Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "L"

Lacy, Nancy married Henry Hall on 30 Nov 1865

Lafollette, Julia R. married Goff J. Fleming on 23 Apr 1874

Lagrange, Elizabeth E. married Milton M. Patton on 3 May 1866

Lake, Annie B. married Alexander B. B. Rogers on 18 Sep 1895

Lake, Arah Gay married Lee Lyon on 29 Mar 1864

Lake, Austin married Bell Davis on 18 Jul 1877

Lake, Belle married William M. Noran on 24 Oct 1882

Lake, Calder married Emma B. Willhide on 22 Aug 1894

Lake, Caroline M. married Benjamin F. Waller on 31 Dec 1865

Lake, Clarence B. married Minerva S. Dawson on 27 Apr 1892

Lake, Cleophas married Emma B. Warder on 13 Dec 1882

Lake, Clinton D. married Kansas M. Davis on 29 Jul 1886

Lake, Clyde married Mary L. Sclvey on 2 Nov 1899

Lake, Cora M. married William A. Davis on 8 Mar 1899

Lake, Cordelia E. married Elihu Curry on 26 Aug 1894

Lake, Elizabeth married Montroville Welch on 7 Mar 1869

Lake, Emeline E. married Anthony Triplett on 6 Oct 1870

Lake, Frances C. married Charles R. Stipe on 2 Oct 1884

Lake, Gertie married Melvin Newlon on 29 Nov 1900

Lake, Gibson L. married Mary Henderson on 12 Mar 1867

Lake, Gilbert married Cora P. Brown on 16 Sep 1894

Lake, Goff married Lummie J. Warder on 11 Nov 1891

Lake, Harriet married Martin E. Brown on 29 Sep 1892

Lake, Harrison A. married Jane McWilliams on 15 Apr 1895

Lake, Harrison A. married Dora Scott on 15 Nov 1888

Lake, Harrison B. married Susanna Stclair on 10 Dec 1874

Lake, Iris married Benjamin H. Radabaugh on 19 Dec 1894

Lake, Isabel married Robert Neal on 20 Jan 1878

Lake, Jed W. married Maria Nelson on 27 Apr 1876

Lake, Jemima married Melvin Sinclair on 17 Oct 1878

Lake, John E. married Rosa E. Rogers on 27 Feb 1895

Lake, Joseph O. M. married Daisey Haddix on 25 Dec 1898

Lake, Marshall B. married Annie M. Windle on 28 Aug 1887

Lake, Mary Ellen married Hiram Rudy on 5 Feb 1877

Lake, Miner V. married Elmira M. Bartlett on 28 Oct 1880

Lake, Nancy Ann married Thomas J. Neel on 20 Sep 1875

Lake, Nancy J. married Lewis M. Knight on 2 Apr 1891

Lake, Nettie M. married Claude L. Monroe on 15 Apr 1897

Lake, Paulina B. married George E. Daft on 26 Nov 1871

Lake, Rosa M. married George E. Henderson on 13 Jul 1895

Lake, Sarah C. married Morgan M. Vanscoy on 25 Aug 1881

Lake, Sarah E. married Samuel E. Jackson on 20 May 1886

Lake, Sophronia married John M. Wendle on 3 May 1880

Lake, Tabitha married Gibson Reese on 11 Nov 1869

Lake, Thomas N. married Mary E. Henderson on 10 Nov 1887

Lake, Thomas P. married Wsther Bartlett on 8 May 1895

Lake, Wesley W. married Martha Jane Henderson on 2 Dec 1875

Lake, William F. married Samantha J. Bartlett on 16 Nov 1881

Lambden, Ann Louisa married Floyd Harmison on 6 Oct 1875

Lambert, Catherine C. married George W. Holt on 28 Dec 1890

Lambert, Gracie married Luke L. Rogers on 24 Dec 1895

Lambert, Henry W. married Sophronia Messenger on 21 Jan 1883

Lambert, James W. married Sarah Ellen Patton on 31 May 1877

Lambert, James W. married Catharine Grey on 4 Dec 1863

Lambert, James W. married Catharine Gray on 6 Dec 1863

Lambert, Jane married George W. Wiseman on 30 Mar 1892

Lambert, Joseph H. married Laura V. Johnston on 25 Feb 1890

Lambert, Lillie B. married Floyd S. Coon on 25 Mar 1897

Lambert, Manerva married Templeton C. Weaver on 22 Apr 1877

Lambert, Samuel G. married Lovie E. Jackson on 25 May 1888

Lambert, Sarah married George W. Keener on 26 Nov 1882

Lambert, Sarah J. married William A. Roach on 27 Oct 1872

Lambert, William P. married Rachel Tucker on 23 Dec 1869

Lambert, Winnie married George W. Clark on 21 Oct 1888

Lambrecht, Wanda A. married Francis A. Rauscher on 4 Oct 1899

Lamden, Thomas E. married Anna Bell Laughery on 28 Feb 1877

Lamire, John married Louisa V. Nose on 28 Apr 1881

Lancaster, George married Jacqueline Payne on 21 Nov 1889

Lang, Stansberry married Palmyra Shaw on 12 Apr 1866

Lanham, Anna married James J. White on 9 Feb 1898

Lanham, Cephas married Fanny Janes on 13 Feb 1873

Lanham, Charles married Melinda Frum on 3 Mar 1870

Lanham, James E. married Victoria A. Bailey on 25 Oct 1892

Lanham, Roanna married Harry C. Wright on 30 Oct 1884

Lanham, William M. married Alta Bailey on 30 Mar 1892

Lannan, Bridget M. married Thomas J. Murphy on 8 Nov 1898

Larew, Charles L. married Ethel F. Leese on 30 May 1895

Largent, Benjamin O. married Mary Hamilton on 5 Apr 1896

Lauck, Joseph B. married Elizabeth P. Creel on 24 Jun 1869

Laughery, Anna Bell married Thomas E. Lamden on 28 Feb 1877

Laughlin, Adam married A. Holmes Henry on 12 May 1898

Laughlin, Hice R. married Anne J. Flanagan on 2 Aug 1893

Law, A. Steele married Launa Gawthrop on 5 Oct 1899

Lawler, Eva married John A. Springer on 22 Mar 1885

Lawler, Florence married Howard L. Spockey on 22 Jul 1896

Lawler, Gideon M. married Martha Jane Tucker on 31 Jul 1873

Lawler, Henry A. married Mary Hall on 14 Dec 1886

Lawler, Judson B. married Saloma D. Coffman on 21 May 1878

Lawler, May married Samuel Tucker on 15 Feb 1893

Lawler, Mortimer J. married Angeline Currey on 9 Oct 1873

Lawler, Sarah R. married Homer Martin on 25 Dec 1873

Lawler, Truman B. married Zana Scranage on 16 Feb 1898

Lawless, John married Elisabeth E. Rollins on 4 Jan 1866

Lawman, George D. married Jennie Donley on 21 Feb 1877

Laws, Arthur H. married Annie Waller on 25 Dec 1892

Lawson, Icy C. married Golden F. Batson on 24 Dec 1886

Lawson, Jesse G. married Minnie C. Henry on 8 Sep 1897

Lawson, Matthew G. married Penelope Bartlett on 4 Jul 1865

Lawson, Ona M. married Alexander S. Love on 5 Nov 1891

Lawson, William W. married Loverna Shields on 30 Nov 1880

Lawton, Mary E. married Lee A. Cassort on 19 Jan 1888

Layman, Charles W. married Enna Jenkins on 3 Oct 1895

Layman, Elida E. married Harriet A. Ashcraft on 20 May 1891

Layman, Harry A. married Relda A. Stark on 23 Aug 1882

Layman, Henry N. married Mary Elizabeth Marple on 21 Nov 1882

Layman, Thomas S. married Minerva McIntosh on 18 Nov 1897

Laymire, Mary C. married William L. Newlon on 13 Oct 1887

Lazier, Mary married William P. Davis on 16 Dec 1863

Lazier, Mary married William P. Davis on 22 Dec 1863

Lazzell, Charles B. married Rosa E. Dunk on 25 Jan 1889

Leach, Albert J. married Permelia Criss on 23 Nov 1865

Leach, Charles L. married Mary N. Smith on 4 Nov 1888

Leapold, William married Susanna Nau on 25 Dec 1871

Leathers, Savilla L. married Wade H. Hinebaugh on 8 Nov 1899

Leazzure, W. H. married Lulu L. Weaver on 23 Dec 1900

Lee, Albert married Maggie Gibson on 6 Nov 1889

Lee, Bernice married Edward Riggs on 9 Nov 1876

Lee, Eliza A. married Elliott Martin on 14 Oct 1864

Lee, Flora M. married William McConkey on 4 Jul 1878

Lee, Kittie married Robert W. Johnson on 25 Dec 1892

Leeper, John D. married Cora G. Shields on 26 Oct 1892

Leese, Ethel F. married Charles L. Larew on 30 May 1895

Leese, Melissa D. married Paul Demoss on 6 Feb 1887

Leeson, Emanuel married Anna Markley on 25 Sep 1873

Lehman, D. J. married Elisabeth A. Woolard on 7 Apr 1864

Lehman, Daniel J. married Elisabeth A. Wcollard on 7 Apr 1864

Lemmon, William H. married Maude M. Poe on 21 Jan 1898

Lenthke, Josephine married John L. Hechiner on 28 Nov 1878

Leonard, Annie N. married Andrew E. Delany on 10 May 1899

Leonard, Bertha R. married John A. Denison on 27 Nov 1890

Leonard, Frances married Charles W. Startzman on 28 May 1877

Leonard, Henry C. married Phebe Jane Grow on 25 Oct 1877

Leonard, Nancy Jane married Willett A. Doolittle on 5 May 1864

Leonard, Nancy Jane married Willey A. Doolittle on 5 May 1864

Leonard, Osie M. married William L. Hawkins on 13 Apr 1896

Leonard, Rachael Dunn married William H. Lippincott on 30 Jan 1884

Leonard, William E. married Lucy A. Rightmire on 30 May 1883

Leopold, Christina married Henry Schmidt on 21 Apr 1873

Leps, Henry M. married Mary M. Jenkins on 27 Dec 1899

Lester, G. E. married Kittie Roberts on 12 Oct 1896

Letzinger, Annie A. married John B. Miles on 23 Jan 1872

Leusow, Emelia E. married George M. McCarty on 31 May 1883

Leuthke, Mary B. married George A. Hechiner on 1 May 1900

Lewellen, John C. married Rebecca Jones on 8 Oct 1865

Lewellen, Laura E. married John R. Cole on 9 Mar 1882

Lewellen, Lula E. married Arvey B. Shroyer on 7 Apr 1898

Lewellen, Myrtle married Ulysses G. Shroyer on 14 Oct 1895

Lewellen, Willis B. married Myrtle E. Guseman on 16 Jun 1897

Lewen, Francis M. married Mary Hillard on 27 Mar 1869

Lewin, William M. married Julia A. Sinclair on 20 Aug 1872

Lewis, Anna married William Stclair on 25 Dec 1898

Lewis, Charles W. married Laura C. Keener on 24 Dec 1888

Lewis, John C. married Mary Annon on 14 Apr 1887

Lewis, Laura J. married William G. Demoss on 30 Dec 1877

Lewis, Laura M. married John N. Baker on 22 Oct 1885

Lewis, Mary C. married Lawrence Henry on 11 May 1882

Lewis, Mima Lego (Mrs) married Bernhard Herzog on 7 Apr 1898

Lewis, Ophelia J. married Columbus Vermillion on 23 May 1864

Lewis, Susan Lola married Richard F. Brown on 30 May 1897

Libby, Robert Thomas married Jennie Giles on 13 Dec 1874

Lilly, Buena V. married Porter Frum on 7 May 1894

Lilly, George R. married Rosa Williams on 29 Apr 1885

Lilly, James L. married Annie Holt on 27 Jul 1886

Lilly, Mary L married George D. Shutz on 5 Oct 1875

Lilly, Maude C. married Milton H. Lilly on 8 Aug 1899

Lilly, Milton H. married Maude C. Lilly on 8 Aug 1899

Lilly, Valley V. married William F. Sinclair on 12 Nov 1890

Limbers, Hattie married Salathial J. Bartlett on 27 Nov 1887

Limbers, Sarah E. married William B. Keane on 19 Apr 1879

Limbers, William M. married Lydia J. Williams on 29 Jun 1885

Lindsay, May married Benjamin Tucker on 14 Sep 1882

Lindsey, Beuna V. married Oliver F. Wolf on 29 Nov 1894

Linn, John A. married Genetta Peacock on 18 Jan 1866

Linn, John A. married Isabelle A. Henderson on 22 Dec 1881

Linn, Luvenia A. married Joshua S. C. Henderson on 11 Nov 1897

Linn, Sarah E. married Leroy C. Mahaffey on 18 Apr 1900

Linn, William married Sarah Sawler on 22 Jul 1879

Linn, William H. married Mary E. Holbert on 11 Oct 1866

Linsey, James U. S. G. married Mary Simms on 15 Aug 1889

Linville, Joseph married Catharine Somers on 28 Dec 1863

Lippincott, William H. married Rachael Dunn Leonard on 30 Jan 1884

Lipscomb, Eliza married Grandison Powell on 9 Apr 1896

Lipscomb, Gertrude Della married Arthur M. Cole on 29 Nov 1894

Little, David G. married Alcinda M. Barker on 10 Aug 1865

Little, Ulysses married Alice Corbin on 23 Dec 1896

Litzinger, Agnes A. married Michael H. Shields on 27 Jan 1885

Livingston, John married Nancy Yates on 11 Sep 1873

Loar, Albert J. married Delphia A. Fry on 1 Sep 1895

Loar, George T. married Martha A. E. Thomas on 17 Mar 1878

Loar, Maggie married Jonah Adams on 28 Sep 1895

Loar, William R. married Fannie Evans on 26 Apr 1887

Lock, Dorcas J. married Jedidiah W. Yates on 29 Dec 1870

Lock, Edwin N. married Ada M. Harvey on 28 Jul 1897

Lock, Elisabeth married John Utterback on 30 Aug 1865

Lohn, G. W. L. married Ella R. Shaw on 24 Sep 1878

Londress, George W. married Sarah McDaniel on 25 Dec 1895

Long, Frank J. married Theresia Grace Durkin on 19 Feb 1898

Long, Harry C. married Etta V. Spedden on 31 Oct 1889

Looman, William F. married Eliza Whitehair on 16 May 1890

Losh, Isaac L. married Adaline McVicker on 3 Jun 1897

Louden, Edward R. married Mary M. Peer on 19 Aug 1896

Louden, Ida B. married John E. Shaw on 28 Dec 1890

Louden, Lora married Nathan Goodwin on 25 Jul 1888

Louden, William R. married Margaret M. Glenn on 1 Dec 1866

Loudon, John H. married Virginia Berger on 20 Jan 1867

Lough, William F. married Lillie B. Sharps on 21 Oct 1890

Loughridge, Margaret E. married George M. Mason on 22 Jun 1879

Lourey, Jane married Aaron Freeland on 22 Dec 1864

Louzader, Margaret E. married Robert P. Utterback on 28 Feb 1889

Louzader, Martha E. married Isaac N. Reece on 28 Sep 1871

Love, Alexander S. married Ona M. Lawson on 5 Nov 1891

Love, Archibald C. married Emma E. Neilson on 2 Apr 1878

Love, Elizabeth married Henry T. L. Winter on 25 Nov 1880

Love, Elizabeth R. married Cornelius J. Burnside on 28 Aug 1895

Love, Ernest L. married Maple E. Baldwin on 29 Sep 1897

Love, Frank H. married Martha Arnold on 21 May 1891

Love, Henry C. married Anna M. Deck on 23 Jun 1887

Love, James H. married Scotia M. Smith on 5 Jan 1881

Love, James W. married Mary C. Spencer on 2 May 1895

Love, Jennie married Ernest Bartlett on 27 Oct 1898

Love, Maggie married Thaddeus M. L. Teter on 12 Jun 1892

Love, Mary J. married George W. Creel on 6 Oct 1880

Love, Minnie married Andrew C. Cobb on 4 Jan 1899

Love, Thomas G. married Bertha E. Garner on 29 May 1898

Love, Virginia married Abel H., Dr. Thayer on 26 Nov 1868

Lowe, Addie married Floyd J. Utterback on 15 Jan 1888

Lowery, Fannie married Stewart E. Minor on 22 Mar 1889

Loyd, Emma married Isaac Parsons on 14 Mar 1893

Loyd, Mary married Albert Bair on 17 Dec 1883

Lucas, Amele married Sarah Osborn on 15 Mar 1870

Lucas, Carrie Dalena married Enoch C. Curry on 27 Jun 1900

Lucas, Charles Pascal married Dora Elizabeth Grimm on 23 Dec 1896

Lucas, Francis A. married Mary E. Armstrong on 29 Oct 1893

Lucas, Isaac N. married Estella S. Haymond on 11 Oct 1887

Lucas, John married Matilda Ford on 17 Oct 1867

Lucas, Jonathan A. married Sarah E. Summers on 12 Feb 1885

Lucas, Laura E. married Robert L. Reese on 6 Sep 1893

Lucas, Louisa M. married Robert T. Knotts on 5 Apr 1881

Lucas, Louise married George William Frank on 26 Dec 1899

Lucas, Mary married Charles H. Warder on 24 Oct 1900

Lucas, Pascal married Henrietta Ford on 25 Apr 1865

Lucas, Rose A. married Claude Keys Rogers on 30 Dec 1897

Luckey, Minnie B. married R. C. Greenwade on 30 Dec 1892

Ludwick, Catharine married Isaac McDaniel on 14 Apr 1885

Ludwick, Charles married Prudence Ann McDaniel on 28 Sep 1897

Ludwick, Eveline married Alexius Hays on 22 Nov 1864

Ludwick, Franklin married Laura E. McDaniel on 20 Nov 1898

Ludwick, John W. married Virginia E. Morris on 29 Apr 1885

Ludwick, Sarah C. married Samuel Fry on 17 Oct 1867

Luessow, Carl F. married Hattie Hamilton on 24 Nov 1886

Luessow, Ella married George H. Wolf on 24 Feb 1892

Luessow, Ida married George W. Harget on 28 Jun 1877

Luethke, Anna married John L. Hechiner on 12 Aug 1891

Luzadder, Isaac E. married Josephine Rogers on 28 Aug 1884

Luzadder, Mary Icy married Clyde Shackleford on 27 Aug 1899

Luzadder, Rachel V. married Isaac M. Rinker on 26 Nov 1874

Luzadder, Sarah married Eliza L. Fourtney on 5 Nov 1874

Luzader, Aaron A. married Mary Jane Shaw on 15 Oct 1874

Luzader, Aaron T. married Mariah Adaline Miller on 15 Jan 1871

Luzader, Arthelia A. married Martin L. Hall on 30 May 1893

Luzader, Catharine married Daniel Holland on 13 Apr 1869

Luzader, Christena married Amos Snider on 19 Nov 1863

Luzader, David married Louisa V. Gelhausen on 10 Sep 1872

Luzader, Edgar S. married Sarah E. Knotts on 18 Sep 1892

Luzader, Emily P. married Wilfred L. Rogers on 31 Dec 1891

Luzader, Jackson married Amanda M. Reece on 14 Nov 1872

Luzader, James married Mary Marquess on 7 Apr 1867

Luzader, James A. married Arthela Jane Matthew on 12 Sep 1878

Luzader, Jane married Ulysses G. Kerns on 13 Mar 1896

Luzader, John M. married Sarah Matthew on 1 Jan 1874

Luzader, Lewis E. married Emily P. Keener on 29 May 1884

Luzader, Louisa F. married James W. Jacobs on 15 Oct 1885

Luzader, Martha E. married William H. Brown on 3 Sep 1891

Luzader, Mary married George W. Taylor on 16 Jun 1867

Luzader, Mary F. married Joseph C. Reese on 2 Nov 1898

Luzader, Rachal married William L. Simons on 23 May 1872

Luzader, Sarah V. C. married Isaac E. E. Roderick on 26 Aug 1886

Luzader, Susan E. married James A. Smedley on 6 Apr 1892

Luzader, William G. married Christena J. Boyce on 12 Jul 1866

Lyman, Maggie A. married Daniel Carr on 7 Jan 1895

Lyman, May E. married George W. Britt on 9 Jan 1894

Lyman, Peter married Dun Agnes on 29 Aug 1863

Lyman, Sarah A. married Raymond Kelley on 21 May 1876

Lyman, William N. married Catharine Shroyer on 21 Sep 1882

Lynch, Charles F. married Laura Grandon on 1 Mar 1889

Lynch, Emmie married John R. Turner on 9 Oct 1873

Lyon, Charles E. married Stella R. Powell on 10 Jun 1900

Lyon, Lee married Arah Gay Lake on 29 Mar 1864


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