Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "S"

Sachs, Louis married Louisa Bieri on 8 Feb 1893

Saers, Marshall married Mary E. Batton on 12 Feb 1877

Saffel, James L. married Lucetta McVicker on 8 Nov 1885

Saffel, Rosalph married James C. Smith on 17 May 1883

Saffle, Amanda F. married W. J. Gable on 14 Dec 1873

Saffle, Cathrine married William Martin on 28 Aug 1882

Saffle, Cora married Clyde C. Moran on 20 Aug 1896

Saffle, Joseph married Julia Utterback on 16 Jun 1871

Sampson, Eliza A. married John T. Frazier on 22 Mar 1865

Samsell, Kate V. married Abel H. Thayer on 30 Oct 1890

Sanders, Perry G. married Bassha Tucker on 16 Oct 1887

Sanders, Zana V. married John Blackshere on 28 Jan 1874

Sandridge, Clifton W. married Dosia White on 2 May 1900

Sandridge, John F. married Elizabeth Hustead on 16 Sep 1898

Sandridge, Willis H. married Mary Rogers on 24 Dec 1895

Sandsberry, Floyd married Alice Nuzum on 11 Nov 1898

Sandsbury, Maude married William E. Vincent on 16 Oct 1899

Sandsbury, Minnie married Ollie Huhn on 13 Feb 1900

Sandsbury, William H. married Clara Zotts on 2 Jan 1887

Sandy, James V. married Mary V. Prim on 25 Nov 1891

Sandy, Rufus M. married Annie M. Brown on 25 Sep 1889

Sapp, Albert married Sarah J. Call on 16 Aug 1888

Sapp, Eldora C. married Estella F. McDaniel on 12 Feb 1896

Sargent, Aeolia Ida married Joseph Gerken on 13 Nov 1882

Sargent, Mary A. married Seth W. Drake on 3 Mar 1870

Sargent, Sarah married Francis M. Hess on 24 Sep 1865

Saterfield, Sarah P. married George W. Glenn on 6 Dec 1890

Satterfield, Abraham L. married Mary E. Snyder on 15 Mar 1892

Satterfield, Clara married Harry M. Kern on 30 Oct 1889

Satterfield, Clarence S. married Martha D. Deavers on 6 May 1897

Satterfield, Hattie married Austin Davis on 2 May 1892

Satterfield, Marcus S. married Della Powell on 27 Oct 1898

Satterfield, Martha married Columbus Peters on 17 Nov 1881

Satterfield, Mary C. married Nixon Heck on 26 Nov 1882

Satterfield, Mary J. married Samuel Bonar on 12 Sep 1882

Satterfield, William married Mary Hayes on 8 Aug 1888

Saucer, Mary Ann married Rolly Grimm on 8 Oct 1878

Saucer, Nora married Jacob L. Kelley on 29 Mar 1888

Saville, Susan E. married George L. Bomberger on 29 Apr 1880

Sawler, Sarah married William Linn on 22 Jul 1879

Sawtell, Annie B. married Oliver A. Annan on 17 Oct 1883

Sawtell, Susan Louise married Charles H. Hooten on 11 Oct 1881

Sayer, Harriet A. married Lucian M. White on 13 Apr 1893

Sayer, Marion K. married Julia A. Singleton on 1 Jan 1880

Sayer, Prudie married Francis A. Cornwell on 11 Dec 1884

Sayers, Michael M. married Martha A. Elder on 17 Jun 1886

Sayre, Alonzo E. married Laura S. Forman on 12 Dec 1894

Sayre, Benjamin F. married Laura L. Martin on 16 Aug 1888

Sayre, George W. married Annie B. Snively on 7 May 1889

Sayre, Grant married Mary M. Carson on 28 Dec 1898

Sayre, Harry H. married Bertie A. Kelly on 29 Nov 1888

Sayre, Julia A. married Robert W. McWilliams on 22 May 1894

Sayres, Edward G. married Theodosia Hustead on 25 Nov 1894

Sayres, Wade H. married Loretta Cochran on 19 Sep 1894

Schifferer, John Henry married Mary Elizabeth Holden on 24 Apr 1900

Schiller, Albertine married Edward Berbig on 26 Apr 1869

Schiller, Ida A. married John M. Cassell on 27 Apr 1881

Schmidt, Henry married Christina Leopold on 21 Apr 1873

Schooley, John married Lacy Ann Haddix on 4 Feb 1875

Schultheis, John A. married Ollie Crowel on 25 Jul 1898

Schuster, Christopher C. married Ann Eliza Steele on 23 Sep 1875

Sclvey, Mary L. married Clyde Lake on 2 Nov 1899

Scott, Alleet A. married Joseph Ford on 26 Apr 1878

Scott, Dora married Harrison A. Lake on 15 Nov 1888

Scott, Evrard married Jane Bennett on 20 Nov 1867

Scott, James P. married Jennie B. Adams on 4 Aug 1891

Scranage, Alexander married Rachel Knight on 8 Nov 1900

Scranage, Alexander married Samantha C. Currey on 10 Oct 1867

Scranage, Alexander married Rachel Rector on 18 Nov 1880

Scranage, Anna E. married James A. Riffee on 30 Sep 1880

Scranage, Creed M. married Eva V. Tucker on 26 Mar 1893

Scranage, Elizabeth married Milton M. Smith on 28 Dec 1871

Scranage, Emma D. married Walter H. Tucker on 26 Apr 1896

Scranage, Eola married Charles E. Reed on 14 Mar 1894

Scranage, Eva married John A. Tucker on 2 Apr 1885

Scranage, James B. married Margaret H. Carpenter on 26 Oct 1887

Scranage, John A. married Nellie V. Rector on 22 Sep 1892

Scranage, Laura married Ulysses G. Freeman on 16 Dec 1894

Scranage, Martha B. married James B. Jarvis on 30 Oct 1898

Scranage, Mary E. married Henry Lee Stark on 7 Apr 1880

Scranage, Mary Jane married Silas W. Smallwood on 27 Aug 1873

Scranage, Nellie E. married Porter Mason on 23 Jun 1898

Scranage, William Jr. married Sarah Ann Williamson on 28 Apr 1864

Scranage, Zana married Truman B. Lawler on 16 Feb 1898

Scrogin, Mary R. married Joseph S. Chambers on 22 Feb 1877

Scruggs, Mamie married William Blocker on 1 Feb 1894

Scruggs, William married Mamie Powell on 23 Apr 1890

Seaman, Arthur married Della Grace Core on 25 Dec 1899

Seargeant, Annie E. married Adam A. Varner on 10 Jul 1886

Seargeant, Ella G. married George F. Green on 29 May 1888

Seargeant, John E. married Mary E. Reese on 28 Aug 1892

Seargeant, John M. married Martha Vandagrift on 9 May 1888

See, Christena B. married George W. Williams on 21 Dec 1871

See, Mary M. married George F. Blue on 20 Jan 1868

See, Rebecca E. married John P. Trussill on 28 Jul 1874

See, S. Cameron married Emma Clide Bailey on 23 May 1888

Seese, Charles L. married Eva B. Riffee on 24 Jun 1896

Selvey, Clarinda married Adolphus T. Yates on 3 Nov 1870

Selvey, Elizabeth married Levi C. McCartney on 24 Sep 1891

Selvey, Homer married Lucy Newlon on 24 Nov 1892

Selvey, James W. married Sallie E. Burnside on 15 Aug 1880

Selvey, John W. married Mary E. Findley on 13 Jan 1884

Selvey, Oda J. married Nora B. Watson on 23 Oct 1895

Selvey, Rebecca married Adam Boots on 31 Aug 1875

Selvey, Virginia married Arthur D. Sinclair on 9 Oct 1871

Selvy, Emma married Clay G. Bartlett on 18 Jul 1889

Selvy, Malissa married John C. Dearing on 19 Dec 1874

Selvy, Matilda married Joseph L. Sparks on 1 Jan 1874

Sergeant, Charles H. married Nora C. Grow on 23 Apr 1883

Sergent, Ezekiel married Martha E. Shipe on 21 Oct 1873

Sergent, James W. married Maggie R. Kerchival on 30 Jan 1890

Sergent, Rosa J. married William M. White on 25 Jun 1891

Sernowski, Stanislaw married Josephine Boguslaska on 7 May 1900

Setler, Sarah F. married George F. Butcher on 28 Mar 1895

Settler, Alice R. married Robert E. L. Rogers on 17 Jul 1887

Sevan, Julia married Charles W. James on 20 Sep 1888

Sevear, Albert F. married Prudy J. Demoss on 24 Oct 1872

Sever, Charles T. married Hattie L. Bishop on 23 May 1878

Severe, Bell married George W. Kerns on 22 Jun 1885

Severe, Cora V. married William J. Hall on 16 Sep 1891

Severe, Emma married William Stevens on 17 May 1896

Severe, Prudence J. married James Bowman on 13 Aug 1879

Severe, Rose Anna married George Fred. Simmons on 15 Feb 1899

Shackelford, Ameal married Jemima C. Fetty on 25 Dec 1883

Shackelford, Ashferd married Olive S. Demoss on 21 May 1885

Shackelford, Bertha V. married James L. Menear on 27 Dec 1888

Shackelford, Charles A. married May M. Devers on 27 Feb 1890

Shackelford, Clarissa married Lewis Shahen on 31 Oct 1867

Shackelford, Elza married Rebecca J. Rinker on 28 Mar 1872

Shackelford, Elza married Jane C. Phillips on 31 Oct 1876

Shackelford, Ephraim S. married Hannaetta Bailey on 3 Dec 1868

Shackelford, Ira T. married Susannah E. Hall on 10 Apr 1897

Shackelford, James E. married Zella Oteria Grimes on 2 Feb 1899

Shackelford, Luther F. married Lucy Catherine Fortney on 27 Jan 1897

Shackelford, Mary A. married John Marquiss on 29 Dec 1881

Shackelford, Mary Matilda married Thomas N. Sims on 15 Dec 1878

Shackelford, Mattie V. married John L. Cropp on 12 Sep 1893

Shackelford, Nancy married Martin L. Goff on 4 Mar 1880

Shackelford, Samuel married Rose A. Murrey on 10 Jan 1876

Shackelford, Tarrie married William E. Bartholow on 21 Jan 1890

Shackleford, Bersheba married George Bailey on 9 Jun 1870

Shackleford, Clyde married Mary Icy Luzadder on 27 Aug 1899

Shackleford, Jonathan J. married Lydia A. Hall on 7 Dec 1871

Shackleford, Martha A. R. married Stephen Watkins on 9 Oct 1871

Shackleford, Sarah Jane married James W. McAtee on 29 Nov 1863

Shafer, Caroline married George W. Chambers on 8 Aug 1865

Shafer, Daniel R. married Amanda M. Newlon on 1 Sep 1881

Shafer, Henry A. married Delphia Shriver on 30 May 1889

Shaferman, Elisabeth married John Cassell on 6 Apr 1866

Shaferman, Herman married Cara M. Snow on 12 Apr 1877

Shaffer, Andrew P. married Sarah E. McDaniel on 22 Oct 1893

Shaffer, Daniel R. married Dora Withers on 7 Feb 1889

Shaffer, Godfrey married Matilda McIntosh on 16 Sep 1885

Shaffer, Henrietta married Robert E. Blaney on 12 Feb 1885

Shaffer, Jacob J. married Nancy A. Ball on 4 Aug 1897

Shaffer, Lottie H. married John E. Brewer on 6 Jun 1878

Shaffer, Will K. married Naoma Olive Coffman on 10 Jan 1900

Shaffer, William married Mary M. Poe on 25 Dec 1890

Shaffer, William K. married Emma F. Ford on 9 Feb 1897

Shafferman, Bertie married Lawrence W. Stuck on 18 Mar 1897

Shafferman, Catharine A. married John W. Gains on 25 Sep 1873

Shafferman, John F. married Henrietta Wittman on 3 Jul 1884

Shahan, Amos K. married Anna C. Roderick on 3 May 1883

Shahan, Birdie C. married Charles L. Wells on 13 Dec 1897

Shahan, Clarissa married Wilson Shahan on 22 Jun 1875

Shahan, Cyrena married Luther M. Miller on 25 Dec 1881

Shahan, Florence M. married Charles W. Swain on 29 Jan 1894

Shahan, George W. married Martha E. Williams on 3 Dec 1889

Shahan, Maria married Francis M. Kernes on 30 Oct 1881

Shahan, Martha married Timothy Davis on 29 Dec 1892

Shahan, Mary E. married Baley N. Yates on 18 Mar 1875

Shahan, Rhodena married Aquilla A. Pyles on 2 Jan 1893

Shahan, Richard J. married Joanna C. Beaver on 15 Oct 1889

Shahan, William H. married Mary E. Wehn on 22 Jun 1881

Shahan, Wilson married Clarissa Shahan on 22 Jun 1875

Shahen, Lewis married Clarissa Shackelford on 31 Oct 1867

Shanley, Bernard L. married Mattie Yost on 20 Mar 1883

Shanley, Mary married Michael Crawley on 8 Apr 1872

Shannel, Sarah Jane married James H. Fleming on 30 Dec 1875

Shannon, Edward married Lucretia J. Hilliard on 24 Jan 1867

Sharpes, Elisabeth R. married Benjamin E. Shepler on 27 May 1869

Sharps, Lillie B. married William F. Lough on 21 Oct 1890

Shaughnessy, Edward J. married Julia J. McMannion on 30 Jun 1890

Shaver, Mary Agnes married James D. Collier on 23 Oct 1877

Shaw, Adolphus married Minnie Mounts on 20 Dec 1893

Shaw, Alexander W. married Amelia C. Hockman on 25 Feb 1869

Shaw, Alf married Annie M. McDonald on 11 Sep 1892

Shaw, Arabel married Samuel W. Ridenour on 30 Apr 1877

Shaw, Calvin L. married Mary E. Trader on 15 Oct 1882

Shaw, Charles S. married Rosa F. L. Wood on 24 Jul 1892

Shaw, Crawford M. married Frances L. Towles on 28 Oct 1886

Shaw, Daniel B. married Cynthia A. Miller on 3 Jul 1887

Shaw, Daniel R. married Ella Wheeler on 24 Dec 1893

Shaw, Elizabeth D. married George F. Green on 24 Jan 1877

Shaw, Ella R. married G. W. L. Lohn on 24 Sep 1878

Shaw, Elzina married Anderson Shingleton on 5 Dec 1867

Shaw, George B. married Ardella Glendenning on 28 Oct 1886

Shaw, George Z. married Mary Ann Musgrave on 15 Dec 1867

Shaw, Hattie C. married John B. Kimmel on 30 Apr 1885

Shaw, Hezekiah married Rebecca V. Johnson on 13 Apr 1864

Shaw, Ida M. married Morgan R. Proudfoot on 10 Sep 1895

Shaw, James married Rosealy Goff on 20 Dec 1885

Shaw, John E. married Lucy A. Ours on 27 Nov 1873

Shaw, John E. married Ida B. Louden on 28 Dec 1890

Shaw, Maggie P. married John F. Pickett on 22 Oct 1872

Shaw, Mahala S. married John Warrass on 30 May 1880

Shaw, Maria A. married James J. Gough on 4 Jan 1872

Shaw, Mary Jane married Aaron A. Luzader on 15 Oct 1874

Shaw, Minerva married Edward G. Shipe on 15 Dec 1874

Shaw, Palmyra married Stansberry Lang on 12 Apr 1866

Shaw, Sallie A. married Charles Costello on 13 Apr 1876

Shaw, Sallie V. married Benjamin C. Wise on 16 Sep 1874

Shaw, Thomas G. married Willie Ann McCann on 22 Oct 1874

Shaw, Thomas J. married Rosanna Rosier on 7 Dec 1865

Shaw, William C. married Laura Freeze on 27 Feb 1900

Shaw, William E. married Samentha Bartlett on 12 Mar 1878

Shaw, William H. married Susan G. Rose on 17 Mar 1873

Shawen, Annie F. married Benjamin F. Spring on 2 Sep 1886

Shay, Robert J. married Maggie S. Thorn on 28 Aug 1900

Shea, Catharine R. married Patrick William Burke on 29 Nov 1876

Shearer, Gertrude M. married William L. Clovis on 21 Apr 1896

Shears, Laura married William McCord on 10 Nov 1892

Sheets, Harriet B. married Ervin Hooper on 21 Aug 1890

Sheets, Luther married Harriet Kelley on 11 Mar 1864

Sheets, Luther married Hattie Welch on 30 Apr 1899

Sheets, Marshall married Martha E. Martin on 20 Jul 1870

Sheets, Philip married Belle Nestor on 24 Oct 1894

Shelton, Bently J. married Victoria Dotson on 1 Jul 1875

Shelton, James married Octavia Peters on 21 Aug 1881

Shelton, John R. married Alsie Poe on 15 Jan 1881

Shelton, Martha A. married Newton Poe on 1 Dec 1867

Shelton, Mary Francis married Nathaniel Boyce on 21 Oct 1869

Shelton, Samuel married Lucinda Gerard on 23 Mar 1890

Shelton, Virginia married Daniel E. Peters on 26 Feb 1885

Shelton, William J. married Elisabeth Coldwell on 18 Sep 1869

Shenen, Samuel married Mary Bewhen on 26 May 1874

Sheperd, Catharine married William Hilpein on 25 Oct 1875

Shepler, Benjamin E. married Elisabeth R. Sharpes on 27 May 1869

Shepler, Frances V. married Maxwell Dinkle on 8 Sep 1864

Sherman, William C. married Lydia C. Kaper on 18 Oct 1886

Sherrer, Elizabeth married Franz Hindenach on 27 Apr 1875

Shew, Hezekiah married Rebecca V. Johnson on 11 Apr 1864

Shields, Cora G. married John D. Leeper on 26 Oct 1892

Shields, Flora O. married James Howard Cather on 1 Mar 1880

Shields, George L. married Francis Bartlett on 10 Oct 1872

Shields, Harvey W. married Eliza B. Jones on 1 Oct 1893

Shields, Henrietta married Richard H. Horner on 14 Dec 1865

Shields, James married Elizabeth Hathaway on 13 Feb 1868

Shields, Loverna married William W. Lawson on 30 Nov 1880

Shields, Margaret married John T. Goodwin on 29 Mar 1866

Shields, Margaret R. married Benjamin F. Brown on 22 Sep 1864

Shields, Martin L. married Mary A. Howell on 25 Dec 1883

Shields, Mary Ann married E. B. McDonald on 3 Mar 1864

Shields, Mary J. married William H. Riley on 11 Nov 1900

Shields, Michael H. married Agnes A. Litzinger on 27 Jan 1885

Shields, Sarah E. married Andrew M. Nestor on 22 Oct 1871

Shields, Sarah G. married Charles G. Hern on 29 Sep 1885

Shields, Sophronia married Lee Hickman on 16 Dec 1880

Shields, William L. married Clara Maud Dunnington on 21 Jan 1900

Shields, Winfield S. married Jeannette Greathouse on 10 Oct 1880

Shigleton, Benjamin F. married Eliza S. Henderson on 9 Feb 1864

Shigleton, Mary E. married Lafayette Boner on 10 Aug 1865

Shingleton, A. J. married Mary (Mrs) Brosius on 17 Aug 1898

Shingleton, Anderson married Elzina Shaw on 5 Dec 1867

Shingleton, Benjamin F. married Elisabeth S. Henderson on 14 Feb 1864

Shingleton, Francis M. married Edith Finley on 18 Oct 1863

Shingleton, Granville married Sophronia Riffee on 27 Mar 1892

Shingleton, Henry C. married Mary E. Blackwood on 27 Feb 1887

Shingleton, Isaac F. married Lizzie Bowmaster on 24 Jun 1886

Shingleton, Isaac S. married Emily F. Reed on 23 Apr 1879

Shingleton, John married Mary M. Varner on 11 May 1884

Shingleton, John married Elisabeth Boner on 19 Nov 1865

Shingleton, Margaret A. married Irvin Tucker on 2 Jul 1879

Shingleton, Mary C. married Sanford Rosier on 15 Feb 1885

Shingleton, Narcissa married James Withers on 29 Mar 1866

Shingleton, Noah C. married Amanda Riffee on 2 Dec 1883

Shingleton, Rebecca married John Haddix on 15 May 1884

Shingleton, Rebecca married Hesekiah Robinson on 28 Feb 1867

Shingleton, Samantha J. married Joseph Williams on 17 Mar 1895

Shingleton, Sarah married Henry W. Brown on 1 Sep 1889

Shingleton, Sarah E. married Seth A. Goodwin on 2 Jul 1893

Shingleton, Sheridan married Rosetta McDonald on 6 May 1897

Shipe, Edward G. married Minerva Shaw on 15 Dec 1874

Shipe, Martha E. married Ezekiel Sergent on 21 Oct 1873

Shirer, Alma Payne married Henry C. Colerider on 25 Sep 1879

Shirer, Sidney C. married Minnie Reed on 6 Feb 1895

Showalter, Ollie married Simon J. Arnold on 30 Apr 1885

Shriver, Delphia married Henry A. Shafer on 30 May 1889

Shriver, Edwin L. married Mary B. Ross on 28 Feb 1888

Shriver, Halley married James L. Abel on 25 Apr 1894

Shriver, Mary Jane married Benjamin F. Wiseman on 7 Nov 1882

Shriver, Samuel S. married Mattie S. Bartlett on 17 Dec 1896

Shriver, Thomas A. married Alice L. Keener on 19 Mar 1896

Shrout, William S. married Ida F. Annon on 26 Apr 1888

Shroyer, Arvey B. married Lula E. Lewellen on 7 Apr 1898

Shroyer, Carrie married Benjamin F. Wilson on 1 Nov 1874

Shroyer, Catharine married William N. Lyman on 21 Sep 1882

Shroyer, Clara Lillie married James R. Johnson on 20 Mar 1895

Shroyer, Dora B. married Samuel McDaniel on 25 Oct 1896

Shroyer, Ison J. married Ida Bradley on 13 Sep 1891

Shroyer, Jacob Jr. married Sarah Hall on 23 Apr 1865

Shroyer, Jemima E. married Overton H. Gall on 20 Jan 1881

Shroyer, John W. married Rebecca Means on 12 Jul 1888

Shroyer, Lewis M. married Hannahetta Hall on 12 Oct 1865

Shroyer, Mary Annie married Adolphus J. Bartlett on 19 Nov 1882

Shroyer, Mary Etta married James Franklin Harter on 18 Jun 1899

Shroyer, Sallie married John Bailey on 29 Nov 1894

Shroyer, Tyler M. married Miranda C. Strother on 19 Sep 1865

Shroyer, Ulysses G. married Myrtle Lewellen on 14 Oct 1895

Shryock, Edward D. married Mary Elizabeth Bartlett on 2 May 1878

Shumaker, Mary J. married Richard A. Hitt on 27 May 1880

Shuttlesworth, Joseph W. married Elizabeth E. Guthrie on 24 Mar 1889

Shuttleworth, Caroline M. married Albert G. Reese on 5 Feb 1864

Shuttleworth, Rebecca E. married John C. Dunham on 5 Jan 1865

Shuttleworth, Thomas L. married Annie Martin on 31 Mar 1895

Shutz, George D. married Mary L Lilly on 5 Oct 1875

Sillman, C. L. married Mary C. Reed on 19 Aug 1874

Silmon, John W. married Sarah Turner on 26 May 1870

Silmon, Lenora married John R. Burge on 25 May 1895

Simion, Zepshie married William W. Kinney on 11 May 1900

Simmons, Charles E. married Mary Emma Paxton on 5 Mar 1884

Simmons, George Fred. married Rose Anna Severe on 15 Feb 1899

Simms, Mary married James U. S. G. Linsey on 15 Aug 1889

Simms, Rebecca married Thomas Robinson on 1 Nov 1883

Simons, William L. married Rachal Luzader on 23 May 1872

Simonton, Anna L. married Lloyd L. Waller on 19 Sep 1896

Simonton, D. Miller married Dona B. Dunnington on 31 Oct 1900

Simonton, Maud married Theodore Payne on 20 Sep 1891

Simpson, Charles married Arah E. McClain on 26 Sep 1881

Simpson, Louisa V. married James D. Yates on 4 Jul 1864

Simpson, Nancy A. married William Price on 6 Sep 1864

Sims, George P. married Anna Robinson on 30 Jul 1893

Sims, Thomas N. married Mary Matilda Shackelford on 15 Dec 1878

Sinclair, Alwilda N. married Zadok M. Cochran on 16 Jan 1879

Sinclair, Arthur D. married Virginia Selvey on 9 Oct 1871

Sinclair, James married Caroline R. Warder on 8 Dec 1874

Sinclair, James E. married Georgianna McPherson on 14 Nov 1876

Sinclair, James E. married Nancy C. Moore on 2 Jan 1866

Sinclair, John H. married Mary M. Warder on 11 Jan 1865

Sinclair, John H. married Margaret Mathers on 2 Jul 1874

Sinclair, Julia A. married William M. Lewin on 20 Aug 1872

Sinclair, Lucy married Zebedee W. Jones on 25 Sep 1888

Sinclair, Mary A. married Elijah McIntosh on 22 Apr 1884

Sinclair, Mary E. married Larkan C. Nichols on 24 Sep 1867

Sinclair, Mary M. married George A. Johnston on 10 Jan 1871

Sinclair, Melvin married Jemima Lake on 17 Oct 1878

Sinclair, Octavia married David Bartlett on 18 Aug 1870

Sinclair, Sarah married Henson Mason on 2 Feb 1869

Sinclair, Virginia married Franch S. Miller on 11 Nov 1895

Sinclair, Walter H. married Anna E. Barron on 20 Dec 1899

Sinclair, William F. married Valley V. Lilly on 12 Nov 1890

Sindledecker, Bethany married Sarah Wileman on 13 Jul 1892

Sines, Aldamedia C. married John G. Yost on 24 Dec 1887

Singleton, Julia A. married Marion K. Sayer on 1 Jan 1880

Singleton, Thomas married Mary A. Carpenter on 22 Jul 1865

Sinsel, Ada married Ira E. Robinson on 25 Oct 1892

Sinsel, Augusta married Joseph P. Barnes on 24 Aug 1882

Sinsel, Charles A. married Lila B. Creel on 4 Apr 1889

Sinsel, Clara E. married Winfield S. Martin on 25 Sep 1872

Sinsel, Clarence E. married Hannah C. Call on 12 Oct 1882

Sinsel, Columbia M. married Alston G. Dayton on 26 Nov 1884

Sinsel, Curtis married Hattie Funk on 12 Sep 1900

Sinsel, Delia A. married James L. Morris on 21 Feb 1881

Sinsel, Dora B. married J. Floyd Newlon on 3 Jan 1878

Sinsel, Elisabeth married Francis M. Hirst on 26 Jan 1865

Sinsel, Elizabeth married Wesley Sinsel on 23 Dec 1883

Sinsel, Emeline married Thomas H. Bartlett on 16 Jun 1870

Sinsel, John W. married Mary E. Taylor on 16 Sep 1864

Sinsel, Leroy S. married Cleora A. Warder on 5 Jan 1882

Sinsel, Lucinda married John A. Hawkins on 28 Nov 1867

Sinsel, Mary S. married Edgar J. Beagle on 17 Dec 1868

Sinsel, Otto W. married Emma Davis on 29 Jan 1885

Sinsel, Perry married Agnes McWilliams on 23 Nov 1876

Sinsel, Rebecca R. married Jehu H. Warder on 29 Oct 1878

Sinsel, Susan B. married John S. Evans on 9 May 1882

Sinsel, Victoria F. married Josephus Dearing on 1 May 1866

Sinsel, Wesley married Elizabeth Sinsel on 23 Dec 1883

Sinsel, William married Mary Yates on 25 Jan 1869

Sinsel, William A. married Sarah O. Nestor on 24 Dec 1872

Sinsel, William F. married Fannie A. Holden on 6 Sep 1866

Sinsel, Winfield S. married Julia Rector on 20 Oct 1875

Sipult, Naomi married George M. Currey on 11 Aug 1881

Skelley, Patrick H. married Phillis S. Surtees on 27 May 1872

Skidmore, John W. married Frances Giles on 24 Dec 1890

Skinner, Drusilla married Lewis Delbert Dauson on 16 Apr 1895

Slade, Colfax married Gay Daindridge on 1 Jan 1894

Slade, Colfax married Lizzie M. Ford on 25 May 1891

Slane, Bessie married Edward B. Powell on 22 Dec 1897

Slane, Effie G. married Franklin Winneskie on 15 Jun 1898

Slane, Grace L. married George W. Stephens on 17 Aug 1892

Slane, Mary M. married Thomas Tighe on 18 Feb 1887

Slane, Maude B. married Emmitt O. Boylen on 23 Oct 1895

Slane, Willa married Charles Utterback on 7 Jun 1888

Smallwood, Charles F. married Caroline Ray on 23 Feb 1869

Smallwood, Ella M. married James A. Glenn on 23 Oct 1885

Smallwood, Fanny V. married William T. Spotts on 25 Jun 1879

Smallwood, Harriet A. married John J. Jones on 4 Aug 1870

Smallwood, Ida B. married Columbus Arrington on 18 Jan 1899

Smallwood, John J. married Nancy L. Campbell on 4 Jul 1863

Smallwood, Lillian married John H. Dean on 29 Jul 1890

Smallwood, Mary E. married Agrippa Provance on 23 Mar 1889

Smallwood, Mary K. married Jacob D. Carr on 19 Mar 1898

Smallwood, Minnie C. married Alonzo T. Steadman on 4 Nov 1900

Smallwood, Mollie B. married George L Woodford on 25 Dec 1889

Smallwood, Ola A. married William Kern on 2 Feb 1884

Smallwood, One E. married William M. Alltop on 30 Aug 1892

Smallwood, Robert M. married Matilda Clelland on 30 May 1887

Smallwood, Sarah C. married Stephen Jr. Stiles on 7 May 1865

Smallwood, Silas W. married Jane C. Carder on 19 Aug 1895

Smallwood, Silas W. married Mary Jane Scranage on 27 Aug 1873

Smallwood, Sophrona married William H. McConkey on 29 Dec 1890

Smallwood, Walter married Nora B. Peer on 24 Dec 1893

Smallwood, Zanie married Henry Summers on 27 Nov 1889

Smalwood, John J. married Nancy L. Campbell on 3 Jul 1863

Smeadley, S. Catharine married Hugh Reese on 3 Jun 1877

Smedley, James A. married Susan E. Luzader on 6 Apr 1892

Smedley, John R. married Hanna Etta Rogers on 29 Apr 1869

Smell, Ann A. married Winfield S. Nuzum on 10 Mar 1887

Smell, Catharine E. married Renius S. Cleland on 16 Jun 1881

Smell, Cornelia E. married James W. Rinehart on 9 Feb 1898

Smell, Elizabeth married David Brown on 23 Oct 1875

Smell, Henry A. married Columbia Bennett on 17 Feb 1870

Smell, Jefferson D. married Mollie Davis on 15 Apr 1894

Smell, Louisa married Daniel Halterman on 28 Aug 1871

Smell, Mary married Samuel G. Wotring on 18 Jan 1866

Smell, Mary A. married John A. Elder on 8 Apr 1886

Smell, Rerina H. married George T. Murray on 8 Jan 1893

Smell, Revecca E. married French C. Cooper on 3 Jan 1893

Smell, Sarah married James Haymond on 29 Dec 1870

Smell, Virginia A. married Sylvanus C. Meredith on 19 Feb 1871

Smiley, Sarah married John B. Watson on 28 Jun 1877

Smith, Abraham J. married Martha J. McWilliams on 30 Aug 1874

Smith, Alice D. married George W. Huber on 3 Oct 1874

Smith, Alice D. married George W. Spring on 3 Oct 1874

Smith, Annie married Curtis Martin on 3 Jul 1893

Smith, Augustine J. married Lucinda Blehschmitt on 26 May 1880

Smith, Benjamin F. married Sidney L. Jones on 5 Feb 1893

Smith, Charles C. married Jennie Thompson on 23 Jan 1878

Smith, Charles W. married Martha M. Holt on 26 Feb 1880

Smith, Christena married Jacob Stampfle on 3 Jul 1882

Smith, Columbia N. married Levi G. Smith on 25 May 1873

Smith, Columbia N. married John W. Miller on 30 Aug 1882

Smith, Cornelius R. married Jane Dearing on 31 Jan 1875

Smith, Daniel married Mirna Coleman on 7 Sep 1865

Smith, Elisabeth married James R. Janes on 11 Jan 1866

Smith, Eliza married Jacob M. Fry on 2 Feb 1890

Smith, Eliza A. married Henry T. McCauley on 19 Feb 1897

Smith, Emiline married Benjamin F. Mason on 31 Dec 1867

Smith, Emma Augusta married Daniel E. Krepps on 7 Aug 1894

Smith, Ernestine married J. Wesley Webb on 28 Dec 1886

Smith, Esker T. married Lulu Bartlett on 11 Oct 1899

Smith, Ethel G. married Frank S. Carnwell on 7 Sep 1899

Smith, Fannie married John T. Maxwell on 31 May 1877

Smith, Flora married David Moyer on 20 May 1894

Smith, Flora Ellen married Cleophas J. Goodwin on 29 Apr 1883

Smith, Gabriel married Isabell Reese on 11 Jan 1883

Smith, George E. married Emily Mallonee on 23 Sep 1869

Smith, Hannah M. married Thomas B. Bryan on 8 Jun 1869

Smith, Harriet A. married Minor Morehead on 4 Mar 1866

Smith, Hattie H. married Ephraim Y. McElroy on 2 Apr 1893

Smith, Henrietta M. married Samuel Gray on 16 Oct 1870

Smith, Icie C. married Homer Reed on 7 Aug 1897

Smith, J. C. married Virginia C. Patton on 18 Nov 1873

Smith, James married Mary Smith on 8 Mar 1866

Smith, James C. married Rosalph Saffel on 17 May 1883

Smith, John married Christina Wickenhofer on 26 Sep 1869

Smith, John F. married Maria E. Carlin on 11 Oct 1864

Smith, John F. married Alcinda E. Tucker on 16 Jan 1887

Smith, John S. married Mary E. Cassiday on 3 Apr 1894

Smith, John T. married Anne Eboral on 12 Jul 1871

Smith, John W. married Sally Taylor on 2 Jun 1865

Smith, Laura married Joseph Bartlett on 23 Dec 1877

Smith, Leonard A. married Estella Newlon on 17 May 1891

Smith, Levi G. married Columbia N. Smith on 25 May 1873

Smith, Lizzie married Lewis Curry on 2 Oct 1897

Smith, Lucretia A. married Uriah Tucker on 27 Mar 1864

Smith, Mahala F. married Justice F. Ross on 2 Sep 1874

Smith, Manning married Virginia Janes on 26 Jan 1865

Smith, Martha E. married Edward Carroll on 5 Aug 1896

Smith, Martha J. married George W. Maxwell on 25 Oct 1877

Smith, Mary married James Smith on 8 Mar 1866

Smith, Mary E. married John W. L. Hickman on 22 Jan 1885

Smith, Mary E. married Marcellus V. Davisson on 24 Aug 1893

Smith, Mary M. married Ross E. Reed on 2 Sep 1875

Smith, Mary N. married Charles L. Leach on 4 Nov 1888

Smith, Medora married Floyd A. Reynolds on 23 Oct 1879

Smith, Menenias A. married Hannah M. Johnston on 1 Feb 1866

Smith, Milton married M. E. Hiskel on 10 Sep 1863

Smith, Milton married M. E. Heiskell on 12 Sep 1863

Smith, Milton M. married Elizabeth Scranage on 28 Dec 1871

Smith, Nancy L. married Lemuel Newlon on 27 Apr 1865

Smith, Octavins A. married Mary H. Floyd on 12 Nov 1891

Smith, Octavius A. married Sarah E. Findley on 12 Jan 1865

Smith, Olive married Felix E. Poston on 2 May 1870

Smith, Phebe J. married John W. Johnston on 24 Dec 1888

Smith, Prudence C. married John T. Williamson on 6 Jun 1866

Smith, Scotia M. married James H. Love on 5 Jan 1881

Smith, Thomas P. married Mary E. Bartlett on 17 Mar 1872

Smith, Valentine W. married Lula D. Davidson on 9 Jul 1878

Smith, Washington E. married Ernestine Johnson on 11 Aug 1870

Smoot, Mary married Jedediah Waldo on 15 Dec 1863

Smouse, Alice J. married Louis H. Roucher on 1 May 1882

Smouse, Catharine married John Hendrickson on 28 Oct 1866

Snider, Amos married Christena Luzader on 19 Nov 1863

Snider, Eliza Ann married Sylvester Patrick on 18 Jan 1874

Snider, Francis M. married Mary M. Clower on 11 Oct 1890

Snider, Jessie F. married Charles W. Wolf on 24 Aug 1890

Snider, Julia A. married Rinehart Miller on 27 Feb 1867

Snider, Lizzie S. married Silvanus Annon on 12 Jan 1871

Snider, Maggie married Edward B. Mann on 3 Jan 1892

Snider, Martha S. married Silas C. Morris on 14 Jun 1883

Snider, Melissa E. married William W. Haney on 20 Jul 1879

Snider, Nancy Catharine married Freeman Kelly on 23 Sep 1869

Snider, Permelia A. married Granville Moore on 17 Aug 1887

Snider, Rachel married Aaron Martin on 2 Apr 1878

Snider, Sally married Eli McWilliams on 13 Dec 1863

Snider, Sarah A. married David W. Drennen on 11 Nov 1875

Snider, Susan married Simon H. Garner on 9 Jun 1867

Snider, Virginia C. married George Arnold on 19 May 1864

Snider, Virginia C. married George Arnold on 22 May 1864

Snively, Alice M. married Amile L. Alliott on 8 Nov 1886

Snively, Annie B. married George W. Sayre on 7 May 1889

Snively, Henry J. married Lizzie H. Martin on 24 Dec 1881

Snively, Mary Ellen married Richard M. McGee on 30 Dec 1874

Snively, Mary G. married Andrew N. Mitchell on 17 Apr 1882

Snodgrass, Sarah C. married Wellington O. Davis on 31 Dec 1893

Snoke, William S. married Ella V. Brendel on 9 Sep 1896

Snow, Cara M. married Herman Shaferman on 12 Apr 1877

Snyder, Mary E. married Abraham L. Satterfield on 15 Mar 1892

Snyder, Sarah E. married Zachariah Spurgeon on 27 Sep 1890

Snyder, William married Parmelia A. Wolf on 19 Nov 1882

Somers, Catharine married Joseph Linville on 28 Dec 1863

Southworth, Viola married John M. Harkins on 12 Sep 1900

Sparks, Joseph L. married Matilda Selvy on 1 Jan 1874

Sparks, Mary E. F. married William S. Reynolds on 21 Sep 1865

Spatola, Michael married Clara J. Dobson on 16 Dec 1900

Speaden, Mary L. married James H. Downey on 21 Jul 1889

Spedden, Etta V. married Harry C. Long on 31 Oct 1889

Spencer, Annie married Paul Frush on 21 Mar 1897

Spencer, Clara A. married John Kennedy Price on 26 Jul 1900

Spencer, James O. married Ida B. Thomas on 12 Nov 1891

Spencer, Mary C. married James W. Love on 2 May 1895

Spencer, Miram V. married Guy Ringler on 25 Jul 1889

Spencer, Oley C. married Lillian T. Jefferys on 29 Nov 1894

Spies, Henry A. married Mary J. Thayer on 1 Oct 1874

Spindler, Andrew J. married Jennie M. Rosenberry on 19 Sep 1893

Spindler, Mattie married Benjamin C. Wise on 5 Jul 1877

Spockey, Howard L. married Florence Lawler on 22 Jul 1896

Spotts, William T. married Fanny V. Smallwood on 25 Jun 1879

Spriggs, Eugenia married John F. Robinson on 30 Apr 1885

Spriggs, William A. married Lucy Davis on 26 Jun 1884

Spring, Annie B. married Charles Rosier on 26 Oct 1886

Spring, Benjamin F. married Annie F. Shawen on 2 Sep 1886

Spring, Elizabeth married Robert D. Spring on 4 Apr 1886

Spring, George W. married Alice D. Smith on 3 Oct 1874

Spring, James W. married Mary E. McCartney on 28 Oct 1888

Spring, Robert D. married Elizabeth Spring on 4 Apr 1886

Spring, William Russell married Mary Lucetta Haddix on 28 Nov 1899

Springer, Job married Virginia Keener on 16 Nov 1890

Springer, John A. married Eva Lawler on 22 Mar 1885

Springer, Mary C. married George F. Anderson on 17 Apr 1887

Springer, Myrtle A. married Herbert L. Cleland on 20 Dec 1896

Springer, Novissa married E. P. Town on 2 Jan 1869

Springston, Jefferson D. married Maria N. Bartlett on 14 Aug 1890

Sprouse, Perry married Silva M. Ashcraft on 11 May 1899

Spurgeon, Henry W. married Emily A. Poole on 13 Mar 1884

Spurgeon, Lydia married Benjamin F. Williams on 30 Sep 1877

Spurgeon, Zachariah married Sarah E. Snyder on 27 Sep 1890

Squires, Eliza married Emanuel Bowman on 22 Aug 1889

Stafford, Amanda J. married John C. Melville on 26 Jun 1869

Stalnaker, Franklin M. married Sophronia J. Currey on 1 Mar 1883

Stalnaker, Harvey D. married Ella Gluck on 18 Mar 1900

Stampfle, Jacob married Christena Smith on 3 Jul 1882

Stanley, Eliza A. married Aslman Carpenter on 1 Jan 1865

Stansberry, Frank married Philla Letitia England on 25 Oct 1900

Stansberry, Nancy H. married William Collins on 4 Jul 1872

Stansberry, Rosa L. married Jeremiah L. Rogers on 27 May 1888

Stansberry, Wesley C. married Louisa Brown on 24 Oct 1880

Stanton, Hortense married Jackson Dorsey on 28 Apr 1870

Stanton, Robison O. married Lavina Turner on 4 Apr 1886

Stark, Ann H. married Antony G. Bennett on 16 Aug 1866

Stark, Anvorna M. married William P. Bailey on 27 Aug 1876

Stark, Atwell married Minerva A. Cochran on 7 Mar 1888

Stark, Ellen married Charles W. Bartlett on 31 Dec 1888

Stark, Henry Lee married Mary E. Scranage on 7 Apr 1880

Stark, Jeriah married Elnora Nuzum on 22 Dec 1880

Stark, John married Lora L. Boice on 19 Nov 1885

Stark, Lakrin J. married Mary J. Patrick on 25 Sep 1895

Stark, Martha married John F. Mason on 4 May 1871

Stark, Nancy E. married William L. Ryan on 4 May 1871

Stark, Relda A. married Harry A. Layman on 23 Aug 1882

Stark, Robert J. married Alice L. Glenn on 24 Dec 1884

Stark, Susanna married Alvis Elder on 6 Feb 1870

Starkey, Thomas H. married Julia Bowmaster on 25 Apr 1889

Starks, Seynour B. married Annie Barnes on 9 Jul 1884

Starr, William married May L. Weekley on 31 Aug 1890

Startzman, Charles W. married Frances Leonard on 28 May 1877

Staub, Charles H. married Mary A. Best on 26 Oct 1887

Stclair, Albert married Lottie H. Brewer on 10 Jul 1887

Stclair, Arlington married Nancy A. Moran on 8 Dec 1886

Stclair, Cora B. married Thomas F. Welsh on 26 Mar 1891

Stclair, Edgar C. married Delia N. Davis on 28 Apr 1898

Stclair, Hattie M. married Jasper N. Martin on 31 Dec 1890

Stclair, Loretta married Jackson Findley on 12 Jan 1871

Stclair, Minnie married Columbus T. Bartlett on 30 May 1885

Stclair, Oscar married Mattie Utterback on 25 Oct 1898

Stclair, Susanna married Harrison B. Lake on 10 Dec 1874

Stclair, William married Anna Lewis on 25 Dec 1898

Steadman, Alonzo T. married Minnie C. Smallwood on 4 Nov 1900

Stealy, James married Louisa Kern on 26 Dec 1876

Stearling, Notilus married Charles Dancer on 9 Apr 1871

Steel, George W. married Ellison V. Paxton on 25 Nov 1880

Steel, James E. married Mary E. Nuzum on 22 Dec 1878

Steel, Maggie married Charles W. Roe on 22 Dec 1875

Steele, Ann Eliza married Christopher C. Schuster on 23 Sep 1875

Steele, George Walter married Amma J. Utt on 27 Feb 1898

Steele, Milton married Alice Brumage on 25 Nov 1873

Steele, Samuel A. married Lottie M. Wishart on 3 Dec 1874

Steele, Sylvanus married Elizabeth Watkins on 3 Dec 1874

Steerman, James M. married Manerva Foreman on 8 Nov 1868

Stemple, Jennie married Abraham Isner on 27 Jun 1897

Stemple, Mary married James M. Jefferys on 10 Nov 1897

Stemple, Susanna C. married William J. Watkins on 1 Jan 1889

Stephens, George W. married Grace L. Slane on 17 Aug 1892

Stephens, Prudence C. married Robert Morrison on 24 Dec 1889

Sterling, Mary V. married Alpheus M. Barnhouse on 26 Feb 1871

Sterling, Salathiel married Mary E. Robinett on 14 Jan 1864

Stevens, David E. married Jane Goff on 29 Mar 1866

Stevens, Emma married Charles E. Murphy on 15 Mar 1898

Stevens, Isaac A. married Atha L. Boyce on 27 Nov 1883

Stevens, William married Emma Severe on 17 May 1896

Stewart, Alexander P. married Ida F. M. Dilworth on 17 Nov 1881

Stewart, Brison G. married Eliza Patrick on 22 Nov 1888

Stewart, Henrietta married Columbus Wyckoff on 4 Apr 1875

Stewart, Henry S. married Hannah R. Thompson on 2 Mar 1881

Stewart, Margaret married Joseph C. Patton on 15 Sep 1877

Stewart, Martha A. married Frank McDonald on 15 Feb 1889

Stewart, Oscar married Ellen C. Dillon on 11 Apr 1872

Stiles, Stephen Jr. married Sarah C. Smallwood on 7 May 1865

Stilwell, Thomas Edward married Flora Amy Hathaway on 14 May 1899

Stine, George M. married Virginia E. Blue on 2 May 1865

Stinespring, John A. married Elizabeth Postelwaite on 16 Jun 1865

Stipe, Charles R. married Frances C. Lake on 2 Oct 1884

Stone, Allean B. married George A. Davis on 23 Sep 1886

Stone, Belinda A. married C. P. Hillyard on 26 Jun 1887

Stone, Emma A. married John F. Towles on 19 Sep 1886

Stone, Nancy M. married Josiah J. Miller on 14 Oct 1866

Stork, Ida married Aldridge J. Cropp on 5 May 1891

Stout, George H. married Susan Belle Wilson on 27 Dec 1888

Stout, Robert Lee married Bobbie Lee Wilson on 24 Aug 1897

Stratton, Rose M. married Edward L. West on 26 Sep 1893

Street, George N. married Myrtle O. Weaver on 8 Apr 1896

Strosnider, Charles M. married Sarah Jane Keener on 26 Dec 1875

Strother, Emery S. married Mary S. Humphreys on 6 Oct 1889

Strother, James W. married Rebecca B. Wilson on 11 Aug 1887

Strother, Martha E. married George Dadisman on 11 Nov 1886

Strother, Miranda C. married Tyler M. Shroyer on 19 Sep 1865

Strother, Thomas married Sarah J. Morrow on 1 Dec 1863

Strother, Thomas married Sarah J. Morrow on 23 Nov 1863

Stubbens, Morris married Lucy E. Downing on 24 Oct 1876

Stuck, James F. married Emma Taylor on 23 Sep 1884

Stuck, Lawrence W. married Bertie Shafferman on 18 Mar 1897

Stuck, Lizzie married Ezekiel C. Jenkins on 28 May 1896

Stuck, Nancy J. married Harry B. Butcher on 30 Mar 1886

Sturm, James C. married Susannah Knotts on 21 Mar 1876

Sturm, Lilly R. married Calvin Colebank on 27 May 1900

Sturm, Mary E. married James P. Curry on 3 Apr 1888

Stutler, Mary B. married Conrad Whitehair on 16 Apr 1893

Stuttler, W. W. married Susan Perine on 11 Apr 1897

Stye, Emily M. married Robert Henderson on 10 Apr 1866

Sullivan, John C. married Rose P. Hooper on 25 Sep 1879

Sullivan, Joseph O. married Mary Hawkner on 18 Apr 1875

Sullivan, Timothy M. married Annie C. Henderson on 15 Feb 1890

Summers, Benjamin E. married Laura E. Newberry on 12 Jun 1898

Summers, Ca S. married Galelma Butcher on 28 May 1895

Summers, David S. married Mattie Ours on 31 Jan 1876

Summers, Henry married Zanie Smallwood on 27 Nov 1889

Summers, James H. married Charlotte E. Matthew on 10 Sep 1885

Summers, James M. married Blanche E. Miller on 23 Dec 1886

Summers, John L. married Fannie M. Beagle on 13 Aug 1889

Summers, Joseph married Martha E. Matthew on 12 Jun 1865

Summers, Lavernia married John W. Patton on 14 Feb 1878

Summers, Melissa A. married William A. Walls on 23 Feb 1882

Summers, Nathan married Mary E. Janes on 23 Mar 1882

Summers, Sarah E. married Jonathan A. Lucas on 12 Feb 1885

Summers, William married Mary E. Matthew on 21 Jul 1867

Surtees, Phillis S. married Patrick H. Skelley on 27 May 1872

Sutler, John W. married Addie M. Woodyard on 27 Jun 1893

Suttler, Edward W. married Georgianna Boyd on 8 Nov 1899

Swain, Charles W. married Florence M. Shahan on 29 Jan 1894

Swain, Durward O. married Gussie E. Davis on 30 Jun 1897

Swan, Laura A. married Martin Walters on 26 Dec 1886

Swaney, John married Sarah Collins on 27 Oct 1878

Swann, John L. married Cassy A. Parsons on 20 Sep 1882

Swartz, Anna C. married William H. Dunn on 6 Aug 1866

Swearingten, Sarah D. married Anthony Boyce on 29 Nov 1873

Swift, Charles D. married Laura L. Davis on 27 Aug 1872

Swiger, Edwin E. married Romanza Criss on 5 Oct 1865

Swiger, John R. married Charlotte Jenkins on 15 Nov 1899

Swindler, Ida R. married Philander F. Bartlett on 14 Sep 1893

Swindler, Mary C. married William T. Brown on 20 Nov 1877

Swisher, Carrie E. married William A. Bennett on 18 Apr 1894

Sypolt, Evaline married William Wells on 3 Dec 1883


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