Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "P"

Packer, John V. married Emma Thorn on 20 Apr 1890

Page, Madison married Elisabeth J. Jordan on 18 Nov 1865

Page, Robert married Rebecca Powell on 26 Sep 1887

Painter, Charles V. married Bettie Campbell on 27 Dec 1898

Painter, Lucius C. married Alice Watkins on 20 May 1871

Painter, Mary E. married W. H. Tyree on 17 Apr 1869

Painter, R. H. married Sarah Tucker on 16 Mar 1864

Painter, R. H. married Sarah Tucker on 27 Mar 1864

Palmer, Sarah married Flavious K. Wilson on 27 Sep 1866

Parsons, Caroline married Nimrod P. Thompson on 21 Dec 1871

Parsons, Cassy A. married John L. Swann on 20 Sep 1882

Parsons, Charles G. married Elizabeth Maria Duff on 6 Apr 1898

Parsons, George married Sarah J. Thompson on 28 Aug 1874

Parsons, Isaac married Emma Loyd on 14 Mar 1893

Parsons, James married Roena Adams on 11 Apr 1872

Parsons, Retie married Jim Davis on 14 Nov 1900

Parsons, Thomas B. married Hannah Dawson on 6 Jun 1874

Patrick, Eliza married Brison G. Stewart on 22 Nov 1888

Patrick, Mary J. married Lakrin J. Stark on 25 Sep 1895

Patrick, Sylvester married Eliza Ann Snider on 18 Jan 1874

Patterson, James C. married Mary M. Whitehair on 24 Mar 1894

Patterson, Mary married Thomas J. Utt on 22 Dec 1891

Patterson, Montgomery married Mary Boner on 26 Aug 1881

Patton, Alexander married Lizzie Hoult on 19 May 1875

Patton, Charles W. married Minnie Darrnell on 24 Sep 1891

Patton, Cora J. married Scott M. Core on 22 Oct 1885

Patton, Cyntha E. married John J. Brown on 3 May 1866

Patton, Ira C. married Samuel Nelson on 10 Oct 1896

Patton, James W. married Elmira V. Keener on 21 Apr 1872

Patton, John B. married Cuyahoga K. Downing on 12 Sep 1892

Patton, John W. married Lavernia Summers on 14 Feb 1878

Patton, Joseph C. married Margaret Stewart on 15 Sep 1877

Patton, Julius Oscar married Caroline (Mrs) Cristy on 23 Sep 1900

Patton, Laura married Christopher C. Dix on 7 Nov 1899

Patton, Lydia Agnes married Edward Earl Purinton on 3 Mar 1897

Patton, Milton M. married Elizabeth E. Lagrange on 3 May 1866

Patton, Nettie married Thomas J. Galliher on 10 Oct 1899

Patton, Samuel W. married Anna Robinson on 30 Apr 1891

Patton, Sarah Ellen married James W. Lambert on 31 May 1877

Patton, Virginia C. married J. C. Smith on 18 Nov 1873

Pauley, Benjamin F. married Sarah A. Handley on 9 Sep 1872

Pauley, Claud H. married Alice Wilson on 31 Dec 1896

Paxton, Ellison V. married George W. Steel on 25 Nov 1880

Paxton, Mary Emma married Charles E. Simmons on 5 Mar 1884

Paxton, Steward Clark married Mary Myrtle Phillips on 1 Sep 1897

Payne, Amelia C. married Wirt D. Barnett on 22 Mar 1883

Payne, Berdelia married Joseph L. Peters on 16 Jun 1897

Payne, Catharine F. married Abraham Mason on 13 Sep 1877

Payne, Daniel B. married Alice Marple on 27 Dec 1900

Payne, Gertrude W. married Anderson A. Jones on 21 May 1892

Payne, Jacqueline married George Lancaster on 21 Nov 1889

Payne, James H. married Samantha Hustead on 24 Dec 1868

Payne, John H. married Margaret E. Kitzmiller on 21 Mar 1869

Payne, John T. married Harriet A. Warder on 22 Nov 1877

Payne, John W. married Ellen J. Corbin on 29 Oct 1890

Payne, Lucy E. married Alexander Foreman on 9 Aug 1882

Payne, Maria married George W. Ashby on 12 Mar 1866

Payne, Mary H. married Dewitt C. McDaniel on 17 Jun 1900

Payne, Nannie J. married Henson W. Holden on 17 Sep 1890

Payne, Nathan D. married Judith Utterback on 2 Jul 1868

Payne, Nathan D. married Malinda B. Powell on 30 Nov 1887

Payne, Oda married Stella Carr on 13 May 1900

Payne, Sarah married Joseph M. West on 19 Dec 1867

Payne, Theodore married Maud Simonton on 20 Sep 1891

Paynter, Charles W. married Elizabeth C. Good on 30 Jan 1895

Peacock, Charles married Elizabeth F. Rogers on 20 Dec 1877

Peacock, Genetta married John A. Linn on 18 Jan 1866

Peacock, Mary E. married Cornelius H. Carder on 14 Dec 1865

Peacock, Sarah Virginia married Wesley C. Pryor on 2 Jul 1878

Pearce, Clark married Amanda J. Cline on 6 Jan 1878

Peck, Chesley R. married Hattie Bailey on 31 Aug 1890

Peer, George M. married Jane Johnson on 1 Oct 1874

Peer, Mary M. married Edward R. Louden on 19 Aug 1896

Peer, Nora B. married Walter Smallwood on 24 Dec 1893

Pell, John W. married Missouri A. Williams on 26 May 1891

Pell, William H. married Lura M. Williams on 2 Feb 1891

Penn, William C. married Alice M. Jaco on 25 Feb 1885

Pennington, Thomas F. married Mattie J. Means on 2 Oct 1883

Pepper, James B. married Rebecca Bailey on 3 Jan 1866

Peppers, James B. married Rebecca Bailey on 3 Jan 1867

Perdew, Lydia married Freeman Borst on 16 Dec 1872

Perine, Burton W. married Mary E. Marker on 20 Sep 1896

Perine, Minor married Lucy K. Peters on 2 Dec 1894

Perine, Sarah G. married Ezekiel Marple on 21 Feb 1899

Perine, Susan married W. W. Stuttler on 11 Apr 1897

Perry, Martha N. married Ona V. Halbritter on 21 Aug 1899

Peters, Benjamin F. married Cora B. Wolf on 18 Feb 1896

Peters, Blanche married Alpheus Roach on 11 Nov 1869

Peters, Clara married Robert E. Carroll on 12 Jul 1891

Peters, Clara married Moses Casseday on 26 Apr 1885

Peters, Columbus married Martha Satterfield on 17 Nov 1881

Peters, Daniel E. married Virginia Shelton on 26 Feb 1885

Peters, Daniel E. married Cynthia Currey on 8 Mar 1882

Peters, Hiram S. married Elisabeth (Mrs) Holland on 10 Mar 1867

Peters, Jacob S. married Ruhamah Boyce on 8 Mar 1866

Peters, John A. married Sarah F. Bobo on 29 Sep 1878

Peters, John H. married Rosa Ellen E. Wittmann on 9 Nov 1899

Peters, Joseph L. married Berdelia Payne on 16 Jun 1897

Peters, Lafayette M. married Louverna Kuhn on 24 May 1894

Peters, Lucy K. married Minor Perine on 2 Dec 1894

Peters, Nancy A. married Owen Jenkins on 26 Feb 1894

Peters, Octavia married James Shelton on 21 Aug 1881

Peters, William L. married Allie C. Carroll on 24 Dec 1896

Petman, Elizabeth married Floyd N. Bonnell on 7 Nov 1863

Philips, George W. married Cassa A. A. Moran on 23 Aug 1868

Philips, Lydia (Mrs) married Jacob Roach on 13 Nov 1865

Philips, Robert married Mary E. Demoss on 22 Feb 1864

Philips, Robert married Mary E. Demoss on 25 Feb 1864

Phillips, Agnes L. married Henry C. Rosier on 12 Feb 1885

Phillips, Alfred Hood married Dora M. Miller on 30 Apr 1898

Phillips, Amanda E. married Abraham L. Gigley on 26 May 1885

Phillips, B. F. married Dorcas S. Rogers on 20 May 1899

Phillips, Columbia married W. R. Hathaway on 11 Nov 1880

Phillips, Elisha married Sarah A. Fast on 17 Jun 1869

Phillips, Ellen V. married Adolphus A. Dillon on 23 Feb 1879

Phillips, Emelia J. married William S. Poe on 25 Dec 1890

Phillips, Emery J. married Laura J. Rogers on 24 Dec 1899

Phillips, Festus S. married Virginia Louisa Boyce on 20 Apr 1899

Phillips, Ida D. married James M. Thorn on 27 Jun 1895

Phillips, James married Mary M. McGill on 8 Dec 1873

Phillips, Jane C. married Elza Shackelford on 31 Oct 1876

Phillips, Joshua married Affa Reed on 8 Nov 1883

Phillips, Laura B. married Charles C. Brown on 7 Nov 1886

Phillips, Mary E. married David C. Prunty on 1 Jan 1895

Phillips, Mary J. married John W. T. Hotsinpiller on 14 Jan 1886

Phillips, Mary Myrtle married Steward Clark Paxton on 1 Sep 1897

Phillips, Samson E. married Mary E. Channell on 27 Oct 1878

Phillips, William J. married Florence Moran on 20 Oct 1887

Phillips, William W. married Ellen Heatherly on 2 Sep 1873

Phillips, Winfield S. married Mary E. Halderman on 24 Apr 1888

Pickens, George S. married Rosie B. Maxwell on 23 Jun 1892

Pickett, John F. married Maggie P. Shaw on 22 Oct 1872

Pierce, Annie married Matt Priess on 24 Dec 1896

Pierce, Cawzadie married Robert Turner on 18 Jul 1869

Pierce, Fred married Eva Coffman on 7 Oct 1898

Pierce, H. Margan married Frances Keener on 5 Mar 1885

Pierce, Hannah A. married Eugenius C. Wotring on 18 Jun 1867

Pierce, Hugh M. married America Turner on 24 Jun 1879

Pierce, Hugh M. married Henrietta Kennedy on 28 Aug 1870

Pierce, Jesse married Clara B. Ault on 16 Nov 1898

Pierce, Lizzie married Michael Gunning on 8 Apr 1872

Pierce, Margaret married Thomas E. Kidwell on 2 Feb 1868

Pierce, Mary A. married ---, Dr. Thorn on 1 Jan 1878

Piles, John C. married Cyrene Miller on 30 Oct 1890

Pilson, Charles Andrew married Nannette P. Preiss on 14 Jun 1900

Pilson, Millard A. married Eva V. Rogers on 23 Jun 1890

Pines, Lewis married Sarah E. Hall on 13 Jul 1890

Pinnell, George M. married Jacqueline Prunty on 26 Apr 1888

Pinnell, J. Frank married Lee Hollen on 22 Jan 1898

Pinnell, Mollie K. married Samuel Hall on 11 May 1898

Piper, William E. married Sarah E. West on 23 Mar 1870

Pitman, Elisabeth married Floyd N. Bonnell on 8 Nov 1863

Pitzer, Angeline E. married John F. Keener on 10 Apr 1879

Plant, James F. married Charity Fittro on 25 Oct 1892

Plum, Eugene married Charity Calhoun on 15 Sep 1881

Poe, Adolphus married Elizabeth Ann Bainbridge on 27 Jul 1869

Poe, Alsie married John R. Shelton on 15 Jan 1881

Poe, Amanda married William Rees on 22 Apr 1866

Poe, Arah J. married John W. Halterman on 17 Nov 1867

Poe, Arsula M. married Gideon J. Kerns on 7 Aug 1892

Poe, Augustus married Cenora C. Bailey on 29 May 1892

Poe, Augustus H. married Kissire Mathew on 13 Mar 1895

Poe, Celia married Robert N. Prince on 21 Jul 1878

Poe, Cornelius H. married Sally A. Rogers on 9 Oct 1866

Poe, Edgar M. married Margaret Halterman on 18 Apr 1898

Poe, Edgar M. married Amelia Williams on 20 Feb 1873

Poe, Elizabeth married John A. Weaver on 10 Jan 1878

Poe, Ella F. married Joseph Ford on 24 Jul 1890

Poe, Emory J. married Sarah E. Williams on 25 Mar 1880

Poe, Emory J. married Bridget Carr on 3 Aug 1898

Poe, Eve married David W. Miller on 3 Dec 1876

Poe, George W. married Lizzie J. Ashcraft on 17 Apr 1887

Poe, Harriet married James P. Harr on 20 Sep 1866

Poe, Isabel F. married Samuel M. D. Coonts on 20 Nov 1871

Poe, Jacob married Susan E. Bragg on 30 Jan 1879

Poe, Jane B. married Thomas J. Fast on 7 May 1891

Poe, Jane Lottie married Omer Miller on 25 Jan 1900

Poe, Jasper married Estiline Woolard on 19 Apr 1868

Poe, John W. married Maria Keener on 25 Nov 1875

Poe, Joseph B. married Susan M. Johnston on 9 Aug 1877

Poe, Lizzie B. married John S. Henderson on 16 Jun 1895

Poe, Luella married Zebulon B. Knotts on 22 Jun 1882

Poe, Margaret married William J. Fast on 27 Nov 1879

Poe, Margaret M. E. married Andrew J. Rogers on 19 Apr 1891

Poe, Martha D. married Andrew J. Rogers on 10 Jun 1886

Poe, Martha J. married Waitman W. McDaniel on 20 Feb 1878

Poe, Mary married William Wood on 27 Feb 1875

Poe, Mary E. married Lloyd W. Merriman on 27 Nov 1890

Poe, Mary J. married William J. Brown on 6 Aug 1866

Poe, Mary M. married William Shaffer on 25 Dec 1890

Poe, Maude M. married William H. Lemmon on 21 Jan 1898

Poe, Minnie M. married Murray T. Mason on 24 Jun 1900

Poe, Nathan H. married Harriet D. Ford on 12 May 1868

Poe, Newton married Martha A. Shelton on 1 Dec 1867

Poe, Rebecca N. married Amos S. Keener on 13 May 1898

Poe, Rosa E. married George A. Vincent on 15 Oct 1899

Poe, Rosa L. married Charles E. McConkey on 27 Apr 1893

Poe, Sarah J. married Jacob H. Weaver on 16 Apr 1876

Poe, Sarah S. married William L. Osborn on 12 Sep 1867

Poe, Solomon married Willa G. Deane on 27 Oct 1872

Poe, Solomon L. married Rosie B. Rogers on 12 Jul 1896

Poe, Susan married Enoch Jr. Vincent on 18 Feb 1868

Poe, Susan E. L. married Gilbert F. Trader on 1 Jul 1897

Poe, Susannah married James L. Province on 4 Apr 1877

Poe, Tryphena S. married Albert R. Boyce on 15 Jun 1879

Poe, William J. married Martha J. Keener on 28 Nov 1867

Poe, William S. married Emelia J. Phillips on 25 Dec 1890

Pointer, Ishmal S. married Emiline R. Haymond on 29 Aug 1867

Poling, A. C. married Hester Ann Hovater on 10 Jan 1878

Poling, Allen married Rachel Poling on 15 Aug 1876

Poling, Andrew H. married Maria H. Robinson on 10 Dec 1871

Poling, Benjamin J. married Mioma Keener on 2 Nov 1893

Poling, Elizabeth married Grant Williams on 28 May 1897

Poling, Henry L. married Sarah E. McCartney on 15 Aug 1882

Poling, Ida Florence married Harry Monroe on 2 Feb 1898

Poling, Idelleth married Mary M. Keener on 20 Mar 1885

Poling, Jane married Osias Henline on 10 Oct 1880

Poling, Letis A. married George J. Keener on 23 Apr 1872

Poling, Margaret married George W. W. Harden on 30 Jun 1872

Poling, Margaret E. married William E. Reneman on 14 Jun 1899

Poling, Margaret V. married Samuel R. Kelley on 2 May 1897

Poling, Mary married George F. Trader on 1 May 1898

Poling, Maudania M. married Frank A. Taylor on 12 Oct 1892

Poling, May married Robert M. McMillen on 26 Aug 1894

Poling, Nathan S. married Alice Kerns on 7 Jun 1893

Poling, Rachel married Allen Poling on 15 Aug 1876

Poling, Rosa M. (Mrs) married James McDaniel on 8 Nov 1900

Poling, Stewart married Nancy Bolinger on 8 Jan 1874

Pomreoy, Sarah married George A. Haislip on 18 May 1871

Pool, Charles S. married Edna Knight on 27 Mar 1896

Pool, Ida married Walter G. Reed on 9 Jun 1897

Pool, James P. married Lulu H. Tucker on 29 Apr 1896

Pool, Martha married William J. Bailey on 16 Dec 1863

Pool, Martha married William J. Bailey on 17 Dec 1863

Pool, Mary M. married Leonidas Knight on 26 Aug 1894

Pool, Patrick F. married Rosanna Rogers on 20 Oct 1872

Pool, Theodosia married Cecil Anglen on 11 Sep 1890

Pool, William C. married Emma Dillon on 8 Jul 1899

Poole, Emily A. married Henry W. Spurgeon on 13 Mar 1884

Pople, Dorsey married Rose L. Maline on 29 May 1887

Porter, Hattie N. married Logan A. Tallman on 31 Dec 1868

Postelwaite, Elizabeth married John A. Stinespring on 16 Jun 1865

Posten, Mahalia married George W. Castilow on 22 Sep 1867

Posten, Maria C. married Granville G. Currey on 15 Apr 1877

Poster, Harriet E. married Theophilus C. Nuzum on 30 Dec 1866

Postleweight, Sarah C. married William M. Wilkinson on 23 Apr 1871

Poston, Charlotta C. married Reuben Morris on 13 Dec 1870

Poston, Felix E. married Olive Smith on 2 May 1870

Powell, Allison married Susan Medsker on 26 Mar 1867

Powell, Amos married Samantha J. Brown on 1 Jul 1877

Powell, Burr married Roxana H. Boggess on 28 Jul 1870

Powell, Carrie married Middleton Rutherford on 14 Apr 1889

Powell, Cecil married Osa R. Bunner on 3 May 1896

Powell, Cornellius W. married Elizabeth M. Hill on 25 Dec 1877

Powell, Della married William H. Rittenhouse on 27 Oct 1898

Powell, Della married Marcus S. Satterfield on 27 Oct 1898

Powell, Dora married Morris H. Mawler on 13 Mar 1892

Powell, Dudley married Samantha Moran on 22 May 1894

Powell, Edward B. married Bessie Slane on 22 Dec 1897

Powell, Eliza married Wilbur Jones on 3 Oct 1897

Powell, Elsworth L. married Nola B. Thorn on 2 Jun 1895

Powell, George F. married Mary E. Rogers on 4 Mar 1880

Powell, Grandison married Eliza Lipscomb on 9 Apr 1896

Powell, Granison married Elizabeth Wilks on 12 Jul 1887

Powell, Huldah married James S. Nestor on 13 Jun 1867

Powell, Ivy married George Hillberry on 7 Mar 1891

Powell, James W. married Mary Ellen Johnson on 8 Aug 1869

Powell, Jasper C. married Susan Burdett on 30 Sep 1877

Powell, Jasper C. married Matilda A. Burdett on 31 Oct 1872

Powell, John married Mamie Jones on 27 Jun 1889

Powell, Levirna A. married Eugenius C. Wootering on 17 Sep 1863

Powell, Lewara A. married Eugenius C. Wootering on 14 Sep 1863

Powell, Lizzie married William H. Wolfe on 27 Nov 1894

Powell, Lora Mae married Harry P. Robinson on 27 Jun 1900

Powell, Louisa A. married Abraham D. Nuzum on 30 Nov 1871

Powell, Louverna married James T. Edwards on 18 Mar 1888

Powell, Malinda B. married Nathan D. Payne on 30 Nov 1887

Powell, Mamie married William Scruggs on 23 Apr 1890

Powell, Marshall D. married Anne May Yates on 22 Dec 1878

Powell, Mary married Burris Earl on 1 Nov 1871

Powell, Mary E. married Clinton W. Flesher on 1 Sep 1896

Powell, Mary Jane married Azariah Exline on 25 Dec 1883

Powell, May Alta married Frederick M. Robinson on 27 Dec 1897

Powell, Nancy E. married John A. Goodwin on 22 Dec 1872

Powell, Rebecca married Robert Page on 26 Sep 1887

Powell, Sarah M. married Charles P. M. Yates on 15 Mar 1874

Powell, Stella R. married Charles E. Lyon on 10 Jun 1900

Powell, Zana W. married Ozero G. Auger on 1 Aug 1881

Powers, Clementina S. married Thomas J. Brown on 23 Feb 1881

Powers, Iva married John Dillon on 1 Mar 1889

Powers, Jennie married Albert Veyon on 15 Apr 1899

Pracht, Henry Jane married Mamie Walters on 27 Dec 1899

Pratt, Christena married David H. Reed on 19 Dec 1872

Pratt, John A. married Margaret E. Reece on 30 Apr 1874

Pratt, Sarah Jane married Squire Franklin Channel on 21 Jan 1871

Pray, Ella V. married S. M. Riley on 3 Sep 1873

Pray, John N. married Edith A. Rogers on 28 Dec 1871

Preiss, Nannette P. married Charles Andrew Pilson on 14 Jun 1900

Preiss, Sophia W. married Albert C. H. Holy on 28 Mar 1877

Preston, George D. married Ida M. Boyd on 1 Feb 1891

Price, Jefferson M. married Clara Bell Burgoyne on 15 Aug 1876

Price, John Kennedy married Clara A. Spencer on 26 Jul 1900

Price, Lewis married Mary E. Brown on 21 Apr 1868

Price, William married Phebe Kennedy on 11 Oct 1871

Price, William married Nancy A. Simpson on 6 Sep 1864

Priess, Matt married Annie Pierce on 24 Dec 1896

Prilla, Anna married Matthias Dongiok on 10 Nov 1874

Prim, Berthena married Charles J. Welch on 27 May 1885

Prim, Floyd A. married Callie Hawkins on 28 Oct 1891

Prim, Francis C. married Martha Holbert on 24 Dec 1884

Prim, George W. married Lucy A. Warder on 22 Jun 1887

Prim, Lucy B. married Isaac F. Davisson on 24 May 1888

Prim, Mary V. married James V. Sandy on 25 Nov 1891

Prim, Rebecca R. married James A. Davis on 20 Dec 1894

Prim, William D. married Phoebe E. Halterman on 22 Jan 1895

Prim, William D. married Laverna F. Brown on 3 Aug 1879

Prince, Robert N. married Celia Poe on 21 Jul 1878

Pringle, Eli M. married Drusie M. Rutherford on 22 Oct 1900

Protzman, Jesse Boardman married Virginia Brook Goode on 12 Apr 1898

Proudfoot, Charles J. married Grace L. Galway on 22 Sep 1897

Proudfoot, Ida Bird married James M. Jefferys on 15 Jan 1885

Proudfoot, Mattie J. married Thomas N. Barnes on 13 Jun 1900

Proudfoot, Morgan R. married Ida M. Shaw on 10 Sep 1895

Proudfoot, Naylor F. married Myra B. Barron on 29 Dec 1891

Provance, Agnes married John Ceslar on 7 Aug 1867

Provance, Agrippa married Mary E. Smallwood on 23 Mar 1889

Provance, Agrippa married Cynthia V. Janes on 24 Nov 1889

Provance, Agrippa married Littia Ridenour on 27 Oct 1892

Provance, Bennett married Rosa Janes on 27 Dec 1877

Provance, Cora B. married Howard W. Riley on 4 Feb 1892

Provance, Elisha married Hellen McGee on 24 Jun 1886

Provance, Hannah married John W. Kelley on 4 Mar 1888

Provance, Rosa (Mrs) married John H. Riley on 1 Jan 1899

Provance, Sophia married William W. Janes on 2 May 1889

Provance, Zona M. married George A. Bunner on 9 Jun 1892

Provence, Catharine married Joseph E. Weaver on 27 Sep 1874

Province, James L. married Susannah Poe on 4 Apr 1877

Province, Jedediah C. married Minerva A. Cleland on 7 Apr 1880

Province, Sara H. married John M. Carder on 24 Dec 1879

Province, Susan F. married Nathan Currey on 20 Jan 1866

Prunty, Abraham married Mary E. Williamson on 16 Jan 1868

Prunty, Annie married Augustus B. Nuzum on 23 Apr 1890

Prunty, David C. married Mary E. Phillips on 1 Jan 1895

Prunty, Jacqueline married George M. Pinnell on 26 Apr 1888

Prunty, John married Henrietta A. Coplin on 14 Dec 1863

Prunty, John married Henrietta A. Coplin on 17 Dec 1863

Prunty, John married Eliza Cather on 26 Mar 1873

Pryor, Erskine married India S. Graham on 6 Mar 1878

Pryor, Wesley C. married Sarah Virginia Peacock on 2 Jul 1878

Pugh, Malvina B. married Charles E. Hooper on 3 Sep 1867

Purinton, Edward Earl married Lydia Agnes Patton on 3 Mar 1897

Purkey, Daniel G. married Maggie Whitehair on 1 Jan 1884

Purkey, John J. married Martha Heatherly on 23 Apr 1892

Purkey, Lenorah married Charles H. Kean on 19 Aug 1900

Purkey, Millie married Edward R. Cook on 15 Jun 1886

Purkey, Sarah Virginia married Charles W. Ashcraft on 15 Dec 1891

Purky, Melissa married Lincoln Greathouse on 14 Sep 1893

Pyles, Aquilla A. married Rhodena Shahan on 2 Jan 1893


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