Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "H"

Hacker, George W. married Mary Ann Moore on 1 Oct 1865

Haddax, William married Elizabeth A. Gragg on 21 Apr 1888

Haddix, Allen married Margaret Male on 21 Nov 1880

Haddix, Daisey married Joseph O. M. Lake on 25 Dec 1898

Haddix, Emma married George L Blaney on 4 May 1884

Haddix, George married Rachel F. Davis on 21 Dec 1876

Haddix, James W. married Cora L. Covington on 28 Feb 1892

Haddix, John married Rebecca Shingleton on 15 May 1884

Haddix, Lacy Ann married John Schooley on 4 Feb 1875

Haddix, Mary Lucetta married William Russell Spring on 28 Nov 1899

Haddox, Elizabeth married John Oard on 1 Jan 1872

Haddox, Isaac Jr. married Sarah Bailey on 17 Aug 1865

Haddox, Julia married Joab Martin on 1 Jul 1894

Hadix, Bertha E. married John W. Bradley on 5 Jul 1894

Hagans, Emma R. married Lloyd L. Wilson on 25 Jul 1878

Haines, Gustavus A. married Alice Tuel on 12 Oct 1884

Hains, Justus J. married Margaret A. Arnold on 8 Aug 1896

Haislip, George A. married Sarah Pomreoy on 18 May 1871

Halbritter, Ona V. married Martha N. Perry on 21 Aug 1899

Haldeman, Joseph H. married Olive V. Demoss on 19 Feb 1880

Halderman, Mary E. married Winfield S. Phillips on 24 Apr 1888

Hall, Benjamin F. married Mary E. Wiseman on 23 Oct 1878

Hall, Cora M. married Lewis A. Barber on 18 May 1892

Hall, Eliza A. married Edward Bell on 4 Jan 1866

Hall, Eliza R. married James Anderson on 18 Apr 1895

Hall, Emma G. married Amos F. Rohrabough on 18 Oct 1893

Hall, Grace M. B. married Harry Colston on 24 Dec 1896

Hall, Hannahetta married Lewis M. Shroyer on 12 Oct 1865

Hall, Henry married Nancy Lacy on 30 Nov 1865

Hall, Ida H. married Robert F. Henderson on 4 Jun 1889

Hall, Irene married Robert Montgomery on 7 Jan 1892

Hall, Jacob M. married Virginia E. Means on 7 Aug 1870

Hall, John married Almeda Howard on 22 Jan 1864

Hall, John married Amanda Howard on 24 Jan 1864

Hall, John C. married Lucy Riffee on 18 Mar 1875

Hall, Lean married John W. Crawford on 8 Apr 1896

Hall, Lydia A. married Jonathan J. Shackleford on 7 Dec 1871

Hall, Martin L. married Arthelia A. Luzader on 30 May 1893

Hall, Mary married Henry A. Lawler on 14 Dec 1886

Hall, Mary C. married Lucas Foreman on 28 Apr 1864

Hall, Mary C. married Lucas Forman on 28 Apr 1864

Hall, Mary J. married Newton A. Barnhouse on 28 Oct 1897

Hall, Nancy Elizabeth married Richard Rittenhouse on 30 Apr 1889

Hall, Nora married William Goodlow on 26 Sep 1893

Hall, Olive M. married Abraham McElfresh on 22 Apr 1886

Hall, Rebecca married Morlon Dunmore on 1 Mar 1866

Hall, Reuben W. married Edith Dunham on 8 Dec 1864

Hall, Samuel married Mollie K. Pinnell on 11 May 1898

Hall, Sarah married Jacob Jr. Shroyer on 23 Apr 1865

Hall, Sarah E. married Lewis Pines on 13 Jul 1890

Hall, Susannah E. married Ira T. Shackelford on 10 Apr 1897

Hall, Theresa married Joseph F. Gamsjager on 26 Feb 1871

Hall, Virginia married William Holmes on 22 Dec 1894

Hall, Walter G. married Burnetta Bowman on 6 Jun 1897

Hall, William married Maggie G. Bunner on 26 Oct 1892

Hall, William G. married Triphena S. Bragg on 23 Nov 1893

Hall, William J. married Cora V. Severe on 16 Sep 1891

Hallbritter, Elizabeth married George H. Brosius on 1 Sep 1867

Haller, Flavius B. married Amanda Bailey on 5 Sep 1883

Haller, Watson H. married Ella V. Hustead on 2 Apr 1890

Halterman, Belle married Robert L. Rogers on 15 Jan 1891

Halterman, Daniel married Louisa Smell on 28 Aug 1871

Halterman, John W. married Arah J. Poe on 17 Nov 1867

Halterman, Margaret married Edgar M. Poe on 18 Apr 1898

Halterman, Phoebe E. married William D. Prim on 22 Jan 1895

Halterman, Sarah Ellen married William T. Anderson on 13 Nov 1898

Hamilton, Calvin married Minnie L. Thomas on 7 Jan 1900

Hamilton, Charles F. married Carrie S. Creel on 28 Oct 1889

Hamilton, Harriet C. married George D. Holden on 16 May 1875

Hamilton, Hattie married Carl F. Luessow on 24 Nov 1886

Hamilton, James M. married Cora Hardinger on 19 Oct 1885

Hamilton, Jefferson D. married Lillie M. McWilliams on 24 Jun 1886

Hamilton, Lee married Ella Armstrong on 24 Jun 1884

Hamilton, Lilla married Marshall A. Dayton on 15 Nov 1892

Hamilton, Mary married Lafayette E. Ward on 22 Jul 1880

Hamilton, Mary married Benjamin O. Largent on 5 Apr 1896

Hamilton, Nancy C. married William H. Barnes on 27 Jan 1891

Hamilton, Rebecca married John Haymond on 4 Apr 1875

Hamilton, Samuel R. married Nancy C. Benen on 3 Feb 1884

Hamilton, Silvanias married Mary Haymond on 1 Jan 1868

Hammond, Albert married Mary Gallaher on 26 Aug 1879

Hammond, Elisabeth H. married Aaron T. Cline on 5 Dec 1865

Hammond, Harriet H. married Phillip B. Martin on 11 Jan 1882

Handley, Sabra A. married Samuel C. Bartlett on 8 Apr 1869

Handley, Sarah A. married Benjamin F. Pauley on 9 Sep 1872

Handley, Selina married Lewis E. Hirst on 21 Nov 1865

Handschumaker, Adam married Mary E. Boice on 31 May 1896

Hanes, Robert F. married Mollie E. McDaniel on 23 Sep 1883

Haney, Alfred T. married Nancy Martin on 4 May 1871

Haney, Sanford married Emma O. Messenger on 8 Jul 1883

Haney, William W. married Melissa E. Snider on 20 Jul 1879

Hanigan, Cora married Thomas W. Dunnington on 25 Nov 1891

Hanline, Mary E. married Oscar F. Riley on 29 Mar 1886

Hannan, George married Annie Dillon on 16 Mar 1899

Hannan, George A. married Rebecca McWilliams on 6 Jul 1892

Hannas, George W. married Sarah E. Rinker on 18 Dec 1877

Hanshaw, George W. married Sallie Q. McGiffin on 6 Jun 1877

Happusett, William H. married Elizabeth A. Frazier on 28 Oct 1875

Happygate, Annie married John McMannon on 12 Nov 1876

Hardegen, Otto married Bertie Robinson on 26 Nov 1889

Harden, George W. W. married Margaret Poling on 30 Jun 1872

Harden, Honora F. married George J. Keener on 11 Jun 1890

Harden, Martha E. J. married Jacquess A. Bishop on 24 Dec 1866

Hardin, John P. married Missouri B. Hawkins on 24 May 1889

Hardinger, Annie C. married Lloyd M. Hardman on 26 Dec 1872

Hardinger, Cora married James M. Hamilton on 19 Oct 1885

Hardinger, Emeline married John N. Mayes on 11 Mar 1875

Hardinger, Emeline married John N. Rogers on 11 Mar 1875

Hardinger, Mary E. married Granville J. Brown on 18 Apr 1867

Hardman, Grace married Charles Kidwell on 16 Mar 1896

Hardman, Izona M. married A. John Myers on 14 Sep 1882

Hardman, Lloyd M. married Annie C. Hardinger on 26 Dec 1872

Hardsock, Nancy married Edward Carr on 14 Oct 1863

Hardy, Frank P. married Addessa J. Ruble on 25 Dec 1883

Harget, George W. married Ida Luessow on 28 Jun 1877

Harkins, John M. married Viola Southworth on 12 Sep 1900

Harmison, Floyd married Ann Louisa Lambden on 6 Oct 1875

Harmison, William H. married Mary E. McDonald on 7 Jun 1864

Harold, Richard H. married Helen Davidson on 2 Feb 1882

Harper, Harriet Ansina married William Ross Glisan on 22 Dec 1869

Harr, Allice married Jonathan Currey on 14 May 1871

Harr, Belle married Oscar O. Morrow on 16 Sep 1888

Harr, Charles R. married Minnie V. Glenn on 26 Apr 1891

Harr, Effie M. married James W. Boice on 29 Nov 1893

Harr, Elizabeth A. married Cornelius L. Reynolds on 29 May 1890

Harr, Isaac H. married Siloma D. Currey on 30 Sep 1877

Harr, James P. married Harriet Poe on 20 Sep 1866

Harr, James W. married Sarah V. Brown on 24 Oct 1878

Harr, Leda B. married Olonzo L. Hibbs on 20 May 1900

Harr, Luvenia C. married John W. Green on 10 Nov 1875

Harr, Mary V. married John A. Tucker on 2 Sep 1881

Harr, Sarah E. married William Dunham on 16 Dec 1869

Harr, Seymour married Caroline Reed on 25 Mar 1866

Harr, Virginia married Sebastian C. Nixon on 8 Nov 1866

Harris, John A. married Clara Jones on 18 Aug 1893

Harris, Ota married John P. Kerrigan on 22 Aug 1900

Harrison, James G. married Elizabeth Fry on 18 Mar 1866

Harrison, Thomas A. C. married Josephine Watson on 3 Feb 1896

Harsh, Sarah M. married William A. Thomas on 24 Mar 1887

Harter, James Franklin married Mary Etta Shroyer on 18 Jun 1899

Harter, Scott A. married Rebecca Jane Wilson on 24 Oct 1865

Hartley, Catherine E. married David H. Bucklew on 18 Oct 1895

Hartley, Ervin married Georgia A. Reese on 2 Aug 1896

Hartley, J. Milton married Mary M. Carney on 22 Oct 1867

Hartsoc, Nancy married Edward Carr on 14 Oct 1863

Hartsoc, Samuel married Margaret J. Behen on 2 Nov 1865

Hartsock, George married Clarinda A. Brenard on 10 Jul 1866

Harvey, Ada M. married Edwin N. Lock on 28 Jul 1897

Harvey, Delia married William C. Currant on 29 May 1897

Harvey, Jerome B. married Eunice Rightmire on 23 Dec 1878

Harvy, Nancy married William J. Wotring on 17 May 1868

Haslup, Carrie married T. Whitefield Heironimus on 14 Apr 1887

Haslup, Mary E. married James T. Wren on 2 Apr 1876

Hathaway, Alman K. married Mary G. Davis on 10 Aug 1897

Hathaway, Dora M. married John W. Gough on 31 Jan 1893

Hathaway, Elizabeth married James Shields on 13 Feb 1868

Hathaway, Flora Amy married Thomas Edward Stilwell on 14 May 1899

Hathaway, Sarah married William Dillon on 20 Jul 1863

Hathaway, W. R. married Columbia Phillips on 11 Nov 1880

Hathaway, Washington married Minerva J. Arnold on 1 Dec 1870

Hathaway, Washington J. married Estaline Woodyard on 11 Apr 1878

Hattox, Josephine married Elmore H. Dumire on 24 Oct 1872

Haught, Francis T. married Arabell Means on 18 Aug 1889

Hauser, Ida M. married James W. Knotts on 28 Aug 1884

Hauser, May A. married James T. Demoss on 23 May 1889

Hauser, Russell S. married Allie B. Wolfe on 4 Oct 1893

Hawkinberry, Nannie married Edward B. Jenkins on 27 Jan 1881

Hawkins, C. H. married Leda Ashcraft on 21 Dec 1900

Hawkins, Callie married Floyd A. Prim on 28 Oct 1891

Hawkins, Charles H. married Valley R. Goodwin on 24 Dec 1897

Hawkins, Emeline married Lloyd Wright on 3 Sep 1868

Hawkins, Ethey L. married James S. Wright on 18 Aug 1892

Hawkins, Francis M. married Matilda J. Frank on 1 Oct 1863

Hawkins, Francis M. married Matilda J. Frank on 28 Sep 1863

Hawkins, James married Edith A. Coplin on 22 Jul 1866

Hawkins, John A. married Lucinda Sinsel on 28 Nov 1867

Hawkins, Lucinda married William Titchenor on 2 Sep 1863

Hawkins, Lucinda married William Tichenor on 5 Sep 1863

Hawkins, Luther E. married Mary E. Guthrie on 6 Nov 1897

Hawkins, Margaret E. married William E. Travis on 2 Mar 1882

Hawkins, Missouri B. married John P. Hardin on 24 May 1889

Hawkins, Sarah A. married Richard M. Travis on 13 Feb 1879

Hawkins, William L. married Osie M. Leonard on 13 Apr 1896

Hawkner, Mary married Joseph O. Sullivan on 18 Apr 1875

Hayes, Alexander P. married Laura M. Brown on 3 Dec 1894

Hayes, Mary married William Satterfield on 8 Aug 1888

Hayes, Susie married William J. Dailey on 27 Mar 1900

Hayhurst, Martha A. married Alexander Thorn on 238

Hayhurst, Robert married Sarah A. Henderson on 5 Sep 1872

Hayhurst, Sarah married Isaac W. Neal on 27 Nov 1895

Haymond, Eliza married William A. Thomas on 19 Feb 1867

Haymond, Elizabeth married William A. Thomas on 13 Feb 1867

Haymond, Emiline R. married Ishmal S. Pointer on 29 Aug 1867

Haymond, Estella S. married Isaac N. Lucas on 11 Oct 1887

Haymond, Isaac M. married Mary Barnes on 14 Dec 1863

Haymond, Isaac M. married Mary J. Barnes on 22 Dec 1863

Haymond, Jacob M. married Sarah E. Barns on 24 Jan 1867

Haymond, James married Sarah Smell on 29 Dec 1870

Haymond, John married Rebecca Hamilton on 4 Apr 1875

Haymond, Laura C. married R. Leigh Fleming on 3 Jun 1895

Haymond, Lewis C. married Imogene Williams on 2 Dec 1880

Haymond, Mary married Silvanias Hamilton on 1 Jan 1868

Haymond, Missouri Jane married Daniel H. Watkins on 21 Oct 1875

Hays, Alexius married Eveline Ludwick on 22 Nov 1864

Hays, Cyrus married Mary Grimes on 28 Nov 1877

Hays, George married Drucilla Carroll on 13 Feb 1872

Headlogger, Jennie married Albert Grob on 23 Dec 1890

Heaten, Jacob H. married Catharine L. Frum on 8 Jun 1875

Heath, Edger married Dora E. Ridenour on 25 Dec 1884

Heatherley, Phoebe K. married Clay G. Bartlett on 23 Dec 1897

Heatherly, Elijah married Lola Belle Walters on 3 Jul 1899

Heatherly, Ellen married William W. Phillips on 2 Sep 1873

Heatherly, Hannah married Chapin Reed on 16 Mar 1871

Heatherly, Martha married John J. Purkey on 23 Apr 1892

Heatherly, Mary L. married John H. Reed on 29 Mar 1870

Heatherly, Matilda married L. Morgan Murphy on 5 May 1881

Heatherly, William H. married Annie Bolton on 23 Aug 1882

Heatherly, William H. married Jemima Cole on 9 Aug 1877

Heaton, Ernest married Rebecca McVicker on 2 Jun 1892

Hebb, James S. married Ellen Blackburn on 3 Jul 1864

Hechiner, George A. married Mary B. Leuthke on 1 May 1900

Hechiner, John L. married Anna Luethke on 12 Aug 1891

Hechiner, John L. married Josephine Lenthke on 28 Nov 1878

Heck, Mary C. married Richard M. Travis on 30 May 1893

Heck, Nixon married Mary C. Satterfield on 26 Nov 1882

Hedlogger, John H. married Belle Hoernlein on 14 May 1890

Hedrick, Charles E. married Mary J. Kenny on 29 Oct 1885

Hedrick, Orlena V. married James L. Rogers on 25 Nov 1886

Heflin, Carroll Judson married Anna Beatrice Morgan on 3 Sep 1899

Hefner, Dora B. married Edgar M. Doll on 8 Nov 1883

Hefner, Laura E. married Lewis Kitzmiller on 24 Dec 1890

Hefner, Lena C. married W. E. Crall on 3 Jan 1899

Heironimus, T. Whitefield married Carrie Haslup on 14 Apr 1887

Heiskell, M. E. married Milton Smith on 12 Sep 1863

Held, Frederick married Adelgonde Brandner on 23 Oct 1879

Helmick, George W. married America Ann Hison on 24 Nov 1870

Helms, Grant married Victoria Waller on 31 Dec 1893

Helms, Martha J. married John J. Hunter on 23 Sep 1866

Henderson, Amelia married John Rudy on 20 Feb 1873

Henderson, Annie C. married Timothy M. Sullivan on 15 Feb 1890

Henderson, Edward S. married Jane Neal on 4 Mar 1869

Henderson, Eli L. married Mary Henderson on 2 Mar 1865

Henderson, Elisabeth S. married Benjamin F. Shingleton on 14 Feb 1864

Henderson, Eliza J. married William Funk on 14 Aug 1888

Henderson, Eliza S. married Benjamin F. Shigleton on 9 Feb 1864

Henderson, Elizabeth E. married George W. Henderson on 20 Dec 1881

Henderson, George E. married Rosa M. Lake on 13 Jul 1895

Henderson, George W. married Elizabeth E. Henderson on 20 Dec 1881

Henderson, George W. F. married Celia C. Casey on 23 Mar 1879

Henderson, Gibson L. married Mary Henderson on 25 Mar 1869

Henderson, Harriet Ann married Benjamin F. Rogers on 28 Nov 1878

Henderson, Harriet E. married Joseph S. Robinson on 28 Dec 1895

Henderson, Isabelle A. married John A. Linn on 22 Dec 1881

Henderson, John D. married Esther V. Carder on 16 Jan 1890

Henderson, John S. married Lizzie B. Poe on 16 Jun 1895

Henderson, Joshua S. C. married Luvenia A. Linn on 11 Nov 1897

Henderson, Margaret married Lewis M. Newlon on 14 Feb 1884

Henderson, Martha Jane married Wesley W. Lake on 2 Dec 1875

Henderson, Martin A. married Florence Hull on 7 Jan 1899

Henderson, Mary married Gibson L. Lake on 12 Mar 1867

Henderson, Mary married Eli L. Henderson on 2 Mar 1865

Henderson, Mary married Gibson L. Henderson on 25 Mar 1869

Henderson, Mary E. married Thomas N. Lake on 10 Nov 1887

Henderson, Mary J. married George Neel on 10 Dec 1890

Henderson, Pernina E. married Robert W. Henderson on 24 Aug 1894

Henderson, Rebecca married Jefferson L. Radcliff on 19 Mar 1885

Henderson, Rebecca Ida married Dennis McKinney on 1 Sep 1900

Henderson, Rebecca V. married James A. Mahaffey on 11 Oct 1888

Henderson, Robert married Emily M. Stye on 10 Apr 1866

Henderson, Robert F. married Ida H. Hall on 4 Jun 1889

Henderson, Robert L married Ruhamah Miller on 4 Aug 1872

Henderson, Robert W. married Pernina E. Henderson on 24 Aug 1894

Henderson, Samuel L. married Laura Reese on 18 Sep 1890

Henderson, Sarah A. married Robert Hayhurst on 5 Sep 1872

Henderson, Stephen W. married Jemima Efaw on 10 Oct 1895

Henderson, T. B. married Stella O. E. Brown on 5 Sep 1897

Henderson, Violet J. married James E. Miller on 16 Feb 1871

Henderson, Walter married Inez Kidwell on 8 Jun 1893

Hendrickson, John married Catharine Smouse on 28 Oct 1866

Hendrickson, Lulu B. married Waitman W. Rider on 25 Nov 1886

Henline, Osias married Jane Poling on 10 Oct 1880

Henn, Livingston P. married Melvina Rogers on 20 Nov 1878

Henry, A. H. married Naomi Curry on 18 Apr 1897

Henry, A. Holmes married Adam Laughlin on 12 May 1898

Henry, Albertia married Frank Henry on 11 Mar 1895

Henry, Frank married Albertia Henry on 11 Mar 1895

Henry, Hannah M. married Thomas J. Winter on 21 Dec 1892

Henry, Holdridge L. married Clara C. Hoskins on 10 Sep 1891

Henry, Jannett M. married Charles M. Walter on 23 Oct 1895

Henry, John H. Jr. married Icie E. Goodwin on 15 Jan 1896

Henry, Lawrence married Mary C. Lewis on 11 May 1882

Henry, Minnie C. married Jesse G. Lawson on 8 Sep 1897

Hern, Charles G. married Sarah G. Shields on 29 Sep 1885

Hern, Mena married William F. Faust on 27 Sep 1897

Herndon, Sherrard C. married Louiza F. Gotz on 2 Apr 1884

Herr, Dove married Richard K. White on 10 Nov 1895

Herr, John S. S. married Lorinda Hertzog on 2 Nov 1871

Hertzog, Capitola married James B. Rohrbough on 23 Oct 1879

Hertzog, Clara E. married Martin Goodwin on 16 Jan 1896

Hertzog, Cora B. married Alonzo McDonald on 3 Sep 1893

Hertzog, Eliza V. married Levi Cochran on 7 Feb 1876

Hertzog, George G. married Sarah L. Wilson on 24 Aug 1892

Hertzog, George L. married Emma Ryan on 24 Dec 1863

Hertzog, George L. married Annie L. Morris on 24 Jan 1893

Hertzog, John A. married Vionia Elder on 27 Jan 1895

Hertzog, John A. married Cynthia C. Nuzum on 29 Mar 1882

Hertzog, Lorinda married John S. S. Herr on 2 Nov 1871

Hertzog, Margaret married George M. McDonald on 25 Jan 1872

Hertzog, Mary Alice married Robert O. Holden on 13 Sep 1899

Hertzog, Mary E. married George W. Elder on 6 Oct 1870

Hertzog, Maude married William W. Janes on 5 Sep 1897

Hertzog, Olive V. married David Boice on 19 Nov 1885

Hertzog, Phoebe married Jackson Evans on 29 Oct 1875

Hertzog, William married Susie McWillaims on 1 Feb 1885

Herzog, Bernhard married Mima Lego (Mrs) Lewis on 7 Apr 1898

Heson, Bernard married Sophia Gordon on 8 Dec 1874

Hess, Francis M. married Sarah Sargent on 24 Sep 1865

Hess, Henry married Hollie Rausher on 2 Feb 1870

Hess, Mary B. married James C. Bishop on 4 May 1897

Hess, Sarah married John G. Houston on 26 Oct 1876

Hesser, Andrew M. married Flora C. Colerider on 26 Sep 1883

Hesser, Margaret M. H. married John H. Monroe on 14 Sep 1871

Hessian, Mary married Thomas Moran on 2 Sep 1869

Hession, Elizabeth married Henry J. Ott on 2 Jun 1879

Hession, James D. married Kate Tait on 23 Nov 1885

Hession, Margaret married John Jr. Nestor on 25 Apr 1898

Hession, Michael J. married Sarah Kenney on 26 Nov 1889

Hibbs, Isaac married Susannah Ryan on 23 Oct 1870

Hibbs, L. W. married Angelina Ford on 10 May 1864

Hibbs, L. W. married Angelina Ford on 7 May 1864

Hibbs, Olonzo L. married Leda B. Harr on 20 May 1900

Hibbs, Thomas W. married Hulda Hustead on 24 Sep 1868

Hickal, Margaret D. married Edgar R. Glenn on 14 Jun 1900

Hickel, Mittie V. married Roman Dobler on 25 Dec 1872

Hickel, William H. married Orilla Gooding on 30 Jun 1891

Hickey, Mary married Michael Flanagan on 21 Sep 1868

Hickle, Elizabeth A. married John W. Cameron on 30 Mar 1865

Hickle, F. M. married Amanda Frymyer on 1 Oct 1863

Hickle, F. M. married Amanda Frymyre on 30 Sep 1863

Hickman, James married Elizabeth Jane Robinson on 25 Dec 1873

Hickman, James F. married Edith V. McElroy on 15 Sep 1887

Hickman, John W. L. married Mary E. Smith on 22 Jan 1885

Hickman, Lee married Sophronia Shields on 16 Dec 1880

Hickman, Willie married Miranda A. McDonald on 18 Nov 1885

Hieronimus, Stewart M. married Mary J. Adams on 19 Sep 1865

Higgins, James J. married Rose A. Flanagan on 25 Nov 1886

Hilaman, Abraham married Rosetta Taylor on 5 Oct 1895

Hildebrand, Henry J. married Mary Kercheval on 21 Jun 1874

Hilderbrand, Harry married Mary Margaret Bolinger on 30 Jun 1898

Hileman, Greenbury A. married Nancy A. Hileman on 10 Jun 1866

Hileman, Harriet married James H. Demoss on 22 Jun 1866

Hileman, Henry married Sarah Kerns on 7 Jun 1877

Hileman, Martin L. married Amanda B. Cunningham on 21 Oct 1895

Hileman, Nancy A. married Greenbury A. Hileman on 10 Jun 1866

Hileman, Vila married Thomas Demoss on 8 Feb 1866

Hilkey, Philip H. married Julia C. Warder on 17 Aug 1873

Hilkey, Recie W. married Eunice V. Riley on 10 Mar 1898

Hill, Benjamin married Fannie Brown on 22 Dec 1887

Hill, Cary married Hugh Marquiss on 22 Jan 1874

Hill, Elizabeth M. married Cornellius W. Powell on 25 Dec 1877

Hill, Francis M. married Clara J. Rogers on 21 Jun 1896

Hill, Granville married Olive Adams on 17 Nov 1895

Hill, Ida B. married Robert B. Robison on 22 Aug 1880

Hill, James M. T. married Etta May Neely on 15 May 1900

Hill, Jasper W. married Martha A. Howard on 12 Mar 1876

Hill, Jehu E. married Berthena E. Kendle on 10 Jan 1878

Hill, Nancy married Henry Clay Jackson on 1 Oct 1865

Hillard, Mary married Francis M. Lewen on 27 Mar 1869

Hillberry, George married Ivy Powell on 7 Mar 1891

Hillberry, Louisa A. married Josephus S. Jones on 30 Jul 1892

Hillberry, Virgil C. married Jennie J. M. Bunner on 26 Mar 1893

Hiller, Letitia V. married William L Jr. Grant on 14 Jun 1882

Hilliard, Lucretia J. married Edward Shannon on 24 Jan 1867

Hillyard, Burris married Sarah E. Childress on 25 Dec 1887

Hillyard, C. P. married Belinda A. Stone on 26 Jun 1887

Hilpein, William married Catharine Sheperd on 25 Oct 1875

Himan, Virginia married John Donohue on 20 Oct 1887

Himmler, Frederick married Laura Virginia Beyer on 5 Sep 1877

Hindenach, Franz married Elizabeth Sherrer on 27 Apr 1875

Hinebaugh, Oscar W. married Basha Messenger on 25 May 1893

Hinebaugh, Wade H. married Savilla L. Leathers on 8 Nov 1899

Hines, Delia A. married Frank J. Gender on 24 Nov 1891

Hinkle, Delberty C. married Laura A. Walter on 22 Dec 1897

Hirst, C. Bruce married Leunah H. Ervin on 4 Jul 1894

Hirst, Francis M. married Elisabeth Sinsel on 26 Jan 1865

Hirst, Lewis E. married Selina Handley on 21 Nov 1865

Hiscox, Joseph A. married Joseph A. Bucklew on 26 Apr 1895

Hiskel, M. E. married Milton Smith on 10 Sep 1863

Hison, America Ann married George W. Helmick on 24 Nov 1870

Hite, James O. married Sarah Mason on 26 Dec 1888

Hite, Nancy married James F. Williamson on 17 Dec 1863

Hite, Nancy married James F. Williamson on 24 Dec 1863

Hite, Thomas R. married Catharine Mason on 23 May 1881

Hitt, Richard A. married Mary J. Shumaker on 27 May 1880

Hixendaugh, Sarah L. married Granville Moore on 27 Aug 1873

Hockman, Amelia C. married Alexander W. Shaw on 25 Feb 1869

Hockner, Fannie married Frank Hostler on 29 Apr 1873

Hodges, Belle C. married Joseph Bailey on 4 Feb 1894

Hodges, Thomas T. married Phebebeth Matthew on 17 Aug 1869

Hoernlein, Belle married John H. Hedlogger on 14 May 1890

Hoernlein, Lewis T. married Bertha Bolliger on 14 May 1896

Hoey, George married Elisabeth McWilliams on 8 Dec 1864

Hoff, Clifton M. married Hannah L. Isner on 24 Oct 1886

Hoffman, Benjamin F. married Henrietta McDonald on 1 Dec 1872

Hoffman, Clark P. married Maranda Foreman on 26 Mar 1874

Hoffman, Eleanor K. married John Holtz on 3 Nov 1863

Hoffman, Elenor K. married John Holtz on 2 Nov 1863

Hoffman, Levi R. married Ingabe McDaniel on 25 Dec 1884

Hoffman, Louisa V. married Stephen A. Morgan on 31 Mar 1872

Hogue, James M. married Margaret A. Frazier on 17 Aug 1891

Holbert, Martha married Francis C. Prim on 24 Dec 1884

Holbert, Mary E. married William H. Linn on 11 Oct 1866

Holbert, S. Ray married Zana B. Janes on 17 Aug 1891

Holden, Alexis married Harriet Morris on 1 Jan 1873

Holden, Fannie A. married William F. Sinsel on 6 Sep 1866

Holden, George D. married Harriet C. Hamilton on 16 May 1875

Holden, Henson W. married Nannie J. Payne on 17 Sep 1890

Holden, Mary Elizabeth married John Henry Schifferer on 24 Apr 1900

Holden, Mathew married Annie Fulton on 31 Dec 1874

Holden, Robert O. married Mary Alice Hertzog on 13 Sep 1899

Holland, Amanda J. married James M. Bartlett on 11 Jan 1880

Holland, Daniel married Catharine Luzader on 13 Apr 1869

Holland, Daniel married Catherine Croy on 23 Oct 1873

Holland, Edgar married Margaret A. Maxwell on 30 Mar 1879

Holland, Elisabeth (Mrs) married Hiram S. Peters on 10 Mar 1867

Hollen, Lee married J. Frank Pinnell on 22 Jan 1898

Holmes, Emily A. A. married William Henry Adams on 27 Aug 1863

Holmes, William married Virginia Hall on 22 Dec 1894

Holt, Annie married James L. Lilly on 27 Jul 1886

Holt, Carrie M. married Charles Goodwin on 3 Sep 1893

Holt, Evaline married Lewis J. Curry on 5 Feb 1899

Holt, Fannie A. married Allen D. Gawthrop on 2 Sep 1894

Holt, Fannie R. married Lloyd M. Jarvis on 4 Apr 1894

Holt, George W. married Catherine C. Lambert on 28 Dec 1890

Holt, James Irvin married Fannie M. Davis on 29 Mar 1896

Holt, James W. married Annie J. Jordan on 14 May 1872

Holt, Ketural L. married John W. Jaco on 5 Oct 1898

Holt, Marshall A. married Tabitha J. Tucker on 26 May 1887

Holt, Martha M. married Charles W. Smith on 26 Feb 1880

Holt, William Preston married Ellen Maria Breedlove on 21 Feb 1878

Holtz, John married Elenor K. Hoffman on 2 Nov 1863

Holtz, John married Eleanor K. Hoffman on 3 Nov 1863

Holy, Albert C. H. married Sophia W. Preiss on 28 Mar 1877

Honesty, John S. married Mary Collins on 26 Mar 1885

Honesty, Sarah E. married Isaac Adams on 25 Mar 1885

Hooper, Charles E. married Malvina B. Pugh on 3 Sep 1867

Hooper, Edith V. married Henry D. Wallace on 1 Jun 1893

Hooper, Ellen married John A. Batton on 19 Dec 1896

Hooper, Ervin married Harriet B. Sheets on 21 Aug 1890

Hooper, Grace married Edwin R. Blaney on 10 Oct 1899

Hooper, Rose P. married John C. Sullivan on 25 Sep 1879

Hooten, Charles H. married Susan Louise Sawtell on 11 Oct 1881

Hopke, William T. married Annie M. Brew on 25 Oct 1898

Hopkins, Archibald R. married Elisabeth A. Ryan on 28 Sep 1873

Horen, Mack W. married Catharine Cunningham on 19 Feb 1866

Horner, Charles married Matilda Newlon on 27 Oct 1863

Horner, Charles married Matilda Newlon on 29 Oct 1863

Horner, Richard H. married Henrietta Shields on 14 Dec 1865

Horr, Josiah T. married Cora Morris on 5 Oct 1869

Hoskins, Clara C. married Holdridge L. Henry on 10 Sep 1891

Hostetler, Amos married Matilda Kraft on 11 Aug 1864

Hostetter, Abraham married Mahala Villers on 11 Jun 1864

Hostler, Frank married Fannie Hockner on 29 Apr 1873

Hostler, John W. married Grace E. Kennedy on 11 Jul 1900

Hosttuttler, Abraham married Mahala Villers on 11 Jun 1864

Hostutler, Amos married Matilda Kraft on 8 Aug 1864

Hostutler, John married Sophronia Bircher on 14 May 1879

Hotsenpillar, Charles H. married Pattie Dever on 15 Mar 1866

Hotsinpillar, Stalnaker N. married May Williams on 22 Jan 1899

Hotsinpiller, John W. T. married Mary J. Phillips on 14 Jan 1886

Hotsinpiller, Joseph married Isabel Deavers on 15 Apr 1866

Hottsinpiller, George W. R. married Virginia B. Keener on 13 Apr 1895

Hottsinpiller, Hannah M. married Theodore C. Rogers on 21 Nov 1889

Hoult, Edmund O. married Mary M. Devers on 17 Oct 1871

Hoult, Eliza A. married Edmund J. Clevenger on 2 Oct 1867

Hoult, Horatio N. married Margaret A. Brown on 3 May 1866

Hoult, Lizzie married Alexander Patton on 19 May 1875

Houston, John G. married Sarah Hess on 26 Oct 1876

Hout, Amelia married David Jones on 28 Nov 1865

Hovater, Hester Ann married A. C. Poling on 10 Jan 1878

Hovatter, Jacob married Phoebe Ellen Brown on 27 Jul 1869

Howard, Almeda married John Hall on 22 Jan 1864

Howard, Amanda married John Hall on 24 Jan 1864

Howard, Ann E. married James L Kendall on 6 Jul 1865

Howard, Clarence D. married Audree B. Ford on 12 Aug 1896

Howard, Cora C. married Thomas N. Mason on 26 Sep 1894

Howard, Eliza A. married Upton L. Demoss on 26 Nov 1868

Howard, John L. married Susie Blue on 11 Oct 1893

Howard, Martha A. married Jasper W. Hill on 12 Mar 1876

Howard, Mary G. married William N. Goff on 25 Feb 1886

Howard, Roberta Jane married Isaac M. Reece on 17 Dec 1874

Howard, Sarah A. married Lemuel J. Hunt on 21 Jun 1892

Howard, Virginia B. married Ferguson Clemans on 13 Jan 1884

Howell, Asenath Nancy married William N. Currey on 15 Oct 1882

Howell, Ida married Henry Temple on 6 Jul 1899

Howell, Laura W. married Clarence L. Ford on 21 Nov 1889

Howell, Lummie married James W. Griffeth on 3 Sep 1890

Howell, Mary A. married Martin L. Shields on 25 Dec 1883

Howell, William C. married Mary Doutt on 19 Nov 1883

Howley, Mary married Peter Daw on 6 Oct 1884

Hubbard, Ira G. married William A. Marple on 23 Nov 1892

Huber, Christain married Mary W. Woolard on 6 May 1880

Huber, George W. married Alice D. Smith on 3 Oct 1874

Hudkins, John H. married Blanch C. Reynolds on 23 Oct 1873

Hudson, Ann J. married John M. Keener on 13 Aug 1874

Hughes, John P. married Mary V. Elliott on 4 Oct 1882

Hughes, John Wilbur married Clara Edness Turner on 20 Jun 1900

Hughes, Richard C. married Carrie P. Wilson on 13 May 1886

Hughes, William L. married Flora A. McDonald on 2 Mar 1886

Hugill, Edmund W. married Iva Frances Ashby on 29 Sep 1898

Hugille, Effie A. married John L. Mason on 13 Mar 1888

Huhn, Ollie married Minnie Sandsbury on 13 Feb 1900

Hulderman, Emma J. married Chester P. Bartlett on 12 Feb 1891

Hull, Cora B. married Robert H. Upton on 25 Oct 1888

Hull, Elizabeth C. married Franklin P. Robinson on 27 Sep 1877

Hull, Eva Lee married Henry Harrison Jones on 15 Nov 1894

Hull, Florence married Martin A. Henderson on 7 Jan 1899

Hull, Olive R. married Madison McDaniel on 10 Dec 1867

Hull, Serepta married Tazwell R. Johnson on 13 Jun 1872

Hume, Ida A. married Isaac Brown on 11 Jun 1893

Hume, Thomas P. married Mary Wiseman on 5 Mar 1869

Humes, Emma married Samuel G. Tucker on 20 Nov 1897

Humes, William S. married Mary V. Glenn on 16 Jan 1865

Humphrey, Hampton W. married Susannah Cooper on 3 Jan 1878

Humphrey, Hampton W. married James L. Goodwin on 3 Jan 1878

Humphreys, Clara V. married Elmore J. McElvoy on 28 Oct 1883

Humphreys, Mary S. married Emery S. Strother on 6 Oct 1889

Hunt, Abalona married Elem Menear on 18 Nov 1868

Hunt, Aquilla married Malinda J. Rees on 24 Mar 1868

Hunt, Ellen married James W. Reese on 14 Feb 1866

Hunt, James married Julia Carr on 29 May 1881

Hunt, Laura C. married Thomas W. Reed on 14 Nov 1880

Hunt, Lemuel J. married Sarah A. Howard on 21 Jun 1892

Hunter, John J. married Martha J. Helms on 23 Sep 1866

Hunter, Lizzie married Ed Whitis on 26 Jun 1893

Huntoon, Bertha M. married Samuel P. Johnson on 12 Aug 1893

Hupp, Calvin S. married Maggie E. McCartney on 17 Sep 1893

Hushen, John Jr. married Mary A. McMahon on 26 Dec 1879

Hustead, Columbus married Ella M. Cropp on 15 Oct 1895

Hustead, Elizabeth married John F. Sandridge on 16 Sep 1898

Hustead, Ella V. married Watson H. Haller on 2 Apr 1890

Hustead, Evaline married Calvin J. Cottrill on 5 Nov 1895

Hustead, George W. married Nancy J. Maxwell on 23 Nov 1865

Hustead, Hulda married Thomas W. Hibbs on 24 Sep 1868

Hustead, Ingabe married William J. Morrow on 14 Feb 1867

Hustead, James C. married Mary Martha Morris on 2 May 1865

Hustead, John F. married Mary Bailey on 16 Apr 1882

Hustead, John F. married Emily E. Morrow on 2 Feb 1865

Hustead, John S. married Dora D. Cropp on 2 May 1889

Hustead, Mattie M. married Robert J. Newbrough on 2 Mar 1886

Hustead, Nancy married Evan M. Gawthrop on 14 Mar 1867

Hustead, Newton L. married Lizzie Cooper on 5 Apr 1899

Hustead, Plesora married Joseph H. Cropp on 22 Sep 1889

Hustead, Samantha married James H. Payne on 24 Dec 1868

Hustead, Sarah married Alfred Cochran on 20 Feb 1866

Hustead, Sarah A. married John A. Cropp on 9 Apr 1891

Hustead, Theodosia married Edward G. Sayres on 25 Nov 1894

Hustead, William A. married Vilona H. Curry on 4 Mar 1888

Hustead, William H. married Elisabeth Currey on 28 Oct 1865

Huston, Aaron married Hannah Jordan on 13 Apr 1865

Hyde, William H. married Melinda Freeman on 3 Apr 1866

Hyson, Charles married Dean Arbogast on 10 Jul 1880

Hyson, Henry C. married Bertha Watkins on 29 May 1889

Hyson, John Hamilton married Caroline L. Mahaney on 6 Jul 1900

Hyson, William L. married Elie Batson on 3 Sep 1882


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