Genealogy Room


The listed materials that follow are available in the Genealogy Room of the Tyler County Museum in Middlebourne. They can be used while visiting the museum but are not available for checkout. We have attempted to list a sampling of family genealogies, and there are also many folders that are in the file cabinets that are not cataloged here.


Nehemiah & Dorcas Gover Family 149-95

Families are Forever- The Ogden Story 150-95

Tyler Co. Families- Joseph Rice Family 153-95

Woodburn Family of Tyler County 155-05

Tyler County Families--Nelson, Fletcher, Richmond 158-95

Henthorn History 161-96

Headley History 162-96

Families of Tyler County- Eddy 165-96

Farrell Clan- a brief history 169-97 >br> The Williamson Family 171-97

The Baker Family Histoyr 174-98

Ankrom Genealogy, USA 1659-1988 184-98

Swiger Genealogy I,II,III 185-98, 186-98, 187-98.

Swiger Genealogy Condensed 188-98

Martin Family History by Ruth Martin 193-98

Wells Family 101A-98

Rice & Forrester Families by Linda Goddard 1991 104A-99

Ankrom Genealogy USA 1659 to 1988 108A-99

Davis family By Mullett & Spenser 1999 112A-00

Haught Family Genealogy of America 119A-00

The Chronology of the Descendants of Joh & Elizabeth Richard Beall 120A-00

The Williamson Family 127A-01

The Williamson Family 129A-01

Michaels/Mikes Family Roots 138A-01

Cox Family 143A-01

The Wells Family 140-95

The Tennants of WV 141-95

They Walked These Streets Hammat/Hammett 142-95

Doak Family History and Genealogy 7022-97

Reynolds Family by Martha Evans 7045-01

LaRue Family by Martha Evans 7046-01

Riggs Family by Martha Evans 7047-01

Bills Family by Martha Evans 7048-01

Dotson Family by Martha Evans 7049-01

Buck Genealogy: Tyler, Pleasants & Wetzel Counties 6016A-99

Edwards Family 6026A-01

Long Family of PA & WV By Thelma West 6034A-01

Franks Family of Pa & WV by Thelma West 6034A-01


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