Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "Q-R"

Quick, Silas B. married Dora B. Crouch on 6 Jul 1898

Radabaugh, Benjamin H. married Iris Lake on 19 Dec 1894

Radabaugh, Dora V. married Augustus J. Westfall on 13 Nov 1886

Radabaugh, James W. married Mary A. Elder on 11 Dec 1871

Radcliff, Jefferson L. married Rebecca Henderson on 19 Mar 1885

Rager, Freeman married Matilda M. Costelow on 22 Aug 1892

Ragor, Andrew J. married Sarah V. Costolow on 29 Mar 1892

Ramsey, Mary Susan married Henry Franklin Wilhelm on 24 Dec 1876

Ramsey, Philip married Sarah Malissa Brown on 30 Dec 1874

Ramus, Augustus C. married Mary M. Cassady on 11 Sep 1873

Ransell, Charles R. married Icy May (Mrs) Mayle on 18 Aug 1900

Rauft, Margaret married Carey E. Drummond on 1 Jan 1895

Rauscher, Francis A. married Wanda A. Lambrecht on 4 Oct 1899

Rausher, Hollie married Henry Hess on 2 Feb 1870

Rausher, Mary P. married Thomas A. Bradford on 5 Oct 1886

Ray, Caroline married Charles F. Smallwood on 23 Feb 1869

Ray, Levi L. married Sophia E. White on 31 May 1870

Rector, Bird married Irven Findley on 10 May 1899

Rector, Charles H. married Augusta E. Mackin on 18 Oct 1882

Rector, Edgar N. married Emmie J. Reynolds on 6 Oct 1875

Rector, Emma J. married James L. Woodyard on 24 Sep 1879

Rector, Julia married Winfield S. Sinsel on 20 Oct 1875

Rector, Lum married George Collier on 24 Feb 1876

Rector, Melissa married Henry P. Zumbro on 11 Nov 1874

Rector, Mirtie Belle married J. Frank Manoun on 24 Feb 1898

Rector, Nellie V. married John A. Scranage on 22 Sep 1892

Rector, Rachel married Alexander Scranage on 18 Nov 1880

Rector, Rebecca married John T. Reynolds on 20 Sep 1866

Rector, Virginia married James H. Gawthrop on 28 Feb 1867

Rector, William A. married Elisabeth Brown on 22 Oct 1867

Rector, William M. married Martha J. Warder on 12 Oct 1865

Reddehase, Iowa married James M. Reed on 28 Nov 1896

Reddehase, Julia married Thomas D. Bennington on 9 Aug 1893

Reddehase, Mollie married Luther C. Yoke on 21 Sep 1897

Redman, Frank married Ida Taylor on 9 Jun 1897

Redmond, Maria married Joseph D. Clayton on 29 Dec 1863

Redmond, Maria married Joseph Clayton on 31 Dec 1863

Reece, Amanda M. married Jackson Luzader on 14 Nov 1872

Reece, Isaac M. married Roberta Jane Howard on 17 Dec 1874

Reece, Isaac N. married Martha E. Louzader on 28 Sep 1871

Reece, Margaret E. married John A. Pratt on 30 Apr 1874

Reed, Affa married Joshua Phillips on 8 Nov 1883

Reed, Alexander H. married Emma J. Wooland on 5 Sep 1879

Reed, Alexander H. married Emma J. Woolard on 5 Sep 1879

Reed, Arthur married Clara C. Taylor on 20 Jul 1894

Reed, Caroline married Seymour Harr on 25 Mar 1866

Reed, Chapin married Hannah Heatherly on 16 Mar 1871

Reed, Charles married Bertie B. Male on 27 Jun 1898

Reed, Charles E. married Eola Scranage on 14 Mar 1894

Reed, David H. married Christena Pratt on 19 Dec 1872

Reed, Delbert O. married Grace McWilliams on 2 Aug 1900

Reed, Edna M. married John Melvin Dawson on 20 Sep 1900

Reed, Emily F. married Isaac S. Shingleton on 23 Apr 1879

Reed, Hannah A. married John H. Breedlove on 4 Dec 1890

Reed, Homer married Icie C. Smith on 7 Aug 1897

Reed, James M. married Iowa Reddehase on 28 Nov 1896

Reed, Jennie married Charles H. Freeze on 11 Jun 1894

Reed, John H. married Mary L. Heatherly on 29 Mar 1870

Reed, Joseph C. married Laura J. Demoss on 3 Mar 1891

Reed, Lucinda married Daniel McVicker on 26 Jul 1894

Reed, Mary C. married C. L. Sillman on 19 Aug 1874

Reed, Minnie married Sidney C. Shirer on 6 Feb 1895

Reed, Myrtle L. married James G. Wilson on 4 Dec 1894

Reed, Presley married Nancy E. Messeger on 16 Aug 1879

Reed, Ross E. married Mary M. Smith on 2 Sep 1875

Reed, Rufus married Sarah J. Carson on 27 Jul 1876

Reed, Susannah married Charles E. Warder on 30 Dec 1896

Reed, Thomas W. married Laura C. Hunt on 14 Nov 1880

Reed, Walter G. married Ida Pool on 9 Jun 1897

Reed, William married Ida M. Nestor on 15 Apr 1891

Rees, Malinda J. married Aquilla Hunt on 24 Mar 1868

Rees, Mary married William G. Neel on 24 Dec 1868

Rees, Mary B. married Zack Bartholow on 16 Mar 1887

Rees, William married Amanda Poe on 22 Apr 1866

Reese, Albert G. married Caroline M. Shuttleworth on 5 Feb 1864

Reese, Elmer married Emma Davis on 19 Apr 1899

Reese, Fanny married Minor F. Abels on 24 Dec 1899

Reese, George W. married Sarah Davis on 27 Oct 1883

Reese, Georgia A. married Ervin Hartley on 2 Aug 1896

Reese, Gibson married Tabitha Lake on 11 Nov 1869

Reese, Hugh married S. Catharine Smeadley on 3 Jun 1877

Reese, Ida M. married Jedediah W. Chaney on 28 Mar 1899

Reese, Isabell married Gabriel Smith on 11 Jan 1883

Reese, James W. married Ellen Hunt on 14 Feb 1866

Reese, Joseph C. married Mary F. Luzader on 2 Nov 1898

Reese, Laura married Samuel L. Henderson on 18 Sep 1890

Reese, Mary E. married John E. Seargeant on 28 Aug 1892

Reese, Mary J. married John A. Jackson on 26 Jan 1888

Reese, Nancy E. married Charles W. Cassell on 30 Aug 1900

Reese, Robert L. married Laura E. Lucas on 6 Sep 1893

Reese, Zebulon M. married Ollie M. Cleland on 15 Mar 1894

Rellehan, Timothy married Elisabeth Buckalaw on 23 Oct 1870

Ren, Sarah M. married Noah C. Fowler on 13 Jul 1865

Reneman, William E. married Margaret E. Poling on 14 Jun 1899

Renneman, Lizzie married Clarence S. Gandy on 29 Oct 1889

Rexroad, Phebe J. married Levi W. Champ on 7 Dec 1865

Reyley, Mary F. married James Barrett on 1 Jan 1864

Reynolds, Anna Rector married Henry Morgan Boyer on 12 Jun 1895

Reynolds, Blanch C. married John H. Hudkins on 23 Oct 1873

Reynolds, Cornelius L. married Elizabeth A. Harr on 29 May 1890

Reynolds, Delia A. married Adolphus B. Corder on 25 Oct 1882

Reynolds, Delilah E. married Robert B. Gall on 13 Sep 1893

Reynolds, Emmie J. married Edgar N. Rector on 6 Oct 1875

Reynolds, Floyd A. married Medora Smith on 23 Oct 1879

Reynolds, Frances J. married Gibson R. Chrislip on 1 Jan 1884

Reynolds, George R. married Hattie N. Glenn on 10 Jan 1889

Reynolds, John T. married Rebecca Rector on 20 Sep 1866

Reynolds, Lizzie E. married Ulysses S. Morrow on 11 Oct 1899

Reynolds, Lucy B. married Porter Mason on 31 Dec 1885

Reynolds, Phebe E. married Presley M. Cropp on 25 Dec 1888

Reynolds, Sarah J. married Thomas A. Donohoe on 24 Nov 1881

Reynolds, Wayland F. married Inez Brohard on 18 Apr 1896

Reynolds, William S. married Mary E. F. Sparks on 21 Sep 1865

Reynolds, William W. married Alice C. Jones on 23 Oct 1890

Rhodes, Otway O. married Sadie J. Roe on 7 May 1894

Rice, Michael married Rachel S. Bennett on 3 Sep 1890

Rich, Fannie M. married William H. Kunst on 10 Apr 1898

Richards, Jane married James L. Boner on 4 Feb 1876

Richards, Lewis married Catharine Currey on 28 Jan 1876

Richardson, Joseph W. married Mary M. Crayton on 15 Nov 1874

Richie, Elza married Ida B. Finley on 25 Apr 1900

Richmond, Mary M. married Henry M. Wolf on 24 Aug 1873

Richter, John H. married Laura M. Wills on 13 Jan 1893

Ridenour, David S. married Henrietta Riley on 29 Dec 1892

Ridenour, Dora E. married Edger Heath on 25 Dec 1884

Ridenour, Eunice C. married John A. Carroll on 1 Jul 1886

Ridenour, J. W. married Elizabeth Ord on 14 Feb 1875

Ridenour, Littia married Agrippa Provance on 27 Oct 1892

Ridenour, Lydia J. married Joseph G. Bolinger on 29 Oct 1888

Ridenour, Lydia T. married Edgar A. Miller on 17 Jun 1892

Ridenour, Martha E. married William McFarling on 1 Sep 1891

Ridenour, Norah B. married Granville McFarling on 25 Dec 1895

Ridenour, Rose M. married James E. McDade on 28 Apr 1897

Ridenour, Samuel W. married Arabel Shaw on 30 Apr 1877

Ridenour, Thornton A. married Maggie Galliher on 25 Aug 1887

Ridenour, Willie J. married Anna N. Newlon on 24 Sep 1899

Rider, Waitman W. married Lulu B. Hendrickson on 25 Nov 1886

Riffee, Amanda married Noah C. Shingleton on 2 Dec 1883

Riffee, Eva B. married Charles L. Seese on 24 Jun 1896

Riffee, Evaline married Adolphus A. Maxwell on 24 Jul 1884

Riffee, Ida married T. C. Coen on 10 Jun 1897

Riffee, Isaac N. married Phebe E. Brown on 5 Apr 1866

Riffee, James A. married Anna E. Scranage on 30 Sep 1880

Riffee, John C. married Relda Boice on 10 May 1896

Riffee, Lucy married John C. Hall on 18 Mar 1875

Riffee, Rebecca married Joseph Ashcraft on 6 Dec 1884

Riffee, Sarah A. married Richard Freeman on 13 Jul 1871

Riffee, Sophronia married Granville Shingleton on 27 Mar 1892

Riggleman, Washington married Sarah M. Rogers on 6 Oct 1887

Riggs, Edward married Bernice Lee on 9 Nov 1876

Rightmire, Adolphus married Augusta A. Barnes on 13 Sep 1877

Rightmire, Eunice married Jerome B. Harvey on 23 Dec 1878

Rightmire, Lucy A. married William E. Leonard on 30 May 1883

Riley, Benjamin C. married Delia Robins on 22 Sep 1886

Riley, Charles B. married Henrietta Norris on 25 Dec 1884

Riley, Charles F. married Susan M. Wiseman on 1 Jan 1888

Riley, Davis married Martha M. Tucker on 28 Sep 1884

Riley, Effie C. married Jonah W. Curry on 11 Oct 1896

Riley, Ella B. married John M. Morrison on 15 Jul 1893

Riley, Ella M. married William R. Boice on 26 Mar 1890

Riley, Eunice V. married Recie W. Hilkey on 10 Mar 1898

Riley, Georgia married Thomas F. Daley on 24 Oct 1894

Riley, Hattie A. married Charles F. Johnson on 24 Jan 1894

Riley, Henrietta married David S. Ridenour on 29 Dec 1892

Riley, Howard W. married Cora B. Provance on 4 Feb 1892

Riley, Isaiah married Lydia A. Keener on 22 Feb 1872

Riley, James married Louisa Withers on 9 Oct 1870

Riley, Janie E. married Gordon B. Currey on 15 Apr 1896

Riley, John married Eliza McDonald on 17 Dec 1871

Riley, John H. married Rosa (Mrs) Provance on 1 Jan 1899

Riley, Lawson J. married Ida Boice on 17 Mar 1887

Riley, Lawson J. married Olive V. Alltop on 4 Dec 1892

Riley, Lovy A. married James E. Miller on 28 Oct 1886

Riley, Margaret Jane married Noah W. Newbrough on 25 Apr 1875

Riley, Marshall A. married Miranda A. Tucker on 7 Mar 1880

Riley, Mary Ellen married Isaac M. Newbrough on 28 Mar 1878

Riley, Mary H. married James B. Dunham on 17 Mar 1881

Riley, Mary J. married John M. Morrison on 25 Dec 1890

Riley, Minnie F. married Jefferson L. Janes on 9 Apr 1899

Riley, Nettie married Francis M. Davis on 19 Mar 1893

Riley, Oscar F. married Mary E. Hanline on 29 Mar 1886

Riley, Oscar F. married Rebecca E. Carroll on 4 Jul 1892

Riley, Osceola married Jesse Anderson on 29 Dec 1898

Riley, Pelmira married Fenton L. Currey on 25 Dec 1867

Riley, Presley R. married Jennie L. Brown on 27 Feb 1897

Riley, Robert married Nancy E. Cunningham on 23 Oct 1893

Riley, S. M. married Ella V. Pray on 3 Sep 1873

Riley, Sarah Ann married David Martin on 31 Jan 1867

Riley, Susan Virginia married James Cochran on 26 Dec 1875

Riley, William C. married Sinthia Williamson on 12 Mar 1874

Riley, William C. married Ida B. Gandy on 9 Feb 1893

Riley, William H. married Mary J. Shields on 11 Nov 1900

Rinehart, James W. married Cornelia E. Smell on 9 Feb 1898

Ringer, Annie married Thomas Baker on 6 Nov 1894

Ringer, Mary A. married Calvin R. Ford on 24 May 1895

Ringler, Cyrus E. married Louisa C. Bartlett on 23 Jun 1867

Ringler, Guy married Miram V. Spencer on 25 Jul 1889

Ringler, Harriet Estelia married Troy C. Glasscock on 29 Nov 1900

Ringler, Lewis S. married Elvira L. C. Freeze on 24 Mar 1890

Rinker, Isaac M. married Rachel V. Luzadder on 26 Nov 1874

Rinker, Rebecca J. married Elza Shackelford on 28 Mar 1872

Rinker, Sarah E. married George W. Hannas on 18 Dec 1877

Rittenhouse, Richard married Nancy Elizabeth Hall on 30 Apr 1889

Rittenhouse, William H. married Della Powell on 27 Oct 1898

Ritter, James H. married Melissa J. Utt on 25 Dec 1883

Roach, Alpheus married Blanche Peters on 11 Nov 1869

Roach, Bailey L. married Sophronia McWilliams on 13 May 1897

Roach, Catharine A. married William O. Bayly on 19 Feb 1880

Roach, Charles M. married Sarah E. Talbott on 3 Aug 1865

Roach, Dewitt married Olive Cottrill on 26 Oct 1895

Roach, Frederick W. married Ida F. Robinson on 20 Oct 1895

Roach, J. Henry married Jennie Metheny on 29 Dec 1881

Roach, Jacob married Lydia (Mrs) Philips on 13 Nov 1865

Roach, James H. married Theodosia Olive on 4 Jan 1891

Roach, Jonathan married Luranah Whitehair on 11 Feb 1869

Roach, Martha C. married Levi Noble on 11 Mar 1865

Roach, Mary M. married Charles W. Wyckoff on 10 Oct 1888

Roach, Sarah E. married Thomas N. Currey on 16 Feb 1871

Roach, Thomas P. married Emma M. Wilson on 10 Jul 1864

Roach, Thomas P. married Louisa Tutt on 3 Dec 1867

Roach, Thomas P. married Ema M. Wilson on 8 Jul 1864

Roach, Warner B. married Mary Samantha Kinsey on 25 May 1876

Roach, William A. married Sarah J. Lambert on 27 Oct 1872

Robbins, Annie Belle married George William McClain on 1 Aug 1898

Robbins, Marcellus A. married Mary E. (Mrs) Dunham on 14 Oct 1899

Robers, Morton married Virginia McElfresh on 7 Jan 1869

Roberts, Emma L. married Alva M. Thomas on 5 Jan 1893

Roberts, Kittie married G. E. Lester on 12 Oct 1896

Robertson, Elizabeth married Theodore T. Fritz on 1 Apr 1874

Robinett, George H. married Annie M. Brenneman on 22 Dec 1870

Robinett, Mary E. married Salathiel Sterling on 14 Jan 1864

Robins, Delia married Benjamin C. Riley on 22 Sep 1886

Robinson, A. W. married Frances Yates on 5 Dec 1875

Robinson, Albert M. married Augusta M. Utt on 7 Nov 1897

Robinson, Anna married Samuel W. Patton on 30 Apr 1891

Robinson, Anna married George P. Sims on 30 Jul 1893

Robinson, Anthony A. married Henrietta Taylor on 28 Apr 1870

Robinson, Bertie married Otto Hardegen on 26 Nov 1889

Robinson, Cynthia married Robert L. Janes on 24 Dec 1863

Robinson, David E. married Mary E. Grow on 1 May 1894

Robinson, E., Dr. married Harriet A. S. Davis on 5 Apr 1868

Robinson, Elizabeth Jane married James Hickman on 25 Dec 1873

Robinson, Emily Jane married John W. Morris on 12 May 1870

Robinson, Eppa D. married Mary M. Demoss on 12 Sep 1878

Robinson, Franklin P. married Elizabeth C. Hull on 27 Sep 1877

Robinson, Frederick M. married May Alta Powell on 27 Dec 1897

Robinson, Harry P. married Lora Mae Powell on 27 Jun 1900

Robinson, Henrietta married L. E. Gaul on 14 Jun 1874

Robinson, Hesekiah married Rebecca Shingleton on 28 Feb 1867

Robinson, Hester Jane married Isaac Means on 12 Dec 1869

Robinson, Ida F. married Frederick W. Roach on 20 Oct 1895

Robinson, Ira E. married Ada Sinsel on 25 Oct 1892

Robinson, Ishmael F. married Agnes R. McCue on 12 Oct 1890

Robinson, James A. married Mary E. McDonald on 16 Dec 1878

Robinson, Jehu F. married Martha A. Cole on 8 Sep 1874

Robinson, John B. married Henrietta Brohard on 3 Jan 1876

Robinson, John F. married Eugenia Spriggs on 30 Apr 1885

Robinson, John H. married Ellen C. Nixon on 21 Aug 1879

Robinson, John N. married Selina A. McDonald on 23 Feb 1871

Robinson, Joseph S. married Harriet E. Henderson on 28 Dec 1895

Robinson, Joshua G. married Emily J. Wistman on 17 Mar 1872

Robinson, Laura B. married George Norris on 15 May 1889

Robinson, Lillie J. married Jake E. Wolf on 10 Dec 1894

Robinson, Lou V. married Alonzo T. Wilson on 28 Oct 1877

Robinson, Lucinda married Jarod W. Moran on 16 Mar 1871

Robinson, Lucretia married John P. Curry on 18 Oct 1888

Robinson, Lydia D. married Dennis R. Cobun on 5 Jul 1895

Robinson, Maggie E. married Thomas A. Brown on 26 Dec 1886

Robinson, Maria H. married Andrew H. Poling on 10 Dec 1871

Robinson, Mary B. married Jacob B. Morgan on 10 Feb 1867

Robinson, Mary J. married William B. Corbin on 7 Apr 1881

Robinson, Mary M. married Thomas M. Cooper on 2 Dec 1885

Robinson, Nancy A. married Isaac S. Crouse on 26 Feb 1871

Robinson, Nettie married Thomas B. Isner on 7 May 1899

Robinson, Philena A. married James L. Goodwin on 25 Feb 1872

Robinson, Rebecca married Reuben A. Williamson on 13 Jun 1893

Robinson, Rebecca R. married Anthony Crouser on 11 Nov 1869

Robinson, Rebecca R. married Anthony Crouser on 11 Nov 1870

Robinson, Sallie married Lloyd Dillon on 1 Apr 1894

Robinson, Sallie Bird married Clarence L. Willis on 6 Mar 1899

Robinson, Sarah married Cyrus Norris on 11 Sep 1892

Robinson, Simon S. married Nancy R. Matthew on 22 Mar 1868

Robinson, Syntha married Robert L. Jones on 19 Dec 1863

Robinson, Theophilus married Clemmenza C. Keener on 20 Apr 1867

Robinson, Thomas married Rebecca Simms on 1 Nov 1883

Robinson, Thomas C. married Dora E. Jones on 23 Dec 1897

Robinson, Waitman T. married Anice G. McGee on 30 May 1895

Robison, Robert B. married Ida B. Hill on 22 Aug 1880

Roby, Clara married Arthur Goodwin on 9 Aug 1897

Roderick, Anna C. married Amos K. Shahan on 3 May 1883

Roderick, Isaac E. E. married Sarah V. C. Luzader on 26 Aug 1886

Roderick, Martha Jane married Lewis C. Bailey on 24 Dec 1876

Rodgers, Will L. married Alice C. Galway on 27 Nov 1895

Rodrick, Syrena married John Bailey on 11 Apr 1872

Roe, Charles W. married Maggie Steel on 22 Dec 1875

Roe, Emma V. married Mordecia S. McDonald on 25 Nov 1886

Roe, Robert Jr. married Agnes L. Kenney on 16 Jun 1897

Roe, Sadie J. married Otway O. Rhodes on 7 May 1894

Rogers, A. W. married Mary Carder on 9 Oct 1864

Rogers, Alexander B. B. married Annie B. Lake on 18 Sep 1895

Rogers, Amanda H. married William B. Cross on 10 Aug 1874

Rogers, Andrew J. married Martha D. Poe on 10 Jun 1886

Rogers, Andrew J. married Margaret M. E. Poe on 19 Apr 1891

Rogers, Benjamin F. married Mozella (Mrs) Bartlett on 18 Aug 1898

Rogers, Benjamin F. married Harriet Ann Henderson on 28 Nov 1878

Rogers, Charles L. married Lizzie Arnold on 12 Aug 1893

Rogers, Christina married Edgar E. Dixon on 5 Oct 1896

Rogers, Clara J. married Francis M. Hill on 21 Jun 1896

Rogers, Claude Keys married Rose A. Lucas on 30 Dec 1897

Rogers, Dorcas S. married B. F. Phillips on 20 May 1899

Rogers, Edgar C. W. married Emily M. Brown on 15 Jul 1883

Rogers, Edith A. married John N. Pray on 28 Dec 1871

Rogers, Elizabeth F. married Charles Peacock on 20 Dec 1877

Rogers, Emeline married William L. Knight on 6 Oct 1864

Rogers, Emily M. married John C. Finch on 26 Apr 1891

Rogers, Eva V. married Millard A. Pilson on 23 Jun 1890

Rogers, Frances M. married Joseph E. Bunner on 14 Sep 1893

Rogers, Hanna Etta married John R. Smedley on 29 Apr 1869

Rogers, Icy M. married Fountain O. Jacobs on 3 Apr 1892

Rogers, James married Jane Wyckoff on 15 Apr 1883

Rogers, James H. married Amanda H. Brown on 1 Oct 1871

Rogers, James L. married Orlena V. Hedrick on 25 Nov 1886

Rogers, Jeremiah L. married Rosa L. Stansberry on 27 May 1888

Rogers, John N. married Emeline Hardinger on 11 Mar 1875

Rogers, John W. married Frances B. Whitehair on 9 Jul 1888

Rogers, Josephine married George W. Travis on 25 Dec 1877

Rogers, Josephine married Isaac E. Luzadder on 28 Aug 1884

Rogers, Josina married Jonathan Whitecair on 15 Feb 1866

Rogers, Laura J. married Emery J. Phillips on 24 Dec 1899

Rogers, Luke L. married Gracie Lambert on 24 Dec 1895

Rogers, Luther M. married Helen McGee on 26 Dec 1900

Rogers, Lydia Ellen married Jesse B. Knight on 15 Sep 1870

Rogers, Maggie married Richard Kirk on 2 Dec 1899

Rogers, Maggie R. married John A. Keener on 28 Dec 1882

Rogers, Mahala C. married Marcellus Compton on 22 Apr 1883

Rogers, Margaret married Orney Courtney on 25 Jan 1872

Rogers, Margaret E. married Jacob G. Motes on 12 Mar 1887

Rogers, Margaret J. married Aaron Neal on 8 Nov 1877

Rogers, Martha married Evan Freeman on 16 Mar 1871

Rogers, Mary married Willis H. Sandridge on 24 Dec 1895

Rogers, Mary E. married Eli Matthew on 23 Oct 1873

Rogers, Mary E. married George F. Powell on 4 Mar 1880

Rogers, Melvina married Livingston P. Henn on 20 Nov 1878

Rogers, Minnie Z. married William H. Grow on 19 Apr 1898

Rogers, Narcissus married Oscar Freeman on 27 Sep 1877

Rogers, Otera M. married Adam D. Adams on 20 Jun 1897

Rogers, Philip P. married Caroline Jackson on 17 Dec 1874

Rogers, Phillip P. married Anna L. Butcher on 10 Sep 1885

Rogers, Rebecca N. married James K. Fugitt on 14 Mar 1877

Rogers, Robert E. L. married Alice R. Settler on 17 Jul 1887

Rogers, Robert L. married Ida Knight on 1 Aug 1884

Rogers, Robert L. married Belle Halterman on 15 Jan 1891

Rogers, Robert R. married Mary Wilson on 2 May 1880

Rogers, Robert S. married Augusta E. Bainbridge on 1 Aug 1895

Rogers, Rosa E. married John E. Lake on 27 Feb 1895

Rogers, Rosanna married Patrick F. Pool on 20 Oct 1872

Rogers, Rose Ann married Julius Alliott on 17 Aug 1897

Rogers, Rosie B. married Solomon L. Poe on 12 Jul 1896

Rogers, Sally A. married Cornelius H. Poe on 9 Oct 1866

Rogers, Samuel married Sarah Francis Bayly on 22 May 1873

Rogers, Sarah E. married Henderson M. Moran on 17 Sep 1885

Rogers, Sarah E. married Albert G. Bunner on 6 Mar 1895

Rogers, Sarah M. married Washington Riggleman on 6 Oct 1887

Rogers, Theodore C. married Hannah M. Hottsinpiller on 21 Nov 1889

Rogers, Wilford Lee married Dora M. Carroll on 15 Dec 1889

Rogers, Wilfred L. married Emily P. Luzader on 31 Dec 1891

Rogers, William married Lillie B. Vance on 28 Apr 1897

Rogers, William L. married Huldah Courtney on 24 Aug 1865

Rohrabough, Amos F. married Emma G. Hall on 18 Oct 1893

Rohrbaugh, Capitola married William H. Crawford on 21 Jul 1887

Rohrbaugh, Perry A. married S. Letitia Albright on 31 Jan 1876

Rohrbough, Esta E. married Thomas A. Gibson on 24 Nov 1868

Rohrbough, James B. married Capitola Hertzog on 23 Oct 1879

Rohrbough, Orr L. married Hattie M. Ware on 1 Sep 1886

Rollins, Elisabeth E. married John Lawless on 4 Jan 1866

Romaine, Nicholas married Georgia S. Adams on 22 Aug 1897

Roman, Andy married Alice (Mrs) Myrdo on 18 Jun 1900

Romey, Martin T. married Regina Doman on 28 Sep 1882

Rooney, Annie T. married Theodore H. Gerkin on 24 Apr 1882

Rooney, Julia A. married John C. Duffy on 20 Nov 1865

Rosar, William M. married Columbia J. Channel on 14 Apr 1887

Rose, Ada (Mrs) married James L. Welch on 17 Sep 1900

Rose, James M. married Lovie R. Timmons on 24 Mar 1889

Rose, Susan G. married William H. Shaw on 17 Mar 1873

Rosenberry, Jennie M. married Andrew J. Spindler on 19 Sep 1893

Rosier, Caroline married R. H. Dillon on 25 Oct 1870

Rosier, Charles married Annie B. Spring on 26 Oct 1886

Rosier, Edgar married Margaret Warner on 5 Dec 1869

Rosier, Henry C. married Agnes L. Phillips on 12 Feb 1885

Rosier, Isabel married Martena P. Thomas on 14 Mar 1889

Rosier, Maria A. married William H. Ford on 3 Jun 1879

Rosier, Rosanna married Thomas J. Shaw on 7 Dec 1865

Rosier, Sanford married Mary C. Shingleton on 15 Feb 1885

Ross, Ann married Hiram Brandom on 22 Apr 1866

Ross, Annie B. married Howard P. Cleavenger on 29 Nov 1888

Ross, George married Ellen R. Berger on 18 May 1875

Ross, George M. married Lillian M. Deen on 30 Aug 1897

Ross, Hannah J. married Gideon B. Finley on 16 Aug 1883

Ross, Henry C. married Minerva M. Bailey on 22 Feb 1866

Ross, Justice F. married Mahala F. Smith on 2 Sep 1874

Ross, Mary Ann married Thomas Griffith on 27 Dec 1863

Ross, Mary Ann married Thomas Griffith on 29 Dec 1863

Ross, Mary B. married Edwin L. Shriver on 28 Feb 1888

Ross, Sarah E. married Marion Newlon on 27 Nov 1887

Ross, William M. married Minnie Davis on 27 Sep 1893

Roth, Joseph married Emma Clouse on 3 Jul 1895

Roucher, Louis H. married Alice J. Smouse on 1 May 1882

Rousher, William G. married Mary A. Murphey on 11 Oct 1883

Rowe, Malinda E. married William Morris on 11 Sep 1873

Rowland, Josephus married Fannie E. King on 13 May 1869

Roy, Cordelia C. married Timothy J. Murphy on 17 Sep 1892

Royse, Sarah V. married Ephraim Conn on 11 Mar 1864

Royse, Sarah V. married Ephraim Conn on 12 Mar 1864

Ruble, Addessa J. married Frank P. Hardy on 25 Dec 1883

Ruckman, John Jr. married Ida Belle Bircher on 9 Oct 1890

Rudy, Hiram married Mary Ellen Lake on 5 Feb 1877

Rudy, John married Amelia Henderson on 20 Feb 1873

Rule, Thomas C. married Valley A. Cole on 28 Dec 1890

Rush, Daniel married Gracie Gower on 6 Feb 1897

Rush, Gordon P. married Martha Davisson on 20 Apr 1895

Russel, Festus married Nannie Taylor on 19 Sep 1889

Russell, L. W. married Sarah E. Walker on 15 Dec 1897

Russell, Lottie married Ervin Jenkins on 5 Sep 1897

Rutherford, Abram married Harriet A. Mauller on 8 Apr 1890

Rutherford, Atha married Homer Bunner on 21 Dec 1899

Rutherford, Drusie M. married Eli M. Pringle on 22 Oct 1900

Rutherford, Elizabeth married George B. Mauller on 22 Sep 1889

Rutherford, Emma A. married George A. Bunner on 27 Oct 1897

Rutherford, Irene married George F. Woolard on 13 Nov 1870

Rutherford, Middleton married Carrie Powell on 14 Apr 1889

Rutherford, Sarah J. married Elias J. Glen on 2 Jan 1866

Ryan, Elisabeth A. married Archibald R. Hopkins on 28 Sep 1873

Ryan, Emma married George L. Hertzog on 24 Dec 1863

Ryan, Frances M. married James P. Currey on 15 Feb 1880

Ryan, Franklin married Nancy Coplin on 28 Jan 1874

Ryan, George L. married Helen Tucker on 29 Mar 1877

Ryan, Glades E. married George L. Alltop on 25 Aug 1889

Ryan, Hannah J. married John B. Golden on 15 Mar 1870

Ryan, James M. married Mary A. McGuire on 14 Jul 1896

Ryan, Margaret M. married Edward L. Moran on 22 Aug 1900

Ryan, Peter married Mary A. Daugherty on 19 Nov 1876

Ryan, Susannah married Isaac Hibbs on 23 Oct 1870

Ryan, Thomas married Rebecca A. McDonald on 10 Oct 1867

Ryan, Wilfred J. married Mary C. Griffith on 23 Oct 1870

Ryan, William L. married Nancy E. Stark on 4 May 1871


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