Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "I-J"

Icard, Martha F. married William G. Vandergrift on 20 Oct 1880

Ice, Frances B. married John C. Whitehair on 23 Apr 1871

Imhoff, Louis married Emily J. Mackin on 20 Jun 1871

Ingraham, Seth W. married Mary C. Madden on 4 Jul 1898

Isaacs, Elizabeth married Clarence West on 27 Sep 1896

Isner, Abraham married Jennie Stemple on 27 Jun 1897

Isner, Cordelia E. married William F. Breedlove on 29 May 1883

Isner, Hannah L. married Clifton M. Hoff on 24 Oct 1886

Isner, Margaret married George W. P. Freeze on 15 Jan 1890

Isner, Orval C. married Annie Belle Kiger on 26 May 1900

Isner, Thomas B. married Nettie Robinson on 7 May 1899

Isner, Ulysses E. married Rachel Ann Johnson on 25 Nov 1900

Isner, Washington married Lurana McDaniel on 27 Jul 1865

Isner, William married Annie Kerns on 25 Jul 1896

Jackson, Caroline married Philip P. Rogers on 17 Dec 1874

Jackson, Daniel married Hannah E. Keener on 22 Apr 1866

Jackson, Fanny married Webster Washington on 1 Nov 1874

Jackson, Harry C. married Emma E. Corbin on 25 Aug 1898

Jackson, Henry Clay married Nancy Hill on 1 Oct 1865

Jackson, Henry W. married Cora A. Carder on 19 Jun 1892

Jackson, Ida Columbia married Thomas Arthur White on 1 May 1892

Jackson, John A. married Mary J. Reese on 26 Jan 1888

Jackson, Lovie E. married Samuel G. Lambert on 25 May 1888

Jackson, Luther married Eliza (Mrs) Jones on 22 Oct 1900

Jackson, Nathan D. married Ella Garlow on 12 Jan 1893

Jackson, Samuel E. married Sarah E. Lake on 20 May 1886

Jackson, Winfield S. married Laura E. Miller on 24 Jan 1889

Jaco, Alice M. married William C. Penn on 25 Feb 1885

Jaco, George M. married Mary C. Cunningham on 22 Oct 1868

Jaco, James O. married Ida E. Bunner on 25 Dec 1898

Jaco, John W. married Alice A. Miller on 25 Mar 1880

Jaco, John W. married Ketural L. Holt on 5 Oct 1898

Jaco, Martha J. married J. S. Ford on 12 Mar 1864

Jaco, Martha J. married J. S. Ford on 17 Mar 1864

Jaco, Mary E. married William C. Miller on 18 Jun 1889

Jaco, Sarah F. married Thomas E. Cole on 2 Jan 1868

Jaco, Susan married Adolphus A. Thomas on 16 May 1876

Jaco, Thomas H. married Leeann Kennedy on 10 Mar 1878

Jaco, Thomas H. married Mary E. Woodyard on 26 Apr 1867

Jacobs, Fountain O. married Icy M. Rogers on 3 Apr 1892

Jacobs, George W. married Annie Wilhelem on 23 Jul 1868

Jacobs, James W. married Louisa F. Luzader on 15 Oct 1885

Jacobs, Laura J. married Adolphus Travis on 16 Mar 1881

Jacobs, Lemuel J. married Dorcas E. L. Brown on 30 Oct 1884

Jacobs, Permelia married George W. Knight on 31 Jul 1866

Jacobs, Peter J. married Rosa R. Moritz on 5 Oct 1897

Jacobs, Thomas J. married Mary E. Grimes on 30 Oct 1879

James, Charles W. married Julia Sevan on 20 Sep 1888

James, Florence E. married William James on 20 Sep 1894

James, William married Florence E. James on 20 Sep 1894

Janes, Amanda married Thomas E. Williamson on 30 Aug 1896

Janes, Charles G. married Gertie B. Martin on 11 Mar 1897

Janes, Charles W. married May Whitehair on 8 Apr 1893

Janes, Cynthia V. married Agrippa Provance on 24 Nov 1889

Janes, Estella married James W. Fowler on 4 Oct 1898

Janes, Fanny married Cephas Lanham on 13 Feb 1873

Janes, Homer married Ollie Goodwin on 13 Jan 1897

Janes, James R. married Elisabeth Smith on 11 Jan 1866

Janes, Jane married Charles T. Morris on 28 Feb 1894

Janes, Jefferson L. married Minnie F. Riley on 9 Apr 1899

Janes, Larkin T. married Amanda Cooper on 3 Oct 1878

Janes, Mary E. married Nathan Summers on 23 Mar 1882

Janes, Minnie married Okey L. Bennett on 1 Oct 1899

Janes, Robert L. married Cynthia Robinson on 24 Dec 1863

Janes, Rosa married Bennett Provance on 27 Dec 1877

Janes, Virginia married Manning Smith on 26 Jan 1865

Janes, Virginia married Hiram W. Winter on 5 Apr 1888

Janes, William married Annie Bird Bennett on 18 Oct 1877

Janes, William B. married Caroline Tucker on 15 Feb 1896

Janes, William W. married Sophia Provance on 2 May 1889

Janes, William W. married Maude Hertzog on 5 Sep 1897

Janes, Zana B. married S. Ray Holbert on 17 Aug 1891

Janes, Zana T. married Willie Goodwin on 21 Mar 1889

Jarrett, Hanson A. married Annie Gramm on 2 Nov 1898

Jarrett, Maud L. married Henry S. Wilson on 26 Jun 1890

Jarvis, James B. married Martha B. Scranage on 30 Oct 1898

Jarvis, Lloyd M. married Fannie R. Holt on 4 Apr 1894

Jeans, Robert L. married Rebecca A. Corbin on 19 Dec 1871

Jeffers, James E. married Sarah M. Matthew on 12 Nov 1874

Jeffers, John M. married Francissa Davidson on 21 Feb 1866

Jefferson, Charles H. married Leota Utterback on 21 Feb 1888

Jefferson, William H. married Amanda R. Kennedy on 31 Jul 1864

Jefferys, Eugenius G. married Leonora M. Compton on 13 Nov 1884

Jefferys, James M. married Mary Stemple on 10 Nov 1897

Jefferys, James M. married Ida Bird Proudfoot on 15 Jan 1885

Jefferys, Lillian T. married Oley C. Spencer on 29 Nov 1894

Jefferys, Myrtle M. married Charles O. Thayer on 25 Aug 1892

Jefferys, Thomas N. married Susannah Knotts on 8 Jan 1882

Jeffries, Moses C. married Lucinda C. Boice on 16 Nov 1876

Jenkins, Alfred S. married Mattie E. Jones on 23 Mar 1884

Jenkins, Alvena married Michael J. Kenny on 17 Aug 1886

Jenkins, Charlotte married John R. Swiger on 15 Nov 1899

Jenkins, Edward B. married Nannie Hawkinberry on 27 Jan 1881

Jenkins, Elisabeth (Mrs) married David C. J. Brake on 5 Dec 1865

Jenkins, Enna married Charles W. Layman on 3 Oct 1895

Jenkins, Ervin married Lottie Russell on 5 Sep 1897

Jenkins, Ezekiel C. married Lizzie Stuck on 28 May 1896

Jenkins, Harmon married Loretta Graham on 16 Nov 1885

Jenkins, Ingabe married James S. Davis on 9 Jan 1864

Jenkins, Isaac married Sarah J. Whitehair on 19 Nov 1876

Jenkins, John D. married Virginia F. A. Woollard on 20 Sep 1865

Jenkins, Mary M. married Henry M. Leps on 27 Dec 1899

Jenkins, Middleton married Mary A. Fleming on 5 Nov 1863

Jenkins, Osa M. married Calder B. Wyckoff on 235

Jenkins, Owen married Nancy A. Peters on 26 Feb 1894

Jenkins, Sarah married Edward C. Nutter on 19 Mar 1891

Jennings, Irwin married Isabel Boice on 22 Oct 1887

Jennings, James married Mary E. Boland on 22 Sep 1873

Jennings, Laura E. married Will H. Adair on 9 Aug 1898

Jennings, Maria married Thomas Flannigan on 21 Nov 1864

Jennings, Rose M. married Thomas E. Joyce on 26 Aug 1896

Jennings, Simeon W. married Ella McLaughlin on 9 May 1898

Johnson, Albert C. married Mary Caroline Wolf on 28 Jan 1900

Johnson, Almeda R. married Lewis T. Graham on 19 Aug 1871

Johnson, Annie married Peter Day on 21 Aug 1883

Johnson, Catharine married Isaac Wiseman on 4 Nov 1873

Johnson, Charles F. married Hattie A. Riley on 24 Jan 1894

Johnson, Ernestine married Washington E. Smith on 11 Aug 1870

Johnson, Flavius married Melissa M. Bartlett on 19 May 1885

Johnson, Francis married Ruth Ann Elkins on 11 Mar 1881

Johnson, George E. married Elizabeth Burr on 26 Dec 1897

Johnson, Isaac B. married Hattie B. Newlon on 23 Jul 1899

Johnson, Israel T. married Leotie Fleming on 31 Dec 1893

Johnson, James R. married Clara Lillie Shroyer on 20 Mar 1895

Johnson, James W. married Helen M. McCarty on 22 Aug 1886

Johnson, Jane married George M. Peer on 1 Oct 1874

Johnson, John Alexander married Bertha Rosetta Curry on 15 Jun 1899

Johnson, John W. married Ellen Ford on 31 Dec 1896

Johnson, John W. married Willamiah M. Bradley on 7 May 1872

Johnson, Joseph F. married Mary Etta Goode on 24 Nov 1898

Johnson, Margaret E. married John J. Taylor on 20 Aug 1865

Johnson, Marion married Mary E. Albin on 1 Sep 1880

Johnson, Mary Ellen married James W. Powell on 8 Aug 1869

Johnson, Mary Martha married Claudius Davidson on 26 Feb 1871

Johnson, Olive married Charles W. Ebert on 5 Nov 1867

Johnson, Rachel Ann married Ulysses E. Isner on 25 Nov 1900

Johnson, Rebecca V. married Hezekiah Shew on 11 Apr 1864

Johnson, Rebecca V. married Hezekiah Shaw on 13 Apr 1864

Johnson, Robert P. married Agnes R. Bradshaw on 28 Feb 1888

Johnson, Robert W. married Kittie Lee on 25 Dec 1892

Johnson, Samuel P. married Bertha M. Huntoon on 12 Aug 1893

Johnson, Susan A. married John C. Green on 20 Aug 1865

Johnson, Tazwell R. married Serepta Hull on 13 Jun 1872

Johnston, Fannie married Stephen A. Gerken on 8 May 1877

Johnston, George A. married Mary M. Sinclair on 10 Jan 1871

Johnston, Hannah E. married Ozias Norris on 5 Mar 1878

Johnston, Hannah M. married Menenias A. Smith on 1 Feb 1866

Johnston, James W. married Hannah Wiseman on 26 Jan 1868

Johnston, John W. married Phebe J. Smith on 24 Dec 1888

Johnston, Joseph W. married Maud Odell on 4 Nov 1895

Johnston, Laura V. married Joseph H. Lambert on 25 Feb 1890

Johnston, Lucinda married Samuel A. Keener on 30 Jun 1872

Johnston, Mary E. married James C. Mauller on 18 Jun 1868

Johnston, Meredith C. married Flora Wells on 31 Dec 1893

Johnston, Susan A. married Richard T. Norris on 13 Apr 1898

Johnston, Susan M. married Joseph B. Poe on 9 Aug 1877

Johnston, Virginia married Richard Wiseman on 26 Nov 1867

Jones, Alice C. married William W. Reynolds on 23 Oct 1890

Jones, Anderson A. married Gertrude W. Payne on 21 May 1892

Jones, Clara married John A. Harris on 18 Aug 1893

Jones, David married Amelia Hout on 28 Nov 1865

Jones, Dora E. married Thomas C. Robinson on 23 Dec 1897

Jones, Eliza (Mrs) married Luther Jackson on 22 Oct 1900

Jones, Eliza B. married Harvey W. Shields on 1 Oct 1893

Jones, Emma N. married George W. Grayhem on 2 Dec 1890

Jones, Francis T. married Anna B. Casteel on 22 Feb 1876

Jones, George O. married Louella Keener on 4 Jul 1897

Jones, George W. married Mary Ann Collins on 30 Oct 1879

Jones, Henry Harrison married Eva Lee Hull on 15 Nov 1894

Jones, Irene married Leonard Curry on 8 Jun 1893

Jones, John E. married Nancy J. Bradley on 21 Nov 1883

Jones, John J. married Harriet A. Smallwood on 4 Aug 1870

Jones, Joseph E. married Ella Davis on 3 Sep 1884

Jones, Josephus S. married Louisa A. Hillberry on 30 Jul 1892

Jones, Josiah married Elisabeth Keener on 16 Mar 1864

Jones, Josiah married Elizabeth Keener on 16 Mar 1864

Jones, Kate married Hugh Jr. Evans on 24 May 1874

Jones, Lewis married Martha Thomas on 15 Oct 1883

Jones, Mamie married John Powell on 27 Jun 1889

Jones, Mary married William J. Yates on 13 Apr 1879

Jones, Mary E. married William D. Morrison on 4 Jul 1889

Jones, Mary J. married Albert R. Kelly on 6 Jan 1887

Jones, Mary J. E. married William T. Barker on 30 May 1893

Jones, Mary L. married Thomas F. Tyler on 19 Dec 1886

Jones, Mattie E. married Alfred S. Jenkins on 23 Mar 1884

Jones, Mattie N. married Claude E. Vincent on 23 Oct 1900

Jones, Rachel married James K. Means on 10 Jan 1869

Jones, Rebecca married John C. Lewellen on 8 Oct 1865

Jones, Robert L. married Syntha Robinson on 19 Dec 1863

Jones, Sidney L. married Benjamin F. Smith on 5 Feb 1893

Jones, Spencer married Annie M. Gordon on 15 Oct 1891

Jones, Spencer married Siddy Ann Washington on 3 Sep 1874

Jones, Thomas married Martha Ann Nester on 10 Sep 1869

Jones, Thomas R. married Flora McGlumphy on 24 Jul 1892

Jones, Uriah married Pernissa J. Ford on 14 Dec 1865

Jones, Vesta R. married Norman F. Kendall on 17 Jun 1896

Jones, Wilbur married Eliza Powell on 3 Oct 1897

Jones, Zebedee W. married Lucy Sinclair on 25 Sep 1888

Jordan, Annie married James W. Vincent on 23 Dec 1886

Jordan, Annie J. married James W. Holt on 14 May 1872

Jordan, Elisabeth J. married Madison Page on 18 Nov 1865

Jordan, Hannah married Aaron Huston on 13 Apr 1865

Jordan, Margaret E. married Evan Gerdts on 19 Jun 1865

Jordan, Mary married Hugh McLaughlin on 16 Jul 1865

Jordan, Mary E. married Freeman Borst on 2 Sep 1867

Jordan, Thomas A. married Mary Cornell on 24 Sep 1899

Jordon, Sarah married George Washington on 10 Jun 1880

Joyce, Annie M. married James P. Burns on 5 Nov 1889

Joyce, Bridget married James T. Whalen on 22 Nov 1875

Joyce, Mary A. married Michael P. Fahey on 24 Apr 1883

Joyce, Thomas E. married Rose M. Jennings on 26 Aug 1896

Judkins, Adaline R. married James E. Deek on 5 May 1878

Judkins, Joanna E. married Albert Currant on 29 Sep 1881

Judkins, Martha V. married Samuel P. Walter on 17 Mar 1878

Judkins, Sarah E. married Waitman T. Walters on 6 Aug 1874

Judkins, Thomas M. married Margaret Watkins on 25 Dec 1872


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