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Family Descendant Charts on Upshur County Families

These are only some of the Obits, Births and Deeds that have been published in the Record Delta Newspaper - Buckhannon, Upshur Co., West Virginia.

As time allows I will add to these as I come across them.

If you have any Record Delta births, deaths and marriage please send along and I will post them.

Obits for 1996

Obits for 1997

Obits for 1998

Obits for 1999

Obits for 2000

Obits 2005

Births 1998

Deeds Recorded

Photo Page             

Photo of John A., & Clara Belle (Haymond) McKissic and two of their children  


James McCauley/McCally        Do you have a copy???

James Carter Shackelford/Shackleford      Do you have a copy

If you have a Will for any Upshur County person, please forward me a copy to post on this web site. Thanks

Some History About Upshur County

Upshur County was formed in 1851 from parts of Barbour County, Lewis County & Randolph County, Virginia.  June 30, 1863 it  became Upshur County, West Virginia. Buckhannon is the county seat.

Upshur County was named in honor of Abel P. Upshur, Secretary of State under President John Tyler.

The forming of Upshur County and the names of her 6  Magisterial Districts

There are 354.86 square miles in Upshur County.

Magisterial Districts that were formed July 31, 1863

1. Banks District    was named in honor of New England statesman Nathaniel Prentiss Banks

2. Buckhannon District   was named for the river and town    This is our county seat. 

3. Meade District    was named for George Gordon Meade

4. Union District     Union military leader

5. Warren District       was named for Kemble Warren, Civil War Soldier     

6. Washington District    was named for George Washington, first president of the United States(Cutright 231-281)

Information taken from the Upshur County Historical newsletter fall 1996, thank you.

For whom was the town/river Buckhannon named?

In reading "The History of Upshur County West Virginia" by W.B.Cutright, page 274 are as follows:

"Buckhannon takes its name from the river whose head-waters are in the hemlock forests of the Allegheny and whose mouth is near the northern boundary of the county. The river was so named on account of this historical fact. The family document of Jacqueline Ambler Treasurer of the State of Virginia several years before and at his death in 1797, contains this entry. "There was living (1785) in Richmond a poor old Scotch clergyman, named John Buchannon, whom I invited to make my house his home until he should be able to have better support and care." Taking this entry as a starting point, my researches led me into the early church history of the Mother State. We learn by reading widely that John Buchannon was a missionary minister and teacher for several years after his arrival in this country, that he was very active in his work, braving sore trails and privations in order that he might do good for his fellow-man, be he a pioneer white or vindictive red. One one occasion his bishop sent him to the head-waters of the Monongahela on a tour of inspection and a mission of help. He crossed the mountains to Tygarts Valley and from thence was going to a mission which he learned was on the West Fork near where the town of Weston now is. We are unable to find whether he made more than this one trip, as we also are unable to possess facts of his discovery and exploration. Our personal opinion is that he thought that the river which runs from south to north through Upshur county, had not been discovered, named and explored by any white man, thoroughly. He assumed to do both and being desirous to perpetuate the deed, called the river after his own name."

There are other thoughts as to how Buckhannon was named and can be found in the above book which can be purchased from the Upshur County Historical Society.

This information has been submitted by:  Rowan Fairgrove    
She is a descendant of Farnsworth folks who helped start Buckhannon. Thank you Rowan

1883 description by Hardesty of Upshur County

Prior to the year 1784, the territory now composing the county of Upshur was a part of Monongalia County, but in that year it became a part of Harrison County, and as such remained until 1787 when a portion of it was taken to form Randolph County. The remainder continued to be part of Harrison County until 1816, when another portion was cut off to form a portion of the new county of Lewis.

In 1843 Barbour was formed and the remainder was included in that county. Eight years passed away and the people became wearied witlong jaunts to Beverly, Weston and Philippi to attend court. Accordingly, a petition was circulated and numerously signed and sent to Richmond, praying the general assembly to provide for the formation of a new county. The prayer was heard with favor, and on the 26th day of March 1851, that body passed a bill entitled "an act to establish the county of Upshur out of part of the counties of Randolph, Barbour and Lewis". Thus was the new county checkered on map of Virginia.

Writing a Family History by: Tee A. Corinne

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Link to 1860 Upshur County, (W)Va Census  [text version]  
Transcribed by Kevin Williams and proofread by Connie Burkett

Link to 1860 Upshur County, (W)Va Census  [Index with names linked to scanned census images]  
Transcribed by Kevin Williams and proofread by Connie Burkett

Link to Upshur, (W)VA 1860 Slave Schedule Federal Census

Link to Upshur Co., WV 1870 census

Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants
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Mining Your History Foundation
A Statewide Genealogy and Local History Society. This is a site in Charleston, Kanawha Co., West Virginia, the capital of West Virginia.

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Alphabetic list of towns with newspapers which began publication before 1900 (inclusion does not necessarily imply that copies or microforms exist). Current mailing addresses for those still publishing may be found at. Submitted by: Hampshire Co., WV host at: Cheryl    Thank You for sharing Cheryl

Address of the Upshur County, West Virginia County Court House
Records started in 1851 for marriages, 1853 for births & deaths

Upshur County Court House
County Clerks Office
40 West Main Street;  Room 101
Buckhannon, WV 26201


Vital Registration
Room 165,  350 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301-3701
Telephone: (304) 558-2931
Fax: (304) 558-8001
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00 Eastern Time except for official holidays

State Archives:
Division of Archvies and History
West Virginia Library Commission Department of Culture and History
Science and Culture Center
Capitol Complex Charleston, WV 25305
(304) 558-0220

West Virginia Historical Society
Cultural Center  
1900 Kanewha Boulevard East  
Charleston, WV 25305-0300        
(304) 558-0220

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Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants                                  

Please read or submit information for the 2013 Annual Family Reunions & Gathering's being held in Upshur County, WV

Mining Your History Foundation        A Statewide Genealogy and Local History Society


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Alphabetic list of towns with newspapers which began publication before 1900 (inclusion does not necessarily imply that copies or microforms exist). Current mailing addresses for those still publishing may be found at. Submitted by: Hampshire Co., WV. host at: Cheryl   Thank You for Sharing Cheryl       

The Weston Democrat

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