Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "N-O"

Nau, Susanna married William Leapold on 25 Dec 1871

Neal, Aaron married Margaret J. Rogers on 8 Nov 1877

Neal, Alcinda M. married Obediah Vincent on 13 Nov 1866

Neal, Elizabeth F. married Thomas W. McCue on 8 Feb 1881

Neal, Isaac W. married Sarah Hayhurst on 27 Nov 1895

Neal, James A. married Rebecca Boner on 19 Oct 1882

Neal, Jane married Edward S. Henderson on 4 Mar 1869

Neal, Lee Ann married Matthew Dowling on 23 Jul 1879

Neal, Robert married Isabel Lake on 20 Jan 1878

Neel, Elizabeth F. married George R. Miller on 16 Nov 1895

Neel, George married Mary J. Henderson on 10 Dec 1890

Neel, John L. married Annie Brown on 29 Dec 1872

Neel, Thomas J. married Nancy Ann Lake on 20 Sep 1875

Neel, William G. married Mary Rees on 24 Dec 1868

Neely, Etta May married James M. T. Hill on 15 May 1900

Neilson, Emma E. married Archibald C. Love on 2 Apr 1878

Nelson, Isabel married William Moore on 1 Jul 1885

Nelson, Jennie married E. M. Borum on 16 Jun 1874

Nelson, Jennie married Phillip Nines on 16 Jun 1874

Nelson, Maria married Jed W. Lake on 27 Apr 1876

Nelson, Samuel married Ira C. Patton on 10 Oct 1896

Nester, Martha Ann married Thomas Jones on 10 Sep 1869

Nestor, Andrew J. married Alie M. Cottrill on 10 Nov 1889

Nestor, Andrew M. married Sarah E. Shields on 22 Oct 1871

Nestor, Belle married Philip Sheets on 24 Oct 1894

Nestor, Berton L. married Elpha Nestor on 27 Oct 1897

Nestor, Earnest B. married Carl Bailey on 10 Sep 1893

Nestor, Elpha married Berton L. Nestor on 27 Oct 1897

Nestor, Ida M. married William Reed on 15 Apr 1891

Nestor, James S. married Huldah Powell on 13 Jun 1867

Nestor, John Jr. married Margaret Hession on 25 Apr 1898

Nestor, John S. married Lorena Belle Thomas on 17 Jan 1897

Nestor, John W. married Vilona Arnold on 1 Jan 1890

Nestor, Margaret married Patrick W. Fleming on 25 Dec 1880

Nestor, Nevia married John W. Baylor on 18 Apr 1897

Nestor, Sarah O. married William A. Sinsel on 24 Dec 1872

Nestor, William married Emma Moyers on 21 Feb 1900

Newberry, Laura E. married Benjamin E. Summers on 12 Jun 1898

Newbrough, Augusta J. married Joseph M. Currey on 30 Oct 1873

Newbrough, Isaac M. married Mary Ellen Riley on 28 Mar 1878

Newbrough, John married Catharine A. Utterback on 27 May 1869

Newbrough, Noah W. married Margaret Jane Riley on 25 Apr 1875

Newbrough, Robert J. married Mattie M. Hustead on 2 Mar 1886

Newcome, Jacob E. married Virginia O. Murphey on 8 Feb 1887

Newcum, Joseph T. married Jane Devers on 23 Nov 1876

Newlon, Alfred married Elizabeth V. Yates on 26 Dec 1867

Newlon, Amanda M. married Daniel R. Shafer on 1 Sep 1881

Newlon, Anna N. married Willie J. Ridenour on 24 Sep 1899

Newlon, Annie M. married William T. Wells on 31 Dec 1891

Newlon, Arminda married Francis A. Gough on 25 Nov 1890

Newlon, Augusta married Richard F. Cooper on 17 Dec 1874

Newlon, Caroline S. married John T. Withers on 24 Dec 1868

Newlon, Charles P. married Henrietta Fleming on 10 Dec 1874

Newlon, Cora B. married Ulysses Cleavenger on 11 May 1899

Newlon, Creed O. married Kate Barbee on 29 Oct 1873

Newlon, Elijah married Elizabeth J. Findley on 26 Jul 1863

Newlon, Ella Elliott married Homer Sylvanus Bartlett on 6 Oct 1898

Newlon, Ellis M married Nancy J. Bartlett on 22 Mar 1897

Newlon, Estella married Leonard A. Smith on 17 May 1891

Newlon, Hattie B. married Isaac B. Johnson on 23 Jul 1899

Newlon, Howard B. married Esta Withers on 27 Dec 1900

Newlon, J. Floyd married Dora B. Sinsel on 3 Jan 1878

Newlon, James J. married Athalinda Coplin on 11 Mar 1869

Newlon, Jefferson E. married Mollie V. Creel on 24 Nov 1874

Newlon, John married Prudence A. Woodyard on 18 Feb 1869

Newlon, John married Eliza Woodyard on 7 Nov 1886

Newlon, John S. married Henrietta A. Coplin on 25 Dec 1867

Newlon, John W. married Mollie P. Batson on 23 Nov 1882

Newlon, Lemuel married Nancy L. Smith on 27 Apr 1865

Newlon, Lewis M. married Margaret Henderson on 14 Feb 1884

Newlon, Lewis M. married Ida A. Crouse on 15 Apr 1899

Newlon, Lucy married Hayward Fleming on 23 Aug 1896

Newlon, Lucy married Homer Selvey on 24 Nov 1892

Newlon, Marion married Sarah E. Ross on 27 Nov 1887

Newlon, Martha Similda married Charles W. Findley on 21 Dec 1879

Newlon, Mary married Aaron Barnett on 27 Apr 1865

Newlon, Mary F. E. married John C. Bartlett on 17 Feb 1869

Newlon, Matilda married Charles Horner on 27 Oct 1863

Newlon, Matilda married Charles Horner on 29 Oct 1863

Newlon, May M. married George W. Gawthrop on 11 Jun 1896

Newlon, Melvin married Gertie Lake on 29 Nov 1900

Newlon, Meredith married Mollie McAvoy on 18 Jan 1883

Newlon, Minerva A. married Benjamin J. Clevenger on 25 Dec 1864

Newlon, Nancy married Charles T. M. Davis on 19 Apr 1900

Newlon, Penelope married John W. Cole on 29 Jan 1874

Newlon, Thaddeus C. married Sarah Cather on 25 Dec 1872

Newlon, Thomas H. married Myrtle Bartlett on 19 Oct 1885

Newlon, William L. married Mary C. Laymire on 13 Oct 1887

Newman, Benjamin married Sarah Minor on 13 Dec 1874

Ney, Mary (Mrs) married Charles Barron on 25 Jan 1898

Nichols, Larkan C. married Mary E. Sinclair on 24 Sep 1867

Nichols, Mary E. married Anthony J. Wilcox on 23 Dec 1879

Nicodemus, Amanda V. married Lemuel H. Nixon on 19 May 1882

Nigh, Kenter L. married Daisy L. Wells on 30 Oct 1895

Nines, Cora E. married Clarence A. Thorn on 5 Sep 1900

Nines, Phillip married Jennie Nelson on 16 Jun 1874

Nixon, Cornelius married Malissa J. Griffith on 25 Oct 1868

Nixon, Elias married Ella Tucker on 26 Dec 1897

Nixon, Ellen C. married John H. Robinson on 21 Aug 1879

Nixon, John L. married Mary Martha Bailey on 12 Jun 1879

Nixon, Joshua R. married Delphia A. Tucker on 9 Mar 1888

Nixon, Lemuel H. married Amanda V. Nicodemus on 19 May 1882

Nixon, Mabel P. married Benjamin R. Wilson on 15 Dec 1897

Nixon, Sebastian C. married Virginia Harr on 8 Nov 1866

Noble, Levi married Martha C. Roach on 11 Mar 1865

Noland, Else married Pernell R. Camp on 30 Oct 1873

Noland, Jeremiah married Maggie Martin on 24 Nov 1871

Noland, Susie R. married David H. Bradford on 10 Jan 1884

Nora, -0- Thomas married George M. Burnside on 18 Nov 1897

Noran, William M. married Belle Lake on 24 Oct 1882

Norman, Sarah married William A. Croven on 22 Mar 1899

Norris, Cyrus married Sarah Robinson on 11 Sep 1892

Norris, George married Laura B. Robinson on 15 May 1889

Norris, Harvey W. married Allie Mallonee on 12 Aug 1896

Norris, Henrietta married Charles B. Riley on 25 Dec 1884

Norris, John married Eliza Boyd on 19 Apr 1866

Norris, Melvina married Martin L. Currey on 1 Jan 1888

Norris, Nancy Ann married Alpheus Carr on 2 Apr 1874

Norris, Ozias married Hannah E. Johnston on 5 Mar 1878

Norris, Richard T. married Susan A. Johnston on 13 Apr 1898

Norris, Samuel C. married Elizabeth Boner on 19 May 1889

Nose, Andrew married Annie Thorn on 5 Dec 1886

Nose, Louisa V. married John Lamire on 28 Apr 1881

Nose, Lucinda A. married John Martin on 8 Dec 1876

Nose, William G. married Josephine T. McCartney on 3 Jul 1883

Nutter, Edward C. married Sarah Jenkins on 19 Mar 1891

Nutter, Emery J. married Canzada Morrow on 21 Nov 1889

Nuzum, Abraham D. married Louisa A. Powell on 30 Nov 1871

Nuzum, Alice married Floyd Sandsberry on 11 Nov 1898

Nuzum, Andrew J. married Sallie M. Casteel on 28 Oct 1866

Nuzum, Augustus B. married Annie Prunty on 23 Apr 1890

Nuzum, Bert married Mary E. Donehue on 2 Feb 1891

Nuzum, Charles A. married Rebecca E. Goodwin on 2 Mar 1879

Nuzum, Cynthia C. married John A. Hertzog on 29 Mar 1882

Nuzum, Ella married Albert Gallatin Chrislip on 27 Oct 1898

Nuzum, Elnora married Jeriah Stark on 22 Dec 1880

Nuzum, James W. married Margaret Conley on 13 Aug 1883

Nuzum, Jane married William J. Matthew on 30 Dec 1894

Nuzum, Jesse C. married Louis Clelland on 24 Oct 1899

Nuzum, Joel B. married Lavara Chalfont on 31 Oct 1867

Nuzum, Mary E. married James E. Steel on 22 Dec 1878

Nuzum, Noah married Mary D. McElfresh on 24 May 1899

Nuzum, Theophilus C. married Harriet E. Poster on 30 Dec 1866

Nuzum, Winfield S. married Ann A. Smell on 10 Mar 1887

Oard, John married Elizabeth Haddox on 1 Jan 1872

Oconner, Julia married Michael Welch on 16 Nov 1874

Oday, John married Bridget Donlin on 9 Mar 1886

Oday, Maggie married George W. Watson on 26 Oct 1886

Odell, Maud married Joseph W. Johnston on 4 Nov 1895

Odonnell, Benjamin M. married Annie M. Fahey on 21 Nov 1900

Ogden, Jesse married Minerva McDaniel on 27 Oct 1864

Ogden, Madison J. married Melissa Edmond on 16 Sep 1895

Ogden, William R. married Mary Bartlett on 17 Sep 1874

Oleary, Ellen married Charles Beach on 1 Dec 1873

Oleary, Ellen married Henry A. Oleary on 1 Dec 1873

Oleary, Henry A. married Ellen Oleary on 1 Dec 1873

Olive, Theodosia married James H. Roach on 4 Jan 1891

Oneil, Elizabeth married John A. Klunk on 17 Sep 1866

Orcutt, Guy married Rosa Murphy on 14 May 1900

Ord, Elizabeth married J. W. Ridenour on 14 Feb 1875

Orr, Hiram F. married Laura B. McConkey on 4 Aug 1886

Orr, Mary M. married J. M. Bennett on 24 Mar 1870

Osborn, Sarah married Amele Lucas on 15 Mar 1870

Osborn, William F. married Emma R. Bloom on 30 Nov 1893

Osborn, William L. married Sarah S. Poe on 12 Sep 1867

Osborn, William R. married Mary Welsh on 18 Apr 1893

Osborne, Della married Sidney Taylor on 3 Jul 1900

Osborne, John married Mary Williams on 8 Nov 1866

Osburn, Mary A. married James C. McClellan on 28 Apr 1889

Osburn, Milton married Hattie V. Bowman on 2 Apr 1893

Ott, Frederick married Mary Dorngeek on 1 Nov 1874

Ott, George A. married Mary Berthy on 27 Oct 1892

Ott, Henry J. married Elizabeth Hession on 2 Jun 1879

Ott, Mary married Charles Guskey on 4 Feb 1877

Ours, Lucy A. married John E. Shaw on 27 Nov 1873

Ours, Mattie married David S. Summers on 31 Jan 1876

Overfield, Catharine married William McPherson on 7 Nov 1869

Owen, Arla married William C. Q. Wilson on 21 Nov 1898

Owen, William married Mary A. Kernigan on 1 Jan 1874


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