Once in awhile the Record Delta Newspaper in Buckhannon, Upshur Co., West Virginia listed deeds that have been tranferred. Dates may be on some and others there is just a list, on those I will list under the date published.

Published on Jan. 6, 1997, page 2

David and Deborah Weese from Bank One, a trust deed for property in Washington District, Colony House Estates.

This deed was sent to me by "Cara" <grider@c2i2.com>  Nov 5, 2001

Here is a deed I have transcribed the following for the original deed record which I copied in the courthouse this summer. Thought you might use it in your archives on the Upshur site. Cara

This Deed made this 10 day of August 1857 between Thomas Brady of my County of Upshur and the State of Virginia of the one part and John Brady of the other part Upshur Co. for that in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars in hand from the -? whereof is hereby acknowledged the said Thomas Brady doth grant unto the said John Brady all of that certain tract and parcel of land conveyed to said Thomas Brady by Henry Middleton by deed dated on the 5th day of May 1856 and described as follows, Beginning on the east line of the original patent on a stake made for the divisional corner between Daniel O'Brian's heirs and Joseph Teter of 500 acres granted to them by patent from the Commonwealth of Virginia, thence with said original line 200 poles to the N.E. corner of the original patents aforsaid, thence with another original patent line aforesaid one half the length of said line to a corner on said line made for Daniel O'Brian to the 125 acres conveyed to him by the said Middleton as will be seen by reference to the deed on record in the office of Upshur County, thence with the dividing line between the land hereby intended to be conveyed 200 poles to a stake on the dividing line between Joseph Teter and the heirs of the elder Daniel O'Brian whence on the said division line 100 poles to the Beginning to contain one hundred and twenty five acres which one hundred and twenty five acres of land with it's appurtenances , the said Thomas Brady conveys generally to the said John Brady. Witness the following signature and seal.

Thomas Brady's [mark]

Witness: J.R. McLean


Upshur County Court Clerks Office July 21st, 1858

This Deed was this day presented in said office acknowledged by Thoas Brady and admitted to record. Teste Mufflin Lorenz

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