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Lookup Offer Name Comments
General Lookups using resources at Akron, OH Library Donald Kammer  Will also do lookups for most areas of northwest WV.
Marriage Records Tyler County West Virginia  1891-1932  Nancy Sieck Copied by Linda J. Camp and donated to the NSDAR Library in 1995. 
Index to Wills, Volume 1 1815-1971 Nancy Sieck  
1880 Tyler County Census CD Joyce Dever Include identifying info. Example: birth year, wife and children's names etc. 
1820m 1830 & 1840 Census Nancy Gates Compiled by Estlack and Mullett
1850  Census  Nancy Gates Tri-County Researcher
1860 Census Nancy Gates Tri-Country Researcher
1870 Census Nancy Gates Tyler Co. Heritage & Historical Society
1890 Census Union Vets & Widows Nancy Gates (Wetzel-Tyler Co) compiled by Ken Hill
1900 Census Vol. I  Nancy Gates Centreville, Meade and Union Dist. by Tyler Co. Heritage & Historical Soc.
1900 Census Vol. II Nancy Gates Ellsworth and McElroy Dist. by Tyler Co. Heritage & Historical Soc.
1900 Census Vol. III Nancy Gates McElroy and Ellsworth Dist. by Tyler Co Heritage & Historical Soc.
Death Records: 1853-1899 Nancy Gates by Hilda Moore Anderson
McElroy Dist. Cemetery Readings Nancy Gates by Wilma Fiber
History of Tyler County, to 1984 Nancy Gates Tyler Co. Heritage & Historical Soc.
Marriages Vol. I 1815-1852 Nancy Gates Comp. by Mullett & Hassig
Marriages Vol. II 1852-1890 Nancy Gates Compiled by Elizabeth Estlack Mullett
Marriages Vol. III 1891-1932 Nancy Gates by Wes Cochran
Will Book Index Prior to 1900 Nancy Gates Tri-County Researcher


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