Center District Cemeteries

Miller - Knapp Cemetery

This family cemetery is at the top of Miller Run on the original William Miller Farm, sold to the Knapp family.  It was fenced in but cows have over run the fence and it is decay.  There are many people buried there without stones or the stones have deteriorated.  To reach the cemetery from Route 7 near Uniontown, take Rte 8 through Dean and through Endicott.  When you pass Endicott going up Kirk Ridge, proceed to County Rte 1/23, turn left, unimproved road.  (This road originally crossed Rocky Run through the Matthew Carney Mill, and is no longer passable.)   Proceed on CR 1/23 a short distance until you come to a clearing and a fence on the left.  Open the gate and drive out on the top of the ridge.  On the left you will see the ruins of a log cabin barn and on the right you will see the remains of a cemetery once fenced.  This cemetery was read by Arthur Miller and submitted by John Hess Johnson.

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Miller, Eli 1 Mar 1826 17 Mar 1885  
Miller, Mary Carney 21 May 1828 24 Aug 1913 his wife
McHenry, Margaret 5 Mar 1822 21 May 1881 w/o Wm.
McHenry, William 1822   Co H
Barrett, Elizabeth 11 Oct 1827 10 Jun 1902 w/o John
Miller, Stephen s/o Eli Miller 27 Feb 1863 24 years
Gorby, Malinda 11 Oct 1847 17 Apr 1919  
Gorby, Alpheas 1846 22 Nov 1897 51/3/3 s/o John R. Gorby
Gorby, Samantha 12 Jul 1864 25 May 1885  
Gorby, Ruth 7 May 1858 5 Nov 1927 w/o Marion
Miller, William 6 Feb 1784 1 Aug 1859 unmarked grave
Miller, Sarah Lemley 16 Jul 1787 1873 wife, unmarked grave
Carney, Mary Belcher 1790 Orange Co NY 1877 unmarked grave
Carney, Solomon 23 Jun 1795 Thompson Ridge, Ulster Co., NY 1851 War of 1812

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