The inventory of the estate of John B. Pipes was furnished by Connie Taylor, his great-great granddaughter. John B. was born February 16, 1828 in Tyler County. His parents were Abner Pipes and Ann Brown Boreman. John B. married Delila E. Hawkins, the daughter of Simeon Hawkins and Eliza Rice. John B. died on November 9, 1896 and is buried in the Lone Tree Cemetery of Tyler County. John B. was active in the oil and gas industry of Tyler County.

More information about John B. Pipes:
The Blanche Pipes is my grandmother, and the others are her brothers. William H. Pipes, son of John, was her father. Delilah E. Pipes moved to Whitestown, Boone County, Indiana after the death of her husband John B. Pipes, and remarried a Henry Lucas.


** (Clerks Order Book #3, page 345)  Delilah Pipes, administrator of the
estate of John B. PIPES relinquished to Benjamin PIPES.  J.T. HAWKINS
was Bondsman for Fiduciary.
** (Clerks Order Book #4 page 1)  Dated March 8, 1897  Benjamin Pipes
named Guardian of Joseph Pipes of Tyler Co.; Ellen Pipes, Samuel Pipes,
Cleveland Pipes, John Pipes, Oster Pipes, and Blanche Pipes, all of
Indiana; minor, orphan children all under the age 14 of Wm. H. Pipes,
deceased. Simeon E. Pipes was Surety.
** (Clerks Order Book #4 page 4) Dated April 16, 1897  Delilah E. Pipes,
named Guardian of Cassa M. Pipes and Laura Pipes, minor, orphan children
of John B. Pipes--she being the mother of these  children.  Surety was
Seaton Ferrell.


21 Nov. 1896 J.A. Maxwell, Notary Public

2 Cows, $18.00 ------$36.00;1 2-seated [Featon]?------30.00; 1 Black Horse 6 yrs. old--45.00

1 Man's Saddle, 2 riding bridle---1.50; 1 Cutting Box----6.00; 1 Corning mill---2.00

4 Pitch forks, 1 hand rake---.75; 1 Land plow [Lever]?---4.00; 1 Log Sled---.50

2 hogs---12.00; 1 2 [Harrows]?---1.00; 3 Plows, 1 Shovel, and [Durble save, l send]?--- .75

1 kettle stand---.25; 1 Log Chain---.25; 1 cross-cut saw---.40

1 [Heet Chett]? and 1 pair shoeing pinchers---.50; 1 Pair single trees and spreaders---1.00

1 Shovel single Plows (Iron Beam)---.75; 1 [Crahar]? & Sledge---.75

1 Iron kettle---.20; 1 small grindstone---.20; 1 post digger and [cant]? hook---.15

4 hoes---.50; 1 pick & fire shovel---.30; 1 morning scythe and snath---.50

1 hand saw---.50; 1 grain cradle---1.00; 3 Augers, 1 Brace, 3 [hits/bits]?, 7 draw nife no value listed

7 claw hammers, 7 wheat sta[n]?---1.25; 1 Iron Last---.25; 1 corn planter---.75

1 Farm bell---.75; 1 matock---.10; 1 cooking stove and utensils---2.00

1 Fether (their spelling) bed, 2 quilts, 2 pillows, l blanket---5.00;

1 pair bead (their spelling)steads---.50; 1 straw bed, 2 quilts, 1 blanket---2.00

1 pair bed steads---.25; 1 sewing machine---4.00; 1 safe---2.00;1 rocking chair---1.00

J.T.A (or could be H) HAWKINS
Co. Clerks Office 2 Jan. 1897 and admitted to records



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