Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "G"

Gabbert, Benjamin B. married Sarah McDonald on 4 Jun 1871

Gabbert, Marietta married John H. Whitehair on 31 Aug 1876

Gabbert, Virginia E. married George R. Cunningham on 30 Apr 1882

Gable, W. J. married Amanda F. Saffle on 14 Dec 1873

Gainer, Annie C. married Frank H. Demoss on 26 Mar 1884

Gains, John W. married Catharine A. Shafferman on 25 Sep 1873

Gainyager, Joseph F. married Fanny Folentine on 12 Oct 1869

Gall, Overton H. married Jemima E. Shroyer on 20 Jan 1881

Gall, Robert B. married Delilah E. Reynolds on 13 Sep 1893

Gallaher, Charles K. married Bertha O. Boyce on 21 Jun 1896

Gallaher, John L. married Mary Galvin on 28 Sep 1881

Gallaher, Mary married Albert Hammond on 26 Aug 1879

Galliher, John C. married Ida Corrothers on 29 Sep 1895

Galliher, Maggie married Thornton A. Ridenour on 25 Aug 1887

Galliher, Thomas J. married Nettie Patton on 10 Oct 1899

Galloway, Margaret married John H. Davis on 7 Oct 1869

Galvin, Bridget married John T. McLaughlin on 10 Jan 1893

Galvin, Mary married John L. Gallaher on 28 Sep 1881

Galway, Alice C. married Will L. Rodgers on 27 Nov 1895

Galway, Grace L. married Charles J. Proudfoot on 22 Sep 1897

Gamsjager, Joseph F. married Theresa Hall on 26 Feb 1871

Gandy, Clarence S. married Lizzie Renneman on 29 Oct 1889

Gandy, Ida B. married William C. Riley on 9 Feb 1893

Gandy, John M. married Clara B. Arlbe on 5 Nov 1898

Gandy, Mary married Simeon M. Taylor on 26 May 1870

Gank, Peter H. married Carrie N. Boliger on 22 Jan 1896

Gannsjager, John C. married Mary J. Minear on 21 Apr 1892

Ganse, James married Harriet R. Wilson on 23 Oct 1879

Garaughty, Martin J. married Mary A. McLaughlin on 2 Nov 1882

Garder, Rebecca E. married James E. Dixon on 13 Mar 1882

Garlen, Rebecca J. married William L. Kinter on 14 Dec 1882

Garlow, Ella married Nathan D. Jackson on 12 Jan 1893

Garlow, Mollie E. married Ulysses G. Doolittle on 31 May 1891

Garner, Bertha E. married Thomas G. Love on 29 May 1898

Garner, Joseph W. married Mollie M. Myers on 23 Dec 1896

Garner, Simon H. married Susan Snider on 9 Jun 1867

Garner, William D. married Sevilla C. Uppold on 5 Sep 1897

Garnsjager, Minnie married Reedy Bartlett on 23 May 1900

Garrett, Robert C. married Ida Butcher on 11 Dec 1878

Garrett, Samuel E. married Mary V. Batson on 6 Nov 1873

Gaskins, Albert married Sadie Dumire on 9 Sep 1884

Gattens, Hugh married Ella G. Davis on 22 Jun 1893

Gatts, Robert J. married Sarah A. Brown on 25 Dec 1889

Gaul, L. E. married Henrietta Robinson on 14 Jun 1874

Gawthrop, Allen D. married Fannie A. Holt on 2 Sep 1894

Gawthrop, Cora E. married Resin E. Dunham on 17 Mar 1898

Gawthrop, Evan M. married Nancy Hustead on 14 Mar 1867

Gawthrop, George W. married May M. Newlon on 11 Jun 1896

Gawthrop, James H. married Virginia Rector on 28 Feb 1867

Gawthrop, Launa married A. Steele Law on 5 Oct 1899

Gawthrop, Phoebe married John R. Kinsey on 29 Oct 1875

Gawthrop, Sarah married William M. Dadismen on 15 Jun 1873

Geldbach, Anna married Ernest W. Kealz on 9 Apr 1874

Gelhausen, Joseph A. married Sarah E. Bolener on 3 Dec 1889

Gelhausen, Louisa V. married David Luzader on 10 Sep 1872

Gelhausen, Maud married Mortimer N. Utterback on 19 Jan 1889

Gender, Frank J. married Delia A. Hines on 24 Nov 1891

George, Abraham married Elizabeth C. Cole on 19 Dec 1878

George, Abraham married Winnie Clark on 7 Jul 1892

Gerard, Lucinda married Samuel Shelton on 23 Mar 1890

Gerdts, Evan married Margaret E. Jordan on 19 Jun 1865

Gerken, Joseph married Aeolia Ida Sargent on 13 Nov 1882

Gerken, Stephen A. married Fannie Johnston on 8 May 1877

Gerkin, John H. married Bridget Fahey on 8 Feb 1893

Gerkin, Theodore Benj. married Merella Virg. Thomas on 2 Nov 1893

Gerkin, Theodore H. married Annie T. Rooney on 24 Apr 1882

Gettings, Mary M. married Henry A. Fernald on 24 Aug 1893

Gibson, Maggie married Albert Lee on 6 Nov 1889

Gibson, Thomas A. married Esta E. Rohrbough on 24 Nov 1868

Gigley, Abraham L. married Amanda E. Phillips on 26 May 1885

Gigley, John H. married Henrietta Byer on 2 Nov 1870

Gigley, Morgan S. married Lucy Cuningham on 14 Feb 1871

Gilbart, Daniel W. married Columbia A. Morris on 9 Feb 1884

Gilbert, Jessie married Harry S. Colborn on 22 Jul 1897

Gildback, Elisabeth married James Cassell on 10 Feb 1864

Gildback, Elizabeth married James Cassell on 6 Feb 1864

Giles, Charles F. married Jennie E. White on 1 Jun 1882

Giles, Elizabeth married George Grow on 1 Mar 1876

Giles, Evan A. married Artentia A. Magill on 17 Oct 1886

Giles, Frances married John W. Skidmore on 24 Dec 1890

Giles, George W. married Henrietta Binnegar on 18 Dec 1872

Giles, Jennie married Robert Thomas Libby on 13 Dec 1874

Giles, Loring J. married Rachel Kerns on 8 Nov 1888

Giles, Mollie married Odus Curry on 25 Feb 1900

Giles, Rosa Delle married Luther Madera on 13 Aug 1880

Giles, Sultana J. married Noah Winemiller on 12 Dec 1864

Gilhart, Anna V. L. married David W. Drennan on 15 Sep 1898

Gilhart, Daniel married Victoria Adams on 16 Jan 1899

Gill, N. Harry married Lizzie C. Williams on 25 Nov 1900

Gilligan, John J. married Eliza Flanagan on 23 Jun 1873

Gillman, Frederic married Mary F. Creel on 7 Jan 1864

Gilman, Frederic married Mary F. Creel on 14 Jan 1864

Gilmore, John married Louise Fazenbaker on 23 Nov 1887

Gilmore, Nesbit A. married Guretha A. Bartlett on 16 Oct 1884

Gilpin, Mary married William Constable on 20 Aug 1876

Glandon, John S. married Elizabeth Collins on 9 Mar 1884

Glannon, Patrick married Mary A. Fallon on 23 Oct 1870

Glasscock, Troy C. married Harriet Estelia Ringler on 29 Nov 1900

Glaunsinger, Fred married Annie Wood on 25 Sep 1892

Gleeson, Joseph P. married Bridget A. Gunning on 8 May 1871

Glen, Elias J. married Sarah J. Rutherford on 2 Jan 1866

Glendenning, Ardella married George B. Shaw on 28 Oct 1886

Glendenning, Ottie married Emma Q. Martin on 25 Dec 1893

Glenn, Alice L. married Robert J. Stark on 24 Dec 1884

Glenn, Anna M. married Nathan Evans on 30 Sep 1886

Glenn, Charles M. married Emily J. Keener on 12 Jan 1865

Glenn, Charles M. married Margaret J. Demoss on 3 May 1877

Glenn, Edgar R. married Margaret D. Hickal on 14 Jun 1900

Glenn, George W. married Sarah P. Saterfield on 6 Dec 1890

Glenn, Hattie N. married George R. Reynolds on 10 Jan 1889

Glenn, James A. married Ella M. Smallwood on 23 Oct 1885

Glenn, James R. married Lessie J. Malone on 30 Apr 1898

Glenn, John B. married Rosa A. Deahl on 13 Jul 1891

Glenn, Lizzie M. married Edward E. White on 27 Jul 1890

Glenn, Lucy M. married George Evans on 17 May 1896

Glenn, Margaret M. married William R. Louden on 1 Dec 1866

Glenn, Mary V. married William S. Humes on 16 Jan 1865

Glenn, Minnie V. married Charles R. Harr on 26 Apr 1891

Glisan, William Ross married Harriet Ansina Harper on 22 Dec 1869

Gluck, Ella married Harvey D. Stalnaker on 18 Mar 1900

Gobel, May C. married Emery Whitehair on 27 Jun 1889

Gobel, Thomas P. married Jennie Carroll on 15 Mar 1888

Goff, Jane married David E. Stevens on 29 Mar 1866

Goff, Lillian A. married Sylvester Martin on 4 Sep 1895

Goff, Martin L. married Nancy Shackelford on 4 Mar 1880

Goff, Peter married Mary F. Martin on 13 Sep 1877

Goff, Rosealy married James Shaw on 20 Dec 1885

Goff, Rosie married Samuel Beavers on 17 Mar 1894

Goff, William N. married Mary G. Howard on 25 Feb 1886

Golden, John B. married Hannah J. Ryan on 15 Mar 1870

Goley, Dora married George W. Warner on 1 Mar 1899

Goley, John married Retta Whitehair on 27 Sep 1896

Good, Elizabeth C. married Charles W. Paynter on 30 Jan 1895

Good, Francis M. married Smith B. Deved on 26 Sep 1899

Goode, Mary Etta married Joseph F. Johnson on 24 Nov 1898

Goode, Mattie F. married William W. Taylor on 9 Oct 1883

Goode, Virginia Brook married Jesse Boardman Protzman on 12 Apr 1898

Gooding, Franklin married Lulu G. Warder on 18 Aug 1891

Gooding, Jeanetta married William Graham on 6 Mar 1895

Gooding, Orilla married Charles F. Anderson on 24 Aug 1884

Gooding, Orilla married William H. Hickel on 30 Jun 1891

Goodlow, William married Nora Hall on 26 Sep 1893

Goodwin, Arthur married Clara Roby on 9 Aug 1897

Goodwin, Charles married Carrie M. Holt on 3 Sep 1893

Goodwin, Cleophas J. married Flora Ellen Smith on 29 Apr 1883

Goodwin, Cora M. married William P. Withers on 24 Feb 1892

Goodwin, David O. married Clarrissa Brown on 21 Feb 1867

Goodwin, Elmer Forrest married Maude Ida Miller on 7 Nov 1900

Goodwin, Francis married Ann Bennett on 14 May 1885

Goodwin, George A. married Irena A. Dilworth on 29 Dec 1892

Goodwin, Hattie A. married Albert M. Grow on 15 Apr 1884

Goodwin, Icie E. married John H. Jr. Henry on 15 Jan 1896

Goodwin, Isabel M. married John N. Miller on 21 Nov 1872

Goodwin, James L. married Philena A. Robinson on 25 Feb 1872

Goodwin, James L. married Hampton W. Humphrey on 3 Jan 1878

Goodwin, John A. married Nancy E. Powell on 22 Dec 1872

Goodwin, John A. married Sarah H. Towles on 22 Feb 1880

Goodwin, John T. married Margaret Shields on 29 Mar 1866

Goodwin, Lovey V. married Nathaniel J. Williams on 31 Aug 1865

Goodwin, Martin married Clara E. Hertzog on 16 Jan 1896

Goodwin, May married Boyd Anderson on 11 Apr 1899

Goodwin, Nathan married Lora Louden on 25 Jul 1888

Goodwin, Nathan married Maggie McCleary on 3 Apr 1890

Goodwin, Okey E. married Maud Dearing on 15 Apr 1895

Goodwin, Ollie married Homer Janes on 13 Jan 1897

Goodwin, Rebecca E. married Charles A. Nuzum on 2 Mar 1879

Goodwin, Seth A. married Sarah E. Shingleton on 2 Jul 1893

Goodwin, Valley R. married Charles H. Hawkins on 24 Dec 1897

Goodwin, Viola B. married Charles E. Gould on 29 Dec 1895

Goodwin, William M. married Nancy J. Dunham on 14 Dec 1863

Goodwin, William M. married Nancy Jane Dunham on 17 Dec 1863

Goodwin, William S. married Sarah A. Clelland on 26 Feb 1874

Goodwin, Willie married Zana T. Janes on 21 Mar 1889

Gorby, Maggie married Samuel L. Wagner on 11 Jul 1895

Gordon, Annie M. married Spencer Jones on 15 Oct 1891

Gordon, Charles E. married Catharine Dillon on 6 Aug 1873

Gordon, Frank A. married Sarah V. Myers on 13 Feb 1890

Gordon, Sophia married Bernard Heson on 8 Dec 1874

Gotey, Charlotte married Patrick Dunn on 22 Jun 1868

Gotz, Louiza F. married Sherrard C. Herndon on 2 Apr 1884

Gough, Charles V. married Lillie M. Cline on 28 Mar 1888

Gough, Francis A. married Arminda Newlon on 25 Nov 1890

Gough, Hannah married Samuel Martin on 9 Jul 1872

Gough, James J. married Maria A. Shaw on 4 Jan 1872

Gough, John W. married Dora M. Hathaway on 31 Jan 1893

Gough, Mary A. married Gibson L. Davis on 30 Jun 1891

Gould, Charles E. married Viola B. Goodwin on 29 Dec 1895

Gower, Gracie married Daniel Rush on 6 Feb 1897

Gower, John F. married Susannah McCaully on 27 Jan 1884

Gower, John F. married Sarah V. Grimes on 9 Oct 1887

Gower, Margaret Louisa married John M. Grimes on 8 Apr 1883

Gower, Mary married Rame Courtney on 23 Aug 1893

Gower, Sarah C. married William L. Thorn on 14 May 1867

Gower, Sarah E. married Joseph H. Ansell on 11 Mar 1888

Gragg, Elizabeth A. married William Haddax on 21 Apr 1888

Gragg, Henry H. married Harriet Burke on 18 Apr 1882

Graham, Cora L. married Charles P. Guard on 10 Dec 1892

Graham, Harry Frank married Nora Neel Maxwell on 26 Jan 1898

Graham, India S. married Erskine Pryor on 6 Mar 1878

Graham, Lewis T. married Almeda R. Johnson on 19 Aug 1871

Graham, Loretta married Harmon Jenkins on 16 Nov 1885

Graham, Mary married William H. Grimes on 2 Sep 1897

Graham, Sanford married Carmelia V. Applegate on 30 May 1887

Graham, William married Jeanetta Gooding on 6 Mar 1895

Gramm, Annie married Hanson A. Jarrett on 2 Nov 1898

Grandon, Laura married Charles F. Lynch on 1 Mar 1889

Graney, John married Ann M. Flanagan on 26 Aug 1872

Graney, Michael married Malissa Bircher on 26 Mar 1882

Grannan, John W. married Cora M. Davis on 8 Mar 1899

Grannan, William J. married Jettie J. Moran on 8 Mar 1897

Granneman, Elizabeth married William B. Fauley on 16 Feb 1888

Grant, William L Jr. married Letitia V. Hiller on 14 Jun 1882

Gray, Catharine married James W. Lambert on 6 Dec 1863

Gray, Hannemes E. married Lena M. Cline on 7 Nov 1889

Gray, Samuel married Henrietta M. Smith on 16 Oct 1870

Gray, Sarah married Evan Christy on 11 Aug 1863

Gray, Sarah married Evan Christy on 6 Aug 1863

Grayhem, George W. married Emma N. Jones on 2 Dec 1890

Grayston, James married Catharine Whitty on 4 Nov 1873

Greathouse, Elizabeth married Elmore N. Dearing on 30 Mar 1871

Greathouse, Ellen married Claude Wyckoff on 26 Aug 1880

Greathouse, Jeannette married Winfield S. Shields on 10 Oct 1880

Greathouse, Joseph married Mary Ellen Dunham on 13 Aug 1881

Greathouse, Joseph married Mary Jane Koon on 5 Oct 1882

Greathouse, Lincoln married Melissa Purky on 14 Sep 1893

Greathouse, Sarah Catharine married George M. Coplin on 1 Apr 1880

Greathouse, William G. married Hannah E. Bristor on 12 May 1895

Green, Ellen married William Beach on 25 Dec 1899

Green, George F. married Elizabeth D. Shaw on 24 Jan 1877

Green, George F. married Ella G. Seargeant on 29 May 1888

Green, John C. married Susan A. Johnson on 20 Aug 1865

Green, John W. married Luvenia C. Harr on 10 Nov 1875

Green, Nancy A. married George W. Brown on 15 Jun 1873

Greene, Martin F. married Mary E. Elliott on 26 Nov 1894

Greenwade, R. C. married Minnie B. Luckey on 30 Dec 1892

Gregory, Isabel married Napoleon L. Frum on 3 May 1877

Gregory, Mosella married Benjamin F. Bartlett on 27 Mar 1882

Grennaman, Sarah A. married Lewis W. Bloom on 1 Jul 1880

Grey, Catharine married James W. Lambert on 4 Dec 1863

Griffeth, James W. married Lummie Howell on 3 Sep 1890

Griffitch, Jacob married Ruah B. Morris on 16 Mar 1886

Griffith, Malissa J. married Cornelius Nixon on 25 Oct 1868

Griffith, Mary C. married Wilfred J. Ryan on 23 Oct 1870

Griffith, Rebecca married William F. Constable on 3 May 1865

Griffith, Thomas married Sarah Bonor on 13 Apr 1871

Griffith, Thomas married Mary Ann Ross on 27 Dec 1863

Griffith, Thomas married Mary Ann Ross on 29 Dec 1863

Griffith, William S. married Elizabeth Grow on 24 Mar 1880

Grimes, Isaac N. married Eliza J. Means on 13 Aug 1868

Grimes, John F. married Mary M. Tutt on 21 Oct 1875

Grimes, John M. married Margaret Louisa Gower on 8 Apr 1883

Grimes, Mary married Cyrus Hays on 28 Nov 1877

Grimes, Mary E. married Thomas J. Jacobs on 30 Oct 1879

Grimes, Sarah E. married Oliver P. Austin on 14 Aug 1888

Grimes, Sarah V. married John F. Gower on 9 Oct 1887

Grimes, Thomas S. married Laura R. Bailey on 20 Nov 1892

Grimes, William H. married Mary Graham on 2 Sep 1897

Grimes, William S. married Hannah Bell Murphy on 30 Jan 1869

Grimes, Zella Oteria married James E. Shackelford on 2 Feb 1899

Grimm, Dora Elizabeth married Charles Pascal Lucas on 23 Dec 1896

Grimm, Rolly married Mary Ann Saucer on 8 Oct 1878

Grinnan, James W. married Mary C. Bragg on 2 Sep 1877

Grob, Albert married Jennie Headlogger on 23 Dec 1890

Grob, Emil C. married Bertha Embrihl on 19 Jan 1885

Grohe, Matthew Joseph married Mary Chrysostom Dorsey on 21 Nov 1900

Groomes, Isaac W. married Laura G. Engle on 29 Dec 1890

Grove, Willa married David H. Tobin on 5 Aug 1880

Groves, Jessie married Charles E. Manley on 7 Nov 1878

Groves, Mary married John Brosius on 23 Aug 1873

Grow, Albert M. married Hattie A. Goodwin on 15 Apr 1884

Grow, Clara M. married Abram W. Finnell on 4 Jul 1886

Grow, Elizabeth married William S. Griffith on 24 Mar 1880

Grow, George married Elizabeth Giles on 1 Mar 1876

Grow, Mary E. married David E. Robinson on 1 May 1894

Grow, Newton W. married Annie O. Davis on 5 Oct 1884

Grow, Nora C. married Charles H. Sergeant on 23 Apr 1883

Grow, Phebe Jane married Henry C. Leonard on 25 Oct 1877

Grow, William married Emiline Davis on 8 Aug 1867

Grow, William H. married Minnie Z. Rogers on 19 Apr 1898

Gruber, Clara B. married John S. Yates on 4 Nov 1897

Gruman, Josephine married George A. Bragg on 2 Dec 1875

Guard, Charles P. married Cora L. Graham on 10 Dec 1892

Guard, Ida Virginia married James W. Anderson on 20 Feb 1876

Guisce, Jacob married Rosa Carr on 25 Mar 1900

Gull, George W. married Elisabeth A. Kyle on 26 Sep 1865

Gum, Flora M. married Samuel Butters on 18 Dec 1882

Gum, George M. married Virginia Monroe on 26 Sep 1865

Gum, Una C. married J. Monroe Brohard on 5 May 1887

Gunning, Bridget A. married Joseph P. Gleeson on 8 May 1871

Gunning, Michael married Lizzie Pierce on 8 Apr 1872

Guseman, Henry H. married Sarah E. Means on 17 Nov 1866

Guseman, Myrtle E. married Willis B. Lewellen on 16 Jun 1897

Guskey, Charles married Mary Ott on 4 Feb 1877

Guthrie, Benjamin F. married Charlotte McDonald on 18 Sep 1897

Guthrie, Elizabeth E. married Joseph W. Shuttlesworth on 24 Mar 1889

Guthrie, Mary E. married Luther E. Hawkins on 6 Nov 1897


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