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Book: Calendar of wills in West Virgina - Upshur county

Bennett, David, Upshur County, W. Va., 26 Jan. 1869; 10 Sept. 1870

Wife Jane G., daus, Sarah Jane and Margaret Bennett, son Jonathan Bennett, other heirs, heirs of Stuart Bennett, heirs of Elizabeth Armstrong, Rebecca Townsend, James N. Bennett, Abagail Carper, Virginia Crickard, Mary Bell Bennett, Charles O. Bennett, and Cosby C. Bennett. Friend William H. Curry, ex.

Testator desires pmt.. of debts and funeral expenses; bequeaths to wife Jane G. Bennett "home place" on French Creek, purchased fro Archibald McCall, for life use, also all household and kitchen furniture with provision that she share home with son Jonathan Bennett and daus. Sarah Jane and Margart Bennett; to dau. Sarah Jane, 2 cows and one horse; to son Jonathan, one "horse creature"; to dau. Margaret, one "horse creature"; after afsd. bequests are made remaining personalty and realty to be sold and proceeds divided equally among "children and their heirs to wit"; to heirs of Stuart Bennett, 4448; to heirs of Eliza Armstrong, $141; to Rebecca Townsend, $220; to James N. Bennett, $400; to Abagail Carper, $180; to Virginia Crickard, $200; son Jonathan Bennett to have privilege of taking meadow which was purchased from James N. Bennett at appraisement value, also farming utensils at appraisement value; upon death of sd. Jane G. Bennett, farm and mansion hose to sd. Jonathan Bennett with provision that he pay testators dau. Sarah J. Bennett, $1,000; sd. Jonathan also to pay to children of William M. Bennett as follows: to Mary Bell Bennett, $300, to Charles O. Bennett, $400; to Cosby C. Bennett, $300; sd. bequests to be paid. when age of 21 is reached, also to sd. Mary Bell and Cosby C., when they reach the age of 18, one good horse, saddle, and bridle, the same bequest to sd. Charles O., when he reaches 20.

Teste., William H. Curry, J. N. Curry.

Codicil, 16 March 1870.

Authorizes ex. to sell any and all unsold land in possession of testator at time of death.

Teste., John C. Hull, Harvey S. Pritt, W. H. Curry.

Bk. A, p. 115