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Wells Family

Name Born Died Other Information
Elizabeth Prather July 1, 1765, MD April 20, 1815 Age 80yrs, 9mos, 20dys
w/o Charles Wells
Nancy abt 1802 May 12, 1885 83yrs
w/o Eli Wells
Amanda Wells May 27, 1828 May 3, 1862 Dau/o Eli & Nancy
Wylie Wells abt 1834 May 10, 1866 age 32yrs, 5mos, 22dys
Son/o E&N Wells
James M Birckhead abt 1833 Aug 9, 1853 age 20yrs
Henry Birckhead unk unk on opposite side of stone
from James C.
Twenty Wells abt 1803 Sept 22, 1816 age 12yrs, 11mos
Dau/o Charles & Eliz Wells
Barney Wells abt 1829 Feb 21, 1888 59yrs
Frank R Cox May 11, 1834 Sept 11, 1896 Data in Doubt ?
Eli Wells abt 1794 Apr 28, 1851 In His 57yr
Our Father
Abraham S. Birckhead Mar 28, 1778, MD Apr 19, 1846 Anarundel Co., MD ?
Charles Wells Apr 6, 1715 Apr 16, 1815 Can not read inscription
Elizabeth W McCoy abt 1835 Sept 13, 1851 aged 15yrs, 9mos
Benjamin F McCoy Dec 25, 1822 June 25, 1843 None
Catherine A Russell abt 1860 Sept 12, 1884 age 23yrs, 11mos, 6dys
William J McCoy Feb 22, 1819 Feb 21, 1855 "Our Father"
Emma McCoy Feb 7, 1851 May 31, 1853 Dau/o William J & Elizabeth B McCoy
"Our Sister"
Eliza abt 1828 Apr 28, 1888 Dau/o J&E McCoach
age 60yrs
C. Prather Russell Sept 28, 1823 Jan 23, 1903 Age 79yrs, 3mos, 25dys
Ruth C Russell July 7, 1827 Feb 9, 1892 Age 64yrs, 7mos, 2dys
Betsey Prather Russell Sep 23, 1802 Aug 24, 1873 Aged 71yrs
William S Russell abt 1831 June 27, 1854 Son/o Wm&Betsy Russell
Aged 23yrs, 4mons, 18dys
Frances Russell abt 1822 April 3, 1829 Dau/o Willima and Betsy Russell
Aged 6yrs, 9mos, 16dys
Eli Wells Russell 1838 1914 None
Elizabeth Russell Unk May 3, 1901 William& Betsy Russell
Hard to read
Friend Wells abt 1828 Feb 2, 1865 Son/o Eli&Nancy Wells
Aged 37yrs, 5mos, 11dys
Martha W Unk Unk w/o Friend Wells
Can not read photo
Maria R Wells May 18, 1860 Sept 2 1906 None
Frank Wells 1874 1874 "Their Son"
Elizabeth Paden 1839 1881 "His Wife"
Eli Wells Feb 29, 1854 Mar 25, 1925 None
Cyrus Ishan ? Sept 21, 184? Aged 30yrs, 2mos, 4dys
Name Born Died Notes
Not all headstones were read during the visit. There are other graves in the cemetery.
Data supplied by David and Betty Buck from photographs and notes taken on May 29, 1999.

For researchers of the Wells Family the following information is provided:
The children of Charles Wells and his first wife, Michal Owings, were: Rebecca, Joshua, Temperance, Benedict, Absalom, Mary, Elizabeth, Ephraim, and Michal.
The children of Charles Wells and his second wife, Elizabeth Prather, were: Charles Prather, Micholas, Ruth Prather, Perregrine, Achsah (Nacky), Sarah, Delilah, Eli, Twenty, Caty (Katy),and Betsy (Betty).
This information is provided by research of Thelma Thomas of Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is the Pioneer Cemetery going out Oil Ridge Road in Sistersville. It is the oldest public cemetery in Sistersville. Many of the headstones are missing or damaged and there are no records of the graves. There is a partial map of lot ownership at the local Funeral home.
 We have Linda Johnson and Rob Carse to thank for this cemetery information.
This is the spectacular view from the top of the cemetery. Fly, Ohio is on the other side of the Ohio River and Sistersville is visible on this side of the river.




This is the Kimble Cemetery out on Buck Run, in Tyler County, Lincoln District. It is just on the knob down the road from the old Thornton James Buck homestead. At present, it is not being maintained because Jennings Buck in unable to coordinate the work. There are unmarked graves and some with markers but no identification.
We have Linda Johnson and Rob Carse to thank for this cemetery information.



Craig Cemetery

Name Born Died Other Information
John Craig abt 1814 Nov 22, 1806 aged 46yrs,6mos, 25dys
Farewell O Husband and father dear farewell.
God called thee home he thought it best,
Twas hard indeed to part with thee, but
Christ's strong are supposted us.
Alvedore s/o
SJ and MTM Craig
Born Dec 7, 1868 A bud on earth to blossom in heaven.
We laid this tender little one and would
have wished him stay but let our father's
will be done. He shines in endless day.
William O. s/o
SJ and MTM Craig
Nov 24, 1873 Sept 18, 1879 For such is the kingdon of Heaven.
Maria T.M. Feb 13, 1846 Sept 26,1895 w/o Seldon J Craig
Seldon J Craig Jan 31, 1842 July 27 1923 A place is vacant in our house
which never can be filled and
though the body molders here,
the soul is safe in heaven.
John Craig 1814 1860  
Amy M. 1820 1889 w/o John Craig
Mary A. abt 1843 Dec 7, 1859 d/o John & A. Craig
aged 15yrs,11mos,21dys
Whilst in this tomb our sister lies.
Her spirit rests above ?? realms of
bliss it ?? dies but knows a savior's love.
James B Craig Apr 27, 1853 Nov 30, 1887  
Margaret A Craig Apr 30, 1858 May 30, 1888  
John Craig abt 1769 apr 18 1848 79yrs
Mary Craig abt 1784 Mar 15, 1879 w/o John Craig
In 86 yrs of her age
Jesse A Danser abt 1816 Dec 19, 1877 Aged 61yrs, 5mos,29dys
Farewell my wife and children
from your father
Christ doth call Mourn not for me
?? is in vain to call me to you.
Martha Danser abt 1810 May 4, 1893 w/o JA Danser
Aged 83yrs,3mos,23dys
John William Danser abt 1844 1845 s/o JA & Martha Danser
Aged 1yr,1mo,15dys
Amanda J Leonard Dec 29, 1860 Aug 19, 1861 Lamb and verse on back
Alcinds M Holmes 1870 1876 d/o WE & SA Holmes
Elisabeth ? Unk Unk Sacred to the Memory of Elisabeth
consort of Christian Sellers
and daughter of Asa ??
Departed this life Dec 183?, Aged 1yr,1dy
Harriet H Wells Abt 1853 May 15, 1854 Aged 1yr, 1dy
Ester McC??? Abt 1814 Aug 11, 1846 Consort of Thomas Craig
whod departed this life
Aged 32yrs,5mos,11dys
Salina A Craig unk 1849 d/o T&H Craig
Amy C Craig Abt 1860 Feb 18, 1863 d/o T&R Craig
aged 2yrs, 11mos
Richard E Craig unk unk s/o T&R Craig
Francis J Craig unk Jan 6, 1871 s/o J&E Craig
George E Wilhelm abt 1872 Jul 23, 1873 s/o of H Welhelm
aged 1yr


The Craig Cemetery information is submitted by Lisa Thorn.  The information was gathered by her mother, Frances Asher-Thorn, along with help from other family members. Lisa has taken photographs of the headstones in this cemetery and will gladly provide them for $5.00 each by emailing her at: lathorn@ovis.net.

Victory Cemetery
Blue-Indian Creek Road

Name Born Died Other Information
Mary Forester May 5, 1846 Feb 25, 1920 None
Clifford Forrester Jul 25, 1890 Kam 6. 1891 s/o J & M
Alma Forester Apr 5, 1888 Oct 21, 1892 d/o James & Mary
David M Forrester Sept 19, 1874 Apr 9, 1889 s/o J & M
James Forrester Mar 15, 1836 Feb 6, 1891 None
Mary C Forrester Mar 7, 1886 Apr 17, 1898 d/o J & M
Charles W Forrester Dec 6, 1870 Apr 1904 s/o James & Mary
Elizabeth Tennant 1863 1952 and family
L O Tennant 1900 1901 None
O M Tennant 1904 1905 None
Christina Booher 1836 1911 None

Information contributed by Linda Goddard, whose ancestors are buried here.
Data gathered in 1991 by photos.
There are other graves in this cemetery that are not listed here.



Archers Chapel Cemetery north of Middlebourne. 








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