Marriages 1863-1900

Bride and Groom Surnames starting with "W"

Wade, George M. married Mattie M. Dunnington on 12 Aug 1888

Wageley, Harry H. married Effie Evelyn Turner on 24 Aug 1898

Wagner, Henry A. married Elizabeth Cook on 22 Nov 1894

Wagner, Isaac J. married Mary Ann Witman on 28 Sep 1876

Wagner, Mary S. married Nathaniel Butcher on 13 Jul 1894

Wagner, Samuel L. married Maggie Gorby on 11 Jul 1895

Wagner, William married Mary V. McDonall on 29 Nov 1871

Waldo, Jedediah married Mary Smoot on 15 Dec 1863

Waldron, Annie E. married Charles M. Wilson on 26 May 1881

Waldron, Mary E. married William S. Murphy on 6 Apr 1879

Walf, Eugenius M. married Catharine Means on 25 Aug 1870

Walker, Harriet C. married Henry Bell on 21 Jul 1870

Walker, John T. married Mary E. Benner on 16 Oct 1867

Walker, Sarah E. married L. W. Russell on 15 Dec 1897

Walker, William T. married Sarah E. Knight on 23 Sep 1885

Wallace, Henry D. married Edith V. Hooper on 1 Jun 1893

Wallace, Robert H. married Mary F. Core on 26 Dec 1865

Waller, Alice A. married Millard F. Bailey on 27 Dec 1888

Waller, Amanda married Halleck Bailey on 28 Nov 1888

Waller, Annie married Arthur H. Laws on 25 Dec 1892

Waller, Benjamin F. married Sarah C. Freeman on 26 May 1889

Waller, Benjamin F. married Caroline M. Lake on 31 Dec 1865

Waller, Benjamin F. married Emma Mereditrh on 4 Nov 1880

Waller, Floyd married Theodosia E. Barnett on 30 Nov 1882

Waller, Howard married Sarah Bartlett on 28 Sep 1898

Waller, James W. married Etea Brown on 18 Apr 1886

Waller, Laura married John Coughlin on 26 Sep 1893

Waller, Lloyd L. married Anna L. Simonton on 19 Sep 1896

Waller, Martha E. married Howard Bailey on 25 Dec 1897

Waller, Mary M. married Waldo P. Allen on 29 Jun 1865

Waller, Sophronia married Joseph W. Kinsey on 19 Oct 1876

Waller, Thomas married Maud West on 27 Oct 1886

Waller, Thomas J. married Martha L. Yates on 16 May 1867

Waller, Victoria married Grant Helms on 31 Dec 1893

Walls, John William married Edath Culp on 13 Jul 1897

Walls, William A. married Melissa A. Summers on 23 Feb 1882

Walter, Charles M. married Jannett M. Henry on 23 Oct 1895

Walter, Cora O. married Lonnie D. Cole on 26 May 1895

Walter, Elijah married Margaret Maxwell on 31 Dec 1874

Walter, Josie C. V. B. married Charles Lee Kinsey on 23 Jun 1898

Walter, Laura A. married Delberty C. Hinkle on 22 Dec 1897

Walter, Phebe married Thomas C. Woodyard on 18 Feb 1864

Walter, Samuel P. married Martha V. Judkins on 17 Mar 1878

Walter, William F. married Margaret F. Cornwell on 14 Apr 1892

Walters, Isabel married Charles H. Brindel on 24 Mar 1868

Walters, Lewis married Rebecca A. Ford on 19 Oct 1865

Walters, Lola Belle married Elijah Heatherly on 3 Jul 1899

Walters, Mamie married Henry Jane Pracht on 27 Dec 1899

Walters, Martin married Laura A. Swan on 26 Dec 1886

Walters, Mary married Beverley Donaldson on 6 Jun 1875

Walters, Mary A. married John W. Dostwick on 14 Sep 1875

Walters, Missouri F. married Charles R. Applegate on 5 May 1885

Walters, Sarah E. married John M. Woodyard on 19 Oct 1865

Walters, Waitman T. married Sarah E. Judkins on 6 Aug 1874

Walton, Benjamin F. married Mary E. Elliott on 21 Jul 1881

Wanstreet, Annie T. married Henry J. Bradford on 13 Feb 1900

Wanstreet, Joseph A. married Bridget F. Farrell on 19 Feb 1884

Ward, Ellen married Michael Moran on 25 Sep 1870

Ward, Lafayette E. married Mary Hamilton on 22 Jul 1880

Ward, Loverna N. married Lloyd M. Boyles on 9 Apr 1874

Ward, Mary married Patrick Tool on 31 Oct 1870

Ward, William C. married Retta M. McCann on 6 May 1895

Warder, Abraham S. married Philomena McGraw on 6 Nov 1895

Warder, Berthena married Winfield S. Bradford on 26 Sep 1873

Warder, Caroline R. married James Sinclair on 8 Dec 1874

Warder, Charles E. married Susannah Reed on 30 Dec 1896

Warder, Charles H. married Mary Lucas on 24 Oct 1900

Warder, Cleora A. married Leroy S. Sinsel on 5 Jan 1882

Warder, Emma B. married Cleophas Lake on 13 Dec 1882

Warder, Ernest R. married Minnie H. Mason on 3 May 1894

Warder, Harriet A. married John T. Payne on 22 Nov 1877

Warder, Jehu H. married Rebecca R. Sinsel on 29 Oct 1878

Warder, Julia C. married Philip H. Hilkey on 17 Aug 1873

Warder, Lucy A. married George W. Prim on 22 Jun 1887

Warder, Lulu G. married Franklin Gooding on 18 Aug 1891

Warder, Lummie J. married Goff Lake on 11 Nov 1891

Warder, Malvina married Duston Bunner on 20 Jul 1863

Warder, Malvina married Dustin H. Bunner on 21 Jul 1863

Warder, Martha J. married William M. Rector on 12 Oct 1865

Warder, Mary E. married Lee A. Casort on 8 Nov 1882

Warder, Mary J. married Marmaduke H. Dent on 11 Oct 1876

Warder, Mary M. married John H. Sinclair on 11 Jan 1865

Warder, Melvin C. married Martha J. Maxwell on 4 Nov 1869

Warder, Noah S. married Drusilla May Courtney on 22 Jul 1897

Warder, Rose married Charley N. Dunnington on 19 Apr 1893

Warder, Virginia K. married Harry D. Comerford on 4 Jun 1889

Warder, William H. married Ann E. Marker on 28 Aug 1866

Ware, Charles E. married Rosella Cassell on 26 Apr 1888

Ware, Emma J. married David Woodyard on 7 Nov 1880

Ware, Hattie M. married Orr L. Rohrbough on 1 Sep 1886

Ware, Lelia married Alexander Zeck on 12 Dec 1877

Warner, George W. married Dora Goley on 1 Mar 1899

Warner, Margaret married Edgar Rosier on 5 Dec 1869

Warner, Martha married J. R. Dunlap on 26 Oct 1865

Warrass, John married Mahala S. Shaw on 30 May 1880

Warthen, John L. married Rebecca Thorn on 7 Aug 1866

Wartley, Gotlieb married Lizzie Capell on 13 Jul 1876

Washington, Annie E. married John B. K. Butler on 30 Jul 1878

Washington, George married Sarah Jordon on 10 Jun 1880

Washington, Harriet married Silas Murphy on 2 Nov 1870

Washington, Siddy Ann married Spencer Jones on 3 Sep 1874

Washington, Webster married Fanny Jackson on 1 Nov 1874

Washington, William L. married Mary Temples on 5 Nov 1891

Watkins, Alice married Lucius C. Painter on 20 May 1871

Watkins, Annie B. married Jacob M. Knight on 18 Sep 1887

Watkins, Bertha married Henry C. Hyson on 29 May 1889

Watkins, Daniel H. married Missouri Jane Haymond on 21 Oct 1875

Watkins, Elizabeth married Sylvanus Steele on 3 Dec 1874

Watkins, Henry married Sintha Brown on 15 Jan 1874

Watkins, James married Mary A. Frasier on 15 Nov 1866

Watkins, Margaret married Thomas M. Judkins on 25 Dec 1872

Watkins, Rachel married Marion Yates on 11 Dec 1872

Watkins, Richard married Areula Williams on 1 Oct 1868

Watkins, Sarah married Charles D. Campbell on 15 Oct 1874

Watkins, Stephen married Martha A. R. Shackleford on 9 Oct 1871

Watkins, Thomas married Mary E. Cool on 9 Feb 1873

Watkins, Wilfred W. married Lucretia Freeman on 16 Mar 1871

Watkins, William married Wlizabeth Marquess on 28 Feb 1867

Watkins, William J. married Susanna C. Stemple on 1 Jan 1889

Watson, Edgar H. married Julia A. Fleming on 26 Apr 1885

Watson, George W. married Maggie Oday on 26 Oct 1886

Watson, John B. married Sarah Smiley on 28 Jun 1877

Watson, Josephine married Thomas A. C. Harrison on 3 Feb 1896

Watson, Mildred M. married Thomas N. West on 29 Dec 1885

Watson, Nora B. married Oda J. Selvey on 23 Oct 1895

Watters, John married Sarah Kirk on 6 Oct 1891

Waugh, Jacob married Margaretta Carrington on 18 Feb 1864

Wcollard, Elisabeth A. married Daniel J. Lehman on 7 Apr 1864

Weaver, Annie married Thomas Christy on 8 Apr 1897

Weaver, Ary J. married William F. Yates on 10 Oct 1894

Weaver, Brack married Elizabeth C. Matthew on 25 Dec 1881

Weaver, Granville married Clara Moats on 19 Jun 1899

Weaver, Henry married Arah Winemiller on 25 Jul 1869

Weaver, Jacob H. married Sarah J. Poe on 16 Apr 1876

Weaver, John A. married Elizabeth Poe on 10 Jan 1878

Weaver, Joseph married Miranda E. McDaniel on 25 Sep 1879

Weaver, Joseph E. married Catharine Provence on 27 Sep 1874

Weaver, Lulu L. married W. H. Leazzure on 23 Dec 1900

Weaver, Mary E. married William Varner on 21 Jul 1884

Weaver, Myrtle O. married George N. Street on 8 Apr 1896

Weaver, Sarah married Homer C. Knight on 21 Dec 1896

Weaver, Templeton C. married Manerva Lambert on 22 Apr 1877

Webb, J. Wesley married Ernestine Smith on 28 Dec 1886

Webley, Mary married Alfred McMaster on 13 Jun 1864

Weekley, May L. married William Starr on 31 Aug 1890

Weekley, Nancy J. married Frederick R. Zinn on 29 Jan 1899

Weekly, William M. married Rose S. Wilson on 2 May 1875

Weese, Bruce married Naomi England on 23 May 1900

Weese, Charles L. married Laura E. Crawford on 10 Sep 1900

Wehn, Emma L. married John H. Dunk on 23 Dec 1885

Wehn, Henrietta married Willie S. Courtney on 26 Jan 1899

Wehn, Mary E. married William H. Shahan on 22 Jun 1881

Welch, Annie married James Murphy on 13 Nov 1871

Welch, Catharine married John F. Kirk on 26 Jan 1882

Welch, Charles J. married Berthena Prim on 27 May 1885

Welch, Hattie married Luther Sheets on 30 Apr 1899

Welch, James L. married Ada (Mrs) Rose on 17 Sep 1900

Welch, Michael married Julia Oconner on 16 Nov 1874

Welch, Montroville married Elizabeth Lake on 7 Mar 1869

Welch, Willie married Sophronia C. Knight on 28 Aug 1894

Welling, David A. married Nancy C. Campher on 14 Oct 1869

Welling, Georgia Anna married Charles E. Compton on 26 May 1874

Wells, Charles L. married Birdie C. Shahan on 13 Dec 1897

Wells, Daisy L. married Kenter L. Nigh on 30 Oct 1895

Wells, Flora married Meredith C. Johnston on 31 Dec 1893

Wells, Maggie M. married Zachariah W. Fleming on 7 Feb 1893

Wells, Viola C. married Mahlon A. Tennant on 1 Oct 1891

Wells, William married Evaline Sypolt on 3 Dec 1883

Wells, William T. married Annie M. Newlon on 31 Dec 1891

Welsh, John B. married Margaret Kerigan on 26 Oct 1882

Welsh, Mary married William R. Osborn on 18 Apr 1893

Welsh, Michael J. married Margaret Flanagan on 4 Jan 1883

Welsh, Nancy J. married B. F. Day on 11 Apr 1873

Welsh, Robert L. married Harriet F. Arnett on 28 Feb 1892

Welsh, Thomas F. married Cora B. Stclair on 26 Mar 1891

Wendle, John M. married Sophronia Lake on 3 May 1880

Wendle, Lewis H. married Nancy Mason on 21 Jan 1883

West, Carrie married James N. Devers on 8 Apr 1900

West, Clarence married Elizabeth Isaacs on 27 Sep 1896

West, Clarence M. married Ella M. Michael on 17 Dec 1893

West, Columbus G. married Emma Coplin on 5 Nov 1878

West, Dollie G. married Charles N. Mundell on 6 Jun 1897

West, Edward L. married Rose M. Stratton on 26 Sep 1893

West, Jacob married Adaline E. Brown on 13 Oct 1894

West, Joseph M. married Sarah Payne on 19 Dec 1867

West, Maud married Thomas Waller on 27 Oct 1886

West, Sarah E. married William E. Piper on 23 Mar 1870

West, Thomas N. married Mildred M. Watson on 29 Dec 1885

West, William F. married Hannah Bartlett on 30 Jun 1864

West, William W. married Hannah Bartlett on 29 Jun 1864

Westerman, Henry A. married Sarah E. Wilmoth on 14 Aug 1893

Westfall, Augustus J. married Dora V. Radabaugh on 13 Nov 1886

Westfall, George B. married Augusta Wyckoff on 2 Nov 1890

Whalen, James T. married Bridget Joyce on 22 Nov 1875

Wheeler, Ella married Daniel R. Shaw on 24 Dec 1893

Wheeler, Ellen married Michael C. Kern on 28 Jan 1869

Wheeler, William J. married Mary Maxwell on 1 Sep 1870

Wheelock, Frederick H. married Jennie May Freeland on 30 Mar 1898

Whelan, Robert E. married Mary Alice Childers on 19 Jan 1878

White, Dosia married Clifton W. Sandridge on 2 May 1900

White, Edward E. married Lizzie M. Glenn on 27 Jul 1890

White, Emmett married Lovernie Whitehair on 15 May 1893

White, George R. married Mary V. Wolf on 10 Nov 1896

White, James J. married Anna Lanham on 9 Feb 1898

White, Jennie E. married Charles F. Giles on 1 Jun 1882

White, Josiah R. married Rebecca C. White on 29 Dec 1881

White, Lillie May married Charles Breedlove on 6 Aug 1899

White, Lucian M. married Harriet A. Sayer on 13 Apr 1893

White, Luther F. married Myrtle B. Kinter on 21 Oct 1900

White, Maggie M. married Alonzo F. McWilliams on 28 Dec 1890

White, Mary A. married Ulyssus G. Vandegraft on 3 Sep 1891

White, Melville Ward married Lucinda England on 6 Jun 1899

White, Minnie E. married Leslie N. Davis on 24 Nov 1897

White, Rebecca C. married Josiah R. White on 29 Dec 1881

White, Rebecca J. married William H. Bolyard on 23 Oct 1870

White, Richard K. married Dove Herr on 10 Nov 1895

White, Sarah Melissa married James H. Demoss on 27 Feb 1876

White, Sophia E. married Levi L. Ray on 31 May 1870

White, Thomas Arthur married Ida Columbia Jackson on 1 May 1892

White, William M. married Rosa J. Sergent on 25 Jun 1891

Whitecair, Jonathan married Josina Rogers on 15 Feb 1866

Whitehair, Alfa married Anne Lisa Moyer on 24 Dec 1883

Whitehair, Amanda A. B. married Stephen Marple on 6 Jul 1873

Whitehair, Arrilla married Harvey Davis on 12 Mar 1887

Whitehair, Benjamin S. married Fannie C. Moyer on 18 Apr 1893

Whitehair, Catharine married John W. Marshall on 4 Feb 1871

Whitehair, Conrad married Mary B. Stutler on 16 Apr 1893

Whitehair, Dessie L. married Harvey Wolfe on 4 Jan 1898

Whitehair, Dora married Charles Cornwell on 1 Oct 1899

Whitehair, Eliza married William F. Looman on 16 May 1890

Whitehair, Emery married May C. Gobel on 27 Jun 1889

Whitehair, Flora B. married John S. Workman on 7 May 1883

Whitehair, Frances B. married John W. Rogers on 9 Jul 1888

Whitehair, Granville married Mary M. Moyer on 13 Jan 1884

Whitehair, Inez married Maxville Davis on 25 Jan 1893

Whitehair, James W. married Mary Kittle on 1 Sep 1871

Whitehair, John C. married Frances B. Ice on 23 Apr 1871

Whitehair, John H. married Marietta Gabbert on 31 Aug 1876

Whitehair, Jonathan married Roseanna Dillon on 11 Aug 1880

Whitehair, Lovernie married Emmett White on 15 May 1893

Whitehair, Luranah married Jonathan Roach on 11 Feb 1869

Whitehair, Maggie married Daniel G. Purkey on 1 Jan 1884

Whitehair, Maranda J. married John Cambell on 15 Jun 1871

Whitehair, Mary married John D. Morris on 26 Dec 1883

Whitehair, Mary married Charles Wolfe on 7 Aug 1898

Whitehair, Mary A. married Martin Keener on 6 Jun 1893

Whitehair, Mary M. married Jesse H. Binegar on 24 Aug 1865

Whitehair, Mary M. married James C. Patterson on 24 Mar 1894

Whitehair, May married Charles W. Janes on 8 Apr 1893

Whitehair, Retta married John Goley on 27 Sep 1896

Whitehair, Ruhamy married William Fenton on 28 Sep 1871

Whitehair, Sarah J. married Isaac Jenkins on 19 Nov 1876

Whitehill, Henry C. married Mary Athey on 15 Nov 1882

Whitescarver, James W. married Lilia Zumbro on 30 Aug 1896

Whitis, Ed married Lizzie Hunter on 26 Jun 1893

Whitman, Emma May married Warner Cheney Augur on 29 Sep 1898

Whitney, Edwin H. married Mary E. Findley on 28 May 1872

Whitty, Catharine married James Grayston on 4 Nov 1873

Wickenhofer, Christina married John Smith on 26 Sep 1869

Wickes, Cyrus R. married Eleanor J. Clinton on 31 Oct 1865

Wilburn, Albert P. married Louisa C. Freeland on 9 Oct 1865

Wilcox, Anthony J. married Mary E. Nichols on 23 Dec 1879

Wileman, Sarah married Bethany Sindledecker on 13 Jul 1892

Wiley, William H. married Lucy Amanda Thayer on 12 Dec 1878

Wilgus, John married Elizabeth Cowan on 2 Apr 1868

Wilhelem, Annie married George W. Jacobs on 23 Jul 1868

Wilhelm, Henry Franklin married Mary Susan Ramsey on 24 Dec 1876

Wilkins, Sarah C. married Charles Boyke on 26 Oct 1879

Wilkinson, William M. married Sarah C. Postleweight on 23 Apr 1871

Wilks, Elizabeth married Granison Powell on 12 Jul 1887

Willhide, Charles W. married Emma D. Davis on 29 Jan 1896

Willhide, Emma B. married Calder Lake on 22 Aug 1894

Willhide, John W. married Caroline Adams on 13 Sep 1870

Willhide, Mary C. married John Adair on 23 Dec 1869

Willhide, William H. married Florence V. Cole on 21 Jun 1900

Williams, Amelia married Edgar M. Poe on 20 Feb 1873

Williams, Andrew J. married Frances G. Taylor on 27 Apr 1892

Williams, Areula married Richard Watkins on 1 Oct 1868

Williams, Benjamin F. married Lydia Spurgeon on 30 Sep 1877

Williams, Charles L. married Dora L. Mauller on 3 Apr 1899

Williams, Charles W. married Savilla Bowman on 9 Dec 1880

Williams, Christina married Moses M. Crouch on 14 Nov 1878

Williams, Dora married Ezra S. Butcher on 17 Nov 1887

Williams, Ella L. married Franklin A. May on 13 May 1895

Williams, Emmit T. married Nancy E. Current on 27 May 1892

Williams, George W. married Christena B. See on 21 Dec 1871

Williams, Grant married Elizabeth Poling on 28 May 1897

Williams, Hetty A. married Orville L. Fancher on 17 May 1898

Williams, Imogene married Lewis C. Haymond on 2 Dec 1880

Williams, Joseph married Eliza Kindle on 15 Dec 1875

Williams, Joseph married Samantha J. Shingleton on 17 Mar 1895

Williams, Joseph A. married Virginia Dougherty on 12 Nov 1885

Williams, Lizzie C. married N. Harry Gill on 25 Nov 1900

Williams, Lucy A. married James Copp on 7 Dec 1895

Williams, Lura M. married William H. Pell on 2 Feb 1891

Williams, Lydia J. married William M. Limbers on 29 Jun 1885

Williams, Maria E. married Alfred Wyckoff on 11 Mar 1869

Williams, Martha E. married George W. Shahan on 3 Dec 1889

Williams, Mary married Bernard E. Wilmoth on 12 Sep 1889

Williams, Mary married John Osborne on 8 Nov 1866

Williams, May married Stalnaker N. Hotsinpillar on 22 Jan 1899

Williams, Minerva E. married Zephaniah Martin on 6 Nov 1890

Williams, Missouri A. married John W. Pell on 26 May 1891

Williams, Nancy married Jesse Dean on 10 Sep 1865

Williams, Nathaniel J. married Lovey V. Goodwin on 31 Aug 1865

Williams, Peggie D. married William C. Wilmoth on 26 Feb 1894

Williams, Rebecca married Joshua H. Bowman on 31 May 1890

Williams, Rosa married George R. Lilly on 29 Apr 1885

Williams, Sarah E. married Emory J. Poe on 25 Mar 1880

Williams, Susan V. married John W. Fortney on 13 Jul 1890

Williams, Thomas married Elisabeth Massie on 16 Feb 1866

Williams, William married Sophronia Collins on 13 Oct 1878

Williams, William married Nancy J. Dolton on 27 Mar 1892

Williamson, Emeline married William G. Currey on 7 Sep 1865

Williamson, George E. married Helen E. Wiseman on 29 Apr 1883

Williamson, Idorah married Colman McVicker on 25 Feb 1892

Williamson, James F. married Nancy Hite on 17 Dec 1863

Williamson, James F. married Nancy Hite on 24 Dec 1863

Williamson, John T. married Prudence C. Smith on 6 Jun 1866

Williamson, Lucetta married James D. Moss on 22 Aug 1886

Williamson, Luverna married Emery K. Curry on 23 Feb 1888

Williamson, Margaret married Charles Barker on 5 Feb 1894

Williamson, Mary E. married Abraham Prunty on 16 Jan 1868

Williamson, Reuben A. married Rebecca Robinson on 13 Jun 1893

Williamson, Sarah married Charles A. Campbell on 31 Dec 1895

Williamson, Sarah Ann married William Jr. Scranage on 28 Apr 1864

Williamson, Sarah J. married Howard Campbell on 25 Dec 1897

Williamson, Sinthia married William C. Riley on 12 Mar 1874

Williamson, Thomas E. married Frances J. Bailey on 22 Jan 1873

Williamson, Thomas E. married Amanda Janes on 30 Aug 1896

Williamson, William M. married Ida E. Bennett on 21 Mar 1889

Williard, Joseph C. married Jennie A. Bainbridge on 26 Apr 1888

Willis, Clarence L. married Sallie Bird Robinson on 6 Mar 1899

Willis, Francis married Sarah Mitchell on 19 Nov 1872

Willis, R. H. D. married Rose E. Donohue on 19 Oct 1892

Willis, Sarah married John W. Cole on 8 Aug 1880

Wills, Laura M. married John H. Richter on 13 Jan 1893

Wilmoth, Bernard E. married Mary Williams on 12 Sep 1889

Wilmoth, Charles E. married Lizzie M. Deck on 26 Nov 1891

Wilmoth, Delia A. married Lafayette Keller on 30 May 1888

Wilmoth, French married Bessie M. Bealle on 21 Dec 1898

Wilmoth, Mary O. married George W. McDaniel on 25 Dec 1890

Wilmoth, Sarah E. married Henry A. Westerman on 14 Aug 1893

Wilmoth, William C. married Peggie D. Williams on 26 Feb 1894

Wilson, Alice married James W. Clem on 24 May 1892

Wilson, Alice married Claud H. Pauley on 31 Dec 1896

Wilson, Alonzo T. married Lou V. Robinson on 28 Oct 1877

Wilson, Benjamin F. married Carrie Shroyer on 1 Nov 1874

Wilson, Benjamin R. married Mabel P. Nixon on 15 Dec 1897

Wilson, Bobbie Lee married Robert Lee Stout on 24 Aug 1897

Wilson, Carrie P. married Richard C. Hughes on 13 May 1886

Wilson, Charles M. married Annie E. Waldron on 26 May 1881

Wilson, Charles S. married Laura C. Courtney on 27 Jun 1895

Wilson, Crail S. married Carrie M. Demoss on 10 Sep 1893

Wilson, Ellen B. married Edgar W. Work on 23 Jun 1887

Wilson, Ema M. married Thomas P. Roach on 8 Jul 1864

Wilson, Emma M. married Thomas P. Roach on 10 Jul 1864

Wilson, Ethel L. married Thomas A. Wilson on 3 May 1899

Wilson, Flavious K. married Sarah Palmer on 27 Sep 1866

Wilson, Gertrude married Anderson Fower on 28 Oct 1897

Wilson, Harriet R. married James Ganse on 23 Oct 1879

Wilson, Hattie A. married J. Thomas Clelland on 27 Dec 1899

Wilson, Henry S. married Maud L. Jarrett on 26 Jun 1890

Wilson, Ida married Leroy Woodyard on 21 Feb 1900

Wilson, J. Frank married Mattie J. Evans on 24 Dec 1891

Wilson, James G. married Myrtle L. Reed on 4 Dec 1894

Wilson, James W. married Laura C. Barnett on 22 Feb 1898

Wilson, John W. married Martha E. Brissey on 7 May 1879

Wilson, Lloyd L. married Emma R. Hagans on 25 Jul 1878

Wilson, Luvina married John R. McDaniel on 22 Apr 1883

Wilson, Mary married Robert R. Rogers on 2 May 1880

Wilson, Rebecca B. married James W. Strother on 11 Aug 1887

Wilson, Rebecca Jane married Scott A. Harter on 24 Oct 1865

Wilson, Rose S. married William M. Weekly on 2 May 1875

Wilson, Sarah L. married George G. Hertzog on 24 Aug 1892

Wilson, Susan Belle married George H. Stout on 27 Dec 1888

Wilson, Thomas A. married Ethel L. Wilson on 3 May 1899

Wilson, Walter A. married Minerva Yost on 5 Feb 1898

Wilson, William C. Q. married Arla Owen on 21 Nov 1898

Wilson, William E. married Fannie M. Batson on 30 Aug 1892

Wilson, William L. married Annie M. Adams on 26 Sep 1900

Windle, Annie M. married Marshall B. Lake on 28 Aug 1887

Windle, Charlotte M. married John S. Evans on 13 Mar 1887

Windle, Lewis married Olive Fleming on 25 Jan 1866

Windle, Minerva G. married Charles S. Withers on 30 Aug 1897

Wine, Emma M. married William A. Mitchell on 14 Feb 1892

Winemiller, Arah married Henry Weaver on 25 Jul 1869

Winemiller, Noah married Sultana J. Giles on 12 Dec 1864

Winemiller, William W. married Sarah McVicker on 6 Feb 1864

Winneskie, Franklin married Effie G. Slane on 15 Jun 1898

Winomiller, William W. married Sarah McVicker on 6 Feb 1864

Winter, Henry T. L. married Elizabeth Love on 25 Nov 1880

Winter, Hiram W. married Virginia Janes on 5 Apr 1888

Winter, Thomas J. married Hannah M. Henry on 21 Dec 1892

Winters, Rebecca Ann married William G. Curry on 26 Nov 1899

Wise, Benjamin C. married Sallie V. Shaw on 16 Sep 1874

Wise, Benjamin C. married Mattie Spindler on 5 Jul 1877

Wise, Mary E. married John T. Collis on 30 Aug 1877

Wiseman, Benjamin F. married Mary Jane Shriver on 7 Nov 1882

Wiseman, Bruce B. married Barbara A. Curry on 6 Jan 1897

Wiseman, Caren Britty married William A. Kepner on 23 Jun 1887

Wiseman, Cora E. married Charles B. Currey on 19 Nov 1882

Wiseman, Eli married Eliza Cooper on 15 Oct 1863

Wiseman, Eliza married Scott Dillon on 20 Oct 1895

Wiseman, Eva married James W. Mauller on 28 Oct 1896

Wiseman, George W. married Jane Lambert on 30 Mar 1892

Wiseman, Hannah married James W. Johnston on 26 Jan 1868

Wiseman, Helen E. married George E. Williamson on 29 Apr 1883

Wiseman, Isaac married Catharine Johnson on 4 Nov 1873

Wiseman, Luther M. married Agnes D. Keener on 24 Mar 1892

Wiseman, Mary married Thomas P. Hume on 5 Mar 1869

Wiseman, Mary E. married Benjamin F. Hall on 23 Oct 1878

Wiseman, Richard married Virginia Johnston on 26 Nov 1867

Wiseman, Susan M. married Charles F. Riley on 1 Jan 1888

Wiseman, Virginia married Samuel E. Tucker on 20 Aug 1885

Wishart, Lottie M. married Samuel A. Steele on 3 Dec 1874

Wistman, Emily J. married Joshua G. Robinson on 17 Mar 1872

Withers, Charles S. married Minerva G. Windle on 30 Aug 1897

Withers, Dora married Daniel R. Shaffer on 7 Feb 1889

Withers, Emily married George M. Curry on 23 Sep 1888

Withers, Esta married Howard B. Newlon on 27 Dec 1900

Withers, George T. married Mary M. Woodyard on 9 Dec 1880

Withers, James married Narcissa Shingleton on 29 Mar 1866

Withers, John T. married Caroline S. Newlon on 24 Dec 1868

Withers, Louisa married James Riley on 9 Oct 1870

Withers, Luverna A. married George M. Curry on 30 Aug 1874

Withers, Mary Frances married Abram McElfresh on 4 Mar 1897

Withers, Sallie married Martin F. Dunham on 12 Feb 1900

Withers, William P. married Cora M. Goodwin on 24 Feb 1892

Witman, Mary Ann married Isaac J. Wagner on 28 Sep 1876

Wittman, Henrietta married John F. Shafferman on 3 Jul 1884

Wittman, John L. married Sallie N. Moore on 25 May 1886

Wittman, William H. married Sarah A. Ayer on 31 Jul 1895

Wittmann, Nora S. married George F. Baker on 21 Dec 1890

Wittmann, Rosa Ellen E. married John H. Peters on 9 Nov 1899

Wolf, Charles W. married Jessie F. Snider on 24 Aug 1890

Wolf, Cora B. married Benjamin F. Peters on 18 Feb 1896

Wolf, Daniel M. married Matilda Knotts on 9 Nov 1869

Wolf, George H. married Ella Luessow on 24 Feb 1892

Wolf, Henry M. married Mary M. Richmond on 24 Aug 1873

Wolf, Jake E. married Lillie J. Robinson on 10 Dec 1894

Wolf, John W. married Catharine E. Miller on 9 Apr 1867

Wolf, Mary Caroline married Albert C. Johnson on 28 Jan 1900

Wolf, Mary E. married Elijah W. Freeman on 25 Apr 1880

Wolf, Mary V. married George R. White on 10 Nov 1896

Wolf, Oliver F. married Beuna V. Lindsey on 29 Nov 1894

Wolf, Parmelia A. married William Snyder on 19 Nov 1882

Wolf, Samuel S. married Margaret E. Drennan on 29 Mar 1900

Wolf, Sarah A. married Osborne Crowley on 16 Dec 1895

Wolf, William B. married Virginia M. Keener on 8 Aug 1893

Wolfe, Allie B. married Russell S. Hauser on 4 Oct 1893

Wolfe, Arizona E. married Charles W. Brown on 25 May 1892

Wolfe, Charles married Mary Whitehair on 7 Aug 1898

Wolfe, Harvey married Dessie L. Whitehair on 4 Jan 1898

Wolfe, Nannie married Charles H. Bloom on 2 Jul 1884

Wolfe, William H. married Lizzie Powell on 27 Nov 1894

Wolff, Anzona A. married Herman D. Ashby on 29 Jun 1897

Wolff, Ellis H. married Maria H. Yates on 8 Sep 1887

Wolverton, Jasper N. married Sophronia Mason on 7 Oct 1877

Wolverton, Laura married Aaron Freeland on 24 Sep 1863

Wood, Achor married Ellen T. Beall on 26 Sep 1865

Wood, Annie married Fred Glaunsinger on 25 Sep 1892

Wood, Richard married Rebecca Knotts on 15 Nov 1883

Wood, Rosa F. L. married Charles S. Shaw on 24 Jul 1892

Wood, William married Mary Poe on 27 Feb 1875

Woodford, Cleophas married Mary E. Evans on 8 Sep 1881

Woodford, George L married Mollie B. Smallwood on 25 Dec 1889

Woods, Homer B. married Winifred Davis on 10 Sep 1891

Woodward, James J. married Nancy C. Curry on 6 Apr 1886

Woodwin, Nancy E. married George Currey on 10 Dec 1871

Woodyard, Addie M. married John W. Sutler on 27 Jun 1893

Woodyard, David married Emma J. Ware on 7 Nov 1880

Woodyard, Eliza married John Newlon on 7 Nov 1886

Woodyard, Estaline married Washington J. Hathaway on 11 Apr 1878

Woodyard, James L. married Emma J. Rector on 24 Sep 1879

Woodyard, John M. married Sarah E. Walters on 19 Oct 1865

Woodyard, John W. married Annie M. Barker on 1 Jun 1876

Woodyard, Leroy married Ida Wilson on 21 Feb 1900

Woodyard, Mary E. married Thomas H. Jaco on 26 Apr 1867

Woodyard, Mary M. married George T. Withers on 9 Dec 1880

Woodyard, Prudence A. married John Newlon on 18 Feb 1869

Woodyard, Sarah married Hiram H. Corpeny on 9 Feb 1864

Woodyard, Thomas C. married Phebe Walter on 18 Feb 1864

Wooland, Emma J. married Alexander H. Reed on 5 Sep 1879

Woolard, Elisabeth A. married D. J. Lehman on 7 Apr 1864

Woolard, Emma J. married Alexander H. Reed on 5 Sep 1879

Woolard, Estiline married Jasper Poe on 19 Apr 1868

Woolard, George F. married Irene Rutherford on 13 Nov 1870

Woolard, James S. married Laverna Boyce on 18 Feb 1877

Woolard, Mary W. married Christain Huber on 6 May 1880

Woollard, Virginia F. A. married John D. Jenkins on 20 Sep 1865

Woolvertin, Laura D. married Aaron Freelen on 23 Sep 1863

Wootering, Eugenius C. married Lewara A. Powell on 14 Sep 1863

Wootering, Eugenius C. married Levirna A. Powell on 17 Sep 1863

Worden, Minnie J. married Arthur G. Kelley on 24 Dec 1897

Work, Edgar W. married Ellen B. Wilson on 23 Jun 1887

Workman, John S. married Flora B. Whitehair on 7 May 1883

Wotring, Blanche M. married William H. Beyer on 21 Oct 1900

Wotring, Eugenius C. married Hannah A. Pierce on 18 Jun 1867

Wotring, Samuel G. married Mary Smell on 18 Jan 1866

Wotring, William J. married Nancy Harvy on 17 May 1868

Wren, James T. married Mary E. Haslup on 2 Apr 1876

Wright, Bertha E. married Andrew W. McConkey on 7 Mar 1889

Wright, Harry C. married Roanna Lanham on 30 Oct 1884

Wright, James S. married Ethey L. Hawkins on 18 Aug 1892

Wright, Lloyd married Emeline Hawkins on 3 Sep 1868

Wright, Maggie married James H. A. Brown on 1 Mar 1888

Wright, Viola married Gordon E. Bailey on 23 Nov 1898

Wycklff, James T. married Flora D. Fleming on 7 Mar 1897

Wyckoff, Alfred married Maria E. Williams on 11 Mar 1869

Wyckoff, Augusta married George B. Westfall on 2 Nov 1890

Wyckoff, Calder B. married Osa M. Jenkins on 22 Aug 1900

Wyckoff, Charles W. married Mary M. Roach on 10 Oct 1888

Wyckoff, Claude married Ellen Greathouse on 26 Aug 1880

Wyckoff, Cleophus E. married Ida Dearing on 22 Apr 1897

Wyckoff, Columbus married Henrietta Stewart on 4 Apr 1875

Wyckoff, Daniel B. married Susan V. Bailey on 13 Jun 1872

Wyckoff, Drusilla married Matthew W. McCartney on 14 Oct 1880

Wyckoff, Fannie married Benjamin C. Brown on 12 Aug 1885

Wyckoff, Harmon married M. C. McDonald on 11 Dec 1873

Wyckoff, Henrietta married William Worth Day on 11 Sep 1879

Wyckoff, Jane married James Rogers on 15 Apr 1883

Wyckoff, Lottie D. married William R. Davis on 19 Dec 1895

Wyckoff, Myrtle married Merien E. Coffman on 19 Dec 1900

Wyckoff, Samantha married Samuel L. Bord on 18 Dec 1889

Wyckoff, Sanford married Mary E. Dearing on 1 Apr 1877

Wyckoff, Susannah married Albert M. Day on 29 Sep 1873

Wyckoff, William C. married Missouri Dillon on 24 May 1885


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