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Rosters of Soldiers in the Upshur County Militia during the Civil War

Upshur County Militia & Other State Troops, Civil War

Michael Gay Web Page    Michael has a very nice page with Civil War information

Civil War Shackleford/Shackelford's who fought on both sides and Other Military Service

38th Virgina Infantry, taken from G. Howard Gregory book, page 122

Shackleford, __________: Pvt., Co. E, no date given; absent with leave for period 8-9/62

Shackleford, Armistead A., Pvt., Co. E  6/8/61 Danvile; pres. till accidently killed when fell off wagon 8/19/62; at Louisa CH, Va.

Shackleford, Armistead F.; Pvt.; Co. E 6/8/61 Danville; pres. till admitted Chimborazo #4  7/9/62 g.s.w. left arm; returned to duty 9/1/62; pres. til absent, detached duty as a niurse in Danville hosp. prior to 6/30/63; on detached duty Danville Provost Guard by 12/31/64; absent sick as of 2/25/65; paroled at Appomattox 4/9/65.

Shackleford, Francis S.; Pvt.; Co. E 3/12/62 Danville; pres. till killed in action  7/3/63 Gettysburg; born Pittsylvania. Wife: Elizabeth Shackleford.

Shackleford, James T. ; 1 Sgt.; Co. E 6/8/61 Danville. Corpl. to 5 Sgt. 12/1/61; to 4 Sgt. prior to 6/30/63; absent, left at Winchester with typhoid fever prior to 8/30/61; returned by 4/62; pres. till WIA Gettysburg 7/3/63; admitted Danville 10/19/63, severe;  trasferred 1/6/64. Returned to be hospitalized Chimborazo #2  9/17/64 int. fever. Returned 12/15/64, admitted Danville H. 3/18/65 erysipelas, in leg; deserted 4/6/65. Retired and in invalid Corp. by 12/23/64, but also listed as deserted 4/6

Shackleford, John M.,; Pvt.; Co. E 3/20/61 Danville; pres. till admitted Chimborazo #4  4/24/62 measles; furloughed 8/1/62; died at home 8/7/62 in North Carolina.

Shackleford, Rufus J.; Pvt.; Co. E 3/3/62 Danville; pres. till admitted Richmond Gen, Hosp. $18, measles; died there 5/5/62; bur. Oakwood Cem, Richmond

Shackleford, William A.; Pvt.; Co. E 3/20/62 Danville; pres. till admitted Camp Winder Hosp. where died 4/22/62, no cause listed.

7th Virginia Calvery by: Richard L. Armstrong, page 222

Shackleford, John M.(N.)-Pvt. Co. A. b.c. 1844. Enl. Romney, WV. 6/15/61. Not stated if present or ab. 10/31/61-12/31/61, had hisown horse. Wartime newspaper shows he was AWOL 8/1/62. Reward of $30.00 offered for his return . Cpd. Front Royal, 1/6/64. Confined at the Old Capitol Prison, 1/8/64. Transf. to Pt. Lookout 2/3/64. Confined at Pt. Lookout, 2/4/64, Paroled 2/25/64, to be exchanged. Exchanged at Aiken's Landing, by 3/6/64. Not stated if present or ab. on Hosp. Mr. 5th Div, Gen. Hosp., Camp Winder, 3/6/65. Paroled at Winchester, 4/25/65. Desc.; age 21, 5'6", fair comp., brown hair and blue eyes, a resident of Fauquier Co., Va. NFR 

Patricia G. (Haymond) Viellenaves Personal Records  

Shackelford, John N.L., b: 1830 Hydrulic Mills, Fluvanna Co., VA.  He was stationed at Stephens Depot Dec. 3, 1864, Co. E, 12th Infrantry WV. a Private. The 1850 Lewis Co., VA/WV census has him listed and a farmer living in his parents home.

Submitted by: J. D. Brittingham  

from "The Shackelford Quarterly" for July '94, P. 155:

"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA," Vol. 3, Henderson, L., 1960: Muster Roll of Co., GA, 34th Regiment, GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tenn. CSA, Franklin Co., GA (also known as Co. C):

SHACKELFORD, Mordecai - Private, 12 May 1862. On furlough 16 May 1862. No later record in this Co. Enlisted as Private in Co. B, 1st Regiment. GA State Troops, 30 Dec. 1862. Detailed Cavalry Scout, 31 March 1864. Discharged, permanent disability at Savannah, GA, 14 July 1864.

This was all copied several years ago, but I think that the following was also on P. 155. Mordecai, the Confederate soldier, appears to have been the son of Robert & Elizabeth SHACKELFORD and to have married Mary C. MORRIS on 29 Jan. 1856 in GA.

Earlier, I emailed The Atlanta History Center to find out if they  have a list of Atlantans who were in the Confederate Army, asking particularly about my ancestor:

Henry Patrick ("Pat") SHACKELFORD  s/o Stephen Jones & Melissa (Lewis) SHACKELFORD

He served as a musician & composer; I've heard that he was in either the Atlanta Blues or Grays.

Submitted by: Kincaid                                      25 Jan 1997                                                       Subject: Re: West Virginia rebels in Civil War Lookup Offer

Shackelford, Fountain G. Corporal, 36th Va Infantry. He was from Nicholas Co. WV.

Sumitted by: Carren Bragg                               27 Jan 1997                                             Subject: Re: 36th VA. Inf. Book

SHACKELFORD, FOUNTAIN G.: Cpl. in Co. F, born December 12, 1834, enl.June 10, 1861 in Nicholas Co, W. Va. age 28. Present until wded. and entered the Lynchburg Hospital , Oct. 1864. Promoted to Sgt. Oct 1864. Par. June 12, 1865, age 30, 5'1" tall, dark eyes, dark hair. Died Jan. 11, 1907, bur. Pool, W. Va.J. L. Scott, 36th VIRGINIA INFANTRY. Lynchburg, VA: H. E. Howard, Inc., p. 96.

COMPANY F: This company, known as the Mountain Riflemen, was originally organized on June 10, 1861. The original members, mainly from Nicholas Co, enlisted for one year. The company was reorganized, May 13, 1862. Captains: John G. Newman, Francis Thorton; Lieutenants: John N.Wiseman, Edward Black, Patrick Duffy.

Submitted by: Patricia G. Viellenave                Feb. 2, 1997

I received the following information from Alease C.Roane of Shackelfords Fork, VA., near Colonge Sept. 7, 1992, her information came from Colonial Abstracts-Beverly Fleet, Complied by: Miss. Anne Waller Reddy.

List of names of persons rendering Revolutionary Service, Military and Non-Military service from King and Queen County, Virginia,

Alexander Shackelford, Daniel Shackelford, Mrs. Frances Shackelford,  John Shackelford, Lyne Shackelford,  Robinson Shackelford,  Thomas Shackelford, William Shackelford and Zackariah Shackelford.

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Harvey Underwood Shackelford served in the Civil War. His obituary states "Although only a lad of fifteen years at the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted soon after he had passed his 18th birthday and on August 7, 1863 he was mustered into Company C of the 48th Regiment of Kentucky mounted infantry with which he served until honorably discharged December 15, 1864."

I have also located pension information from the List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883 giving the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the post office address, the rate of pension per month, and the date of the original allowance.

name: Shackelford, Harvey W.  post office: Marion, Williamson County, Illinois  cause: anch r. elbow joint from small-pox  rate: $8.00 per month  date: May 1880

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Thaddeus Henry Shackleford, b. Oct. 12, 1825 married first Ellen V. Townsend, Nov. 11, 1852 was the son of Henry Lee Shackleford born 1790 in Virginia and Jane McGowan, b. 1792 in Georgia.

At the opening of the Civil War, in 1861, he became Captain of Company E,Fifty-fourth Alabama Regiment, Confederate States Army,which was made up of men from different states, and in this capacity served one year, when he was promoted to major. He also filled this position one year, was then made lieutenant-colonel, in which capacity he served until the war closed. He took an active part in the engagements at Island No.10(at which place he was captured and exchanged at the end of five months), Vicksburg, Baker's Creek, Jackson, Resaca, Mobil ant the Georgia campaign, in all he made an excellent record as a gallant sooldier and for distinguished bravery. After the war he engaged in business as a merchant in Okalona,Mississippi.

Submitted by: William Shackleford                        Apr 28, 1998

Can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to making this announcement!! I only got the o.k. to release the information today!

The Oklahoma Archives has put some of it's most valuable research tools and data on a CD-Rom, and it is being released this week.

Thank you to the  Oklahoma Archives for granting permission for him to share this with us.

Oklahoma Archives file on Judge James M. Shackelford

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