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Unless noted otherwise these Bios are from Wes Cochran Hardesty's Biographical Atlas of Tyler County, West Virginia - published 1872. - Tyler County, WV 

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OSBURN ALLEN is the fortunate owner of 615 acres of  valuable land in McElroy district, Tyler county, West Virginia, on which land  200 acres are under cultivation, and the remainder in good timber. He was born  March 21, 1826, in
what is now Harrison county, West Virginia, a son of  Joshua and Rebecca (Whiteman) Allen, both of whom died in  Doddridge county this State. In Doddridge county, December 20, 1849,  Osburn Allen and Jan Langfitt were united in
marriage, and  their children's and grand-children's record is: Ten children born: Valentine L., January 13, 1851; Stephen A and Mary  V., August 2, 1853; William P. and Silas  B., February 28, 1856; Joshua C., May 2, 1858;  John L.
September 3, 1861; Robert  E.L., November 24, 1864;  Orvil C. October 22, 1867;  Osburn O., January 26, 1871. Silas B. and  Osburn C, are successfully engaged in teaching.  Valentine L. married Nancy Copenhaver, and  their children are: Arion O., born January 24, 1879;  Ethel J., September 16, 1880. Stephen A. married Dorcus  D. Stoneking, and their children are born: Cora L.,  July 19, 1876; Mary E. November 13, 1878; Laura  B. November 11, 1880; James A., December 26, 1881;  
Stella J., October 16, 1882. Mary Virginia Allen  married James Powell and their child is Harvey E.,  born March 18, 1881. The wife of Osburn Allen was born in Brooke County,  Virginia, September 14, 1827, and was a daughter of John
and  Martha (Farquir) Langfitt. Her parents both died in Doddridge  County. Osburn Allen took up his residence in Tyler county March 27, 1862, and  is engaged in the cultivation of his farm and in stock-raising. His address is   Bookers Mills, Tyler county, West Virginia.
Contributed by Susie Koehrsen


JOHN G. ASH -  deceased - was born in Tyler county, January 14, 1822.  In this county he married, November 27, 1843, Margaret A. Brown, who was born November 5, 1825, in what is now Monongalia county, West Virginia.  The eleven children of this union are recorded:  Daniel W., born January 2, 1845: Davis C., April 7, 1845, died February 3, 1871; Peter U. February 3, 1848; Hester A., January 15, 1850; Samantha J., December 7, 1851, died December 11, 1875; B. S., January 29, 1854; Mary E., June 28, 1858; Charles A., June 30, 1863; Anna M., October 7, 1865; Elizabeth L., January 8, 1869; Zebidee, December 22, 1870 - all the living children reside in Tyler county.  Two sons, Daniel W. and David were soldiers of the 1861 war, the former serving in the 10th West Virginia Infantry, and the later in the 6th West Virginia infantry.  John and Ann (George) Ash were the parents of John G. Ash.  His father was born in Indiana, and died in Tyler county, and his mother died on the home farm in 1881, at the age of 87 years.  The parents of Mrs. Margaret J. Ash were William and Esther (Meredith) Brown, both now deceased.  The former born in 1792, died in Braxton county, West Virginia, and the latter born in Wales, May 15, 1800, died in Doddridge county, this State.  Mrs. Ash has been for forty-four years a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and her husband at his death was in the same faith.  Those of the family living at home receive their mail at Sancho, Tyler county, West Virginia.  Contributed by Rosalie Markins



GEORGE M. BAKER - is engaged in the cultivation of an excellent farm in Tyler county, West Virginia, in Centreville district.  He was born in this county, March 4, 1841, a son of Meshach and Sarah (Smith) Baker.  His father, born May 14, 1806, died at Middlebourne, this county, February 22, 1867.  His mother, who was born on the 14th of September 1806, is living in this county.  George M. Baker was first married to Sarah E. Stealey, and they had one daughter, Eliza J., born August 6, 1867, died September 2nd following.  Sarah E. Stealey was a daughter of O. P. and eliza J (Smith) Stealey and she died August 19, 1867, and lies buried at Sancho, her little babe beside her.  December 27, 1868, in this county were recorded the marriage vows of George M. Baker and Matilda Henthorn, and their son, James A., was born February 16, 1870. Matilda, wife of Mr. Baker, was born in Monroe county, Ohio, November 14, 1852, a daughter of James and Matilda (Conaway) Henthorne.  Her mother, born in Pennsylvania, January 29, 1820, is now living in tyler county, and her father, born in Ohio, October 1, 1817, died in the State and count of her birth.  George M. Baker enlisted August &, 1861, in Company C, 7th West Virginia Infantry, and served three years.  He had two brothers in the service, whose record is elsewhere given in this ENCYCLOPEDIA.  The subject of this sketch was in battle at Romney, Winchester, Cross Keys, Richmond, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, and under Grant through the Wilderness.  At Spottsylvania, he was severely wounded in the left shoulder and the ball remains in the right shoulder, giving him great trouble at times, and unfitting him for hard work.  It was eighteen days after he was wounded before the wound was properly dressed.  Mr. Baker has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church about sixteen years and his wife for two years.  Ripleys, Tyler county, West Virginia is George M. Baker's post office address.    Contributed by Rosalie Markins


RALPH BAKER - is one of the farming residents of Centreville district, Tyler county West Virginia, and in this district is conducting a saw-mill of 20-horse power.  It is an Eclipse Portable mill, and one of the best in the State, and under the able management of Mr. Baker is doing a profitable business.  Ralph Baker was born in this county March 3, 1840, a son of Meshach and Sarah E. (Smith) Baker.  His mother died in Lincoln district, this county, February 1883, and his father died here February 18, 1868.  In Tyler county April 4, 1861, the words were spoken joining in one the lives of Ralph Baker and Elmina Wilcox, and on the dates here recorded their children were born; Sarah E., March 14, 1862; Meshach T., November 1, 1863; Lloyd E., July 30, 1864, died January 2, 1867; Myron M., December 2, 1867; Sophia N., April 29, 1871; Hattie Havila, March 2, 1873; Emma, December 7, 1876.  Sarah E. in November, 1880 was married to G. W. Troy and lives at home at present, but will soon remove to Wortington, Marion county, this State.  The other children live with their parents.  Stephen C. and Sarah (Clayton) Wilcox were the parents of Elmina, wife of Mr. Baker, and she was born June 167, 1838, in Marion county, now part of West Virginia.  three of Ralph Baker's brothers, James, George M., and Clayton were soldiers of the 1861 war.  They were members of the 7th Virginia Infantry and all were wounded in the service, James and Clayton at Antietem, and George at Spottsylvania.  A brother-in-law, John Garrison, was in the same war. Ralph Baker's post office address is Ripleys, Tyler county, West Virginia.     Contributed by Rosalie Markins  


NELSON H. BROWN - was born in New York State, August 8, 1833, and at the age of eleven years accompanied his parents, Lewis S. and Roxy (Hill) Brown to Tyler County, then part of Virginia. May 2. 1861, he wedded a native of this county, Louisa J. Hissam, born September 11, 1841. In the home their marriage established are four children: Lizzie B., born April 3, 1862; Ida V., June 5, 1864; Marion R., born August 3, 1867; Charley M., November 9, 1870. The ancestors of Mr. Brown were of English birth. His great-grandfather was a captain and lost at sea, his grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and his father one of America's defenders in the 1812 war. His father was born in New York, October 3, 1795, and died in Tyler county, West Virginia, March 19, 1879. His mother, born November 29, 1801, died February 20, 1875. Levi and Elizabeth (Morgan) Hissam, the parents of Mrs. Brown, now live in Campbell County, Kentucky. Her father was born April 30, 1816, and her mother's birth was on the 13th of June 1820. Her grandfather, John G. Morgan, was born in Monongalia County, Virginia, November 6, 1792, is still living and a most remarkable instance of longevity. He has never been sick, and the only dose of medicine he ever took was one administered to him against his will in the 1812 war. Jesse Hissem, paternal grandfather of Mrs. Brown, was one of the pioneer settlers in this county, coming with his family from Pennsylvania. Nelson H. Brown has been living in the village of Shiloh since 1861. He is a manufacturer of woolen goods, and has been connected with the woolen factory here since it started. His address is Littles Mills, Tyler county, West Virginia.   Contributed by Susie Koehrsen


JAMES ANDREW BURGBACHER, son of Nathan and Mary  Catherine (Cunningham) Burgbacher, was born in Woodsfield, Monroe  County, Ohio, December 17, 1852. He became a resident of Tyler county in 1878,  and his wedded life began in this county, Amanda Jane  Smith becoming his wife at Middlebourne, May 23, 1881. In the home  their marriage established there is one little daughter, Emma  Amelia, born March 27, 1881. Amanda J. Smith was born  in Middlebourne, March 15, 1859, and is the daughter of Israel  and Mary Ann (Ankrom) Smith, both born in Tyler county. Mr.  Burgbacher has three uncles, James, Thomas and Josephus  Cunningham, who were soldiers through the years of the civil war. James. A. Burgbacher is prosperously established in business, conducting a  merchant tailoring establishment at Middlebourne, Tyler county, West  Virginia.    Contributed by Susie Koehrsen


   James Burns is a native of Ireland, born in County Antrim, in February 1804, a son of James and Sarah (Story) Burns, who passed their lives in Ireland. He came to America in 1829, and in the same summer helped to build the first railroad bridge in America. He worked two years in Washington during President Jackson's administration, helping to build the treasury and patent office edifice, and after that helped to put down the flagging about the White House. He often saw "Old Hickory" in those days. After this work, he went to North Carolina, and helped to build the State house there; the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, and on aquaducts at Brims Furnace, the Cannacajig, etc. He helped to build the bridge at the Relay House across the Patapsco, which has eight arches, and is the largest stone work in America. He built railroad bridges through Indiana, and superintended such work, at Flint Creek, Bartholomew county. In Baltimore, Maryland, in 1831, Sarah Stevens became his wife. Since they made their home in Tyler county, Mr. Burns has done nearly all the mason work of the county, and has cleared his farm. He has now quit any work but looking after his farm, and is resting from the labors of a well-spent life. His grandfather was a Scotchman, and an uncle to the poet, "Bobby Burns" James Burns receives his mail at Middlebourne, Tyler county, West Virginia.
  Contributed by Susie Koehrsen



REES COOPER deceased - was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and passed his life in the county and State of his birth, following in manhood the trade of a shoemaker. He was a Federal soldier during the war detween the States and was twice married, and departed this life on the 19th of August 1864. His first wife was Eliza Hollcroff, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. In Tyler county, April 1, 1858, Rees Cooper united in marriage with Clarissa Grimm and their children are four: William M., born January 20, 1859, lives in Tyler county; Barbara E., November 30, 1860, lives in Indian territory; Jesse C., January 20, 1862, lives in Centreville district; Rees, August 22, 1864, died in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The mother of their children was born in Tyler county, December 18, 1840, and she died September 20, 1865. She was a daughter of Levi and Barbara (Nicely) Grimm. Her parents were from Pennsylvania, and her father died in Tyler county, where her mother continues to reside. Jesse C. Cooper, for whom this sketch was compiled, is one of the most successful teachers of Tyler county, and is one of its rising young men. His post office address is Bearsville, Tyler county, West Virginia.           Contributed by Susie Koehrsen


DANIEL COX PHOENIX LODGE NO. 75, A.F.& A.M. This lodge was instituted February 7, 1878, with the following officers: John Cherry, W.M.: Granville L. Lowther, S.W.; Eli W. Russell, J.W.; Philo W. Stocking, treasurer; James L. Gillespie, secretary; Frank E. McCoy, S.D.; John C. Morrison, J.D.; Daniel Cox, J.W.; Edward Rome, treasurer; Jeremiah Murphy, secretary; William T. Taylor, S.D.; Robert Henderson, J.D.; John R. Dunfee, Tyler. Membership: 20; regular nights of meeting, the Tuesday evening on or proceeding the full moon of each month.     Contributed by Susie Koehrsen



Benjamin Engle is a son of Christian and Amy (Hartley) Engle who made their home in Tyler county in 1836. Their son, Benjamin, was here born, June 22, 1848, and his life to the present time has been spent in this county. He qualified himself for the profession of law, and was admitted to practice at the bar of Tyler county, and in addition to his practice as an attorney and counselor at law, he has served as deputy clerk of the council court ever since he was old enough to assume the work. His father has been clerk of the circuit court since 1863, and is the present incumbent of the office. The wife of Benjamin Engle is Nancy, daughter of Thomas and Caroline (Hickman) Stealey, and she was born in this county, November 23,1852. Her parents were born in this county, and her father is judge of the circuit court of Tyler, Wetzel, Doddridge and Ritchie counties. He was elected in 1880 for a term of six years. The three children of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Engle are: Paul, born May 8, 1874; Thomas Stealey, January 2, 1876; Amy, February 27, 1878. Benjamin Engle's post office address is Middlebourne, Tyler county, West Virginia.
  Contributed by Susie Koehrsen


"C. Engle, the present efficient circuit clerk of Tyler county, is a native of Green [sic] county, Penn., where he was born in 1817, his parents being Ezra and Nancy (Black) Engle. The father was born in Fredricktown [sic], Md., the son of Peter Engle, a native of Saxony, who came to North America in 1749. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, after which great event he settled temporarily at Fredericktown, but soon afterward removed across the Cumberland mountains.Subsequently he returned to Fredericktown, where he remained about two years, and then removed to Greene county, Penn., which was the scene of his death. Our subject's father was raised in Pennsylvania, and was drafted during the war of 1812, but being a fine gunsmith was left at work in the shop, where he remained until the close of the war. After the war he removed to Greensboro,  where he remained until 1838, when he removed to Middlebourne, W. Va. The latter place was his home for several years, at the end of which time he removed to the farm in Tyler county, where he remained until death. The subject 
of our sketch lived in Pennsylvania until he reached his majority. He was educated in the pioneer school-houses, and in 1840 united his fortunes for life to Miss Amy Hartley, daughter of Peter and Lydia Hartley. Her father was also an early settler of Tyler county, and was drafted as a soldier in 1812, but the war closed before he saw any active service. The marriage of our subject proved a happy one, and he became the father of the following children: Laura, Lydia, Benjamin, Peter H. and Nancy. The mother of these children was born in Greensboro, Penn., and was a woman of strong as well as amiable traits of character. Mr. Engle and wife hold membership in the Methodist Episcopal church. In 1848 he entered the clerk's office as a deputy under David Hickman, in which position he served until 1863. At the date last mentioned, Mr. 
Hickman's death occurred, and Mr. Engle was elected to succeed him as clerk of the circuit court. He has been re-elected continuously ever since. These facts of themselves would be sufficient of themselves to indicate that Mr. Engle 
enjoys the confidence of the substantial yeomanry of Tyler county, and it gives us pleasure to add that, both as an official and a citizen, he ranks among the best in all walks of life [G. L. Cranmer, editor, History of the Upper Ohio 
Valley (Madison, WI: Brant & Fuller, 1891), 44-45]." 
Contributed by Brian Core greenhouseguy @ juno.com Author: G. L. Cranmer



JOHN W. GARRISON - is a native of the "Old Dominion State," born in Loudoun county, Virginia, August 1830.  He came to Tyler county, in April 1849, and has lived in the county since that date, following the avocations of an agricultural life, and making his home in Meade district.  In the years of the civil war he was a soldier in Company H, 1st West Virginia Infantry, from October 25, 1861, until November 25, 1864, and he was engaged in the following battles:  Winchester, Port Republic, second Bull Run, South Mountain, Fredericksburg, New Market, Piedmont, Lynchburg, Martinsburg, Halltown, Fishers Hill, Cedar Creek and he was on detached service in the engagement at Gettysburg in 1864.  In Tyler county, February 22, 1860, John W. Garrison and Emeline Baker were united in marriage, and they have three living children, while death has taken one from them.  these children were born: Margaret E., March 17, 1861; Sarah E., January 21, 1863, died June 8, 1863; William H., August 17, 1865; Honh F., September 14, 1871.  Fench and Eleanor (Ellis) Garrison were the parents of John W., and his wife was a daughter of Meshach and Sarah (Smith) Baker.  Her mother died at Sistersville, this county, February 15, 1883, and her father died in this county, at Middlebourne, February 22, 1866.  The father of Mr. Garrison died in Tyler county, March, 1859, and his mother now makes her home in Marietta, Ohio.  John W. Garrison's post office address is Wick, Tyler county, West Virginia.  Contributed by Rosalie Markins


ABSALOM GEORGE - was a son of William and Deborah (Ankrom) George, who were among the earliest of the pioneer settlers of this vicinity, and now lie buried on the farm their toil redeemed from the wilderness.  The mother died May 6, 1856, and the father on the 12th of August, 1858.  Absalom George was born in Tyler county, June 3, 1805, and in his boyhood was trained in the hard school of the frontier experiences of which mention is so often made in this volume.  In his younger days he took great delight in hunting, and wild game, such as deer and wolves abounded.  the first wife of Absalom George was Amelia, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Underwood, and their children were Nancy, Elizabeth, and Isaac.  The last-named is buried on the homestead farm, Nancy in Doddridge county, and Elizabeth is living in McElroy district.  In Tyler county, April 6, 1806, was born Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Haines) Jones, both of whom died in this county.  Here Absalom George and Sarah Jones were united in marriage, and of the six children born of their union, only the youngest is now living, Martin V. B., born January 16, 1842; he is carrying on the home farm, on which the old people are living.  The deceased children were Mary J., Martha E., Maxmelia, Maria, and Sarah Ann.  Absalom George has been twelve years justice of the Peace in this county, under the old constitution, and in 1855 he represented State legislature.  He pays taxes on 424 acres of land, and has spent his life in farming and the raising of stock. His post office address is Shirley, Tyler county, West Virginia.    Contributed by Rosalie Markins



CHRISTOPHER HAYS was born in Tyler county, August 31, 1845, and was married in this county February 15, 1866. On the last named date, Rev. William James, of the United Brethren Church, joined him in wedlock with Susan R. Cox, who was born in Monongalia county, Virginia, May 10, 1842. They have had no children, but have taken a little girl to raise , and given her their name. She was born April 30, 1874 and named Mary C. Abraham and Lydia (Goodnight) Hays were the parents of the subject of this sketch, and his wife was a daughter of John and Susanna (Stoneking) Cox. Her mother died in Pleasants county, West Virginia, and her father in Tyler county. The father of Christopher Hays died in McElroy district, and his mother is still living here. Oliver P., Abraham and Henry Hays, brothers of Christopher, served in the Federal army, in the 1861 war. Abraham died in Cumberland City, Maryland, while in the service, of brain fever, and the other two, returning home safely, are living in West Virginia. Christopher Hays has a most interesting war record, one of which he may well be proud, and which, in consideration of his injuries, his country should reward with a liberal pension. He enlisted in Company D, 2d West Virginia Cavalry, October 14, 1861, and was mustered out July 3, 1865. He was in the following engagements: Princeton, Fayetteville, Wythesville, Lewisburg, Stauton, Buckhannon, Lynchburg, Winchester, Fishers Hill and others. He had his ankle mashed in May, 1864, has lost the use of one eye, and is badly crippled, On the raid from Wythesville he became separated from the command, and with two men from the 34th Ohio Mounted Infantry, lay 17 days and 18 nights in concealment. Two noble girls named Alvira Odell and Rebecca Milan, brought them buttermilk to drink and so saved their lives. May they have as happy a life as they deserve. Farming is the occupation of Christopher Hays, and his post office address is Ripley, Tyler county, West Virginia.    Contributed by Susie Koehrsen     


John Henderson is one of the substantial residents of Tyler county, West Virginia, owning and cultivating a farm of 200 acres in Ellsworth district. He was a son of William and Lydia (Long) Henderson, and was born in Greene county, Pennsylvania, March 7, 1834. His mother is now deceased and his father now living in Wetzel county, where John Henderson made his home in 1867. August 8, 1857, in New Martinsville, Wetzel county,the words were spoken linking in one the lives of John Henderson and Margaret J. Angus, and their children are recorded: Richard, born January 22, 1859, lives in Tyler county; Mary Jane, May 7, 1861, lives in this county; Samuel S., May 6, 1863, died April 28, 1864; Martha Florence, January 18, 1866; William Franklin, September 3, 1868; John W., March 16, 1871; George Washington, Febraury 1, 1874; Jessie E. Belle, December 18, 1877; Ida Olivia, September 18, 1880; James Fred, March 19, 1882 - the seven last named living at home. Richard and Rebecca (Braden) Angus, both now deceased, were the parents of Mrs. Henderson, and she was born in Monroe county, Ohio, August 27, 1841. In the war between the states, John Hendrson and one of his brothers were volunteers in the 25th Ohio Infantry, in which John Henderson enlisted March 22, 1863. At the battle of Honey Hill, South Carolina, he lost his right arm, having participated with fidelity in the engagements of his regiment to that date. His farm is adapted to stock-raising, in which he is largely engaged, and he may be addressed at Conaway, Tyler county, West Virginia. Contributed by Susie Koehrsen


SYLVANUS HOOD is a native of Ohio, born in Monroe county, a son of William and Mary (Matthews) Hood, now residents in Marshall county, West Virginia.     In Cameron, Monroe county, Ohio, February 13, 1870, were spoken the words joining in one the lives of Sylvanus Hood and Rachel Headley and the record of their children is: Edgar E., born November 19, 1870; Forest R., August 3, 1872; died February 20, 1873; Lenora A., February 23, 1874; Dott, December 8, 1878.     The wife of Mr. Hood was born in Monroe county, Ohio, the date if her birth November 9, 1850, and Elial and Rebecca (McCoy) Headley her parents. Her father still resides in the county where she was born, and her mother's death occurred there February 20, 1874.  Mr. Hood has been married twice, and his first wife, who was Elizabeth Melllott, was the mother of three children; Martha, who is now deceased; William I., born in February 1859, and Alice E., born May 5, 1862 - live with their father.     April 4, 1882, Sylvanus Hood took up his residence in Tyler county, settling at Sistersville, where for about four months he kept a livery stable. He then began keeping a hotel, in which he has been very successful, having a large and increasing patronage. The accommodations are first-class, and commerical travels will do well to give "The Western" their patronage when in Sistersville.   Contributed by Susie Koehrsen



NATHAN IRELAND  - was born on the farm where he now lives in Centerville district, Tyler county, West Virginia.  The date of his birth was November 16, 1840, and John and Amy L., (Joseph) Ireland were his parents.  Both are buried on the homestead farm.  In the war between the States, Nathan Ireland enlisted August 7, 1861, was fourth corporal, then promoted to sergeant of Company C, 7th Virginia Infantry.  He re-enlisted January 4, 1864, was first duty sergeant from December 19, 1864, until discharged at close of war, July 7, 1865, near Alexandria, Virginia.  He was in battle at Rommney, Antietam, and Gettysburg, did guard duty some months under Burnsides at Fredericksburg; was under Hooker at Chancellorsville, and Grant through the Wilderness, and seven days at Cold Harbor; crossed the James river at Petersburg, and was in all the engagements of his regiment.  His brother, William W., was in the 6th West Virginia Artillery, during the same war, and died at Clarksburg of diphtheria, in December, 1863.  their grandfathers, both paternal and maternal, were veterans of the 1812 war.  William H. and Sarah (Asher) Underwood, well-known residents in McElroy district, this county, are the parents of Agnes, wife of Nathan Ireland.  She was born at Centreville, this district, and was united in marriage with Mr. Ireland at her father's house in McElroy district, October 14, 1869. They have one son, Myron R., born April 15, 1872.  Farming and stock-raising occupy the time of Mr. Ireland, and his address is Josephs Mills, Tyler county, West Virginia.    Contributed by Rosalie Markin



SAMUEL MAYFIELD, M.D. was born February 24, 1834, in Monongalia county, then part of Virginia. When twenty-one years of age, he became a resident of Tyler county, his parents James and Permelia (Streight) * Mayfield coming here in the same year, 1855. Both were Virginias by birth. June 21, 1855, in Tyler county, Samuel Mayfeild and Martha Knight were united in marriage, and their children recorded: Charles William, born May 15, 1856; infant twins - deceased; Mary Ann, January 4, 1858, died January 11, 1869; and six living at home, namely: Robert Meade, February 17, 1864; John Wesley, January 25, 1866; Lloyd L. September 8, 1867; Ida Belle, July 23,1872; Henry Grant, December 23, 1873; Ervin Welch, February 16, 1878; David Calvin, December 23, 1880, died November 22, 1882. Benjamin and Martha (Rhoades) Knight, of Harrison county, were the parents of Martha, wife of Dr. Mayfield, and she was born in that county, December 9, 1836. During the civil war, Dr. Mayfield was captain of the Home Guards, which were called out a number of times, and he held a commission to recruit in other parts of the State, and did organize several companies in other counties. He has been three terms supervisor of McElroy district; and in Ellsworth district three terms road surveyor, and two terms school commissioner. October 10, 1882, he was elected to serve six years as county commissioner. He has a farm on Falling Timber branch in Elk Fork creek, Ellsworth district, and a wide professional practice in and about Conaway, Tyler county, West Virginia, which is his post office address. 
*Please note the difference in spelling. It is listed in the index as Straight, but in the article itself as Streight.
Contributed by Susie Koehrsen



JEREMIAH MURPHY - son of John and Mary E. (Klilstein) Murphy was born in Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, September 20, 1848. When the war was inaugurated between the two sections of the country, he had two brothers who entered the Federal service, William S. and John. The former served in the 1st and the latter in the 15th West Virginia Infantry. John now lives in Wetzel county, this State, and William S. died in that county, at New Martinsville. The parents of Jeremiah Murphy now live in New Martinsville. There he was wedded, January 15, 1877, when Catherine Cherry became his wife. They have two sons and one daughter born: William, October 2, 1877; John C., February 5, 1880; Jeanette, May 27, 1882. John and Elizabeth H. (Cox) Cherry were the parents of the wife of Mr. Murphy, and she was born in Sistersville, Tyler county, September 16, 1858. Her father died, October 30, 1880, and her mother lives in Tyler county. Jeremiah Murphy has lived in Tyler county since May 1878, and is engaged in the manufacture of wagons. He may be addressed at Sistersville, Tyler county, West Virginia.     Contributed by Susie Koehrsen



JOHN E. PIATT - born in Tyler county, August 10, 18944, and Mary E. Bond, born in Doddridge county, were in the last-named county joined in wedlock, July 21, 1867.  In the home they have founded are six children, born: William M., May 3, 1868; Nancy J., March 11, 1870; Thomas F., February 15, 1872; Martha A.,  August 21, 1875; Mary A., August 16, 1877; Sarah E., January 25, 1881.  The mother of Mrs. Piatt is deceased; her father, Frank Bond, is living in Doddridge county.  William and Martha (Underwood) Piatt, who were long residents of Tyler county, were the parents of John E.  His father died in this county, October 6, 1863.  Thomas J. Piatt, whose record is given with that of James H. Weekly of this district, is a brother of John E. Piatt.  In the 1861 war, both brothers were Union soldiers serving in company C, 6th West Virginia Infantry.  their grandfather was a captain of militia in the war of 1812, and their father was a soldier of the same war.  John E. Piatt owns and cultivates an excellent farm in McElroy district.  His post office address is Josephs Mills, Tyler county, West Virginia.     Contributed by Rosalie Markins



JOHN M. SMITH - son of James M. and Catherine S. (Wells) Smith, who died in Tyler county, was born at Middlebourne, this county, July 30, 1838.  He entered the service of the Federal government, in the war between the States, joining Company E, 14th West Virginia Infantry, August 15, 1862, and receiving discharge June 29, 1862.  He participated in all the skirmishes and general engagements that the regiment engaged in, and at Cedar Creek, October 14, 1864, was wounded in the left shoulder.  His maternal grandfather, John Wells, was a veteran of the 1812 war.  The first wife of John M. Smith was Susan c., daughter of John g. and Susan (Martin) Morgan.  They had three daughters: Mary C., born September 3, 1862; Susan C., November 28, 1865; Viola E., January 6, 1868.  Mary C. died April 5, 1864.  Cordelia  A. Underwood was born August 19, 1852, in McElroy district, a daughter of Zane and Elizabeth (Davis) Underwood, whose record is elsewhere given in this ENCYCLOPEDIA.  In the place of her birth, August 30, 1870, Cordelia A. Underwood became the wife of John M. Smith, and their children are recorded: Benjamin O., born January 8, 1872; Stella R., February 8, 1873; Agnes E., November 3, 1874, died December 5, 1874; Bertha R., December 18, 1875; Florence e., October 12, 1877; James B., April 5, 18980; Marshal W., May 26, 1882 - the living children are all at home.  From 1866-70, John M. Smith was revenue commissioner in his district.  Farming and stock-raising is his occupation, his residence in McElroy district, and his post office address, Ripleys, Tyler county, West Virginia.  Contributed by Rosalie Markins



J. C. UNDERWOOD - was a son of William and Hannah (Willis) Underwood, whose history has just been given.  He was born in Tyler county, May 2, 1821, and was married in Harrison county, Virginia, that part now included in Doddridge county, West Virginia.  The date of his marriage was January 5, 1843, and his chosen bride was Rachel Ash, born in Doddridge county, November 6, 1824. Their children were twelve: Martha, born March 11, 1845, lives in Doddridge county;  Francis M., January 29, 1847, died January 23, 1865;  Harriet A., September 3, 1848, lives in Grafton, Taylor county, this State; Irvin M., August 21, 1851, is a minister of the United Brethren Church, and stationed in Maryland;  Christopher C., April 15, 1853, lives in this district;  Hannah, March 25, 1855, died May 15, 1864;  Matilda E., February 4, 1858, lives in Doddridge county;  George W., May 23, 1860, lives in Grafton;  Sarah C., January 30, 1862, lives in McElroy district; as does James M., born May 28, 1864;  Mary C., born June 16, 1866 and Azor J., born April 27, 1869, live at home.  Adam and Hannah (Hughes) Ash were the parents of Rachel Ash.  Her father, born October 5, 1801, died July 27, 1845; her motherís birth was on 2d of February, 1805, and she died Christmas Day, 1871.  Jonathan Hughes, father of  Mrs. Ash, was a lieutenant in the 1812 war, and his son Jacob served in the same war.  J. C. Underwood was three years a soldier in the Federal army, war of 1861, enlisting August 14, 1862, and received an honorable discharge July 15, 1865. Francis M., his son, enlisted August 1 1863, and his term expired March 8, 1864, in the 4th Virginia Cavalry, was taken sick at West Union, sent home and died on the date before given, before he was eighteen years old. J. C. Underwood was four years school commissioner, and is a farmer in McElroy district, with his post office address at Shirley, Tyler county, West Virginia.     Contributed by Rosalie Markins


JOHN G. UNDERWOOD - is a farmer and stock-raiser, and proprietor of the Shirley Mills, McElroy district, Tyler county, West Virginia. His birth and marriage were in this county, the former event occurring February 18, 1829, and the latter October 12, 1848. Ellen Harris, who on that date became his wife in this county, was born in Marion county, then part of Virginia, December 3, 1830. Twelve children were born of the wedlock of Mr. and Mrs. Underwood, their record:  Margaret, born May 18, 1850, lives at Camp Mistake, Tyler county; William P., February 14, 1852; Daniel, March 19, 1854;  Franklin, July 18, 1856 - these three living in Tyler county; David J., September 10, 1858; Asa, May 7, 1861; Nancy S. and Mary E., November 9, 1863 - Nancy died November 15, 1863; Lenora, August 11, 1866; Victoria, February 3, 1869;  Sarah, October 12, 1871; died February 11, 1873;  Justice, December 18, 1874 - David J. and all the younger living children are at home.  Samuel and Margaret (George) Underwood, the parents of John G., were among the early and prominent settlers of this district, and here their days were ended.  The parents of Ellen, wife of Mr. Underwood, were Asa and Nancy (Swisher) Harris.  They are living in Doddridge county.  Isaac Underwood, uncle of John G., was an officer of the 1812 war; and Jacob Swisher, grandfather of Mrs. Underwood, was a soldier of the 1776 war.  John G. Underwood has served his district as overseer of the poor, and six years as district treasurer of the free school.  His post office address is Shirley, Tyler county, West Virginia.    Contributed by Rosalie Markins


ZANE UNDERWOOD - was born on the farm and in the house where he now makes his home, in McElroy district, Tyler county, West Virginia. The date of his birth was January 11, 1826, and his parents were William and Hannah (Willis) Underwood. They died on the homestead farm and are here buried.  William Underwood was a captain of militia in the 1812 war, and was the first representative sent from this section to the State legislature at Richmond, while the county was part of Old Virginia. He was the first settler in this district, was a noted hunter and trapper in the days when wild game was plentiful, built one of the first brick house in the district, and owned two thousand acres of land.  He was of Irish descent, his ancestors settling in Delaware.  His birth was in Delaware, and he was raised in Pennsylvania.  Three brothers of Zane Underwood, James C., Samuel A., and Notley W., were soldiers in the Federal army, war of 1861.  In Doddridge county, then in Virginia, December 27, 1849, Zane Underwood and Elizabeth H. Davis were united in marriage. She was born in Doddridge county July 3, 1829, a daughter of William and Rachel (Hughes) Davis, who died in the county of her birth.  Mr. and Mrs. Underwood are the parents of:  Amanda, born March 22, 1851; Cordelia A., August 19, 1852;  Rosa, March 9, 1854; William, August 1856;  Valentine, September 23, 1858;  Presley M., July 5, 1860;  Hiram D., January 26, 1863;  Arza H., April 28, 1865;  Viola A., February 12, 1867;  Victoria C., January 24, 1869;  Marshall A., May 8, 1871.  Amanda lives in a home of her own in this county, and Valentine makes his residence in this district; Cordelia and Presley are married and living in this county; the other children are with their parents.  Zane Underwood was two years president of the board of supervisors and two more years a member of the board. He has been six years president of the board of education, and is the present incumbent.  His post office address is Ripleys, Tyler county, West Virginia.              Contributed by Rosalie Markins



WILLIAM W. WATERS was born in Tyler county, December 3, 1849, but has had a wide and varied experience in many States, having served in the regular Army on the frontier for five years. He enlisted May 15, 1871, in the 6th United States Cavalry, at Cincinnati, Ohio, and was discharged at Camp Apache, Arizona Territory, May 15, 1876. He was engaged in battle with the Indians at Mulberry creek and McClellan creek, both fought in Texas in 1874, and in the fight at Camp Apache, January 9, 1876. This battle was the last in which Mr. Waters was engaged, as soon after, he lost his right-hand thumb by accident, and received a discharge. Before returning to West Virginia, he traveled through many of the western states and territories, was once exposed to the dangers of a sand storm on the desert, and at another time sailed 1,400 miles along the Pacific coast. His father was John Waters, born in Virginia, June 22, 1818, a son of William and Harriet Hatfield Waters. John Waters, great-grandfather of Mr. Waters, was a drummer through the entire war of 1776. John Waters married Elizabeth J. Cox, who was born in Greene county, Pennsylvania, June 5, 1827, and they were the parents of eight children, William W. being the third child and oldest son. In Ritchie county, West Virginia, September 6, 1877, William W. Waters wedded Sarah I. Garner, and they have one child, Ethan Allen, born November 1, 1878. Sarah I. Garner was born November 1, 1853, a daughter of I.C. and Rebecca Lewin Garner. Her mother died November 17, 1866, and her father still lives in Ritchie county. W.W. Waters is a farmer and practical engineer of Centreville district, Tyler county, and should be addressed at Central station, Dodridge county, West Virginia. Contributed by Susie Koehrsen


DANIEL WEEKLEY - one of the substantial farming residents  of Centerville district, Tyler county, West Virginia, was born in this county,  and has here passed the years of his life, with the exception of the time given  to the
service of his country during the civil war. His birth was on May 7,  1826, and Jacob and Sarah (Williamson) Weekley were his  parents. They died in this district, and lie buried on the homestead farm. In  Tyler county, December 19, 1850,
the words were spoken, joining in one the lives  of Daniel Weekley and Elizabeth J. Pratt, and  their ten children were born: William Marion, September 18, 1851; Sarah E., August 3, 1853; Martha A.,  October 27, 1855; Mary E., January
1, 1857; Laura C., October  20, 1860; George M., December 26, 1862; Martin L. March 11, 1866; Ida A.,  May 27, 1868; Milton L. October 27, 1870; Effie M., February 3,  1874. The oldest son, William M., was licensed to preach thirteen
years  ago in the United Brethen Church, and is now the presiding elder of the  Parkersburg Station. Sarah E. lives in Gilmer county, this State; Laura C. in a  home of her own in Tyler county; and the other children with their  
parents.  William S. and Martha (Underwood) Pratt were the  parents of Mr. Weekley's wife, and she was born in Tyler county, January 8,  1834. Her father died in this county, and her mother now makes her home in  Doddridge county. Her
father was a soldier of the 1812 war. Daniel Weekley, with  his half-brothers, Isaiah, Elisha and George W. Weekley, were  soldiers of the 1861 war, serving three years, except Elisha, who died at West  Union in the first year of the
war. Mrs. Weekley also had three brothers in that  war, William W., John E., and Thomas J. Pratt.  Mr. Weekley receives his mail at Joseph's Mills, Tyler county, West  Virginia.  
Contributed by Susie Koehrsen


JAMES H. WEEKLEY - engaged in the mercantile business, is one of the firm of Weekly, Piatt & Co. He was born in Tyler county, May 10, 1840, John and Elizabeth (Underwood) Weekly who now live in this district, his parents.  He served three years, from August 8, 1862 to July, 1865 in Company E, 14th West Virginia Infantry, and was in  all the battles of the regiment with but one exception.  He married June 7,1860, in Tyler county, Isabell Weekly, who was born in Tyler county.  She was a daughter of Jacob and Mary M. (Davis) Weekly, both of whom died in this county.  The children of Mr. and Mrs. Weekly, are recorded:  William W., born September 22, 1861; Elisha Z., April 6, 1863; Virgil S., April 15, 1866;  Landora, February 17, 1868;  Mary S., June 12, 1870;  Rosalie M., July 1, 1872; Charlie A., September 8 1874;  Libbie D., October 7 1876; died June 23, 1878;  Edmond R., December 29, 1878;  Boyd H. and Lloyd O., April 15, 1881;  Lulu May, April 21, 1883.  Thomas J. Piatt, of the same firm as Mr. Weekly, was a son of William S. and Martha (Underwood) Piatt, born July 2, 1847. During the last year of the civil war he served in Company C., 6th West Virginia Infantry.  December 18, 1868, he married Elizabeth, daughter of J. T. and Emily (Myers) Dawson, born March 19, 1849.  They have seven children.  Mr. Piatt makes his residence in Doddridge county, but the home of James H. Weekly is in McElroy district, his family post office at Shirley, Tyler county.  The firm of Weekly, Piatt & Co., are doing business at West Union, Doddridge county, West Virginia.   Contributed by Rosalie Markins


JAMES WASHINGTON WILLIAMSON was born in Tyler county (now West Virginia), November 30,1821, a son of Thomas and Frances (Beatty) Williamson, who died in this county after spending here long and useful lives.    Thomas Williamson, grandfather of James W. and John, brother of Thomas, were the first settlers on the Ohio River, between Wheeling and Marietta. They owned the land near or on which part of Wheeling now stands. They came from Ireland, and the wife of Thomas Williamson was an English lady.    Thomas Williamson was a weaver by trade, and brought his loom to the new country. With his wife he lived on Wheeling creek until the Indian troubles were over, and helped to defend the fort at that place. About 1783 they moved to this locality, where their days were ended.    At Rison Station, Greene county, Pennsylvania, September 27, 1847, James W. Williamson married Mary Jane Massey, who was born August 7, 1833, in Moscow, Clermont county, Ohio. Her parents were John C. and Martha Massey, who were born in Tyler county, and now live here.    Her grandfather, settled here about 1810, coming from what is now Wetzel county, West Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Williamson were the parents of Charles Coleman, born June 27, 1850, who was drowned at Matamoras, Ohio, June 9, 1860; Hannibal Washington, born December 24, 1852, married Marcella Flesher, who was born March 9, 1856, and died February 11, 1876, he lives in Matamoras, Ohio; and seven other children who live in Union district, namely; Martha Emeline, born September 2, 1855; James Madison, November 30, 1858; Harrison Jackson, August 7, 1861; Mary Belle, November 18, 1865; Rose Ella, May 29, 1867; Amanda Jane, May 30, 1865; Willie Walker, July 24, 1873.    James W. Williamson is the owner of a farm in Union district, Tyler county, and in this county served as commissioner of revenue in the years 1855-6. He has been a steamboat clerk a number of years, and since 1859 has held position as steamboat captain and pilot on the Ohio river. His post office address is New Matamoras, Washington county, Ohio.  Contributed by Susie Koehrsen



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