. Haymond on 3 Jun 1895

Fleming, Rachel V. married Samuel M. Zinn on 18 Oct 1893

Fleming, Rosannah E. married Daniel Channel on 22 Nov 1866

Fleming, Zachariah W. married Matilda Demoss on 23 Dec 1874

Fleming, Zachariah W. married Maggie M. Wells on 7 Feb 1893

Flesher, Clinton W. married Mary E. Powell on 1 Sep 1896

Fletcher, Alexander J. married Mollie A. Bower on 30 Jun 1886

Fletcher, Alta married Frank S. Miller on 8 Jan 1894

Flint, Samuel D. married Amanda Bailey on 31 Jul 1890

Flowers, Thomas B. married Ella P. McDonald on 4 Feb 1896

Floyd, Mary E. married Delbert L. Dawson on 26 Dec 1897

Floyd, Mary H. married Octavins A. Smith on 12 Nov 1891

Flythe, Elizabeth V. married Amaziah P. Boyce on 11 Mar 1869

Flythe, Mary E. married William A. Knight on 22 Jul 1886

Flythe, Virginia V. married Lewis S. Bennett on 3 Nov 1881

Folentine, Fanny married Joseph F. Gainyager on 12 Oct 1869

Foly, Margaret A. married William D. Martin on 15 Dec 1864

Ford, Angelina married L. W. Hibbs on 10 May 1864

Ford, Angelina married L. W. Hibbs on 7 May 1864

Ford, Audree B. married Clarence D. Howard on 12 Aug 1896

Ford, Calvin R. married Mary A. Ringer on 24 May 1895

Ford, Catharine married William H. Thomas on 13 Mar 1879

Ford, Clarence L. married Laura W. Howell on 21 Nov 1889

Ford, Ellen married John W. Johnson on 31 Dec 1896

Ford, Emma married ---, Dr. Thorn on 24 Oct 1871

Ford, Emma F. married William K. Shaffer on 9 Feb 1897

Ford, Harriet D. married Nathan H. Poe on 12 May 1868

Ford, Henrietta married Pascal Lucas on 25 Apr 1865

Ford, Henry S. married Mary F. Bradley on 17 May 1876

Ford, J. S. married Martha J. Jaco on 12 Mar 1864

Ford, J. S. married Martha J. Jaco on 17 Mar 1864

Ford, Joseph married Ella F. Poe on 24 Jul 1890

Ford, Joseph married Alleet A. Scott on 26 Apr 1878

Ford, Lewis L. married Mary Allen on 25 Mar 1880

Ford, Lizzie M. married Colfax Slade on 25 May 1891

Ford, Lorenzo D. married Jessie M. Kuh on 5 Sep 1888

Ford, Martha L. married Granville Farence on 10 Dec 1863

Ford, Matilda married John Lucas on 17 Oct 1867

Ford, Noah W. married Ellen C. Cline on 13 Dec 1877

Ford, Pernissa J. married Uriah Jones on 14 Dec 1865

Ford, Rebecca A. married Lewis Walters on 19 Oct 1865

Ford, Sarah married James M. Moore on 1 Feb 1872

Ford, William E. married Elizabeth E. Exline on 31 Jul 1876

Ford, William H. married Maria A. Rosier on 3 Jun 1879

Foreman, Alexander married Lucy E. Payne on 9 Aug 1882

Foreman, Lucas married Mary C. Hall on 28 Apr 1864

Foreman, Manerva married James M. Steerman on 8 Nov 1868

Foreman, Maranda married Clark P. Hoffman on 26 Mar 1874

Forman, Laura S. married Alonzo E. Sayre on 12 Dec 1894

Forman, Lucas married Mary C. Hall on 28 Apr 1864

Forman, Naylor married Appalona Miller on 14 Dec 1869

Fortney, John W. married Susan V. Williams on 13 Jul 1890

Fortney, Lucy Catherine married Luther F. Shackelford on 27 Jan 1897

Fortney, Marcellus married Emma Mallones on 21 Oct 1888

Fourtney, Eliza L. married Sarah Luzadder on 5 Nov 1874

Fower, Anderson married Gertrude Wilson on 28 Oct 1897

Fowler, Ida F. married Matthias Croy on 6 Dec 1891

Fowler, James W. married Estella Janes on 4 Oct 1898

Fowler, Noah C. married Sarah M. Ren on 13 Jul 1865

Frank, George William married Louise Lucas on 26 Dec 1899

Frank, Matilda J. married Francis M. Hawkins on 1 Oct 1863

Frank, Matilda J. married Francis M. Hawkins on 28 Sep 1863

Frasier, Mary A. married James Watkins on 15 Nov 1866

Frazier, Elizabeth A. married William H. Happusett on 28 Oct 1875

Frazier, John T. married Eliza A. Sampson on 22 Mar 1865

Frazier, Margaret A. married James M. Hogue on 17 Aug 1891

Frazier, Sarah married Andrew J. Bobo on 7 Dec 1869

Frazier, William married Rachel Dillon on 14 Jul 1867

Freeland, Aaron married Jane Lourey on 22 Dec 1864

Freeland, Aaron married Laura Wolverton on 24 Sep 1863

Freeland, Allen married Catharine Freeland on 8 Sep 1863

Freeland, Allen J. married Catherine Freeland on 10 Sep 1863

Freeland, Catharine married Allen Freeland on 8 Sep 1863

Freeland, Catherine married Allen J. Freeland on 10 Sep 1863

Freeland, Jennie May married Frederick H. Wheelock on 30 Mar 1898

Freeland, Louisa C. married Albert P. Wilburn on 9 Oct 1865

Freeland, M. J. married J. W. Barbee on 25 Oct 1871

Freelen, Aaron married Laura D. Woolvertin on 23 Sep 1863

Freeman, Augusta E. married William R. Constable on 24 Apr 1898

Freeman, Benjamin F. married Mary A. Morris on 24 Jun 1883

Freeman, Caroline married Evan Christy on 22 May 1876

Freeman, Elijah W. married Mary E. Wolf on 25 Apr 1880

Freeman, Elizabeth married George Corbin on 14 Aug 1873

Freeman, Elza married Hannah McIntosh on 30 Jan 1868

Freeman, Evan married Martha Rogers on 16 Mar 1871

Freeman, Lucretia married Wilfred W. Watkins on 16 Mar 1871

Freeman, Malinda married William Edwards on 27 Jul 1873

Freeman, Martha married Levi Channel on 11 Nov 1863

Freeman, Martha married Levi Channell on 12 Nov 1863

Freeman, Melinda married William H. Hyde on 3 Apr 1866

Freeman, Melvina married Oliver P. Doty on 15 Feb 1880

Freeman, Oscar married Narcissus Rogers on 27 Sep 1877

Freeman, Phebe E. married William P. Thomas on 4 Jun 1868

Freeman, Richard married Sarah A. Riffee on 13 Jul 1871

Freeman, Sarah married Charles Maxwell on 17 Apr 1879

Freeman, Sarah C. married Benjamin F. Waller on 26 May 1889

Freeman, Ulysses G. married Laura Scranage on 16 Dec 1894

Freeman, Ulysses G. married Bertha C. Tucker on 21 Aug 1889

Freeze, Charles H. married Jennie Reed on 11 Jun 1894

Freeze, Elvira L. C. married Lewis S. Ringler on 24 Mar 1890

Freeze, George W. P. married Margaret Isner on 15 Jan 1890

Freeze, James W. married Laura B. Breedlove on 1 Jun 1893

Freeze, James William married Missouri Demoss on 18 Jul 1880

Freeze, Laura married William C. Shaw on 27 Feb 1900

Freeze, Winfield Scott married Elizabeth Breedlove on 25 Jul 1893

Freise, Nellie married Henry B. Corbin on 24 Oct 1886

Fretwell, Richard H. married Almira Fisher on 20 Jan 1867

Fries, David H. married Florence Downning on 22 Jun 1887

Fries, John E. married Mary A. Beaty on 3 May 1897

Fritz, Theodore T. married Elizabeth Robertson on 1 Apr 1874

Frum, Catharine L. married Jacob H. Heaten on 8 Jun 1875

Frum, James C. married Virginia Maxwell on 10 Feb 1870

Frum, Jedediah D. married Sarah L. Curry on 5 May 1895

Frum, Jerome C. married Rachel A. Campbell on 1 Jul 1880

Frum, Jerome H. married Isis Bartlett on 10 Apr 1898

Frum, Melinda married Charles Lanham on 3 Mar 1870

Frum, Napoleon L. married Isabel Gregory on 3 May 1877

Frum, Porter married Buena V. Lilly on 7 May 1894

Frum, Sampson B. married Narcissa Tucker on 17 Oct 1871

Frush, Albert E. married Ollie Belle England on 31 Mar 1897

Frush, Paul married Annie Spencer on 21 Mar 1897

Fry, Delphia A. married Albert J. Loar on 1 Sep 1895

Fry, Elizabeth married James G. Harrison on 18 Mar 1866

Fry, George W. married Almira M. McDaniel on 19 Dec 1889

Fry, Jacob M. married Eliza Smith on 2 Feb 1890

Fry, Rebecca Jane married Missouri A. Morris on 2 Dec 1884

Fry, Samuel married Sarah C. Ludwick on 17 Oct 1867

Frymyer, Amanda married F. M. Hickle on 1 Oct 1863

Frymyre, Amanda married F. M. Hickle on 30 Sep 1863

Fugitt, James K. married Rebecca N. Rogers on 14 Mar 1877

Fulton, Annie married Mathew Holden on 31 Dec 1874

Funk, Edgar C. married Mary M. Adams on 13 Aug 1886

Funk, Hattie married Curtis Sinsel on 12 Sep 1900

Funk, Ida M. married Thomas J. Blackwood on 26 Nov 1891

Funk, Laura married Joseph McVicker on 16 Apr 1899

Funk, Mary married Alexander Bolyard on 11 Sep 1881

Funk, Sarah J. married Josiah Bolyard on 14 Feb 1870

Funk, William married Eliza J. Henderson on 14 Aug 1888


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