Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "M"

Mackin, Augusta E. married Charles H. Rector on 18 Oct 1882

Mackin, Ella A. married Claude B. Bailey on 18 May 1893

Mackin, Emily J. married Louis Imhoff on 20 Jun 1871

Madden, Mary C. married Seth W. Ingraham on 4 Jul 1898

Madera, Luther married Rosa Delle Giles on 13 Aug 1880

Magill, Artentia A. married Evan A. Giles on 17 Oct 1886

Magill, Henry married Amanda Brosius on 2 Sep 1867

Magill, Henson married Susan Carroll on 29 Jan 1867

Maguire, Ella T. married Thomas E. Mulligan on 14 Oct 1884

Mahaffey, Cora married Grant Kibbe on 16 Jan 1898

Mahaffey, James A. married Rebecca V. Henderson on 11 Oct 1888

Mahaffey, Leroy C. married Sarah E. Linn on 18 Apr 1900

Mahaffy, Elizabeth E. married Obediah Vincent on 14 Aug 1890

Mahaney, Caroline L. married John Hamilton Hyson on 6 Jul 1900

Mail, James married Virginia Adams on 7 Sep 1873

Maine, James W. married Clarissa A. B. Myers on 30 May 1898

Malcom, Charles S. married Fannie B. Brown on 5 Jan 1899

Male, Bertie B. married Charles Reed on 27 Jun 1898

Male, Caleb C. married Mary O. Male on 3 Feb 1898

Male, Daniel married Eliza Jane Male on 3 Feb 1864

Male, Daniel married Elza Jane Male on 3 Feb 1864

Male, Delbert Lee married Loretha Male on 1 Jan 1899

Male, Eliza Jane married William Adams on 21 Mar 1880

Male, Eliza Jane married Daniel Male on 3 Feb 1864

Male, Elza Jane married Daniel Male on 3 Feb 1864

Male, Hattie married Elijah J. Croston on 29 Jul 1893

Male, Henry M. married Sarah M. Male on 9 Oct 1887

Male, James married Nancy E. Day on 29 Jul 1900

Male, Jesse married Rebecca Adams on 28 Sep 1871

Male, John Wesley married Hannah Crosten on 11 Apr 1880

Male, Loretha married Delbert Lee Male on 1 Jan 1899

Male, Margaret married William Minerd on 14 Oct 1866

Male, Margaret married Allen Haddix on 21 Nov 1880

Male, Mary O. married Caleb C. Male on 3 Feb 1898

Male, Minerva J. married Nelson Male on 16 Oct 1895

Male, Morgan married Sophronia Male on 27 Feb 1895

Male, Nelson married Minerva J. Male on 16 Oct 1895

Male, Rachel married Charles Croston on 14 Sep 1865

Male, Reese married Rosie Knave on 4 Sep 1885

Male, Reese M. married Ann Keenan on 20 Sep 1877

Male, Sarah M. married Henry M. Male on 9 Oct 1887

Male, Sophronia married Morgan Male on 27 Feb 1895

Male, Thomas married Mary Dorton on 1 Nov 1877

Male, Thomas S. married Ivy M. Dalton on 3 Feb 1892

Males, Noah married Susan Minerd on 18 Mar 1883

Maline, Rose L. married Dorsey Pople on 29 May 1887

Mallonee, Allie married Harvey W. Norris on 12 Aug 1896

Mallonee, Carrie A. married John W. Cowherd on 28 Mar 1883

Mallonee, Elizabeth married William B. Butcher on 24 May 1896

Mallonee, Emily married George E. Smith on 23 Sep 1869

Mallonee, Grace married Vernon C. Cole on 29 Nov 1888

Mallonee, Lide A. married Thomas J. Minor on 11 Apr 1871

Mallonee, William married Estella Maxwell on 5 Jul 1896

Mallones, Emma married Marcellus Fortney on 21 Oct 1888

Mallouee, Helen V. married Fabricius A. Cather on 17 Aug 1865

Malone, Lessie J. married James R. Glenn on 30 Apr 1898

Maloney, Robert J. married Edna Bishop on 29 Nov 1899

Mangan, Patrick H. married Martha L. Timmons on 7 Nov 1892

Manley, Charles E. married Jessie Groves on 7 Nov 1878

Mann, Edward B. married Maggie Snider on 3 Jan 1892

Manning, James married Margaret Doyle on 29 Apr 1872

Manoun, J. Frank married Mirtie Belle Rector on 24 Feb 1898

Manuel, Mary L. married George B. Carr on 26 Apr 1888

Marchant, Sarah M. married Granville H. Castle on 3 Mar 1874

Marker, Alberta married George W. Bice on 4 Nov 1869

Marker, Ann E. married William H. Warder on 28 Aug 1866

Marker, Cindrilla married Vernon Beall on 25 Apr 1866

Marker, Elijah M. married Mary E. Feltner on 24 Dec 1879

Marker, Laura married Ira Davis on 14 Sep 1895

Marker, Maggie married William J. Currey on 17 Jan 1877

Marker, Mary E. married George W. Anderson on 2 Dec 1867

Marker, Mary E. married Burton W. Perine on 20 Sep 1896

Markley, Anna married Emanuel Leeson on 25 Sep 1873

Markley, Joshua married Catherine Motts on 30 Aug 1886

Marple, Alice married Daniel B. Payne on 27 Dec 1900

Marple, Ezekiel married Sarah G. Perine on 21 Feb 1899

Marple, Mary Elizabeth married Henry N. Layman on 21 Nov 1882

Marple, Rebecca married William S. Bland on 9 Jun 1900

Marple, Rebecca J. married William N. Yates on 3 Feb 1867

Marple, Stephen married Amanda A. B. Whitehair on 6 Jul 1873

Marple, Walter L. married Lizzie M. McGlumphy on 22 Oct 1893

Marple, William A. married Ira G. Hubbard on 23 Nov 1892

Marple, William H. married Ellen J. Vannort on 2 Aug 1882

Marquess, Isaac T. married Arrianner G. Barbee on 26 Jan 1868

Marquess, Mary married James Luzader on 7 Apr 1867

Marquess, Wlizabeth married William Watkins on 28 Feb 1867

Marquis, William married Nancy E. Barnes on 17 Mar 1864

Marquiss, Emma married George Martin on 29 Mar 1877

Marquiss, Hugh married Cary Hill on 22 Jan 1874

Marquiss, John married Mary A. Shackelford on 29 Dec 1881

Marquiss, Lucy married William H. Criss on 13 May 1877

Marquiss, Luquilla married Ruhanna Menear on 12 Mar 1876

Marquiss, Sarah J. married Isaac Criss on 23 Dec 1873

Marr, Fanny A. married Homer Mason on 15 Jan 1880

Marsh, Alfred married Sarah J. Moon on 7 Nov 1867

Marsh, Mary E. married Robert C. Caldwell on 7 Aug 1876

Marsh, Willard married Mary Elizabeth Barker on 15 Jan 1871

Marshall, John married Jennie Coleman on 4 Nov 1886

Marshall, John W. married Catharine Whitehair on 4 Feb 1871

Marshall, Mary E. married Robert McCalley on 17 Feb 1892

Martin, Aaron married Rachel Snider on 2 Apr 1878

Martin, Albert married Rebecca Bolyard on 22 Aug 1889

Martin, Albert married Rebecca Bolyard on 24 Jan 1891

Martin, Annie married Thomas L. Shuttleworth on 31 Mar 1895

Martin, Charles W. married Leah C. Knaggs on 25 Jan 1880

Martin, Curtis married Annie Smith on 3 Jul 1893

Martin, David married Sarah Ann Riley on 31 Jan 1867

Martin, Elliott married Eliza A. Lee on 14 Oct 1864

Martin, Emma C. married Charles W. Ayer on 10 Jun 1891

Martin, Emma Q. married Ottie Glendenning on 25 Dec 1893

Martin, George married Emma Marquiss on 29 Mar 1877

Martin, George M. married Icie Kisner on 18 Jan 1893

Martin, George W. married Minnie E. Knaggs on 28 May 1885

Martin, Gertie B. married Charles G. Janes on 11 Mar 1897

Martin, Gordon C. married Ada E. Elder on 26 Aug 1897

Martin, Homer married Sarah R. Lawler on 25 Dec 1873

Martin, James William married Susan Elizabeth Cline on 11 Aug 1900

Martin, Jasper N. married Hattie M. Stclair on 31 Dec 1890

Martin, Joab married Julia Haddox on 1 Jul 1894

Martin, John married Lucinda A. Nose on 8 Dec 1876

Martin, John W. married Jane Annis Zumbro on 21 Oct 1869

Martin, Laura L. married Benjamin F. Sayre on 16 Aug 1888

Martin, Lizzie H. married Henry J. Snively on 24 Dec 1881

Martin, Mabel E. married Charles V. Black on 9 Nov 1879

Martin, Maggie married Jeremiah Noland on 24 Nov 1871

Martin, Martha E. married Marshall Sheets on 20 Jul 1870

Martin, Mary E. married William M. Breadlove on 28 Jun 1874

Martin, Mary E. married Isaac Current on 8 May 1884

Martin, Mary F. married Peter Goff on 13 Sep 1877

Martin, Nancy married Alfred T. Haney on 4 May 1871

Martin, Phillip B. married Harriet H. Hammond on 11 Jan 1882

Martin, Rebecca married Michael Choff on 2 Mar 1896

Martin, Samuel married Hannah Gough on 9 Jul 1872

Martin, Sophia married William F. Carder on 10 May 1868

Martin, Sylvester married Lillian A. Goff on 4 Sep 1895

Martin, Thomas G. married Virginia Alice Bartlett on 4 Apr 1878

Martin, William married Cathrine Saffle on 28 Aug 1882

Martin, William D. married Margaret A. Foly on 15 Dec 1864

Martin, Winfield S. married Clara E. Sinsel on 25 Sep 1872

Martin, Zephaniah married Minerva E. Williams on 6 Nov 1890

Mason, Abraham married Catharine F. Payne on 13 Sep 1877

Mason, Benjamin F. married Emiline Smith on 31 Dec 1867

Mason, Benjamin F. married Mary H. Tucker on 4 May 1882

Mason, Catharine married Thomas R. Hite on 23 May 1881

Mason, Catherine F. married Silas H. Curry on 8 Mar 1891

Mason, Clara married Thomas J. Baker on 13 Dec 1871

Mason, Elizabeth V. married Thomas Turner on 14 May 1872

Mason, Emma J. married William W. Carpenter on 11 Jan 1885

Mason, George M. married Margaret E. Loughridge on 22 Jun 1879

Mason, Henson married Sarah Sinclair on 2 Feb 1869

Mason, Homer married Fanny A. Marr on 15 Jan 1880

Mason, Jane married Isaac G. Menear on 27 Nov 1890

Mason, John married Sarah Jane McGee on 27 Mar 1864

Mason, John F. married Martha Stark on 4 May 1871

Mason, John L. married Effie A. Hugille on 13 Mar 1888

Mason, Luverna married Homer McDonald on 14 Jan 1886

Mason, Mary E. married Lewis F. Utt on 18 Jan 1880

Mason, Minnie H. married Ernest R. Warder on 3 May 1894

Mason, Murray T. married Minnie M. Poe on 24 Jun 1900

Mason, Nancy married Lewis H. Wendle on 21 Jan 1883

Mason, Porter married Nellie E. Scranage on 23 Jun 1898

Mason, Porter married Lucy B. Reynolds on 31 Dec 1885

Mason, Rachel K. married Lecta Brown on 25 Jul 1891

Mason, Sarah married James O. Hite on 26 Dec 1888

Mason, Sarepta married George Thomas on 20 Nov 1884

Mason, Sophronia married Jasper N. Wolverton on 7 Oct 1877

Mason, Thomas A. married Clara L. Dayton on 28 Jun 1870

Mason, Thomas N. married Cora C. Howard on 26 Sep 1894

Massie, Elisabeth married Thomas Williams on 16 Feb 1866

Mathers, Margaret married John H. Sinclair on 2 Jul 1874

Mathew, Kissire married Augustus H. Poe on 13 Mar 1895

Mathew, William J. married Florence Kerns on 5 Feb 1896

Matthew, Arthela Jane married James A. Luzader on 12 Sep 1878

Matthew, Charlotte E. married James H. Summers on 10 Sep 1885

Matthew, Eli married Mary E. Rogers on 23 Oct 1873

Matthew, Elizabeth C. married Brack Weaver on 25 Dec 1881

Matthew, Florida M. married John W. Musgrave on 20 Oct 1887

Matthew, Martha E. married Joseph Summers on 12 Jun 1865

Matthew, Mary E. married William Summers on 21 Jul 1867

Matthew, Mary M. M. married John Miller on 3 Aug 1872

Matthew, Nancy R. married Simon S. Robinson on 22 Mar 1868

Matthew, Phebebeth married Thomas T. Hodges on 17 Aug 1869

Matthew, Sarah married John M. Luzader on 1 Jan 1874

Matthew, Sarah M. married James E. Jeffers on 12 Nov 1874

Matthew, William H. married Phoebe J. Cozad on 9 May 1899

Matthew, William J. married Jane Nuzum on 30 Dec 1894

Mauller, Dora L. married Charles L. Williams on 3 Apr 1899

Mauller, George B. married Elizabeth Rutherford on 22 Sep 1889

Mauller, Harriet A. married Abram Rutherford on 8 Apr 1890

Mauller, James C. married Mary E. Johnston on 18 Jun 1868

Mauller, James W. married Eva Wiseman on 28 Oct 1896

Mawler, Morris H. married Dora Powell on 13 Mar 1892

Maxwell, Adolphus A. married Evaline Riffee on 24 Jul 1884

Maxwell, Charles married Sarah Freeman on 17 Apr 1879

Maxwell, Ella married William Carder on 4 Feb 1883

Maxwell, Estella married William Mallonee on 5 Jul 1896

Maxwell, George W. married Martha J. Smith on 25 Oct 1877

Maxwell, Henry married Maggie M. Buckner on 13 Sep 1892

Maxwell, John T. married Fannie Smith on 31 May 1877

Maxwell, Josephine F. married Ernest Fred. Clark on 18 Apr 1900

Maxwell, Margaret married Elijah Walter on 31 Dec 1874

Maxwell, Margaret A. married Edgar Holland on 30 Mar 1879

Maxwell, Martha J. married Melvin C. Warder on 4 Nov 1869

Maxwell, Mary married William J. Wheeler on 1 Sep 1870

Maxwell, Mary E. married John C. Eichelberger on 24 Feb 1870

Maxwell, Nancy J. married George W. Hustead on 23 Nov 1865

Maxwell, Nora Neel married Harry Frank Graham on 26 Jan 1898

Maxwell, Roda married Jehu F. Anderson on 6 Apr 1876

Maxwell, Rosie B. married George S. Pickens on 23 Jun 1892

Maxwell, Viola married Abram L. McElfresh on 29 Mar 1900

Maxwell, Virginia married James C. Frum on 10 Feb 1870

May, Franklin A. married Ella L. Williams on 13 May 1895

Mayes, John N. married Emeline Hardinger on 11 Mar 1875

Mayle, Icy May (Mrs) married Charles R. Ransell on 18 Aug 1900

Mayle, Laura Agnes married John F. Thompson on 25 Aug 1900

Mays, Willie J. married Margaret A. Knotts on 30 Nov 1892

McAle, Mariah married W. M. Flanagan on 6 Jan 1873

McAtee, Henry P. married Minnie S. Baker on 24 Apr 1887

McAtee, James W. married Sarah Jane Shackleford on 29 Nov 1863

McAvay, Delia married Harry D. Comerford on 10 Jan 1898

McAvay, Mary A. married John Battle on 9 Feb 1891

McAvoy, Mollie married Meredith Newlon on 18 Jan 1883

McBee, Caleb N. married Dilderan Corrothers on 17 Dec 1898

McBee, Leroy R. married Mary Cochran on 28 Aug 1895

McCafferty, Mattie M. married Frank C. Colborn on 22 Aug 1893

McCaley, Nancy married Oda Bartlett on 1 Feb 1893

McCalley, Robert married Mary E. Marshall on 17 Feb 1892

McCally, Jemima married Isaac D. Current on 18 Jan 1874

McCamick, Caroline married Joseph W. Arrington on 28 Nov 1869

McCanley, Andrew J. married Frona E. Costolow on 5 Jan 1893

McCann, Retta M. married William C. Ward on 6 May 1895

McCann, Willie Ann married Thomas G. Shaw on 22 Oct 1874

McCarling, John W. married Catharine E. Brown on 18 Apr 1867

McCarroll, Claud A. married Fannie E. Adams on 15 Jan 1898

McCartney, Alice C. married Isaac M. Cline on 30 Apr 1895

McCartney, Arthur W. married Nora E. Kelley on 16 Mar 1898

McCartney, Jacob U. S. G. married Rhoda B. Combs on 22 Jan 1895

McCartney, James married Sarah O. Cline on 28 Nov 1878

McCartney, John W. married Dora Moran on 15 Sep 1881

McCartney, John W. married Margaret E. Cline on 30 Dec 1883

McCartney, Josephine T. married William G. Nose on 3 Jul 1883

McCartney, Levi C. married Elizabeth Selvey on 24 Sep 1891

McCartney, Maggie E. married Calvin S. Hupp on 17 Sep 1893

McCartney, Margaret married Andrew J. Edwards on 2 Jan 1866

McCartney, Margaret M. M. married Adolphus Evans on 3 Mar 1881

McCartney, Mary E. married James W. Spring on 28 Oct 1888

McCartney, Mary J. married David W. Bradley on 6 May 1880

McCartney, Matthew W. married Drusilla Wyckoff on 14 Oct 1880

McCartney, Sarah E. married Henry L. Poling on 15 Aug 1882

McCartney, Sarah E. married William E. Talbott on 20 Apr 1886

McCarty, George M. married Emelia E. Leusow on 31 May 1883

McCarty, Helen M. married James W. Johnson on 22 Aug 1886

McCarty, Ida married William H. Criss on 21 Sep 1882

McCauley, Henry T. married Eliza A. Smith on 19 Feb 1897

McCaully, Susannah married John F. Gower on 27 Jan 1884

McClain, Arah E. married Charles Simpson on 26 Sep 1881

McClain, George William married Annie Belle Robbins on 1 Aug 1898

McClaskey, Eva married Edward R. Cole on 14 Jan 1880

McClaskey, Rebecca C. married John Cowan on 26 Apr 1882

McCleary, Maggie married Nathan Goodwin on 3 Apr 1890

McClellan, James C. married Mary A. Osburn on 28 Apr 1889

McCloy, William married Annie Chambers on 27 Aug 1863

McClung, John W. married Edith C. Cassell on 19 May 1897

McConkey, Andrew W. married Bertha E. Wright on 7 Mar 1889

McConkey, Charles E. married Rosa L. Poe on 27 Apr 1893

McConkey, Laura B. married Hiram F. Orr on 4 Aug 1886

McConkey, Sarah V. married Thomas J. Musgrove on 10 Dec 1885

McConkey, William married Flora M. Lee on 4 Jul 1878

McConkey, William H. married Sophrona Smallwood on 29 Dec 1890

McConnell, Robert J. married Sarah J. Moore on 3 Jul 1874

McCord, William married Laura Shears on 10 Nov 1892

McCormick, Mary E. married Cumberland G. Creel on 28 Apr 1867

McCue, Agnes R. married Ishmael F. Robinson on 12 Oct 1890

McCue, James L. married Jennie Courtney on 31 Mar 1887

McCue, Mary C. married Francis C. Flanahan on 25 Apr 1882

McCue, Thomas W. married Elizabeth F. Neal on 8 Feb 1881

McCutcheon, Francis G. married Martha N. Dumire on 8 Aug 1891

McDade, James E. married Rose M. Ridenour on 28 Apr 1897

McDaniel, Almira M. married George W. Fry on 19 Dec 1889

McDaniel, Andrew married Ester Bradley on 21 May 1893

McDaniel, Chapin married Loretta McDaniel on 28 Jun 1863

McDaniel, Christena J. married John W. Bradley on 26 Nov 1885

McDaniel, Clarence married Rosa Knight on 26 Nov 1899

McDaniel, Dewitt C. married Mary H. Payne on 17 Jun 1900

McDaniel, Dvaline married Adam Minear on 24 Dec 1879

McDaniel, Emma S. married Arthur L. Coffman on 21 Dec 1887

McDaniel, Estella F. married Eldora C. Sapp on 12 Feb 1896

McDaniel, Eugene E. married Sarah C. McDaniel on 8 Jul 1875

McDaniel, Franklin married Olive E. McDaniel on 17 Nov 1881

McDaniel, Garret F. married Sarah E. Tutt on 6 Apr 1865

McDaniel, George W. married Susan C. Bobo on 22 Apr 1873

McDaniel, George W. married Mary O. Wilmoth on 25 Dec 1890

McDaniel, Gooldy married Allen Duckworth on 23 Jun 1884

McDaniel, Harriett married Israel J. Corbin on 18 Sep 1873

McDaniel, Ingabe married Levi R. Hoffman on 25 Dec 1884

McDaniel, Isaac married Catharine Ludwick on 14 Apr 1885

McDaniel, James married Rosa M. (Mrs) Poling on 8 Nov 1900

McDaniel, John R. married Luvina Wilson on 22 Apr 1883

McDaniel, Laura E. married Franklin Ludwick on 20 Nov 1898

McDaniel, Lizzie married William M. Craigg on 26 Oct 1885

McDaniel, Loretta married Chapin McDaniel on 28 Jun 1863

McDaniel, Lurana married Washington Isner on 27 Jul 1865

McDaniel, Madison married Olive R. Hull on 10 Dec 1867

McDaniel, Martha married Isaac F. Brown on 20 Jun 1896

McDaniel, Martha J. married Gordon B. Duckworth on 25 Aug 1881

McDaniel, Mary Ann married Lewis N. Auvil on 11 Nov 1879

McDaniel, Matilda C. married James M. Knotts on 30 Mar 1873

McDaniel, Minerva married Jesse Ogden on 27 Oct 1864

McDaniel, Miranda E. married Joseph Weaver on 25 Sep 1879

McDaniel, Mollie E. married Robert F. Hanes on 23 Sep 1883

McDaniel, Nathan married Mary C. Vincent on 31 Mar 1867

McDaniel, Olive E. married Franklin McDaniel on 17 Nov 1881

McDaniel, Prudence Ann married Charles Ludwick on 28 Sep 1897

McDaniel, Rosa V. married John F. McVicker on 3 Feb 1895

McDaniel, Samuel married Dora B. Shroyer on 25 Oct 1896

McDaniel, Sarah married George W. Londress on 25 Dec 1895

McDaniel, Sarah married Morgan Keller on 7 Jan 1893

McDaniel, Sarah C. married Eugene E. McDaniel on 8 Jul 1875

McDaniel, Sarah E. married Andrew P. Shaffer on 22 Oct 1893

McDaniel, Thomas married Alice England on 29 Apr 1896

McDaniel, Waitman W. married Martha J. Poe on 20 Feb 1878

McDermod, Thomas married Mary Kern on 7 Jan 1892

McDermot, Mary married Michael Dorsey on 24 Nov 1879

McDonald, Alonzo married Cora B. Hertzog on 3 Sep 1893

McDonald, Annie M. married Alf Shaw on 11 Sep 1892

McDonald, Charlotte married Benjamin F. Guthrie on 18 Sep 1897

McDonald, E. B. married Mary Ann Shields on 3 Mar 1864

McDonald, Eliza married John Riley on 17 Dec 1871

McDonald, Ella P. married Thomas B. Flowers on 4 Feb 1896

McDonald, Flora A. married William L. Hughes on 2 Mar 1886

McDonald, Frank married Martha A. Stewart on 15 Feb 1889

McDonald, George M. married Margaret Hertzog on 25 Jan 1872

McDonald, George M. married Mary L. Keener on 26 May 1887

McDonald, Harriet M. married Gustavus A. Corbin on 18 Jan 1872

McDonald, Henrietta married Benjamin F. Hoffman on 1 Dec 1872

McDonald, Homer married Luverna Mason on 14 Jan 1886

McDonald, Ira married Emma V. Morrow on 18 Dec 1889

McDonald, Isaac married Catherine V. Moorehead on 25 Jan 1899

McDonald, James E. married Nancy Morrow on 29 Feb 1864

McDonald, John C. married Mary M. Dunham on 5 Sep 1894

McDonald, John O. married Delia E. Burnside on 15 Oct 1891

McDonald, M. C. married Harmon Wyckoff on 11 Dec 1873

McDonald, Margaret B. married Joseph Bailey on 15 Mar 1869

McDonald, Mary E. married James A. Robinson on 16 Dec 1878

McDonald, Mary E. married William H. Harmison on 7 Jun 1864

McDonald, Millard F. married Lucy Monroe on 28 Jun 1891

McDonald, Miranda A. married Willie Hickman on 18 Nov 1885

McDonald, Mordecia S. married Emma V. Roe on 25 Nov 1886

McDonald, Nannie married Joseph C. Cather on 13 Sep 1877

McDonald, Rebecca A. married Thomas Ryan on 10 Oct 1867

McDonald, Rebecca A. married Mortimore J. Dearing on 20 Jun 1869

McDonald, Rosetta married Sheridan Shingleton on 6 May 1897

McDonald, Sabra married Joseph F. Corbin on 9 Mar 1879

McDonald, Sarah married Elsworth T. Morris on 14 Nov 1879

McDonald, Sarah married John B. Cather on 23 Mar 1882

McDonald, Sarah married Benjamin B. Gabbert on 4 Jun 1871

McDonald, Selina A. married John N. Robinson on 23 Feb 1871

McDonald, Texanna married Edward K. Blair on 28 Apr 1898

McDonald, William G. married Sarah O. McElroy on 14 Sep 1893

McDonall, Mary V. married William Wagner on 29 Nov 1871

McDonkey, Arthelia Jane married Thomas F. Finch on 25 Dec 1878

McDonnell, Margaret married William H. Barnes on 25 Sep 1900

McElfresh, Abraham married Olive M. Hall on 22 Apr 1886

McElfresh, Abram married Mary Frances Withers on 4 Mar 1897

McElfresh, Abram L. married Viola Maxwell on 29 Mar 1900

McElfresh, Mary D. married Noah Nuzum on 24 May 1899

McElfresh, Nancy J. married Robert W. McWilliams on 17 Oct 1867

McElfresh, Virginia married Morton Robers on 7 Jan 1869

McElfreshy, Joseph married Eliza T. Bartlett on 16 Feb 1871

McElroy, Edith V. married James F. Hickman on 15 Sep 1887

McElroy, Eliza J. married Ralph A. Morrow on 25 Dec 1884

McElroy, Ephraim Y. married Hattie H. Smith on 2 Apr 1893

McElroy, Sarah O. married William G. McDonald on 14 Sep 1893

McElvoy, Elmore J. married Clara V. Humphreys on 28 Oct 1883

McFarling, Granville married Norah B. Ridenour on 25 Dec 1895

McFarling, James C. married Josephine Kiger on 14 May 1871

McFarling, William married Martha E. Ridenour on 1 Sep 1891

McFurson, Catharine married John H. Bennett on 22 Sep 1872

McGee, Anice G. married Waitman T. Robinson on 30 May 1895

McGee, Helen married Luther M. Rogers on 26 Dec 1900

McGee, Hellen married Elisha Provance on 24 Jun 1886

McGee, Olive married Daniel Coplin on 20 Dec 1874

McGee, Richard M. married Mary Ellen Snively on 30 Dec 1874

McGee, Sarah Jane married John Mason on 27 Mar 1864

McGee, William married Savanna L. Brock on 7 Dec 1895

McGiffin, Sallie Q. married George W. Hanshaw on 6 Jun 1877

McGill, Mary M. married James Phillips on 8 Dec 1873

McGill, Tacy married George W. Mowser on 1 Feb 1866

McGinnis, Bernard L. married Matilda Dilworth on 26 Nov 1893

McGlumphy, Flora married Thomas R. Jones on 24 Jul 1892

McGlumphy, Lizzie M. married Walter L. Marple on 22 Oct 1893

McGlumphy, Mary Adda married Robert Anderson on 5 Aug 1894

McGlumphy, William R. married Lorena Moran on 2 Oct 1890

McGraw, Mary A. married Charles J. Flanagan on 18 May 1874

McGraw, Patrick married Catherine Kenney on 6 Feb 1864

McGraw, Patrick married Catharine Kenney on 8 Feb 1864

McGraw, Philomena married Abraham S. Warder on 6 Nov 1895

McGuire, Mary A. married James M. Ryan on 14 Jul 1896

McIntosh, Columbus W. married Elizabeth McVicker on 7 Jun 1882

McIntosh, Elijah married Mary A. Sinclair on 22 Apr 1884

McIntosh, Hannah married Elza Freeman on 30 Jan 1868

McIntosh, Matilda married Godfrey Shaffer on 16 Sep 1885

McIntosh, Minerva married Thomas S. Layman on 18 Nov 1897

McKinney, Daniel married Eleanor Connel on 3 Jan 1876

McKinney, Dennis married Rebecca Ida Henderson on 1 Sep 1900

McKinney, Major E. married Emma E. Brown on 3 Aug 1887

McKnight, Charles H. married Edith L. Boyce on 3 Jun 1897

McLaughlin, Bridget A. married Benjamin F. Kercheval on 2 Apr 1879

McLaughlin, Ella married Simeon W. Jennings on 9 May 1898

McLaughlin, Hugh married Mary Jordan on 16 Jul 1865

McLaughlin, John T. married Bridget Galvin on 10 Jan 1893

McLaughlin, Margaret J. married Michael J. Tucker on 29 Dec 1890

McLaughlin, Mary A. married Martin J. Garaughty on 2 Nov 1882

McMahon, Mary A. married John Jr. Hushen on 26 Dec 1879

McManamie, John married Margaret Turner on 31 Oct 1900

McManinnon, Mary E. married John F. Caveney on 20 Apr 1896

McMannion, Julia J. married Edward J. Shaughnessy on 30 Jun 1890

McMannon, John married Annie Happygate on 12 Nov 1876

McMannon, John married Mary Murphy on 18 Nov 1866

McMaster, Alfred married Mary Webley on 13 Jun 1864

McMillen, Robert M. married May Poling on 26 Aug 1894

McMinn, Thomas N. married Hannah V. Corbin on 11 Oct 1891

McNemur, Mollie D. married Robert M. Dunnington on 3 May 1864

McPherson, Georgianna married James E. Sinclair on 14 Nov 1876

McPherson, William married Catharine Overfield on 7 Nov 1869

McVicker, Adaline married Isaac L. Losh on 3 Jun 1897

McVicker, Colman married Idorah Williamson on 25 Feb 1892

McVicker, Daniel married Lucinda Reed on 26 Jul 1894

McVicker, Elizabeth married Columbus W. McIntosh on 7 Jun 1882

McVicker, Ellsworth married Ella Knight on 19 Dec 1900

McVicker, John F. married Rosa V. McDaniel on 3 Feb 1895

McVicker, Joseph married Laura Funk on 16 Apr 1899

McVicker, Joseph married Mary E. Campbell on 9 Jul 1892

McVicker, Lucetta married James L. Saffel on 8 Nov 1885

McVicker, Malissa married James Edmond on 25 Aug 1887

McVicker, Rebecca married Ernest Heaton on 2 Jun 1892

McVicker, Sarah married William W. Winemiller on 6 Feb 1864

McVicker, Sarah married William W. Winomiller on 6 Feb 1864

McWillaims, Susie married William Hertzog on 1 Feb 1885

McWilliams, Agnes married Perry Sinsel on 23 Nov 1876

McWilliams, Alonzo F. married Maggie M. White on 28 Dec 1890

McWilliams, Augustus married Winona Miller on 25 Feb 1869

McWilliams, Eli married Sally Snider on 13 Dec 1863

McWilliams, Eli married Mary M. McWilliams on 23 Sep 1866

McWilliams, Elisabeth married George Hoey on 8 Dec 1864

McWilliams, George W. married Mary M. Miller on 31 Mar 1872

McWilliams, Grace married Delbert O. Reed on 2 Aug 1900

McWilliams, James M. married Sarah M. Kern on 26 Jun 1873

McWilliams, Jane married Harrison A. Lake on 15 Apr 1895

McWilliams, Katie married Alpheus F. Brain on 25 Oct 1894

McWilliams, Lillie M. married Jefferson D. Hamilton on 24 Jun 1886

McWilliams, Martha J. married Abraham J. Smith on 30 Aug 1874

McWilliams, Mary married John C. Vandegraft on 21 Jan 1889

McWilliams, Mary M. married Eli McWilliams on 23 Sep 1866

McWilliams, Rebecca married George A. Hannan on 6 Jul 1892

McWilliams, Robert W. married Nancy J. McElfresh on 17 Oct 1867

McWilliams, Robert W. married Julia A. Sayre on 22 May 1894

McWilliams, Sophronia married Bailey L. Roach on 13 May 1897

Means, Arabell married Francis T. Haught on 18 Aug 1889

Means, Catharine married Eugenius M. Walf on 25 Aug 1870

Means, Eliza J. married Isaac N. Grimes on 13 Aug 1868

Means, Isaac married Hester Jane Robinson on 12 Dec 1869

Means, James K. married Rachel Jones on 10 Jan 1869

Means, Mattie J. married Thomas F. Pennington on 2 Oct 1883

Means, Nathan H. married Mary A. Knotts on 2 May 1894

Means, Rebecca married John W. Shroyer on 12 Jul 1888

Means, Sarah E. married Henry H. Guseman on 17 Nov 1866

Means, Virginia E. married Jacob M. Hall on 7 Aug 1870

Medsker, Susan married Allison Powell on 26 Mar 1867

Melarkey, James J. married Julia C. Carr on 17 Aug 1891

Melville, John C. married Amanda J. Stafford on 26 Jun 1869

Menear, Elem married Abalona Hunt on 18 Nov 1868

Menear, Isaac G. married Jane Mason on 27 Nov 1890

Menear, James L. married Bertha V. Shackelford on 27 Dec 1888

Menear, Ruhanna married Luquilla Marquiss on 12 Mar 1876

Mercer, Marshall D. married Melinda E. Earns on 26 Jun 1870

Meredith, Sylvanus C. married Virginia A. Smell on 19 Feb 1871

Mereditrh, Emma married Benjamin F. Waller on 4 Nov 1880

Merriman, Lloyd W. married Mary E. Poe on 27 Nov 1890

Messeger, Nancy E. married Presley Reed on 16 Aug 1879

Messenger, Basha married Oscar W. Hinebaugh on 25 May 1893

Messenger, Charlotte E. married William W. Allen on 5 Mar 1895

Messenger, Emma O. married Sanford Haney on 8 Jul 1883

Messenger, Nancy V. married David M. Morgan on 15 Mar 1882

Messenger, Sheridan married Anna S. Burke on 7 Jan 1892

Messenger, Sophronia married Henry W. Lambert on 21 Jan 1883

Messman, John H. married Sarah M. Efaw on 29 Mar 1888

Metcalf, Frederick W. married Elizabeth (Mrs) Bloodgood on 12 Oct 1897

Metheny, Jennie married J. Henry Roach on 29 Dec 1881

Metz, Linnie married Ernest D. Ervin on 28 Dec 1898

Mewl, John married Martha Kellison on 12 Dec 1887

Michael, Ella M. married Clarence M. West on 17 Dec 1893

Michael, Mollie J. married John C. Kuh on 7 Feb 1865

Michael, Ollie M. married Thomas B. Kuhn on 8 May 1889

Mickens, Georgia married James Blackwell on 16 Dec 1895

Miles, John B. married Annie A. Letzinger on 23 Jan 1872

Miller, Albert C. married Ida B. Miller on 19 May 1898

Miller, Alice A. married John W. Jaco on 25 Mar 1880

Miller, Ann E. married Andrew Dietz on 30 May 1872

Miller, Appalona married Naylor Forman on 14 Dec 1869

Miller, Blanche E. married James M. Summers on 23 Dec 1886

Miller, Catharine E. married John W. Wolf on 9 Apr 1867

Miller, Charles B. married Roana C. Vincent on 2 May 1878

Miller, Cynthia A. married Daniel B. Shaw on 3 Jul 1887

Miller, Cyrene married John C. Piles on 30 Oct 1890

Miller, David W. married Eve Poe on 3 Dec 1876

Miller, Dora M. married Alfred Hood Phillips on 30 Apr 1898

Miller, Edgar A. married Lydia T. Ridenour on 17 Jun 1892

Miller, Eugenius C. married Elizabeth A. Moats on 13 Oct 1889

Miller, Franch S. married Virginia Sinclair on 11 Nov 1895

Miller, Frank S. married Alta Fletcher on 8 Jan 1894

Miller, George R. married Elizabeth F. Neel on 16 Nov 1895

Miller, Ida B. married Albert C. Miller on 19 May 1898

Miller, James married Alice Breakiron on 10 Jan 1874

Miller, James E. married Violet J. Henderson on 16 Feb 1871

Miller, James E. married Lovy A. Riley on 28 Oct 1886

Miller, James S. married Elizabeth Corrothers on 24 Dec 1885

Miller, John married Adaline M. Demoss on 26 Apr 1879

Miller, John married Mary M. M. Matthew on 3 Aug 1872

Miller, John N. married Isabel M. Goodwin on 21 Nov 1872

Miller, John W. married Columbia N. Smith on 30 Aug 1882

Miller, Josiah J. married Nancy M. Stone on 14 Oct 1866

Miller, Laura E. married Winfield S. Jackson on 24 Jan 1889

Miller, Luther M. married Cyrena Shahan on 25 Dec 1881

Miller, Margaret E. married William J. Kendall on 28 Sep 1895

Miller, Margaret M. married Randolph Vincent on 1 May 1879

Miller, Mariah Adaline married Aaron T. Luzader on 15 Jan 1871

Miller, Martin married Luvara J. Theyer on 17 Mar 1872

Miller, Mary married John Z. T. Keener on 22 Aug 1878

Miller, Mary A. married James W. Thomas on 11 Oct 1866

Miller, Mary Frances married William A. C. Corothers on 13 Jun 1878

Miller, Mary M. married George W. McWilliams on 31 Mar 1872

Miller, Maude Ida married Elmer Forrest Goodwin on 7 Nov 1900

Miller, Olive V. married Galelma Butcher on 18 Mar 1886

Miller, Omer married Jane Lottie Poe on 25 Jan 1900

Miller, Phebe married A., Dr. Thomas on 30 Jan 1866

Miller, Rinehart married Julia A. Snider on 27 Feb 1867

Miller, Ruhamah married Robert L Henderson on 4 Aug 1872

Miller, William C. married Mary E. Jaco on 18 Jun 1889

Miller, Winona married Augustus McWilliams on 25 Feb 1869

Mills, James H. married Cora Kimmel on 24 Oct 1895

Minear, Adam married Dvaline McDaniel on 24 Dec 1879

Minear, Mary J. married John C. Gannsjager on 21 Apr 1892

Minerd, Susan married Noah Males on 18 Mar 1883

Minerd, William married Margaret Male on 14 Oct 1866

Minor, Ruth Ann married Josiah Kanada on 14 Dec 1874

Minor, Sarah married Benjamin Newman on 13 Dec 1874

Minor, Stewart E. married Fannie Lowery on 22 Mar 1889

Minor, Thomas J. married Lide A. Mallonee on 11 Apr 1871

Miskimen, Catherine married John H. Jr. Barnhill on 6 Apr 1892

Mitchell, Andrew N. married Mary G. Snively on 17 Apr 1882

Mitchell, Sarah married Francis Willis on 19 Nov 1872

Mitchell, William A. married Emma M. Wine on 14 Feb 1892

Moats, Clara married Granville Weaver on 19 Jun 1899

Moats, Devalt married Elizabeth A. Kirk on 6 Feb 1884

Moats, Elizabeth A. married Eugenius C. Miller on 13 Oct 1889

Moats, Oma married Granville C. Moore on 20 Apr 1899

Monroe, Claude L. married Nettie M. Lake on 15 Apr 1897

Monroe, Harry married Ida Florence Poling on 2 Feb 1898

Monroe, John H. married Margaret M. H. Hesser on 14 Sep 1871

Monroe, Lucy married Millard F. McDonald on 28 Jun 1891

Monroe, Thomas T. married Florence Bailey on 2 Jan 1870

Monroe, Virginia married George M. Gum on 26 Sep 1865

Montgomery, Gilbert F. married Dema L. Annon on 17 May 1874

Montgomery, Oliver married Louisa A. Murphy on 16 Jun 1892

Montgomery, Retta married Arla A. Talbott on 27 Apr 1899

Montgomery, Robert married Irene Hall on 7 Jan 1892

Montgomery, Susan married George Vineyard on 10 Jan 1865

Moon, Eleanor married John W. Coburn on 5 Sep 1865

Moon, Sarah J. married Alfred Marsh on 7 Nov 1867

Moore, Granville married Permelia A. Snider on 17 Aug 1887

Moore, Granville married Sarah L. Hixendaugh on 27 Aug 1873

Moore, Granville C. married Oma Moats on 20 Apr 1899

Moore, Henry H. married Margaret T. Crowley on 26 Feb 1900

Moore, James M. married Sarah Ford on 1 Feb 1872

Moore, John R. married Emeline S. Dooley on 14 May 1874

Moore, Mary Ann married George W. Hacker on 1 Oct 1865

Moore, Nancy C. married James E. Sinclair on 2 Jan 1866

Moore, Sallie N. married John L. Wittman on 25 May 1886

Moore, Sarah J. married Robert J. McConnell on 3 Jul 1874

Moore, Theodore married Delia C. Bailey on 26 Aug 1888

Moore, William married Isabel Nelson on 1 Jul 1885

Moorehead, Catherine V. married Isaac McDonald on 25 Jan 1899

Moorehead, Isaac married Margaret Dalton on 10 Mar 1878

Moran, Ann married John Kenney on 3 Apr 1866

Moran, Annie C. married Fred V. Kunst on 15 Sep 1896

Moran, Belle married Francis M. Davis on 20 Sep 1898

Moran, Cassa A. A. married George W. Philips on 23 Aug 1868

Moran, Clyde C. married Cora Saffle on 20 Aug 1896

Moran, Dora married John W. McCartney on 15 Sep 1881

Moran, Edgar S. married Virginia H. Fast on 30 Dec 1886

Moran, Edward L. married Margaret M. Ryan on 22 Aug 1900

Moran, Elizabeth M. married Moses B. Kettle on 26 Feb 1878

Moran, Florence married William J. Phillips on 20 Oct 1887

Moran, Henderson M. married Sarah E. Rogers on 17 Sep 1885

Moran, James B. married Mary A. Donohue on 2 Jun 1890

Moran, Jarod W. married Lucinda Robinson on 16 Mar 1871

Moran, Jettie J. married William J. Grannan on 8 Mar 1897

Moran, Lorena married William R. McGlumphy on 2 Oct 1890

Moran, Lou married Joseph E. Kincaid on 24 Oct 1889

Moran, Maggie L. married Charles H. Bowen on 29 Jul 1895

Moran, Martha married Joseph G. Kincaid on 20 Nov 1886

Moran, Mary married John B. Yates on 21 Dec 1869

Moran, Mary A. married William Carduff on 15 Feb 1897

Moran, Michael married Ellen Ward on 25 Sep 1870

Moran, Nancy A. married Arlington Stclair on 8 Dec 1886

Moran, Samantha married Dudley Powell on 22 May 1894

Moran, Thomas married Mary Hessian on 2 Sep 1869

Morehead, Minor married Harriet A. Smith on 4 Mar 1866

Morehead, Ruhama married Cato Banks on 27 Nov 1887

Moreland, Hannah married Luther Kelly on 23 Sep 1869

Morgan, Anna Beatrice married Carroll Judson Heflin on 3 Sep 1899

Morgan, Calvin married Alma Cox on 5 Jul 1898

Morgan, David M. married Nancy V. Messenger on 15 Mar 1882

Morgan, David M. married Margaret E. Flatcher on 24 Nov 1892

Morgan, David M. married Minerva Campbell on 26 Jan 1864

Morgan, Jacob B. married Mary B. Robinson on 10 Feb 1867

Morgan, Josiah married Virginia D. Coplin on 19 Oct 1865

Morgan, Josiah A. married Delma B. Burnsides on 3 Nov 1891

Morgan, Levi L. married Grazilla L. Bainbridge on 18 Mar 1892

Morgan, Lura A. married Dexter Q. Bayly on 28 Aug 1892

Morgan, Stephen A. married Louisa V. Hoffman on 31 Mar 1872

Morgan, Virginia E. married Francis M. Keane on 20 Apr 1884

Morgan, William C. married Pearl R. Davis on 21 Sep 1898

Moritz, Rosa R. married Peter J. Jacobs on 5 Oct 1897

Morqus, William married Nancy E. Barnes on 14 Mar 1864

Morris, Annie L. married George L. Hertzog on 24 Jan 1893

Morris, Celestia A. married Elmore Thomas on 5 Aug 1870

Morris, Charles T. married Jane Janes on 28 Feb 1894

Morris, Columbia A. married Daniel W. Gilbart on 9 Feb 1884

Morris, Cora married Josiah T. Horr on 5 Oct 1869

Morris, Elsworth T. married Sarah McDonald on 14 Nov 1879

Morris, Harriet married Alexis Holden on 1 Jan 1873

Morris, James L. married Delia A. Sinsel on 21 Feb 1881

Morris, John D. married Mary Whitehair on 26 Dec 1883

Morris, John W. married Emily Jane Robinson on 12 May 1870

Morris, Martha Snyder married Andrew Jr. Vanyo on 4 Feb 1890

Morris, Mary A. married Benjamin F. Freeman on 24 Jun 1883

Morris, Mary Martha married James C. Hustead on 2 May 1865

Morris, Missouri A. married Rebecca Jane Fry on 2 Dec 1884

Morris, Porter H. married Martha J. Dunham on 22 Feb 1893

Morris, Reuben married Charlotta C. Poston on 13 Dec 1870

Morris, Ruah B. married Jacob Griffitch on 16 Mar 1886

Morris, Silas C. married Martha S. Snider on 14 Jun 1883

Morris, Virginia E. married John W. Ludwick on 29 Apr 1885

Morris, William married Malinda E. Rowe on 11 Sep 1873

Morrison, John M. married Ella B. Riley on 15 Jul 1893

Morrison, John M. married Mary J. Riley on 25 Dec 1890

Morrison, N. R. married Octavia Bailey on 18 Nov 1874

Morrison, Robert married Prudence C. Stephens on 24 Dec 1889

Morrison, William D. married Mary E. Jones on 4 Jul 1889

Morrow, Canzada married Emery J. Nutter on 21 Nov 1889

Morrow, Emily E. married John F. Hustead on 2 Feb 1865

Morrow, Emma V. married Ira McDonald on 18 Dec 1889

Morrow, Lodema married George P. Cropp on 27 Jan 1889

Morrow, Nancy married James E. McDonald on 29 Feb 1864

Morrow, Oscar O. married Belle Harr on 16 Sep 1888

Morrow, Ralph A. married Eliza J. McElroy on 25 Dec 1884

Morrow, Sarah J. married Thomas Strother on 1 Dec 1863

Morrow, Sarah J. married Thomas Strother on 23 Nov 1863

Morrow, Ulysses S. married Lizzie E. Reynolds on 11 Oct 1899

Morrow, William J. married Ingabe Hustead on 14 Feb 1867

Mortz, Veronica married Louis Breenberger on 2 Jun 1884

Mosely, John married Mary Vincent on 23 Oct 1887

Moss, James D. married Lucetta Williamson on 22 Aug 1886

Motes, Jacob G. married Margaret E. Rogers on 12 Mar 1887

Motes, John married Patty M. Boyce on 23 Dec 1896

Motts, Catherine married Joshua Markley on 30 Aug 1886

Mounts, Minnie married Adolphus Shaw on 20 Dec 1893

Mouser, George married Cornelia Taylor on 7 Apr 1870

Mouser, Lummie M. married Raymond Kelley on 17 Oct 1899

Mowser, David married Elizabeth Mowser on 4 Aug 1864

Mowser, Elizabeth married David Mowser on 4 Aug 1864

Mowser, George W. married Tacy McGill on 1 Feb 1866

Moyer, Anne Lisa married Alfa Whitehair on 24 Dec 1883

Moyer, David married Flora Smith on 20 May 1894

Moyer, Fannie C. married Benjamin S. Whitehair on 18 Apr 1893

Moyer, Mary Ellen E. married Alonzo Eckels on 23 Mar 1898

Moyer, Mary M. married Granville Whitehair on 13 Jan 1884

Moyers, Emma married William Nestor on 21 Feb 1900

Mulligan, Thomas E. married Ella T. Maguire on 14 Oct 1884

Mundell, Charles N. married Dollie G. West on 6 Jun 1897

Murphey, Mary A. married William G. Rousher on 11 Oct 1883

Murphey, Mary M. married John S. Thorn on 22 Nov 1875

Murphey, Virginia O. married Jacob E. Newcome on 8 Feb 1887

Murphy, Anna married Joseph B. Korty on 1 Oct 1895

Murphy, Charles E. married Emma Stevens on 15 Mar 1898

Murphy, Eva married Henry Bell on 24 Dec 1891

Murphy, Hannah Bell married William S. Grimes on 30 Jan 1869

Murphy, James married Annie Welch on 13 Nov 1871

Murphy, James W. married Annie Conner on 4 Dec 1871

Murphy, Jennie married John E. Davis on 2 Dec 1886

Murphy, John married Kate Murphy on 9 Jun 1878

Murphy, Kate married John Murphy on 9 Jun 1878

Murphy, L. Morgan married Matilda Heatherly on 5 May 1881

Murphy, Louisa A. married Oliver Montgomery on 16 Jun 1892

Murphy, Mary married John McMannon on 18 Nov 1866

Murphy, Rosa married Guy Orcutt on 14 May 1900

Murphy, Silas married Harriet Washington on 2 Nov 1870

Murphy, Thomas J. married Bridget M. Lannan on 8 Nov 1898

Murphy, Timothy J. married Cordelia C. Roy on 17 Sep 1892

Murphy, William S. married Mary E. Waldron on 6 Apr 1879

Murphy, Winnie married John W. Current on 29 Nov 1899

Murray, George T. married Rerina H. Smell on 8 Jan 1893

Murrey, Jacob H. married Emma M. Bartlett on 28 Jun 1876

Murrey, Rose A. married Samuel Shackelford on 10 Jan 1876

Musgrave, John W. married Florida M. Matthew on 20 Oct 1887

Musgrave, Mary Ann married George Z. Shaw on 15 Dec 1867

Musgrove, Thomas J. married Sarah V. McConkey on 10 Dec 1885

Musser, Nicholas E. married Emma Cather on 19 Sep 1888

Myers, A. John married Izona M. Hardman on 14 Sep 1882

Myers, Alice married Isaac J. Thomas on 18 Apr 1883

Myers, Clarissa A. B. married James W. Maine on 30 May 1898

Myers, Emma married Charles W. Carroll on 25 Nov 1896

Myers, Henry married Belle Anderson on 22 Sep 1881

Myers, Mollie M. married Joseph W. Garner on 23 Dec 1896

Myers, Sarah V. married Frank A. Gordon on 13 Feb 1890

Myers, William R. married Emma Byer on 24 Jun 1875

Myrdo, Alice (Mrs) married Andy Roman on 18 Jun 1900

Myres, Jessie married Samuel Bircher on 23 Jul 1888


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