This information was submitted to me and I am posting it here for those who are interested in the Hawkins Family. Thank you Virginia Shepherd for sharing and  Russell Moore for submitting this information

I f you can help Virginia, drop her a line.  

I have information about the surname Hawkins which I did not see on your list. I am not sure how long the families listed below lived in Upshur county, but the information I have may help someone.

My informaiton comes from the family Bible of grandmother, Bertha May Hinkle Hawkins, and the recollections of my mother, Gyda Jane Hawkins Moore.

I am a novice at this, however, I hope that the information helps someone. My e-mail address is

As I scanned this message, I realized that the screen will need to be maximized to show my information in a less confusing manner. I apologize for this inconvenience.

My name is Virginia Carol Moore Shepherd, b. July 18, 1967  I was named after my Aunt, Vera Virginia Hawkins James.

My address is: P.O. Box 42,   Wallback, WV 25285

My siblings are: Zero Patrick Moore b. July 9, 1949

Missouri Kay Moore Asbury Shepherd b. May 8, 1951

Russell Jackson Moore, Jr. b. August 17, 1954

My parents are: Russell Jackson Moore, Sr. & Gyda Jane Hawkins Moore

b. November 15, 1908 b. November 12, 1923

d. December 18, 1994

burried--Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Wallback, WV

my maternal grandfather is: Walter Glenn Hawkins,   b. May 22, 1897 d. ? (burried--Mt. Union Cemetery in Sand Run),  "Glenn" is the son of Eliga Hawkins & Rasa Hawkins. My mother tells me they were of no relation.

my maternal grandmother is: Bertha May Hinkle Hawkins, b. October 26, 1896   d. ? (burried--Mt. Union Cemetery in Sand Run), Bertha is the daughter of Jehu Hinkle & Martha Jane Wilfong

The children of Walter Glenn & Bertha May Hinkle Hawkins are:

Wilbert Earl Hawkins,   b. November 1, 1918   d. April 12, 1982  Uncle Earl was born in Randolph County and lived most of his life in the home of Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Carr of Rt. 4. He was a member of the VFW Post 3663, Moose Lodge and Elks Club. He is burried at the Mr. Union Cemetery in Sand Run.

Vera Virginia Hawkins James, b. August 2, 1921  Lives: Wallback, WV 25285  Aunt Vera married Shedric James and has three children: Charles James, Charlotte James Ray, & Wilbert Ray James. Charlotte is the postmaster at Wallback.

Gyda Jane Hawkins Moore,   b. November 12, 1923   Lives: Reedy, WV 25270

Mother's information is listed above.

Dana May Hawkins,   b. December 15, 1924   d. December 15, 1924 ?still borne? (burried--Mt. Union Cemetery in Sand Run)


My mother, Gyda, believes that she was four when her mother, Bertha, died. She can remebers someone telling her that her mother had the flu, but she was alright and she could go out and play. She recalls that her mother was not alright and remembers seeing her in the casket with pennies on her eyes.

Grandfather, Glenn, tried to take care of the children, but had to work, and the three children where sent to live with relatives until Glenn remarried.

Glenn's second wife was Nina Glass they had the following children:

Charlene Hawkins Baker

Darrell Gene Hawkins

Please contact me if you find any additional information about my family.

Sincerely,   Virginia Shepherd

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